Cry Uncle

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She bounced coquettishly into the upstairs TV room and caught where her uncle’s eye’s focused, then glanced down at her growing breasts. “So…what do you think?”

His eyes widened as his gaze rose. “About what?”

She sat and slid next to him, then smiled as she glanced down at her chest. “About how they’re turning out.”

“Jesus, Alexis.”

“What.” Her brows rose as she glared in playful admonishment. “You’re the one staring.”

“Well I didn’t mean for you to catch me, and I damn sure didn’t expect it to start a discussion.”

She stroked his soft beard, “Why not? It isn’t the first time I caught you.” then glanced at her braless chest covered by the soft thin sweater. “Besides…I’m eighteen now…and I don’t mind.”

He rubbed his forehead, “I promise I won’t do it again.” then fought his urge for one last look. From what he could tell, her breasts were gorgeous. They more than covered her thin torso and seemed to defy gravity for their size.

She leaned close and whispered, “But I like when you do.”

“But I shouldn’t, and you shouldn’t.” He refocused on the television.

“Would you like to feel them?”

He stared in shock at her gleaming blue eyes. “What kind of question is that?”

“It’s just a question.” She gazed teasingly into his eyes. “Would you?”

He shook his head and sighed. “I shouldn’t want to, but in my defense, there isn’t a heterosexual guy in the world who doesn’t want to…or a sexually open female for that matter.”

She wrapped her arms around his arm and pressed them against him. “So you think they’re nice?”

He smiled. “You know damn well they’re nice…more than nice.”

She slid her fingers over the soft tip of her right breast as she looked down. “So you want to?”

He inhaled audibly. “This conversation needs to be over.”

“No it doesn’t. Besides…we’re only talking about something we’ve both been thinking for a while.”

“It’s over.”

“It doesn’t have to be, and all you have to do is say it.”

“Don’t torture me. You know I shouldn’t and can’t.”

“But I want you to, and if you do…” Her words turned mischievously melodic. “…you might be glad you did.”

“Don’t tease. That’s torture for a guy.”

She whispered, “But I’m not teasing. And all I want, is to hear that you want to.”

He inhaled and leaned his head back. “Oh god…I’m not answering.”

She snuggled closer. “Please?”

“Do I have to?”

She grinned as she nodded. “Yes.”

“You’re already too good at teasing and torturing…you know that don’t you.”

“How is it teasing if I want you to?”

He fidgeted in the seat as she leaned against him. “Because it is.”

She bounced teasingly. “Please say it?”

He exhaled audibly. “If I do, can this conversation be over?”


He glanced at her, then covered his eyes with his hand. “You’re absolutely brutal…and gorgeous… and I want to.”

“I knew it!” She slid her hand over the soft sweater. “You do think about it!”

He inhaled slowly as he eyed her. “More than I want.”

She grinned. “Uncle Cole! Shame on you.”

He blushed. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I actually think about you holding them.”

“Holy shit, Alexis.”

She smirked. “We’re only tunceli escort related by marriage.”

“Believe me, I know.” His head tilted as he adjusted on the cushion. “And I thought you were going to end this discussion if I confessed.”

“You asked if it can end, and I said yes as in, it can, but it isn’t going to. She twitched with enthusiasm. “And you’ve thought about it?”

His voice deepened. “That’s not fair. And you tricked me into admitting that.”

She pressed her soft breasts against his arm as she snuggled closer. “If I told you, you may not get another chance, and it would be our little secret forever, would you do it?”

“God, Alexis.” He gazed at her shimmering light-brown hair.

“I just got new bras. I grew out of the B cups. But I’m not wearing one right now.”

He covered both eyes with his palms as he leaned his head back. “I know.”

She smiled at him, then rested her head on his shoulder as they continued cuddling. “And I want to know if you think they’re a handful.”

He squirmed. “You’re making me very uncomfortable.”

She rubbed against him. “I’m counting on it.”

He frowned. “Wonderful.”

“What’s wrong?” Her voice softened. “You want to…and I said you could.”

“I’m afraid I have no ability to stop going down this path, so I’m begging you to stop.”

She offered a teasing pout. “But what if I don’t want to?”

He pointed at her as he fought his grin. “That’s what I’m talking about.”

“But it can be fair.” She grinned. “You have something I want to hold.”

He gasped and she smiled at his reaction. “Don’t you think that’s fair?”

“Right now, I don’t know what to think. All I know is, you’re hurting my head.”

She sat on his lap. “You’re not really hurting or mad…are you.”

He sat back uncomfortably while she settled in his lap, “No, I’m not hurting…but mad?” then slid his fingers through his graying hair as he sighed. “Only at my lack of self-control. I should be halfway to somewhere else by now.”

“Are you powerless against me?” Her gleaming eyes flaunted her satisfaction.

He shook his head. “…Like every other man on the planet will be…or already is.”

“Is it because you think I’m hot?” She squirmed on his lap. “You think I’m hot, don’t you.”

He smiled as he stared into her soft young eyes. “Everyone thinks you’re hot. Blind men think you’re hot. People on the other side of the planet think you’re hot.”

“In other words…if I took your hand…” She lifted it gently. “…I could put it just about anywhere I want?”

He stared at her glistening eyes and pouty lips, then followed her motion as she placed his hand on her soft breast. “Is this what you’re powerless to stop?” She watched his hand come to rest against her sweater, then smiled as she met his stare. “Does it feel as good as I think your hand does?”

He exhaled as he caressed its supple fullness. “God, Alexis. It’s perfect.”

“I have a recurring dream about playing a game called, you can’t kiss me.”

He shut his eyes as his breathing intensified. “Wonderful”

“Well I want to play, only in reverse.”

“Oh, god.”

She placed her hand over his, and gently held it to her breast. “You started tunceli escort bayan it.”

He stared at her, trying to sound stern. “It was only a fleeting glance.”

“It was more than a glance.” She slid her fingers along his jawline. “Way more…and now that I’m old enough, I think we can have even more fun, don’t you?”

He inhaled long and slow.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She lifted the bottom of her sweater and slid his hand underneath, then wrapped her arms around his neck and inched her lips closer. “I bet you can’t stop me from kissing you.”

“We can’t.”

Her lips teased his. “Yes we can.”

He turned his head trying to avoid her soft pouty lips. “We shouldn’t.”

“But that’s not going to stop us.” She pressed her soft lips against his, and teasingly traced them with her tongue.

He shifted his head back, trying to delay the inevitable. “Don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“I want a real man…a mature man, and I’ve been thinking about you seducing me for a long time.” She squirmed on his lap.

“But I’m not.” He fought the desire to caress her breast, but couldn’t seem to move his hand off it.

“Do you know how long I’ve dreamed of your hand inside my sweater?”

“Please don’t.”

“How long have you wanted to put your hand there?”

“I have no intention of answering. I’m not encouraging this.”

“But I know by your stares that you have and you can’t deny it.” She leaned close to his ear. “Your hand is still inside my sweater.”

“I… I.”

“Well, I’m tired of giving you hints, and I’m tired of waiting.”


She straddled him, then lifted her sweater. “I bet I can make you kiss these.”

He stared at the silky mounds tipped with soft swollen nipples, covering her thin torso. “Oh, god. You’re perfect.”

“Show me.” She arched back enough to place the swollen nipple against his lips. “Just taste it, then tell me you don’t want to keep tasting it.”

He shut his eyes as his mouth gently sealed around the tender nipple, and sighed as he began suckling.

She cooed in pleasure as she held his head against her breast. “See? I think you like it a lot…and it doesn’t harm anyone.”

He gently kissed around the swollen nipple. “Do you know how many people would be furious if they knew?”

“I know a couple of uncles who would be jealous.”

“I’m mainly talking about your aunts.”

“I think Aunt Tessa might be jealous.”

“You’re so bad.”

Her voice teased. “And delicious?”

He sighed as he tasted the nipple again. “Yes…and delicious.”

“You talk too much.” She placed her other nipple in his mouth and watched the pleasure overtake him.

She let him enjoy an extended suckle, then spoke with more breath than voice as her fingers slid through his graying hair. “I know you want this as much as me.”

His hands slid over her full soft breasts, then around her tiny waist, before pulling her tighter into his mouth, and she whimpered and writhed in pleasure.

He gasped in frustration as he separated from her taught nipple. “We can’t.”

“We are.”

“You’re a fantasy I hoped I’d never have.”

“That’s so sweet, Uncle Cole…” She gyrated seductively on his escort tunceli growing bulge as her breathing quickened. “But that just isn’t going to happen. I’ve dreamed too long about doing too many things with you.”

He tried to hold her still as she continued writhing on his lap. “Oh god, we can’t.”

“We have to. I can’t just dream about it anymore.” She slipped her hand between them and caressed his bulge.

“Oh god, Alexis!”

“Please?” She slid off his lap and next to him, then moved his hand inside her sweater as she lay on the sofa with her head on his thigh. “Pretty please, Uncle Cole?”

“What are you doing?” He stared at her, fighting his desire to softly ravish her.

“Something I’ve fantasized about for a long time.”

She pulled his zipper down and he reached for her hands. “You can’t.”

“I have to.” She twisted and looked up. “Don’t you want me just as bad?”

He feigned anger and frustration as he covered his lap with both hands. “Jesus Christ, Alexis. You know I do…but we can’t.”

She lowered her head into his hands as they blocked his open zipper. “Please? How much do I have to beg?” She slid her hand under his and caressed his stiff cock. “You’re completely hard, so I know you want me….Please?”

He inhaled deeply. “Of course I want you. Every guy wants you. We already discussed this. But I shouldn’t. We shouldn’t.”

“But you want me?”

“Oh, Christ, Alexis. More than anything…and I’m going to absolutely hate myself…more for what we don’t do, than what we’ve already done…and I’m already completely uncomfortable with that.”

“Just rub it on my chest. I need to feel it, so bad.” She forced his hands away, then exposed his cock as she leaned over and slid it between her breasts.

He swallowed hard and placed his hand on his forehead as he leaned back. “You’re a persistent pain in my ass.”

“And if I get my way, you’re going to be the same.” She slid down until the cock between her breasts entered her soft warm mouth, and she sucked and masturbated it like it was her longest and strongest schoolgirl fantasy.

He tensed at the pleasure she began producing. “Are you almost done?”

She paused and smiled, “Almost…” then lifted her sweater and moved up until his wet cock slid between her silky young breasts. “…I’m just waiting for you to officially Christen these. But next time, you’re making me finish first.”

His breathing intensified. “Next time?”

She continued rubbing his cock against her breasts. “Don’t you want to hear me coo in your ear as I cum?”

She spotted the sweat-bead running down his forehead and eyed him with playful derision. “What’s wrong, Uncle Cole? Are you about to lose an argument…all over my pretty titties?”

He clenched as he turned crimson, trying desperately to hold off the inevitable, then gasped in ecstatic defeat as he released a spurt of pleasure beyond his wildest fantasies.

Her voice turned admonishingly playful and she grinned while she slid his spurting cock through the beads of warm cum adorning her breasts. “Oh, Uncle Cole! You’re having an accident!”

He grunted as his prolonged climax continued, then gasped as she lifted her sweater and exposed her cum-covered chest.

“Oh, god.”

She looked down at the creamy jism dripping slowly down her young breasts. “Oh, Uncle Cole! This is the best game we ever played!”

She licked her fingers after sliding them over her cum-glistened nipples, then eyed his cock as she licked her lips. “Let me clean him up before you put him away.”

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