Cuckold one night Part 1

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Cuckold one night Part 1It was late when I arrived home but my husband was not the least bit upset because it was all pre-planned. Rushing up the stairs and into the dark house I could feel the wet spot in my skimpy panties growing. Hopefully it wouldn’t all trickle down my legs and spoil my little boys good fun. I made my way to the bedroom where my husband was eagerly awaiting me in our bed the covers nearly folded at his waste and his bare chest slowly rising and falling with his labored breathing and a big smile on his face.Did you do it? He asked with a note of excitement in his voice.Well you’ll just have to wait and see. I answered with a alluring smile. Which made him all the more excited.I slowly stripped keeping my eyes locked to his making him wait with exploding anticipation. Finally I peeled off my bra it felt good for my girls to be free and exposing bursa escort my hard nipples and the lovely little love bite my boyfriend left on my right breast during our resent lovemaking. My husband’s hand went rite to his cock and I realized just how hard he was. It must have been painful waiting so long for me to return to our bed.I phoned him at midnight giving him the code word letting him know if be fucking another guy. It was after three am now and my poor husband had behaved himself all night by not jacking off till I came home to him. Stroking his cock nice and slow he was eyeing my nearly bare body. His hand gripping his cock now over the covers to giving him self some relief. He said.I can smell his cum! and your pussy! Oh Fuck Yes! I seen his eyes roll back and he sort of moaned. Shooting a massive load of bursa escort bayan cum into the clean crisp blankets.Your a bad boy! I scolded him sharply. Grasping the covers I pulled them back exposing his twitching cock covered with sticky strands of sperm.Look at the mess you made! Now your going to have to clean it up! And me too!Pulling my skimpy blue tong off my hips a long strand of guy cum clung to the crotch tillnit reached my knees. He watched me closely though his eyes still partly rolled back.Stepping out of the soiled garment letting it fall from my fingers to the floor. I climbed up onto the bed pinching my pussy lips together and straddling his face I said. “Eat” loosing my vagina lips the strangers cum flooded down over my poor hubby’s lips. His tongue licking at the cum on his face he opened his mouth escort bursa wide and drank it. I laughed with glee it was so hot!I couldn’t beleave we were actually doing this. We had been fantasizing about it for weeks planning every little dirty detail. Ever since we watch that naughty cuckold movie together during it my husband asked “Would you like to try that?” Of course I wanted to I but I didn’t want to seem to eager. Thinking it’s every girls fantasy to have more than one lover in a night especially when you have been married for three years and lovemaking has become rather dull. But I shyly answered “Maybe? If you do that is?”Grabbing his hair, and he my hips. I plowed my pussy onto his lips. He ate my dirty cum filled pussy with loud smacks and slurps he was not the only one to have a premature orgasms that night because I came so hard in seconds and I nearly blacked out. I had to grab the headboard of the bed and hold on for dear life or I’d sure have fallen. Easing myself off his face and down his body till our lips met then we kissed deeply sharing the sweet cum of my lover between us. Our tongues danced and we felt so close, so blissful.

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