Cum Walker’s Bet – Out the Door

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Susan stared at herself in the mirror. Her dyed blond hair accented the sheer white top, with her tanned Hawaiian skin through her top. It was easy to see her nipples, and she noticed them perk up as she gazed at the whore in the mirror. It didn’t help that they were erect with excitement. John really knew how to place his bets.

Susan’s eyes looked down. She knew what was on her face and wanted to save that for the last. Her shirt was high enough that her stomach was exposed. Her V-line; what John called her “handle lines”. The skirt barely covered her panties or chastity belt as it was. That was the best part, he planned to control the vibe in her. He must have spent more on this outfit than he did in winnings for Fantasy Football. She turned to see her ass and hip dimples in the mirror. The tamp stamp from her college days peaking out, her plumeria flower “Good Girl”. Betting is not her strong suit.

The skirt color pink, black, and white plaid already crusted in cum from paying so far. Tonight was the last one. She loved getting each one of those stains. The fishnet stocking, she expected to get as part of her outfit from John. She already made some holes on her knees. Her knees pink from being on her knees sucking on John’s cock.

Susan’s eyes went up to her face. The smeared lipstick and cum shots was the look of a slut. She would admit that it turned her on so much. Mascara running form of those shots and a bit of tearing up when she choked John’s cock. Some of her drool soaked made the top see-through. The weather report said it was going to rain. She was half hoping it rained.

Susan was clearly delaying until the vibe kicked on to full blast. John knocked on the door. “Everything okay in there? No cleaning up. Or you have to get dressed again.” John voiced teased from behind the door, the vibrator wouldn’t reliant.

“Yes, John.” She was happy John change his mind about the heels he got. She almost fell over. “I got the shorter heels as you wanted.” Susan’s heart was racing at the thought of having to do the next step. On a shopping trip to the store, John bought this fetish gear. John was going to milk this for all it was worth. Susan loved every moment of it. The loving look on his face when he cam on her face.

Susan quickly put on her heels. Walked out to see John waiting with a camera snapping a picture of her. “I can’t believe how hot my wife looks dressed like a whore and wearing my spunk across her face” Susan blushed at John comment. She felt herself get more turned on. “I see your nipples are perking up some more. Who knew you were wanting this so bad.”

“John, can we please get going.” Susan tried her puppy-dog look and squeezing her tits together. She felt the fabric strain against her tits. “Please?”

“I thought we agreed. Right now, I’m Sir.” John corrected. “Should I punish you for that mess up?”

Susan gave an adorable squeak. “N-no, Sir.” John seemed a little disappointed. “Maybe, maybe we can get a new flogger. A pretty one.” Susan was turned on by the idea of it being used on her.

“I already have a few in mind. You have been so willing and accepting maybe we can pick one together.” John offered. The bulge in his pants teasing Susan’s eyes as she watched it. “Susan eyes up here.” Susan’s eyes dropped to her feet and she blushed. “Time to tell you that I planned for us to take the bus. So everyone can enjoy how sexy my slut wife looks.” Susan’s head shot up a look of horror and excitement was now on her face.

“But what if someone we know is on the bus?” Susan asked.

“You can greet them or ignore them,” John replied. He walked up to Susan and led her konya escort out of them by the handout. At the door, he turned to Susan and made her turn her face to his eyes. “Keep your head up if you want to have people see my handy work.” Susan blushed but nodded. She wanted to be seen so much her nipples were pointing into the fabric. Her strappy purse only had her cards and few small bills in it. John had keys and he locked the doors behind them. She was no past the point of no return.

She knew the safe word. But the idea that she was past that point sent a shiver down her spine. She was going to be the whore walking around town. She bit her lip and got a taste of her husband’s spunk on the tip of her tongue. John looked at Susan, “How are you feeling? You can say the magic word whenever you want.”

“I’m happy with this,” Susan replied, John raised an eyebrow as if waiting for something. “Oh, Sir.” John gave a pat on her head. And led Susan to the bus stop. With the looks she got on the street, women blushed or looked away in shock. Few old ladies just glared at her one even tried to shame her by coughing slut. John’s looked to Susan to see how she was doing. She just nodded and continued on.

The men had some of the same. Others watched her with a smile. A few college students just stopped dead as if they had never seen a woman just like a dirty whore with cum streaking her face. No one said anything or called out to her. She could feel their eyes on her shaming her, wanting her, and turning her on. She could feel her juices reach the chastity belt. Those juices cooled as they touched the cold metal of the chastity belt. John turned the vibrator halfway to the stop.

The vibrator teased her as John pulsed it up to the max every time someone looked at her. Once they were at the bus stop, a man pulled up and tried to get “a good time.” John stepped in told the man she was on the clock. Susan was even more turned on and humiliated. She sat down as John started to pulse the vibrator. Susan squirmed with pleasure while John played with his whore.

A woman came up and talked to John. Susan was too distracted to trying to keep her composure to eavesdrop. The woman looked her up and down, smiled and blew her a kiss. Susan lost control and started to twitch and spaz as she came. Her juices leaked from her and got her skirt wet.

“Are you having fun?” John asked.

Susan collected herself as she nodded. She never creamed that hard before. John smiled and pulsed the vibrator. Susan twitched and gasped. Susan loved this treatment. She looked up and saw the woman watching her.

“Why don’t you show her your tits?” Susan blushed as she pulled her top up and showed her tanned tits to her.

“She is a hot one. Differently going to tell my Lil whore about her.” The woman responded.

“I’ll see how she enjoys this. I don’t want to push her into something she doesn’t want to.” John told the woman. John looked at Susan, “How are you doing?”

“Good Sir, I want to keep going,” Susan told John. She didn’t want to let her husband down.

“I happy to see that you’re enjoying yourself,” John said. He enjoyed admiring his whore as she came down from her climax.

The woman handed a card to John. “If you two want to go to a party, call this number. You don’t have to go to be part of it. I suggest seeing if it is something you two both want to do.” She looked at Susan. “It would be a shame to miss any more of this. Sadly, I have a sub that needs my attention.”

The woman walked off as the bus pulled up. Susan knew what was waiting for her at the store and on the bus. She steeled herself. konya escort bayan Her breath was hot and heavy. Susan wanted to drag John, on the bus to enjoy being the slut of attention.

Susan looked at the door as it opened. She was excited but her legs felt weak and out of place. She wanted to get on that bus. John was supporting her. Susan had come this far. John buzzed the vibrator bring Susan back to the present. She took a quivering breath in.

Susan walked on the bus. The driver looked at Susan. She was unphased by Susan’s outfit or cum on her face. “Try not to cause anything, please. My shift is almost over.” is all she said as John paid for them both. They walked to the back seats with John taking the window seat. The people on the bus were silent until she passed and muttering. Men and women stared as the cum covered slut passed. Her skirt was wet from when she came. John was rewarding his whore with the vibrator buzzing on low setting.

The people soon forgot John and Susan and went back to their own devices, by the time they got to their seats. The person seated across from them was one of those college kids just staring at Susan. Susan was looking at him. When John whispered into her ear, “Suck me off, whore.” The sound of a zipper echoed his words. Susan, turned to John, surprised. With how she felt, she would have let John cream and breed her.

Susan couldn’t say anything before John guided her cum streaked face down to his hard cock. She opened her mouth and started to suck on that hard cock. Susan went halfway down the shaft of that hard cock to tease John. She knew John would force her down to the balls if she was acted afraid of gagging. Instead, her skirt flipped to expose her chastity belt. She heard a zipper behind her. Followed by a light slap for anyone to see. She felt like a dirty whore. She loved it. Before John could force her, she jammed that cock all the way down her throat. Susan gagged on that cock as it when deep down her throat.

“She is so hot,” the voice behind her said.

“Yes, my little whore wife is,” John said, as he set the vibrator up to medium. She quivered and released the cock from its hole. She admired the line so saliva that connected her mouth to her sir’s dick. She went to the bottom of the shaft to suck the base. She worked the shaft, as John’s hand gripped her ass. He squeezed hard on her ass cheek. She wished he would smack her whore ass so his handprint would be on it. A muffled grunt and a warm spray hit her ass cheeks and then a warm line across her back. The college student seemed to be a quick draw. But the flapping returned almost immediately.

John gripped Susan hard as he brought her mouth to his tip again and guided her slowly down the shaft of his cock. The whore’s tongue worked and played with that hard member. Susan twisted her head on that cock. She felt that get a twitch from the cock. She started to fuck her face on her sir’s cock. John pulled her off his cock and sprayed her face again and again with fresh cum. A line of cum now across her eye and in her hair.

“You look like you’re having fun,” John said.

“I am Sir,” Susan said.

“Show him how you play with your tits.” Susan nodded and was rewarded with a spike in the vibrator to the max setting, where John left it. “Now be sure he shoots his load on you whore.” Susan turned to face the college student. He was sporting a nice hard cock just as big as John. He was stroking his cock while staring at Susan’s tits. Susan started to play with her tits over the top. John reached around her and whisper “Bare tits like a dirty fucking slut,” as he escort konya ripped her top up. Susan quivered as she nearly cam from being handled like that.

“Yes, sir.” Susan obediently grabbed her titties and pulled and squeezed hard on her melons until she was holding on to the nipples and tingles of pleasure. She squeezed her nipples harder, closed her eyes to enjoy herself. Her hand went to pussy only to be denied access by the belt. She pulled her tits apart and mushed them together. She started to climax again as hot streaks sprayed her stomach and her legs. This tipped her over the edge, letting more of her juices soak into her skirt.

The college student put his cock away to leave for his stop. John turned the vibrator off and instructed Susan that they would get off in a few stops. Susan tried to fix her top but was told to stop. They left the bus and more stares and judging Susan until they found their way to the store. Julie’s Specialities. The store had a sign on it saying private viewing in progress. “You’re the viewing today. They are going to watch as I fuck my whore. I plan on creaming your pie. I also know you haven’t taken your birth control. Do you want a cream pied?”

“Breed me. Breed me like a dirty whore.” Susan was half surprised by the words coming out of her mouth. She wanted it so bad. To be used as a cum dumpster for John for everyone to watch and then to get pregnant and continued to be fuck like a dirty slut. “But you need to keep fucking your slut.”

“Good.” John opened the door. Susan accepted her kinks and was happy that she was horrible at betting. This was a door to her newfound submissive whore kinks. John led her to a back room. “Here is your mask. Everyone will be wearing one.” John handed Susan a mask. While Susan put the mask on, while John removed her chastity belt. He pulled out the vibrator and brought it to Susan’s mouth. She sucked her juices off like a slut. John put on his mask. She thought it was funny that he was a wolf and she was the sheep. Susan followed John out into a room with a group of people talking and chatting among themselves.

Few people in the room noticed them until they made their way to the stage. Her fucking stage. Her breeding stage. Susan’s heart was pounding. She was starting to get nervous in front of the group. John noticed, “Everything okay?”

Susan opened her mouth and closed it again. She looked down, “Pineapple” John just nodded. And accepted her choice.

“I’m sorry seems we have to leave. I’m sorry.” Susan followed John back to the room. Her heart was pounding as she slumped onto a chair. She jumped at the sound of a knock on the door.

A woman’s voice came from the other side, “Is everything okay?”

John answered for them, “Yes, I just got a little stage fright.”

“No worries. It is common among newcomers. I would recommend watching a few shows before jumping right in if you feel like it later. Do you need anything?” The voice sounded like an old motherly voice that had a nice calming effect as if everything was okay.

Susan spoke up, “They’re not mad at us, are they?”

Chuckle made it through the door. “Not at all. We now have some time before the next couple arrives. There is no harm done. We normally have a 3 strikes policy. We wave newcomers who show up and are overwhelmed.”

Susan gave a sigh of relief. “Thank you. I’m sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry about. No one wants you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. If you need anything, I’ll be in the front. I do have a coat or two that you can choose from if you want to change before you leave.”

Susan was happy knowing that. John came to Susan and started to wipe her clean with a wet towel. “I’m surprised how far you went today. I almost called it a quits too at the door.” Susan was happy to know she wasn’t the only nervous one. “Let’s get you cleaned up and see about getting you some clothes to cover up.”

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