Cupid’s Retirement


Cupid woke up on Valentines Day, ‘This is going to be a busy day! I can’t wait to get out there and get started. I love this job! Hopefully I get to hook up some interesting couples today. If I’m lucky there’ll be at least one really kinky couple. I haven’t had a really good show in awhile.’

After breakfast he went to get his bow and quiver of arrows from the hall closet where he kept them.

“What?!! Where in the hell are they? This is Valentines Day. I have to be able to work today! Dammit!” He got dressed and left his apartment.

He ran into his neighbor in the hall.

“Hi, Mark!”

“Hey, Chloe! Did you happen to see anyone hanging around my door this morning?”

“Yeah, some young punk, maybe 14-15 years old. When I asked him what he was doing he gave me a really weird answer. Something about your turn was over or something.”

“Thanks Chloe. I gotta go.”

“Bye, Mark. Have a great day.”

As he left the apartment building he thought about what the kid had supposedly said. ‘God, it can’t be happening already! I’ve only been Cupid for 10 years.’

When he was 15 years old and his name was only Mark Graystone some crazy

old lady had came up to him at the park and said, “Do you believe in Cupid?”

“Yes. And no, I’m not nuts!”

“Finally someone who believes! It’s about time! No, you aren’t nuts. Cupid is real and he lives over on 46th street. If you steal his bow and arrows and shoot him with them you will become Cupid. You’ll probably have to steal them from his house because if he’s carrying them he can be invisible.”

“Does that mean I can be invisible when I’m trying to shoot him? Shooting him won’t hurt him will it?”

“No, it won’t hurt him. He’ll just become a normal man again. As far as the invisibility goes, only Cupid can be invisible and until you shoot him you aren’t Cupid, so no, you can’t.”

“What’s the catch?”

“You can’t have a girlfriend while you’re Cupid. But since you can be invisible you can watch the results of your work.”

He had gotten a few more details from her and then the next morning he had went real early to Cupid’s house and stolen the bow. He had waited right outside the pendik escort guy’s house behind a tree and shot him the moment he came outside.

He was pretty pissed off when he hunted down the old cupid a few days later to find out how to become invisible and learned that he couldn’t until he turned 18.

Since then, although he hadn’t had a girlfriend and was still technically a virgin at the age of 25, he’d seen more ways of having sex than most people could imagine. Now this little punk thought he was going to take the job away from him? Thankfully there wasn’t anywhere close enough to hide outside his building, but he’d have still have to watch his back until he found the kid.

“That crazy old woman must still be around. I’ve got to get my bow back before that damn kid gets a chance to take a shot at me!”

He stopped at Starbucks to grab a cup of coffee. While waiting in line to order he overheard a couple talking.

“What is this world coming to? Kids with knives and guns are bad enough, but I saw a boy carrying a damn bow and arrows around earlier!”

“That’s nuts! Does he actually think a bow is going to be any use against a gun?”

Cupid turned and asked the woman, “Did you notice which way the kid was headed? He stole that bow from me.”

“It looked like he was heading towards the park.” she replied.

After he paid for his coffee he headed over to the park. “Oh I hope I see him before he sees me!” As he walked down the bike path looking all around him he saw a boy of about the right age sitting on a rock about 50 yards further down the path. Unfortunately when he got closer to the boy there was no bow or arrows in sight. As soon as he got close enough he asked, “Have you seen anyone carrying — Oww!” He felt a stinging sensation in his butt as if he’d been slapped like he’d seen one couple do after getting hit by his arrow last year. He looked down and saw one of his arrows on the ground before it slowly faded away. He knew only Cupid could see the arrows and he’d never see another one. “Never mind.” He sighed. “Now what?”

As he walked along the bike path wondering what he was going to do now that he would have his days free he saw a pretty brunette anadolu yakası escort with small perky breasts sitting on a bench. “Hmm, maybe now I can try out some of the things I’ve seen my victims doing.”

Lisa Wilson was sitting on her favorite bench at the park people watching when she saw a tall muscular man walking towards her. He had slightly longer than average black hair that she would’ve killed to run her fingers through.

“Can I share your bench?” he asked. “You look kind of familiar.”

“Sure, my name’s Lisa Wilson. I have an apartment in your building. We’ve ran into each other a couple times in the laundry room.”

“I’m Mark Graystone. Beautiful weather today, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, lots of people to watch. I like to make up stories about the people I see.”

“Like what?”

“Well, see that couple holding hands walking over there? They’re obviously honeymooners by the way they look at each other like they want to be back in bed, but they’ve been on their honeymoon for at least a couple days because they’re willing to leave their room.” She blushed.

“I think you’re right, Lisa. They look like they JUST now got out of bed too.”

She got even redder, “And from the way she just smacked his butt they’re probably pretty playful in bed.”

‘Man, she looks hot when she blushes!’ Mark thought. “What about that guy over there with the big grin on his face?”

She replied, “His girlfriend surprised him with a long, slow, blowjob before he left the house. He’s got that same grin at least twice a week. Your turn. What about those two women sitting on that bench holding hands?”

“Hmmm, let’s see, they’ve been together a long time. They have lots of hot kinky sex, and they took turns fucking each other with a strap-on this morning.”

He noticed her wiggle in her seat a little at that.

“Hey, you wanna go get some lunch?” he asked her after another half-hour of stories about the people in the park. “I know this really great little diner where we can get some killer chili.”

“Is it spicy? I love spicy food!”

“It’s hot enough to rival the fires of hell. I promise.”

As they sat ataşehir escort in the diner they continued making up stories about the people they saw. As the stories grew nastier and more descriptive her foot kept brushing against Mark’s knee making him squirm. As Mark got hotter he moved his leg to the side wondering if she was doing it on purpose. 30 seconds later foot brushed against his leg and traveled upwards a couple inches making his dick throb before breaking contact again.

By the time they left the diner Mark was rock-hard and wondering how to get her up to his place as they walked back to their apartment building. He’d always been more interested in what the couples he watched did after they got busy than in how they got there in the first place.

“I’m really enjoying talking to you, Mark. Would you like to come up for coffee?”

‘I hope she has more in mind than coffee.’ As Mark was thinking this he said, “I’d love to!”

As soon as they walked through the door of Lisa’s apartment she turned around and kissed him. “I’m sorry, but I just can’t take it! I’m just so damn hot after imagining what those people in the park might do when they get home.” She thrust her tongue back into his mouth and started tugging at his shirt. He decided to help her out and pulled his shirt off over his head and returned to the kiss.

Reaching up under her shirt he felt his first pair of tits and it was fantastic. Her firm round tits fit perfectly in his hands and he had to let out a groan. His cock was so hard it felt like it was going to bust through his jeans. She pulled away long enough to yank off her shirt and bra, and then ground up against him and whimpered.

Lisa reached between them and unzipped his pants. She pulled him over to the couch. Moaning quietly as she sat down she pulled out his cock and started kissing and licking it. Running her tongue up and down along the length of it she pulled his pants and boxers down enough to cup his balls in one hand. A loud moan escaped him. As she squeezed them she swallowed his entire length and he started fucking her face.

“God, Mark, I’m so hot, I need you to fuck me NOW!” Pulling up her skirt she lay back on the couch and pulled him down onto her. Reaching down between them he discovered she was soaking wet and ready. “NOW! Mark, please fuck me now! Please!” She begged.

As he thrust his throbbing cock into her tight, slippery hole he thought, ‘Thank god that kid picked today to steal my bow!’

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