Curiousity Gets the Best of Me

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Hello. My name is Stan, I am 45 years old and for most of my life, I’ve been a red-blooded, college-educated white American male who grew up and lives in the Northeast US. I like playing cards, drinking beer, watching football, looking at women and playing a pickup game of hockey every now and then. You know… guy shit.

Sexually, I’ve spent my teens and majority of my adult life with my fair share of relationships and hookups with women, and while I am not physically gifted or blessed, I still left the majority of my partners satisfied…. or at least I like to think I did! Physically speaking, I’m 5 11 with and average build and dark hair and hazel eyes. I work out off-and-on so I have enough muscle mass to show that I’m not totally out of shape and lazy. I even run and bicycle from time to to time to stay in shape. I also don’t have a lot of body hair…. I guess you could say I have a smooth complexion. In another life I might have been a twink. But in this life, most people I interact with treat me with respect and basically just one of the guys.

As for my cock, I would call it averaged size. No shame in that, especially since some of the women I’ve been with tell me it is very adequate and even a bit thick with enough girth to please them and get them off. I still am friends with my first serious girlfriend from 25 years ago, and she still tells me I’m her favorite sex partner she’s had. So yeah, I’m no professional porn star or anything, but I have no hang ups about what I’ve got to work with either.

By the time I got to my early 30s I eventually settled down into a long term relationship and now, 15 years later, we are still together and have been married for the past 7 years. The opportunity has come up to cheat on her with another woman, but I didn’t give in. I guess I have too much respect for my wife and our relationship to cheat on her… at least with another woman.

My wife has a small, petite frame and when we have sex and are really getting into it, she’ll tell me I’m going too deep and ask me to not drive my rod so deep far into her tight love box. Obviously I don’t want to hurt her – much – so I let up a bit. But I still do take that as an ego boost that my dick is too much to handle for at least one person. But I digress.

Anyway, I’m comfortable and educated enough to know that sexuality and is fluid for some people. And like some other men, I’ve felt the urge from time to time to also be with a guy. The feeling comes and goes and, honestly, it’s been that way since I was old enough to jerk off. But growing up and well into my adult years, I’ve also thought an awful lot about women, so I’m definitely not totally gay. Maybe bi? Maybe only part time gay? Who knows.

But ever since my early 30s, I started thinking more and more about men and doing things with them, rather than women to the point that I would find myself cruising personal ads on the internet. Like many men in my situation, I’ve resisted the desire to act on my urges. And when that desire was too much, I would respond to an ad or even post my own, but I would eventually chicken out and not show up for any meetings I had arranged. Or I would get second thoughts about any weirdos my own ad would attract, so I would take it down within a day or two after posting it. And I also avoided meeting up with anyone in my own general area out of fear of unintentionally setting up a meeting with someone I might know and then be outed. So discretion has always been important.

But one time about 7 years ago while cruising Craigslist (back when that was still a thing) I found a simple personal ad that simply stated “MWM in 30s looking to fool around with another MWM.” No photo. Nothing else. I was going through one of my phases where the urge to hook up was high (or at least higher than usual), so I replied to the ad, telling him my basic details and and explaining I was in a similar situation and that discretion was a must. Within half an hour I got a reply, he told me that he was happily married with kids and didn’t consider himself gay, but he needed to “scratch an itch”. He told me his stats – he was 6 ft, slim, clean shaven and packed a 6 inch dick. He also told me that discretion was also important and that he lived about 45 miles from where I lived. He finished his reply by asking for a pic.

I replied and told him I was definitely interested. I also sent him a selfie of me from the neck down, wearing nothing but my briefs. I rubbed my dick a little to help make a large bulge, snapped the pic and sent it to him. Like I said, I’m not out of shape or lazy, but I also don’t have an athletic body or a six pack. So I was a little self conscious about sending a pic of myself but I figured what the hell. I didn’t get a reply that day or night, so I started to get nervous that he may not have licked what he saw. But the next morning I checked my messages and saw he replied. “Nice” he wrote. He also attached a pic of himself, but it was more bolder than mine. It was a of at an angle look up from under his erect malatya escort cock, with his hand firmly wrapped around. It was beautiful. Stunning even. Maybe it was just the angle, but he said he was packing 6 inches but to me it looked closer to 8. My blood started racing when I saw it, knowing that I could very well soon that beautiful magnificent dick in my mouth.

I quickly replied back and said “Wow. I would totally worship that cock if given then chance!” He replied less than an hour later. “Oh. You definitely have more than a chance. Let’s meet up. My name is Steve by the way.”

After a few more exchanges, Steve and I made an arrangement to meet up at the end of the week. Driving to his town to meet him was out of the question. Steve said he had too much to lose to be even spotted with another guy. Parking was also a no go, because of the embarrassment of getting seen and/or caught. He wanted someplace safe and secure without any chance of being caught.

Steve wrote that he was willing to drive to meet me, if I was willing to host. Only problem is my wife was temporarily laid off, so it’s not like I could have him swing by my place since she was almost always home, even if I could slip out of work during my lunch break. But all I kept thinking about (and looking at) was that picture he sent me of his magnificent cock and I knew we had to solve this problem. That’s when it hit me… I work in an office building that had gone through downsizing at the time, so there were plenty of offices and spaces in the building to meet up. I also worked early enough in the morning that no one else was there except my boss, but because part of my job involves meeting with clients, I could tell him I had a meeting. I could slip out of our office, let Steve in, and then go into an empty part of the building and find a private place to meet him. There was still a risk, but it was only a small one and I just knew I had to make this work. I thought that someone like Steve doesn’t come along often and I couldn’t pass this opportunity up. There would be no second thoughts, cold feet, nor chickening out at the last minute.

I explained the plan to Steve and he was all in. He said he actually had to drive up my way on a Friday for a meeting nearby, and he could just leave earlier than usual for the meeting and stop by where I worked beforehand. So we arranged to meet at 8:30 a.m on Friday.

For the next few days, as I waited for Friday to arrive, all I could do was think about Steve and his cock. I would fantasize about having it in my mouth, sucking and licking it and I would start to get hard just thinking about what I had planned for him. I probably jerked off more in those few days than ever had previously in my life. I never felt anything like the anticipation of sucking a dick for the very first time. It is a total rush.

On Thursday night I made sure to groom myself for Steve. He had said that he also wanted to suck my dick and so I wanted to make it as presentable as possible. To be honest, the thought of getting my dick sucked by another guy was nice and all, but it paled in comparison to thinking about me sucking someone else off. I mean, I’ve had plenty of blowjobs in my life from various women, what’s one more to add to the list, even if it WAS going to be from a guy this time? But I still wanted to make sure it was trimmed in the right places and shaved bare in the others.

Friday morning I woke up, took a long shower and even though I always practice good hygiene and cleaning, I was especially thorough this time. I had never spent so much time and effort on any prior date in my life, but this one was kind of special. And I can’t believe I was thinking of it as a date, because it wasn’t. But that’s how it felt.

I got to work at 7 a.m. Had a short meeting with my boss and mentioned by 8:30 appointment, saying I wouldn’t be around for about an hour. He thought nothing of it. At 8:25 I started checking my inbox to see if Steve had arrived. I must have clicked refresh about 20 times a minute until 8:30. Then it got to 8:31. Then 8:33. Then 8:35. He was only 5 minutes late but I was getting worried. “Was Steve going to stand me up?” I wondered to myself.

Then at 8:36 I finally saw the message I was waiting for from Steve. “Here.” it said. I replied “Did you park where I told you?” He said yes and so I left my office to go meet him, practically running to the other side of the building where I told him to wait. I opened the door to outside and there he was, standing before me in a red flannel, buttoned up shirt, tucked into jeans. He had short, sandy hair, was clean shaven and had a friendly look about him.

He smiled at me. “Stan?” he asked.

“Yep.” I replied, adding, “You must be Steve.”

“That’s me. Sorry I’m a little rate. Traffic was busy.”

No worries. Right this way sir.” And I showed him through the door and began walking toward an empty office room with Steve following behind.

We entered the room and I turned on the malatya escort bayan lights and shut the door behind me and locked it. I then turned around to face Steve. He was standing a bit of distance away and I tried to break the ice.

“So just so you know. I’ve never done this before and so I’m not sure how to proceed.”

“I’ve only done it a couple times before and the last time was 4 years ago, but I needed to scratch the itch again,” he said with an awkward, almost embarrassed smile.

“Scratch the itch. I like that,” said.

It was now or never. I looked at him, then looked down at his crotch. “So I guess we should get started” I said as I walked toward him, looking back at his eyes as I moved my hands toward his belt buckle.

“Are you ready?” I asked, almost whispering and still looking into his eyes.

“Yes.” He said, staring back at me.

I undid his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, then unzipped them. I took my eyes off his, and looked down as I started to pull his pants down. I then I told him to sit down on nearby chair, as I bent over and help him get his feet free from his jeans.

Steve was now sitting on the chair in just his untucked flannel and black Calvin Klein underwear. I could see a bulge growing underneath. I stood up and took a step or two so I was looming over him as I stood between his spread legs. I looked down at his eyes again, but this time he wasn’t looking back into my eyes, instead he was fixated on my crotch.

“Soon enough,” I said and before he can muster a reply, I feel down to my knees and put my hands on his bare legs, rubbing them slowly, as I again gazed at his bulge. “I cant’ believe this is happening,” I thought to myself, as I slid my hands up up and down his thighs, moving them inward as well, to the point where they were also rubbing his groin, barely grazing his bulge. I leaned forward a put my nose and face close to the bulge and inhaled deeply. I could tell he was wearing cologne or body spray, but it wasn’t overpowering. There was also a musty smell coming from his package and the combination of the two scents was perfect and got my blood racing even more.

I moved my hands to the outside of his hips and started to tug on his underwear’s waistband. He stood up slightly so I could easily slide his underwear down. As he sat his naked ass back down into the chair, I moved his underwear the rest of the way down his legs and he stepped out of them. I moved them aside and look between his legs, where I could now see his cock, that beautiful magnificent dick that I had only seen before in a pic he sent me. But now it was there before me, in the flesh, semi hard but not nearly as large as it was in the picture. I knew it could grow more and it was my job to make it so.

I again placed my hands on his legs and spread them a bit more apart and leaned in, toward his dick. But instead of moving right on it, I ran my tongue along the inside of his leg, slowly licking and tasting his inner thigh as I moved closer toward the prize. My wife had done this to me and it always turned me on, so I figured I’d try it on Steve. Sure enough, I could see that his dick was continuing to get bigger, even before I had the chance to touch, let alone get my mouth around it.

“God. That’s driving me crazy,” he said.

“That’s the idea,” I replied.

I stopped talking and again started licking, moving my tongue further and further up his inner thigh until I was all the way to the point where his leg met his groin and sack. I moved my mouth over to his cock and gently pressed my lips against it. I then opened my mouth and let his half flaccid,half erect dick fall into my mouth. I closed my lips around the head and started to gently suck on the tip, letting my spit build up around it so my mouth was warm and wet for his growing cock. It then dawned on my that I was now in the process of sucking a dick. I was over the moon excited about this realization and even thought to myself, “holy shit. I’m doing it. I’m sucking a cock.”

As that thought continued in my head, and my own excitement grew (I could feel a sudden bulge in my pants that wasn’t there just a minute earlier), I went back to the task at hand and started to move my mouth slowly downward, letting his dick go deeper into my mouth. It was now getting to the point of being fully hard, and I could feel its girth stretching my mouth and the tip of his dick slide past my tongue and lunge further toward the back of my mouth toward my throat. I felt a sudden gag reflex kick in but didn’t panic. I pushed myself past it, realizing that I was to turned on to care if I was going to choke on Steve’s fat cock. Once I got his dick as far into my mouth as I thought it could go. I started to ease it back out until only the tip was past my lips. I then repeated the process, again moving his cock back into my mouth, trying to get it to go even deeper this time, and once it got to a point that my eyes were starting to water, I again eased it out. I did this a escort malatya few more times, each time picking up the pace, until I was gradually just bobbing my head up and down on his cock. I had a large amount of saliva growing in my mouth, probably from the slight gagging I was enduring, and it helped to keep Steve’s rod greased up really nice, so it could slide effortless in and out my mouth.

“Jesus, that feels so good. But you have to stop. You’ve already got me close to cumming and I haven’t even started on you,” he said.

I grabbed his dick with my hand and pulled my mouth off of it. With my other hand I wiped the spit that had started to build up around my mouth and looked at him. “I was really starting to get into it,” I said.

“I know. That’s why you have to stop!” he said, laughing.

I grinned and stood up on my feet and he then stood up as well. His 7 inch dick was totally hard and at full attention and as he took a step toward me, I could feel it press against my leg.

“Let me help you out of your pants,” he said, shifting his eyes from mine, down toward my belt, and then back in my eyes again. As he undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants and then unzipped them, he didn’t break eye contact. It was uncomfortable for me to have him staring at me like that, so I started to look down at his cock, and lightly stroked it.

Steve must’ve realized things were getting a little awkward with all the eye contact, because he suddenly blurted out, “well here I go!” giving a light chuckle as he dropped to his knees. He pulled my pants and underwear down together, and my dick jump out to greet him.

“Nice,” he said. And then he moved his face toward my cock, opened his mouth, and let it slide in. I was already fully erect by this point so he didn’t need to do much else than just suck and bob his head in a nice slow rhythm. Earlier when I was thinking about this meeting, I honestly didn’t really care about getting my own dick sucked. But in the moment, with Steve’s mouth wrapped fully around my dick and him pumping away, I totally started to revel in it, thinking it was the best damn blow job I’ve ever received. And I honestly don’t think he was doing anything crazy or different, it was just the thought of being with a guy, and having him suck my dick, that drove me crazy.

Maybe I was dwelling on that thought a bit too much, because I don’t think it was even two minutes after Steve started that I suddenly had that feeling like I was going to cum.

“Holy shit man. I’m so close to cuming. I think you better stop for a sec,” I said looking down to him, as I he continued to move his head up and down on my cock.

“Good.” Was all he said in between his heavy breathing. He then started to slightly hum… or maybe it was moaning, I couldn’t really tell. Either way, he was now making some kind of noise and I could tell he was getting off on this nearly as much as I was… and I was the one close to exploding.

I couldn’t hold on any longer and said in heavy breathes, “Jesus Steve. I’m gonna cum. God. Here it comes!”

Steve pulled his mouth off just in time, but continued to stroke my dick as a heavy wad of cum shot just past his face, over his shoulder and onto the floor. It was followed by a second wad, and then a third. “Holy fuck that feels so good” I said as he continued to stroke my dick in perfect rhythm to my spasms. I looked down and Steve’s eyes were fixated on my dick, watching as the last drop of cum hung off the tip.

“Jesus dude! That was a lot!” he said, finally looking up at me and smiling.

I smiled back, looking down at him. “Alright, now its your turn,” I said, and I pulled him up to his feet and then positioned him back to the chair. “Take a seat.”

Steve did as I told and I fell down to my knees. I moved my face back over his cock, which was still fully erect. Meanwhile, mine had already started to shrink down to its flaccid state. Usually after I cum, my sexual desire and interest begins to subside. But that wasn’t the case here. I had cum and physically I was no longer aroused, but mentally my head was still totally in the game and I eagerly wrapped my mouth back over his dick.

I started to bob up and down again, just like before, but also moved my hand to the base of his shaft and started pumping away as my mouth did its thing. After a minute or so of this, I took my mouth off his dick and pressed it against his stomach and belly button and then I started to lick under his dick. I found the base of his shaft where it meant his ball sack, and I started to move my tongue across each of his glistening balls. They were bigger than mine and again, I could smell his musk and cologne mixing together. I’ve read stories were people say that those types of smells are “intoxicating” and thought it was exaggeration or something, but it really was. I was lightheaded already from cumming earlier, and the aroma and heat from his scrotum only added to the feeling. “Mmmmmm” I repeatedly said as my mouth moved from one nut to the other, gently sucking each one. After a few minutes of playing with his balls while also continuing to pump his dick with my hand, I stuck my tongue out at the base of his dick and slowly licked upward until I go to the tip. Then I eagerly shoved his cock back in my mouth, trying to see if I could finally get all 7 inches in.

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