Subject: Deans Summer Job 14 I have decided to cut my work experience short a month so I can have the last month go holidays relaxing at home and getting ready for my senior year, I have already been accepted into Yale and their medical school and that will be my main focus this year. Tim hasn’t decided whether he will cut his time short here as he also wants to focus on the year ahead and figure put a way he can come to a school that is close to me and so we can be together when we finish highschool. His sat score was great, but mine was in the upper bracket to help me get into a school like Yale. I don’t think tim and I will be together after graduation, as I think we need our own paths in life and as much ad I love him. I think he can find someone better for him and that will be happy to fuck every night I have spent a lot of time in the suckatorium and the amount of blow jobs I have given has been nice. The men enjoy me going hard on their cocks and I love gagging and smelling their pubes. Billy took me out fishing and surfing on my day off and her is a beautiful man, we had dinner together after the day and I spent the whole night in his room. He would be a wonderful lover, I do look forward to the day he sticks his meaty cock in my arse. God he would fuick like a rabid I feel and I want it badly. This place is so awesome and I don’t want to leave and I know Tims uncle wants me to stay on full time after I finish high school. But I want to go to college and get my degree and become a surgeon. I will come back next year after graduation and spend another wonderful summer her with the crew, but I wont stay past the holiday as New week and back to being a bell boy, I was sitting in the kitchen waiting for my buzzer to go off for the first room service call, when billy came up and kissed me on the lips. It was a kiss I will never forget “why didn’t you come to my room last night dean, I missed you” I wish I did, but I was with a guest that was old enough to be my pop, he was fucking me all night and I enjoyed it “I was with a guest all night man, I will come to your room tonight I promise’ he kissed me and said “you better, my bed aksaray escort I cold without you” I got a message on my phone and it was the boss. He wanted to see me in his office straight away. I went to his office and he was sitting down. “Ok dean I have another assignment for you mate. I want you to look after another vip guest for me” I like this “who is it this time” he smiled and said “you will have to wait until he arrives” I peered over to my left and saw boxes of diaper and a few pacifiers “are they for the guest that I am to look after” He stood up and went over to the boxes and said “look dean we cater for that community and we are happy to have as many guests that like doing that kind of thing. This guest you are looking after enjoys that side of life and he likes to diaper his subjects when he visits” I sighed and thought I have had 2 weeks without wearing a diaper and I have just gotten over that diaper rash “look can you give this assignment to someone else” he stood in front of me and said “as much as id love to. But he picked you out of the photos of the employees we have and I need you to be his subject for the next three weeks please” I didn’t have much of a choice with this and it would mean good money and I do like spending time with vip guests “ok I will do it, but if it weirds me out in any way I am out of it” he smiled and said “e will be here in an hour, pack your things and head to the lobby” I went to my room and pack a bag for the 3 weeks I was going to spend with the vip guest. I am looking forward to it and I hope he fucks me as much as the last one did. I got one of the bell boys to take my suitcase up to the lobby and I walked up there and waited. I saw a limo drive in and I saw the man step out, it was senator gregson. Oh my god he likes to fuck men in his spare time. Tims uncle greeted him and walked hime over to me and introduced himself “senator this is dean, one of our best bell boys he will be at you beck and call for the next 3 weeks” I put my hand out too shake his and he hugged me instead. We were taken to a private bungalow and we were left to our own fun. I went and put my alsancak escort bag away and came back to the senator staring at me “gee that photo of you doesn’t do you justice, you are a real hunk” I blushed he came and gave me a kiss and he patted my bum and said “I suppose you already know what my fantasy is and what I would like you to wear” I nodded my head We had our lunch before we did anything, it was a nice lunch. He talked about when he was my age, his only choice for summer fun was to work at his dads mill. He talked about the 4 sons he has and a daughter he has. He is clearly smitten with them. He got up and went to his room and brought back a diaper and pacifier “while you are in my company I expect you to wear one at all times ok dean and I will give to a suppository each day to clean out your bum. Is that ok” I remember the suppository I received when that lovely couple came a month or so back and it wasn’t pleasant. “Do you want to put my diaper on now sir” he took my hand and lead me to his shower, there was a hose with an attachment on it. “First we shower and we will give to a douching” I knew what a douching was and I haven’t experienced it just yet We hopped into the shower together and he is a hunk I must say. He washed me all over and made sure I was all clean. He grabbed the hose and said “this may hurt at first, but it will be worth it. He shoved the nozzle up my bum and turned the tap on. The first shot of water was weir, but good. After 30 seconds he pulled the nozzle out. He dried me off and thats when I started to feel my stomach go weird “I need to use to toilet or do you want to me to go in a diaper” he smiled and said “no use the toilet”after I finished I was so relieved. He took from the toilet to me bed and placed me on the bed and proceeded to shave my pubic area. He was thorough and made sure I didn’t have a hair any where. He powered me up and put a nice thick diaper on me and I felt like a baby again. I dressed as normal as I possibly could for his fantasy. I wasn’t put in a romper or anything like that I wore shorts and a shirt. After I was padded upon we sat amasya escort and watched movies together and I wanted to ask him a question that had been on my mind since we met. I took my pacifier out of my lap and went and sat in his lap and cuddled with him “can I ask you a question sir” he kissed me and patted my bum and said “yes baby boy” I smiled and asked “when did you start coming here for holidays and have you always like fucking Men and diapering them” he kissed me again and said “well I started coming here about 10 years ago after I was elected and all my kids were in school, I don’t really know why I started fucking men. But one man I me while on the campaign trail stood our and we had an affair for a few years and he mentioned this place and I wanted to try it out. I have been coming back since and I love fucking men like you. As for diaper, my wife and I kept our kids in diapers till they graduated high school, they didn’t object to it. My youngest who is about your age is still wearing his and his mummy changes him before bed every night” We walked around the resort holding hands and a lot of people started and pointed, but I didn’t care. we had dinner in our bungalow. After the bell boy took our plates back and the senator had a shower I went and laid on my bed and just messaged billy. While I messaged billy the senator grabbed my arse and I looked back, he was naked. “Its time for what I really got you here for baby boy” I smiled. He pulled my wet diaper down and ripped it off me. He stuck a finger in my bum and smiled “god you like a bit of cock inside you don’t you” he leant forward and kissed my neck and started pushing his cock inside my arse, fuck it felt good. He started pumping in and out, it was so good to once again have a cock inside me. He was grunting and groaning with every thrust he made, he was a heavy grunter as well. He started fucking harder and harder. My arse was getting a good fuck and it was magnificent, his pelvis was slapping hard against my arse. He grunted one more time and I felt his cock tense up and he thrusted one more time. He dumped a massive load inside me. He collapsed on top of me, it was so good After he pulled his cock out of me he picked me and took me to a massage table and he put a fresh diaper on me. “Baby go ni ni” I nodded and he pout me in his bed and he joined me and cuddled all night. This will be a fun 3 weeks Please donate to this great fty

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