Dear Perrey Reeves 1,

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Big Tits

Dear Perrey Reeves 1,Dear Perrey Reeves 1,”Ay Nigga, What it do, what’s Hattnin Pudgee . You “Nigga How much you need?” Is what you said to a nigga while hanging out the window of the 2009 Pearl white Mercedes-Benz Jeep Boxster, I “Ay, scoot yo ass over and try to earn this ‘Jack In The Box’Sourdough Jack Munchie Meal, by Gofer-Duck-Mobbie Slobb- gobblin’ on this Long black fat horse monster Dick nigga!” You Scootch over to the passenger side, fast like a Nascar and say “Well Nigga, get in, Conner , Get in daddy damn!”” I hop in and before I couldram sack yo Italian/Pourtugese throat with black fat dungeon meat, You “Look you super God Gangsta, Monster Dick Nigga, Fuck Wikipedia,- Nigga, I’m yo wife and we been literally married since the HBO Reality show “B.F.A!” Fa’ 4 years now, since 2016. Jeremy Pivens was a good nigga to me, but he ain’t The God Ginuwine, J to the Mothafuckin V,. The Venomous k**, Gorilla Unit, and fa’sho ain’t the CEO Of Baby Face Originals bilecik escort Recordings LLC. Al B. JohnVeNOM…. Now let us pray…” I slam yo mouth down my dick,, slosh-slosh-slosh- slosh , then pull you up to speak, You “Well, Shkorb-Shklorby-Shkorb-Shklorbi- shklorby!” While Gina Hall hop up out the backseat, with 1 of my main Button bitches Kelly Kapouski.’ we creep through the drive thru, and order a gang of food. Gina “I’m sucking that big Nigger Dick Next!’ I oh-so, the Original G.D.Mobb, in the house huh?” Zenaida “And don’t forget me Mrs. Brown Smith & Wesson! Yadadadadadadaiii , Oooh.”I “Oh shit Perrey- lace me then, bitch good God, you know how to suck that dick, you old sexy white bitch! Ughh, give me that Almaden Turf Neck Bitch!” You “Shklorby shklorby-shklorb Shklorby shklorby-shklorb Shklorby!” I pull yo head up to check and see if you coo, You “Fuck Oxygen, Nigga Dick, Sccccccclorrrklop-sklorp, I choose escort bilecik you, as my husband shlurrrC, CaCaCaCatastrophic Superman, , Shklorby Shlosh-shlosh Shlosh-shlosh shlosh shlosh- !” I “hSols, hSols, Burrrrerp(Saliva and Pre cum dripping from that 8 inch hard black dick to your Mouth.) Arrrwahhh- fuck you ignorant Italian Nigger Bitch shlurk that pipe!” You ” Yes shklorby-shklorb dad, sh lorby, shklorby-shklorb, ahhh haaack- Lurp Lift shlurkin’- Ahhh don’t Lu-wugy- Shlurky- shlurrrC urkle Shnurkle- Gofer- duck mode- , ahhh- nigga Don’t run, – shkurky, shkurky – shlurGive me that But, shlurr nigga! Ahhhh yEssss- Godness this this But juice daddy- Shlur-Shurky , bust for me big daddyv. Bust for Perrey silky silks – shkurky , yes daddy give a bitch that jungle black but juice, J.ViZzy. I love just long neck Gofer- robbin to ass, for the nigger splish splash g**** juice, I’m a hobby gobblin’ for this long fat black bilecik escort bayan horse shlong Daddy Dick! Nigga sit yo ass Back, I been sucking long black Gorilla Flow Blongo Horse dark chocolate dick since the 70s youngsta, now John Simply ejaculate down my, Perrey Reeves Willis, ya Real Housewife of Almaden throat, give me that nigga jigga Nectar, Biff Mcfly, So I can CaCaCaCatastrophically cum guzzle every driggitty drip drip, hurry, up, daddy, we got the Remix video to shoot in a hour,” I “Aiight, well, take this Nougat Nigga Nut then Mommy Oooh!” You “Ooooh.Then Kelly got the front seat and traded seats with you, and started to straight Gobble slurp sop on both of my balls at the same time, while Zenaida was smothering me with her gigantic macromastia 42 E cup fat ass Mexican and white bbw titties. Zenaida “Oh daddy suck the shit out of these big fat ass monster bordiqua titties.” Gina was in the back seat, eagerly waiting for her chance to jump on this big fat black nasty nigga rope…….. Then Kelly hopped on full throttle and began to throw shmack that fat white coke grind hoe old school pussy up and down on my Dick….. I loved every single second of it all Poppin off in the Jack in the box parking lot at 2:00am in the morning.johnvenom001

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