Decorating Donna Pt. 01

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Decorating Donna, Part 1

(Fetish, Dominance & Submission, Modification, Public Bondage)

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

This is a story of the submission, domination, humiliation and modification of a young wife, by her loving and kinky husband. The concept of ‘public bondage’ is central to the story.

In a couple of cases, I have taken liberties with simple aspects like drying and healing times to allow the story to continue at a faster pace. Please grant me a bit of suspended disbelief and enjoy the read.

Donna’s Dream Man

Donna had a lot going for her, but not everything she wanted. She was intelligent, outgoing, pretty and shapely. But she was also poor, or at least her parents were poor. And that just didn’t work for her. She grew up always wanting more. She was jealous of her friends and schoolmates whose parents had enough money to provide them with nicer clothes, manicures, beauty parlor treatments and the other luxuries young women tend to enjoy.

As she grew older, she was drawn to boys, and later, men who were similarly intelligent and good looking, but who could also provide her with the comforts, luxuries and pampering she had always dreamed of. Over time, all of her dates came to fit that mold. She was careful, though, not to go too far, she wasn’t going to sell her body or soul for the good life — well, possibly her soul, but she wasn’t a whore.

Growing older, she worked her way through college and found a decent job in the big city, still not having found the guy she was looking for. With her looks and brains, she had received several offers for long-term relationships, but none of them seemed right.

When she found Jim, or perhaps when he found her, things started to fall into place.

He was everything she had been looking for. He was a design engineer at the company where she worked in accounting. And he was a very good one, who senior management loved and paid very well. He was handsome, tall and thin. Intelligent and funny and a bit of a nerd. And most importantly, he loved her dearly.

She loved him fully and completely, as well. Only in part because he was older, and more sophisticated than she, but also, he was wealthy, both from his work, and with an inheritance from his dearly departed parents.

As they dated and cultivated their relationship, he took her to the nice restaurants, shows and concerts, and they vacationed to the Bahamas and Hawaii. He bought her clothes, when she didn’t have anything appropriate in her closet, and jewelry when he wanted to impress her. And it worked. She was impressed. He was the man of her dreams.

Six months after they first met, they were engaged, and she was living with him in his large, beautiful house, in the wealthy outskirts of town.

Spending all of their nights together, she learned that he had his kinky side, and it was fun and adventurous. She found that she enjoyed it when he took full control in bed and they tried some of the erotic games, he liked.

At times she was tied down. She learned about anal sex, and became expert at using her mouth on his rampant cock.

Her wardrobe expanded as he spent a small fortune for her at Victoria’s Secret and similar shops. Her outfits became more revealing and suggestive, her heeled shoes taller and her make-up more elaborate and sexier.

It was all fun and erotic and she loved it almost as much as he did.

Six months later they were married. It was a glorious ceremony, and they made a beautiful couple.

Her white wedding dress was gorgeous and expensive. Under it, as he dictated, she wore a half-cup bra, a beautiful but restrictive corset that held her erect and pulled in her waist by four full inches. Sheer nylons were held up by the attached garters and her white pumps had five-inch heels. She did not wear any panties.

Donna loved it. It was the wedding of her dreams, and Jim’s requirements for her outfit added considerably to her excitement. When they eventually made it to their hotel room, he screwed her royally, on the bed, still in her gown. And it was glorious.

Afterwards, he stripped her of her dress, but kept her in her lingerie, as they crawled under the sheets kissing and cuddling.

“I love you. Thank you for such a wonderful wedding.” Donna sighed.

He nodded, “God, I’m just so happy that you’re mine. All mine.”

Then, feeling happy and content, and naughty, she giggled, “Am I now your ‘trophy wife’? Your very own Barbie doll?”

“You’re that and everything I ever wanted, my love,” he said. Smiling and kissing her. “And I do like the idea of you being my very own sex object; to have, düzce escort and to hold and to mold into my dream girl. Would you really mind being my trophy wife or Barbie doll?”

Donna was enjoying the game, laughing she said, “I don’t mind, if that’s what you want, my darling husband, I’ll do my best.”

He paused kissing her, before continuing, “and I do have plans for you. I’ve dreamed and fantasized of owning a woman like you since I was a horny teenager.”

Donna was a bit unsettled by his statement. What did he mean by ‘owned’ and what fantasies was he talking about that they hadn’t already tried?

She was going to question him, but just then he crawled back on top of her and gently pushed his surprisingly hard cock back into her. He’d already cum, only an hour ago, but he was apparently so turned-on that he was ready again.

Donna was pleased, and enjoyed another session of great sex, before, exhausted and satiated, they fell asleep.

They slept in late, and had a nice room service lunch before Jim kissed her, “I have one more wedding gift for you. An appointment at a very special nail salon, one of the very best in town. Get dressed, please, we have to be there in a half-hour.”

“A nail salon?” she replied, confused, “I had my nails done for the ceremony. They’re still beautiful.”

“Yes, they are, but I’ve arranged with this place for a very special design for you. I saw it on the Internet, and really loved the look. And frankly they turned me on so much, I just had to see them on you.”

Intrigued, “so, tell me about them.”

“Nope, it’s a surprise. Just know that I love you and I’m dying to see you with these nails.”

Donna slipped on the pretty dress she had planned to wear for their flight to Amsterdam. Underneath she wore one of the sexy bra and panty sets Jim had purchased for her. At his request she was also wearing the matching garter belt, holding silky nylons and a pair of four-inch heels. She wasn’t enamored with wearing the tall shoes on the long plane trip, but it was their honeymoon, and she was feeling sexy and loved.

A cab took them to an exclusive salon, downtown. They’d return to the hotel later, only to grab their bags and head for the airport.

The Salon was large and exclusive and they were swiftly and efficiently shown to a private room, where soft music played and scented candles burned.

There, an attractive and professional beautician, Jacqueline, took over and quickly had Donna positioned in a comfortable chair at an elaborate workstation. She immediately began work on Donna’s hands, while Jim left to make himself comfortable in the waiting area.

Jacqueline first stripped off the elegant half- inch nail extensions Donna had worn for the wedding and replaced them with thicker, stronger and very much longer, acrylic nails with one-inch extensions.

When the new nails were ready, they were covered with several coats of a dark red polish, and then a couple more of a clear, gloss sealer.

Donna thought that they looked pretty, although they were impractically long and seemingly built strong enough to stop a bullet.

“These will be hard to get used to. Cumbersome.” She sighed.

The girl nodded, and smiled, “yes, they will be. But they’re so very sexy. Your man will love them!”

The tech wasn’t done yet. After all of the work getting the nails, perfectly beautiful, she proceeded to drill a pair of small holes through each nail about 1/3 of the way in from their sides, just above the finger-tips. Her thumbs only received a single hole, on the inside.

Donna watched, fascinated and curious. What the hell?

Once the nail tech was done with that task, another woman came in with a tray full of jewelry. Donna got a glimpse of gold chains and assorted tools.

The new woman took her hand and one-by-one inserted small golden rings in each hole. A total of nine for each hand. The rings were just big enough to fit thru the hole and clear the edge of her nails.

Curiouser and cuirassier, Donna thought. Knowing that this was what Jim wanted, she didn’t question or protest what was being done.

With all 18 rings in place the jeweler, proceeded to run small lengths of gold chain between each ring connecting her fingers, one to the other. The chains were less than an inch long, more like three-quarters of an inch. A longer piece of chain was run between her index finger and her thumb. It seemed only just long enough to connect the two nails. It was tighter than the others.

Finally, the woman attached a small bell to the outside hole of her little finger.

Donna was fascinated. The look was pretty and unique. And it seemed very erotic, in a fetish kind of way.

When Donna tried to lift her hands off of the work tray, the woman scolded her.

“Don’t move! Not yet. I have to finish with the connections or they may fall out.”

Donna was anxious to get a better look and try out her dexterity with the chains linking her fingers as they düzce escort bayan did, but she remained politely still, as ordered.

She was surprised, though, when the jeweler pushed small pieces of material between her fingers and the rings, before pulling out a small soldering iron and slowly, laboriously welding the rings closed, again one-by-one.

As the process moved along, Donna realized that the new jewelry was being sealed onto her fingers. The chains would not come off until the nails did, or they were cut off.

It seemed awfully elaborate and expensive, for just a short-term look. But it was a gift from her new husband, and he had explained how much he liked the look, so she wasn’t about to protest.

Almost an hour later the woman finished, after cleaning each joint with a file and a bit of metal polish.

By then Donna was dying to see and test the result.

The jeweler pushed back and picked up her tray. “Done, and they’re beautiful. Your hands are now a work of art. Be careful with them. They can be repaired should you somehow lose a nail. If you take care of them, and get them filled periodically you should be good for at least a month and possibly two.”

Donna thanked her as she lifted her hands up in front of her face to examine them.

The nails were very long and thick, but they looked fabulously sexy.

The chains sparkled in the lights and also looked pretty and very erotic. The little bell hanging off her fingernail jungled and tinkled with every movement. It was fun, but also annoying. She could imagine how it would get in the way and get on her nerves, over time.

The most striking aspect, though, was how the chains restricted her movement. She could only barely spread her fingers, and she had to move them in unison when she made a fist. She could never, for example count on her fingers, or signal ‘one’ or ‘peace’. And her thumbs were even more restricted. She couldn’t separate them from her hands. She no longer had opposable thumbs!

What the hell? How could Jim expect her to function like this?

By the time she realized how impossible these things were, she was alone in the treatment room. Both of the women had already left. Just as she stood up to call them back and have the stuff removed, Jim came in through the door, closing it behind him.

He was all smiles. He reached out and grabbed her hands, “wonderful, aren’t they? God, I love how sexy they look. How sexy you look.”

Donna, prepared to protest, was made speechless by his excitement. Quickly, she realized that she didn’t want to rain on his enthusiasm. He had already given her so much, and it was the day after their wedding.

“They are sexy, I grant you that, but honey, they’re going to be awfully hard for me to deal with. The word ‘cumbersome’ comes to mind. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to stand them.”

“Oh baby, I’m sure you’ll get used to them. And I did pay a lot for them. Please give them a try. I just love how they look.” He paused a minute giggling like a kid, “hell! I’m so turned on; I’m tempted to rape you here on the spot!”

Donna couldn’t argue with that. She smiled sheepishly and gave him a quick kiss. “Easy there, big boy,” she laughed.

He pulled her tighter and kissed her back, passionately.

As they walked out of the building, Donna was conscious of the stares of many of the people, both workers and customers. Her hands drew a lot of attention. And the constant tinkling of the little bells as she moved, didn’t help.

“Everyone is staring at me,” she whispered.

“Yes, you’re beautiful and sexy, and mine,’ he replied proudly.

“They’re looking at my nails. I think it’s the odd jewelry. The chains shine and the little bell jingles. It’s embarrassing.

“Get used to it. It’s sexy and everyone loves it.”

Now Donna was getting upset. His cavalier attitude and her discomfort with the audience were bothering her.

“Jim, I just don’t know about these things, she said, as she waved her hands in front of them. The chains make it hard for me to do anything. It makes me feel like a, a prisoner, for lack of a better word.”

He waited until they were outside on the sidewalk before he turned and grabbed her by the shoulders holding her in front of him and smiling at her.

“My love, I adore the way they look, and also the way they restrain you. As I mentioned, they fit in with some of my deepest fantasies for my dream wife, that’s you. You see, it’s a form of public bondage.”

“Public bondage?” She asked confused and nervous.

“Yes, it’s a fetish that has always turned me on. And one I want to share with you. It falls right in line with you being my trophy wife and Barbie doll.”

He laughed, and hugged her to his chest, holding her tightly as he kissed the top of her head.

Although she loved the affection, she remained unsure. They had played at bondage, a little during some of their sex sessions in the bedroom, when he tied her to the bed escort düzce and then proceeded to ‘torture’ her by kissing, licking, nibbling and massaging her whole body, particularly her breasts and pussy, until she begged for his cock. It had been fun and exciting. She never imagined that he was into anything like this.

But they couldn’t do that in public, and in bed, the bondage thing was a fun game, a was a means to an end.

This thing with her hands was altogether different. And being out in public, with chains restricting her fingers was really hard to handle, literally and physically.

Somehow, she giggled at her own joke, and Jim looked at her quizzically.

“Jim, dear, I’m just not sure I get it. With my hands like this I guess I am in bondage, to some extent, and I am out in public. But what does that mean to you?”

He smiled at her, “Honey that’s just it. You are my woman, and you are restrained by the chains you are wearing, for me. It’s not like you’re in cuffs and chains like some prisoner, some sex slave, it’s more subtle than that. You’re in my pretty golden chains. And everyone can see, and interpret as they wish.”

“But they could interpret it as me being your sex slave. And that’s humiliating,” she whined, plaintively.

“Yes, they could, and that’s part of the fun. For me anyway. And I have to admit, your embarrassment also turns me on.”

And with that he grabbed one of her hands, enjoying the feel of her nails, and chains and the jingle of her bell, and pulled her gently into the cab that had been waiting, patiently, to take them back to the hotel.

The action distracted her sufficiently that she stopped worrying about her situation and just moved along.

Once seated in the cab, she sat there examining her fingers and further testing her dexterity.

Jim just watched, still smiling, but he could feel his cock hard and straining in his pants. He was so very turned on by his new wife, and her new chains.

Back at their hotel, they moved quickly through the lobby and up to their room. Donna was too preoccupied to notice the looks she got from the people they passed, but Jim saw, and enjoyed the various reactions, especially those from the men who were appreciative and full of lust.

In the room, Donna busied herself with packing and trying to get used to her new hands. She quickly realized how frustrating it was going to be. The biggest issue was with her thumbs. Being unable to easily grasp the things she had always handled without thought was driving her nuts.

The constant jingle of the two bells, hanging from her little-fingers was also annoying, as she’d expected.

While touching up her make-up, both the length of the nails and the constraints imposed by the connecting chains really got to her. She dropped her lipstick, twice, and almost poked her eye out while maneuvering the eyeliner brush.

“Jim, these things are a pain in the ass!” She said, exasperated.

“Oh stop. I love them and so should my wife. My sexy, Barbie doll wife.”

Donna stopped and looked at him angrily.

“Oh, come on honey. It’s an erotic game. You look sexy as hell and you make me happy and horny. I can understand that they’re hard to work with, but I’m sure you’ll get used to them. Please try. Do it for me, your adoring husband.”

Donna sighed, “Oh, all right. I’ll try and get used to them, for you.”

She went back to her tasks, resigned to her plight. She could see that Jim really wanted her like she was, and that he was enjoying it immensely. She didn’t want to spoil their honeymoon, or their marriage by refusing him anything, especially the sexual things that drove him.

A half-hour later they were on their way to lunch and after that on to the airport.

Donna again rode in the cab, examining her hands. She had succeeded in packing despite the limitations they imposed. As she gazed at them, and if she ignored their impact on her movements, she came to admit that they were pretty and erotic looking.

As they had left the hotel, she had seen several people staring at them, and her. All seemed to be intrigued, and several of the men were apparently aroused by what they saw. A couple of the women, though were obvious in their disdain. That embarrassed her, and she just knew she was blushing. She supposed she’d have to get used to that too. The public aspect, Jim had talked about.

Lunch was another hugely frustrating experience. She first had to figure out how to hold the menu, unable to grasp it between her fingers and thumbs.

She was humiliated as she fumbled with the thing, and a couple of women at the next table began snickering at her. She finally figured out how to hold it between the knuckles of bent fingers.

She had to cup her water glass in both hands to drink from it, eliciting even more attention and embarrassment.

She was able to hold the stem of her wine glass, and that made her feel a little better.

When their food arrived, she fumbled even more, trying to grasp her knife and fork. She finally worked it out, by positioning the utensils, just so, between her fingers and thumbs, despite the limitations.

She still thought she looked ungainly and ungraceful, but she was able to feed herself. And she considered that a win.

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