Descent into Adultery and S/M

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My thanks to Bron Zeage for his patience advices and correction of this story

Merci Monsieur

This is a three part story
Descent into Adultery and S/M
Part one of three. chapter. one. and two


She finds as she progresses that she is a Masochist, not just a slut
chapter one. First indiscretion and wrestles with her conscience.
As told to me by my friend Beatrice (Bea). She is now one of Marge’s sluts.
Fortunately, I know her husband Regis (Reg), I have his side of the story.


I sat on the floor next to the bed as Regis picked up his suitcases.

“You ask me why? Bea, not only did you take on a lover, you had the gall to want me to join in a threesome with you and him. Worse than that, you tell me that you will continue being a slut for him and this new Mistress. It is a need that you now have. You have come to crave pain with the se, you are a Masochist. I am leaving again for a week. You will be out of this house by the time I come back he commended I did not marry a slut and won’t stay married to one.”

How things had gotten to this state is a story of my own stupidity, uncontrolled lust and I have to admit, probably egotistical sexual pleasures. Most of all my discovery that I have a slutty and masochistic personality and giving in to this side of myself.


I have been married to Regis for six years. No kids. I have never strayed on him before a fit of insanity, happened three years ago. This was to change my life.

Reg’s company took over two smaller ones. A big reorganization followed, with a big promotion for Reg. The down side was he had to travel out of town a lot and for fairly long periods at a time.

I missed him a lot. He never travelled much before, just a few days here and there and then no more than a few times a year. Now, he was gone for weeks on end. The solitude and lack of sex became a burden. I even resorted to swallowing my pride and visited a sex shop where I bought a dildo and two vibrators to relieve the pressure. The vibrators were for my pussy and the dildo for my ass. I liked Regis to take me there, sometimes. This helped but not completely.

I was at my sister’s for a patio party on a Saturday. Reg. was out of town and not due back till the middle of the next week. A friend and business associate of my brother in law was there. He was cute, sexy and charming. His name was Jonathan. We flirted lightly. I realised that it was a mistake, but I enjoyed the game and I was a little horny. This disturbed me, but I did not stop the game. ”

Later, I was coming out of the bathroom and he was in the hall. I let him take me in his arms and hug me. We kissed and I rubbed myself against him enough to tell he was big and hard I was Het and my panties were. My sister surprised us and we separated fast.

“Bea, you are a fool. Some other guest could have walked in on you. If you want to do him, go to his hotel, where there is no chance of being surprised in the act. He has to go back home tomorrow so you won’t have to see him again.There is also a Motel, the one on Canal Road. Pay cash, so no credit card bills. Park your car at the 24 hour shopping center across the road no one can see it at the motel”

Jonathan had made a quick exit back to the patio. He did not know my sister well and maybe was a bit afraid of her reactions.

“You seem to talk from experience, Diane.”

“Don’t worry. I will not tell. After all,I am your sister. We must stick together,” She answered

Someone else came to the bathroom, we had to end the conversation.

This reassured me. At least my indiscretion was safe with her and I could depend on her help if I decided to have strange cock. It was fun to flirt and touch a man other than my husband and to feel his big cock on my belly. But, I was not about to cheat on Regis. I went back to the patio. Jonathan came to me.

“Was your sister mad?”

“No. She took it well better than I would have thought, but we should cool it. I am married and others may see us and talk. A few here know my husband quite well.”

“I am married too, but that does not mean that I would pass an opportunity to spend an evening or better, a night, in bed with you. You could join me at my hotel later.”

“No Jonathan, I am sorry if I sent the wrong signals.”

He gave me his hotel room and cell numbers. In case I changed my mind he said. I was very tempted, a lot more than I would have expected. I decided to go home not long after that. I had to use all my willpower not to get dressed and go to his hotel. I resisted and used my vibrators to get myself down enough to sleep.

I kept imagining and fantasizing about what it would be like to have Jonathan’s big cock in me. I had conflicting feelings.

I was proud and happy that I had not succumbed and cheated on my husband, but also a bit sorry I let slip an opportunity to have a strange cock for the first time in over six years.

In college, I was not a slut, edirne escort but, I had a few experiences, including one D/P and my ass was never off limits. I gave blow jobs, but not deep throats or cum swallowing..

Sunday, my sister called.

“Bea, I am alone. Raymond is out playing pool, we can talk.”

“Sure, I was just relaxing with a book.”

“Did you go and join Jonathan, yesterday?”

“No, but I was tempted a lot. I nearly burnt out my two vibrators, one in each hole, before I calmed down.”

“What you need, Bea, is a man with a big cock and a controlling streak to make the slut in you come out. You would be a lot happier.”

“Come on, Diane. I am not about to become a cheater, much less a slut for someone.”

“Ok, but if you ever decide to try the dark side, as it were, let me know.”

“You worry me, Diane. You seemed to know a lot about the Canal Road Motel.”

“That is my secret. Maybe someday I will tell you more,”

After some small talk we hung up. Her conversation stayed in my mind. That and my letting another man pet, hug and kiss me the day before to say nothing of the fact that I had come to within an inch of giving in to my lust and join him at his hotel.

I did not understand my feelings. I had never had the hots like that for another man since my marriage. Of course, like all woman, I sometimes fantasize about men. You see someone and have a moment of curiosity but nothing like this horniness. I could not really get rid of it. A good thing Jonathan had left town this morning, or I might have given in to temptation. I craved a cock in me, any cock. I was scared and did not understand what was happening to me.

I began to rationalise. I was not used to being away from Regis for more than a few days. This was probably just a passing mood it would all go away when Reg. came back and made love to me. In the meantime I would concentrate on other things, like house cleaning and my job. No way would I make my husband a cuckold and risk my marriage. I loved him too much to risk losing him.

Another part of me was thinking that I had wasted a great opportunity to satisfy my need. After all, Jonathan was from out of town. There was no danger of a long term affair and getting caught up in it. It would have been a one night stand without consequences on my marriage or chances of repeats.

What harm would a one time deal have done? It would have been a good satisfaction for me. Regis would never have found out. This line of thought worried me. I did not understand any of this. I was a nervous wreck even at work until Wednesday, when Regis arrived home. That night he made love to me and I fucked him in return. It seemed I could not get enough of his cock.

“You are a real animal tonight Bea.”

“Now you know how much I miss and love you.”

“I always knew.”

With that he kissed me held me tight and we fell asleep after some coddling and caressing. I was for the first time since my marriage, not fully satisfied. This made no sense to me. I had never before felt unsatisfied after making love to Regis. I fell asleep fantasizing and dreamt about getting fucked by big cocks in all my holes. In the morning, I was shaken up.

I knew for sure I loved Regis and only him. I had no intention of turning into a cheater. It was probably a case of stress at work and nervousness. I would make an appointment with my doctor to get him to prescribe some tranquilisers, if possible. This would surely get me back on the right track.

I saw my doctor on the Friday I just told him I was nervous and tired. He prescribed more rest and tranquilisers.

I neglected to do the most important thing I should have done wich was talk openly and frankly about my feelings with Regis.

On Sunday, we decided to spend a quiet evening at home. Regis went to rent two movies, one action film for him and a more erotic one for me.

“This is European, Bea. It should be right up your alley.”

It was not porno, but close. There were a few quite erotic scenes. In one particular scene the woman took two big cocks. If it was not hard core it was close to it.

The sex was hot and intense that night. We not only made love, but fucked hard. I kept imagining myself in the actress’s place being fucked hard by two men.

“Reg. I think that seeing women get well fucked got you all hot.”

“You were no slouch yourself, Bea.”

“Maybe you would like to see it in real live.”

“Never thought about that.”

“Maybe you would like it more if it was me being fucked.” We laughed some as I went down on him.

“Bea, you sometimes have the craziest ideas. I bet you are hot enough to take on two cocks at a time. Get me hard. I want to fuck your ass. I have not done it in a while.”

I needed my ass fucked. Maybe this was what I needed to get all those crazy ideas about strange cocks out of my head. He fucked my ass gently after he came and collapse on top of me.

“You think that I am hot enough to take on two cocks at once, Reg? edirne escort bayan It is quite a compliment on my libido.”

“You are hot enough, I am sure. You would be hotter than that actress. It was as you say a compliment to your skills in bed, not something I would ask you to do.”

After that laying in his arms, the conversation kept turning in my head. He had certainly not risen any big objections to my being fucked by two cocks. Would it be him and another, or two strange ones, while he watched? I wanted to ask him to clarify this in the morning, but I never did.

I left it at that. I misinterpreted the conversation, to my great regrets.

I could not get the fantasies of my head of being taken by men with big cocks. Finally, on Monday, I could not help it. I had to talk to someone. I stopped at my sister’s on the way home from work, and told her everything. After all, she is a clinical psychologist.

“Bea, you got it bad. This happens to many married women at different times. In your case you are not used to Regis being away so much.”

“But Diane, I love Regis and I surely don’t want to start cheating on him.”

“I know but sooner or later you will have to do something to take care of that itch. The best thing, if you don’t want an affair, is someone from out of town for a good one time fucking. Most of the time, that takes care of that itch, and once is not a habit, Bea.”

“I don’t even want to do it once, Diane. Maybe I am afraid that if I step across the line once, it will become a habit”

“Bea, I will be frank with you. There are lots of women who step across the line once in a while. Perhaps not as many as men, but there are more and more. There is no reason for a woman to suffer from a lack of sex if hubby is weak in that area or away too much, as long as it is kept discreet and under control. The best ways to do it is guy from out of town or a married lover that will also be discreet.”

“Is that what you recommend to your patients, go and get fucked?”

“No, I help them understand their needs. You are my sister. I can be more direct. Besides, if you reported the conversation with Regis correctly, he pretty well gave you carte blanche to do it and probably with him joining in. He said you would be hotter that the actress in the movie doing two guys at once”

“How about you, Diane? Do you step across the line?”

“Yes, I practice what I preach. I don’t suffer from lack of sex when Hubby is out of town. I am careful and chose my fuck buddies with care. That is how I know about the Canal Motel. I am not a slut and it is not a regular thing, but when the need is there, I take care of it”

“I still don’t want to go that route, but thanks for at least listening it helped I think.”

It had not helped. To the contrary, she had pretty directly encouraged me to cheat on Regis. I had the hots more and more to be taken and fucked hard by a big cock, not made love to. Regis noticed something was on my mind during the evening. Again, I missed my chance to have a frank discussion with him. I told him there was a new computer system installed at work and it was giving us problems and I was tired. It was not a lie. He was leaving again the next morning.


Descent into Adultery and S/M chapter two of five

Again, I missed my chance to have a frank discussion with him. I told him there was a new computer system installed at work and it was giving us problems and I was tired. It was not a lie. He was leaving again the next morning


On Wednesday, the company that installed the new computer system sent an expert to finish setting it up and eliminate the bugs. He was nice looking, tall and a smile to melt an iceberg. It was my responsibility to deal with him. His name was Andre

By lunch time he took every opportunity to lean on me with an arm around my shoulders and run a hand down my back to my ass. I did not object. I rather liked it and it made me a little horny. We had lunch together with other staff members.

After lunch, I bent over a terminal to show him something. He ran a hand up the back of my leg. Before I fully realised, I spread my legs a bit to give him more access. I was getting hornier, even wet. At five o’clock, he realised that he would need a few hours the next day to finish the job.

“Bea, I planned on finishing today. I have no hotel reservation. Do you know of a good hotel not too far from here? I did not rent a car. I came by cab from the airport.”

Before I had time to think this out, something overtook me.

“Andre, I don’t know much about the hotels, but we have a spare room at home. My husband is away on business, another advantage. Ride with me, no need for a cab.”

What had I just done? Was I insane, inviting a man I did not know to sleep in my house when my husband was not there? I immediately regretted my stupidity but it was too late to go back. Andre held his small suitcase.

“Lead the way. I really appreciate the favour, escort edirne Bea.”

“Don’t count on to any more favours. My spare room is all you get.”

I wanted to make it clear to him having me in his bed was not in the cards. I was not to keep those good intentions.”

We stopped at a good restaurant for dinner and a few drinks. We then went to a little bar I knew where a nice band played I went there often with Regis.Wen we danced I let him hold me close and put his hands on my ass. I ran my lips and tongue on his neck. I let him kiss me and kissed him back. I was getting more and more aroused. It was getting late and we left.

“Bea, it is too bad my only favour will be the spare room.”

“If you are a nice boy, you may get a visitor to help you get to sleep. After a nice shower.”

This came out without my thinking. I knew I would probably let him have me. It was not the drinks, I did not have that much.

At home, I made a drink for him and went to prepare the spare room. For some strange reason, I took the tube of K-Y from the main bedroom and put it in the small commode in the spare room. I then made sure all was ready in the second bathroom.

“Andre the spare bathroom is ready for you. I will use the main one and see you later.”

Before my shower, I verified I was well shaved and gave myself a quick enema. I used my best perfume and wondered what to wear. I decided that just a short bathrobe would suffice I was really horny by that time.

On my way to the spare room, I realised that I had not had a thought about Regis since the dinner. This shocked me. Again, I wondered what was wrong with me. I was about to commit adultery and in my own house. At least it was not in the marital bed. I had a few seconds wrestling with my conscience. Common sense almost won. I even turned around and went back to my bedroom for a few minutes, but in the end, lust won the day. I went back to the spare room and knocked on the door.

“Are you decent Andre?”

“No but I am covered with a blanket.”

I walked in and removed the bathrobe. I slipped in bed next to him and caressed his cock. He was not much longer or thicker than Regis. I hoped enough to make a difference.

Andre sucked and bit all over my tits and nipples. His hand went to my cunt and he slipped two fingers in my crack. My hips were moving on their own, humping hard againts his hand.

“Fuck me, Andre. Fuck me hard. Take me any way you want.” I took his cock in my hand and guided him to my slit. I could not wait any longer.I needed him in me.

I had my first orgasm when he penetrated me. I wrapped my legs and arms around him and pulled to get him as deep as possible. It did not take long. After a few strokes, I had another orgasm, Andre took my legs and put them over his shoulders and fucked me hard.

I don’t know how many orgasms I had, but my vaginal walls squeezed him hard. I finally felt his cock twitched and he filled me with his hot cum. I had an extreme orgasm and fell back. He fell on top of me. This was not the first time I had multiple orgasms, but never to this extent.

“Andre, I need to relax a bit, but I want you in my mouth.”

Andre pulled out of me and I felt empty. He straddled me with his knees on each side of my shoulder and took my head in his hands. He lifted my mouth to his cock. I took it eagerly and licked and sucked with gusto. Andre humped my mouth slowly with short little strokes. This drove me crazy. Regis never moved when I gave him head. He just laid on his back and let me work. Andre was telling me how good this was mixed with his grunts of pleasure.

I sucked harder he lifted my head more and his cock twitched. I was not in the habit of swallowing but he held my head I did not have a choice. I sucked harder and when his load came, I did my best to swallow. I was surprised at how good he tasted, a bit like popcorn. I sucked till he was dry and soft.

We relaxed and recuperated for a while. I got him hard again using my mouth and hands. I licked his balls and all along his cock. He played in my cunt with his fingers and give little slaps on my ass.

“You have a really good mouth Bea I could let you suck all night.”

“I would like to suck that cock all night, but first I need my ass fucked. After that, I will suck your cock till morning if you want. It will be my pleasure.”

I reached in the commode’s drawer and handed him the tube of KY. I got on my knees with my head on the pillow, He worked a good amount of lube in my back hole and kissed and bit all over my ass. He got on his knees behind me and gave my ass a moderate spanking which I enjoyed, to my surprise. I had never been spanked before. As soon as I felt the head of his cock against my hole, I was so horny, I pushed back hard.

This was real grunting, screaming, fucking. It was hard, almost violent. Andre took a handful of my hair and pulled hard as he gave my ass great long hard strokes. I had great screaming orgasms. I had never had my ass fucked that way. I enjoyed it and came again and again. Finally, Andre pulled my hair with two hands give a very hard stroke which I met by pushing back. He filled my ass with his juice and he collapsed on me. I could feel his cum and my own juices leaking out of me on to the bed. We needed some time before we got our breath back.

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