Subject: Disappointment of sucking his cock Now the first time I sucked a guys cock off to cum in my mouth was about 20 or so years ago. I had been divorced for about 5-7 years. I was around 45 or so. I was dating a steady girlfriend and she was working in a different town about an hour away so I had time on my hands and a old urge stirring for some Male bonding.I had been on line looking for someone close around my area, so neither of us would have far to go. I had meet up with a guy that was close to my area, just a town over that I had communicated with on line.My girlfriend was working at that time, and we arranged to meet in a park area, after walking and talking, we both felt comfortable enough with each other, that we made plans for me to come to his house the following day like he asked while his wife was working. I showed up the next day during kocaeli escort the time his wife was at work and he had some porn playing already in the Livingroom. It was a movie of Twinks fucking which really didn’t do much towards turning me on, I like regular Porn or He/She or Older/Younger gay porn but, we sat together watching it. I wasn’t really turned on by it and I was nerves since it had been a long time that I had done anything with a man. I was really expecting him to be more Seductive like we had talked about on line and at our meeting yesterday! I was looking forward more of like when I was younger when I was seduced out of my clothes to get me really hot and horney because I had really come to his place that day to suck him Off. I had only suckled on one cock and it hadn’t’ been for very long! So he had me undress, as he did the same, then kocaeli escort bayan we laid on the floor against the couch watching the movie. He started to play with my cock and he had a bit of a time getting me hard, it took awhile but, he got me hard for him to be sucking on me! But, I had it in my mind, to finally suck off a cock to completion into my mouth, to feel what it was like to have a cock shot it’s hot cum into and fill my mouth with it’s taste..!! So I told him to stop and I had him sit back on the couch and I kneeled at his feet to suck and lick his smallish but hard cock, I’d never had a cock explode cum into my mouth before and I was determined to have that happen.!! I took his smallish but, hard cock in my hand and held it at it’s base then, I lowered my open mouth over it and wrapped my lips snug around it’s shaft as I engulfed kocaeli bayan escort it down to the base. Soon I was running my tongue all over his cock as I was bobbing my mouth up and down on his shaft, savoring the taste of his warm pulsating cock in my mouth. With my lips wrapped tight around his cock he was starting to shove his cock in and out of my mouth as he was moaning and getting closer to the edge of release! I think I may have Moaned too! I was looking forward to him exploding into my mouth as I felt his cock swell and get harder and start to jerk and twitch in my mouth, I was thinking this is it.!! I was so excided to have him in my mouth as I could feel his cock swell and starting to jerk and shoot two, three times into my waiting mouth….. Nothing, Nothing came out..?? I pulled his deflating cock out of my mouth with a puzzled look, wondering didn’t I do something right.?? He said then that he can cum but, after an operation he has no semen anymore!!!! Talk about disappointment….!! He didn’t tell me that. Well later “He” got to enjoy a nice mouthful from me..!

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