Subject: Ditch the bitch (gay, encounters) This is the true story of a hot encounter I had while travelling with my fuck buddy a couple of years ago. I a married bisexual man 45 years old, 6′, 190 lbs and have a hairy body and a medium length beard. For a number of years, I have had a good fuck buddy Frank who is also hairy, masculine, 45 years , 6′, 3″, 210 lbs. We are both married with reasonably sexy wives, but enjoy meeting up for hot sex every month or so. While we do flip once in a while, Frank is usually the top and I love to get thoroughly fucked. Frank had won a sales performance award for his work consisting of a golf weekend for 2 at a hotel about 3 hours drive from our town, and he had invited me along. When we arrived, I was joking that his performance must have been pretty crappy if the prize was this shitty hotel. The hotel was ok, new and uninspiringly generic, but surprisingly enough had a very nice indoor pool and warm, bubbling jacuzzi in a large, glass-enclosed area with palm trees. We took some gin and tonics down to the pool area, horsed around in the water and ended up relaxing in the jacuzzi. Until that point we were the only ones there, but soon a young couple arrived for a swim. They were both about 25 years old, the girl was not very attractive, but was slender and athletic. The guy was about 5’11”, 170 lbs, smooth body, blond hair and about 2 days growth of facial hair. He was wearing a speedo with and sported a respectable bulge. In the jacuzzi, Frank and I were sitting a little closer than 2 hetero men normally would, but we didn’t care. We nursed our gin and tonics and played with each other’s package through our speedos. The couple soon joined us in the jacuzzi without any greeting or acknowledgement and we all sat there silently. The girl closed her eyes to enjoy the experience and the guy followed suit. He began to bat his eyes rapidly, apparently thinking that we couldn’t see his eye movement. He was totally interested and trying to see what was going on. Frank and I looked at each other with a knowing smile. I ankara escort bayan took my hand and massaged and tweaked Frank’s nipple and he grabbed my package in an exaggerated manner. The guy’s eye movement continued and if one could fly by flapping their eyelids rapidly, he would have achieved lift off. After a while, the couple left for the changing rooms and Frank and I followed as we were ready to go to dinner. In the changing room, there was an open shower with 4 shower heads and the guy was standing under one of them soaping himself up. His cock was a little over average length, nice girth and his balls were newly shaven. I took my speedo off and chose the shower head next to him and I noticed that his cock was slowing waking up. Frank is a big talker and started up a conversation with the guy. The guy was checking out our cocks and Frank was, in a roundabout way, trying to find if the guy might be interested in something. As Frank is a talker, I am a doer, and I knew we didn’t have much time since the guy’s girlfriend was next door in the ladies shower. I nonchalantly told the guy that he had missed a spot washing his back and I reached over and started soaping his back. He leaned back into my hand enjoying the touch. I continued to soap his back moving my hands down to his firm buttocks, massaging them and rubbing my hand into his smooth crack and gently fingering his hot hole. Frank came over and started stroking the guy’s cock and he started moaning. Suddenly, his girlfriend called through the door asking if he was ready to go and he jumped like a scared rabbit. He rushed to rinse and dry off and jerked his clothes on. On his way out, he gave us a shy smile. I said “if you can ditch the bitch, we are in room 213 tonight”. That evening Frank and I had a nice steak dinner and went to a couple of bars for drinks. We went back to the hotel and laid on the kingsize bed talking and stroking each other’s cock. We both thought the guy at the pool was a hottie and I told Frank how nice his ass and little hole were. We laughed and speculated etimesgut escort that the guy wouldn’t be able to “ditch the bitch”. At 11:30 pm, there was a light tap on the door and we looked at each other and grinned. I saw through the peephole that it was the guy and I opened the door naked with my hard cock sticking out. He rushed in the room looking to make sure that no one saw him. Frank and I pawed him, pulled his clothes off and asked him what he was interested in. He was interested in a threesome and he was active. He got down on his knees and started sucking our cocks and licking our balls. All three of us were horned up and rubbing each other’s body. Frank picked him up and placed him on his knees on the bed. I started licking his smooth crack and tongued down to his hot, pink hole. I teased it with my tongue and pressed it into his hole. He was squirming and sucking Frank’s cock. Frank told him he was a good little cocksucker and I could see from Frank’s face that he was enjoying it. I turned over, crawled under him and started sucking his stiff, smooth cock and inserted my middle finger in his warm, tight hole. I asked him if he was an anal virgin, but he nodded yes. Frank told him not to worry, he would make him a woman out of him tonight. He was excited and facefucked me even harder after that. The guy and I rearranged ourselves into a 69 with him being on top. Frank moved around and started licking the guy’s ass. The guy was squirming and wriggling from the attention his cock and hole were getting. Frank moved into position to fuck him and teased his hole with his rock hard cock and gently started to fuck his virgin ass. The guy finally relaxed and started to enjoy Frank’s dick in his ass. Both Frank and the guy were moaning and began to rock to the rhythm Frank determined. We kept the 69 going and soon Frank’s balls were slapping my forehead. The guy’s dick was throbbing hard and my ass was not going to let that hardon go to waste. I pushed them up into a doggy style and moved out of the puzzle. kızılay escort I told Frank it was time for an anal train and while still banging they guy, pulled him up so that i could lie under him. The guy was moaning and panting and when he saw what was going to happen, he started growling “oh fuck yeah, give me that ass”. He spat on his hand, lubed and teased my hole and inserted his middle finger, fucked me with it and rolled it around. My hole was twitching and clamping his finger. “Yeah, ride that finger and get ready for my cock bitchs.” Frank was really turned on and fucked and tweaked the guys nipples roughly.” The guy lubed his cock with spit, positioned the head at the entry of my hole. Frank bucked him hard and started to jackhammer the guys cock into my ass. Frank bucked hard a couple more times and the guy’s cock was at my ring muscle. Frank pushed super hard one more time and the guy’s cock rammed through my ring. “Fuck! It felt so good to feel his smooth, thick cock ramming my anal canal. Frank laughed and said “hold on ladies, it’s time for the pile driver”. He thrust his hips hard, his cock penetrating deep into the guy which in turned pushed the guys dick deep into my ass. Frank repeated this numerous times and all three of us were growling with pleasure. My cock was rock hard and I started pumping it. It was clear that Frank was going to determine the rhythm and rate of our fucking. He rotated between fast and hard and slow and deep. The guy took turns tongue kissing Frank and myself and I directed him to pull roughly on my nipples. We were bathed in sweat and close to orgasm. Frank asked if we were ready to blast, he blew his load into the guy with a loud roar, the guy followed with a roar of his own. When his spunk hit my bowels, I roared and shot multiple ropes of cum onto the bed. We collapsed into a mass of sweaty, panting bodies and laid there until we got our breath. We finished with a threesome tongue kiss and the guy asked if he could take a shower. While he washed himself, Frank and I laid in a 69, where I licked the cum and ass juice off his dick and he licked my ass and sucked up the guy’s creampie that slowly oozed out of my ass. As he was leaving, the guy thanked us and said he was happy that he was able to “ditch the bitch”. (I am happy to get feedback via email)

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