Do Not Judge a Book By its Cover Ch. 02

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I tried to close my eyes but all I could see was Mike’s face. I had not realized how much time had passed until I saw the morning sunlight entering my room. I had spent the night laying in my bed, sobering up and trying to rationalize the events that had happened that night. I could not find an explanation. I could not use the beer as an excuse, because I was attracted to Mike before getting drunk. I could certainly not say that he raped me or forced me to do anything against my will in any way. I could not say that I was just horny and wanted to fuck someone, regardless of their gender. All I could say was that I definitely wanted to have sex with Mike again. I wanted to kiss him, I wanted to touch his body, I wanted to hold him, and I wanted to make him moan. I was feeling particularly possessive over him and his body. I wanted to have him in my bed every night and hold him until the morning. All these thoughts combined with my morning wood made me want to touch myself. I realized that I had not even cleaned my hand after Mike came on it and this thought intoxicated me. I brought my hand to my face and inhaled deeply.

A long moan escaped my lips and I slowly moved this same hand down my body until it reached my dick. I turned on my side and shove my face into the sheet where some drops of Mike’s seed had fallen and started stroking myself. I felt like an animal in heat desperately wanting to mate with its partner. I imagined myself as a wolf that was trying to remember Mike’s scent so I could find him and make him mine. My hand was moving fast, and I was breathing heavily into the sheet, almost growling. I did not know whether my behaviour was that extreme because I had finally felt the warmth of someone else’s body for the first time, or because there was something in Mike that made me think that he was my destined one and I had to make him mine at all cost. My heavy breathing turned into moaning. I felt that I was close and stopped moving my hand. Instead, I started moving my hips. I was humping my own hand imagining Mike’s touch. My eyes were closed, and my mouth was open. I wished I had tasted Mike last night. I wished I had licked his body more, remembering his taste. My body was moving on its own. My desires had taken control, my mind was blank. My hips stopped moving and I growled. I came thinking about holding him again. I came dreaming about having him on this bed again. I came and I wanted more.


I was just getting out of the shower when I heard my phone ringing. It was from Peter.

‘Dude, where did you go last night?’

‘Sorry man, I was not feeling well, and I went home. I will grab something for breakfast and come back to help you clean. Do you want something?’

‘Em, if you could buy about 10 coffees and some food you would be a lifesaver,’ he laughed.

‘Sure man. I will be there soon.’

I got dressed and went out. I remembered there was a bakery near the store where Mike works and decided to go there. On my way, I was thinking about if I should go and see for myself whether he lied to me or he actually had the morning shift. I was feeling nervous for some reason. My palms were sweaty, and my heart was beating faster than usual. I was hoping that he had not lied to me and I could see him sooner than I had expected. On the other hand, outside my bedroom, in the daylight, I was actually afraid to meet him. As if he knew what I did this morning. Will he call me naughty again? Will he be happy to see me? Will he ask for my name and my contact information?

I got to the bakery and ordered the coffee and some croissants and sandwiches. The lady that worked there asked me if I could wait for about 20 minutes because they were understaffed this morning which worked perfectly for me. I had time to go to the store and look for Mike. As I was walking towards the store, I heard someone calling my name. I turned around and saw Peter and Jack, another teammate.

‘Andrew!’ Peter was shouting.

‘What are you doing here?’

‘You were taking your sweet time and we really needed coffee, so here we are. Where are you going? The bakery is that way.’

‘Yeah, I already ordered, and they told me to wait 20 minutes, so I was heading to the store over there to buy cigarettes.’

‘We will come with you. I need cigarettes as well’ said Jack and we all headed to the store.

Unfortunately for me, the cigarettes were on the cash register which was near the entrance. We spent about 2 minutes in the store and went back to the bakery. We took the order and headed back to the house. I did not see Mike. He could have been in the back somewhere. He could have been in that ‘staff only’ room. Or he karabük escort could have been somewhere else. With someone else…


The party was on Friday so after we cleaned everything on Saturday, we had the house for the weekend. Peter wanted to continue partying, but we figured it would be better to gather the whole team and spend a chill weekend together as some of us were graduating this year. I kept thinking about Mike during the day and I was dreaming about him during the night. I could not wait for the semester to officially start so I could see him around the campus. The more I thought about Friday night and Saturday morning, the more confused I got. I refrained from touching myself during the weekend because I shared a room with Peter in the house he hired, but I was aroused all the time. I felt like I was experiencing everything that I was supposed to experience in my teen years, but I did not because I had no sexual life – the embarrassment after the first time, the ‘Did my partner get satisfied’ questions, the constant boners and the relentless desire to do it again.

On Monday I woke up earlier than everyone. My classes started at noon, so I had time to go back to my apartment and freshen up before going to university. I took a long shower and picked my outfit for the day. I ended up wearing black jeans that made people from both genders check out my ass, a plain white see-through T-shirt, and a denim jacket. I ruffled my hair and put on my Dior perfume, which I got from my parents last Christmas and only used on special occasions. I had no intentions of going home without meeting Mike. I left at 10 am, way before I had to. I was feeling a bit like a stalker, but I did not really care. I had accepted the fact that for the past three days I had not been thinking or acting rationally and I knew the only way for me to understand myself better was to see Mike. While walking towards the campus, I saw Professor Whitman, who was my tutor during my second year. Whitman was one of these professors who are extremely serious when it comes to their subject, but cool outside campus. During my second year, I was quite busy with the football team and I went to visit him during his office hours every week to catch up on the lectures and do some other work for extra credits. He liked how determined I was, and I kept going to ask for his advice for my other subjects the following year.

‘Good morning, sir.’

‘Andrew! Good morning, good to see you. Do you have classes?’

‘I start at noon, but I thought I could grab a coffee before that.’

‘Do you start at noon every Monday?’

‘Yes. Do you need me for anything? I would be happy to help, I was hoping for a recommendation letter from you at the end of the year.’

‘Actually, I need an assistant for my 11 am class on Monday and I was thinking of putting an announcement, but I think you would be perfect for the job. It is nothing complicated, I just need you to help my students with their assignments, give them some advice on what they could do better before bringing it to me for grading.’

‘I would love to do it. Count me in.’

We continued discussing what my job as an assistant would be and it really seemed like nothing I could not do. It would not interfere with my studies or football practices and it was a great opportunity for me. I and Professor Whitman grabbed a coffee and headed to the room where he had his lecture. I opened the door and froze. I had completely forgotten that he was studying engineering. There he was, right in front of me. Mike.


The class ended and I needed to get to my own seminar, but I could not let Mike get away. He was the first one to get out of the room and I quickly followed him after telling the professor to email me the schedule and everything I needed to do for next week. Mike was walking quite fast and he was heading towards ‘the forest.’ ‘The forest’ was a park on the west side of the campus where freshmen usually went to drink and have sex in between lectures. There were many trees there and some places perfect for making out that were basically invisible if you did not know how to get to them. Since it was the first day, there seemed to be no one there.

‘You are quite the stalker, big boy’ Mike stopped and turned.

‘Well, you left pretty fast the other night.’

‘So you decided to become an assistant in my class to make sure you see me every week? You are really cute.’

‘This has nothing to do with you’, I blushed. Did he just call me cute?

‘Why did you follow me then?’ He made a few steps and now his forehead was right in front of my lips. karabük escort bayan He lifted his head and looked me in the eyes.

‘You did not even ask my name.’ I made a step back, trying to remain calm.

‘Honey, everyone knows your name. You cannot go around the campus dressed like that with a body like yours and remain unnoticed,’ he smirked. I bit my lip so that I did not smile hearing his words.

‘You lied to me. You did not have the morning shift at the store.’

He raised an eyebrow and chuckled. ‘You really are a stalker.’ He got closer to me again and touched my chin with his thumb and forefinger. ‘I usually find stalkers annoying, but there is something really cute about you, big boy.’

I could feel his breath against my lips. I leaned and kissed him. He tried to break the kiss, but I did not allow him. I pushed him to a nearby tree and held his hands above his head. I put my knee between his legs, and a moan escaped his lips. I smiled and bit his lower lip. I then moved to his neck and started licking and sucking. I finally backed away when I had left a big purple hickey there.

‘What the fuck, dude?! Calm down!’ he raised his voice, but he did not sound angry. However, for some reason, I was feeling guilty.

‘I-I’m sorry. Did I hurt you? I did not want to…’

‘I’m fine. Jeez, pick a role, are you big and scary or a gentle giant?’

‘Which one do you want me to be?’

His eyes widened and he remained silent for a minute, which seemed to me like hours. ‘What do you mean?’

‘I want to have sex with you again so tell me which one you want me to be.’

‘You really are full of surprises, are you not?’ he started laughing. ‘Okay, big boy. I do have a shift at the store today, but I will stop by your apartment sometime this evening.’

He then left. I missed the beginning of my class, so I hurried there. I did not pay attention to any of my lectures throughout the day. All I could think about was the night ahead of me.


It was already past midnight and Mike was nowhere to be found. I was starting to think that he would not come. I laid on my bed and closed my eyes. We did not have a date, he just said he would stop by after his shift. He did not stand me up or anything, he was probably just tired from work. I kept thinking of excuses so I would not ask myself the scariest question – ‘Was he disgusted with me?’ Did I really overdo it? Was I too pushy? I heard a knock on the front door and quickly got up. I opened the door and I saw Mike kissing another guy.

‘Thanks for the ride’, Mike said.

‘Sure, doll, but next time I will charge you more than just a few kisses’, the man winked and left.

Mike came inside my apartment and I closed the door. I was furious and I wanted to strangle that man for touching Mike, but I knew I should behave myself. Did he do that on purpose though? Did he want to make me jealous?

‘Are you coming, big boy?’ I heard Mike’s voice coming from my bedroom. I went to him and saw him unbuttoning his shirt.

‘Stop. I want to do it.’

I reached and removed his hair tie first. His hair was wavy, shoulder-length, light brown and silky smooth. I put a few locks behind his ear and kissed him. He put his hands on my face, pulled me closer and put his tongue in my mouth. My hands reached for his ass and squeezed it through his tight jeans. He was slim, but his butt was round and fit perfectly in my hands. We broke the kiss to take a breath and I was about to kiss him again when I felt his lips on my neck. A growled and I felt him smile against my skin. I put my fingers through his hair while he was sucking my neck. He was marking me just like I marked him earlier. He then put his hands underneath my T-shirt and started playing with the few hairs on my stomach.

‘I should have shaven those,’ I whispered.

‘I do not like hairy men, but yours are blond, it is cute.’

‘Stop calling me cute.’

Mike laughed and took my T-shirt off. He pushed me on the bed and climbed on top of me. He started kissing me and I felt him moving his crotch against mine. I moaned in his mouth and he put even more pressure.

‘You see?’ he said in between the kisses. ‘Your reactions are the cutest.’

He moved down my neck and started licking my clavicle. He left another hickey right next to the previous one.

‘The girls who were sitting behind me today kept talking about how they would do anything to suck your sexy neck.’

‘I do not want anyone but you to suck my neck.’

I said it without thinking and started freaking out that he would laugh at my being desperate. To my surprise, escort karabük he just kissed my lips gently and said nothing. Mike’s lips found my nipple and his tongue started moving in circles around it. Then he suddenly bit it and I growled with pleasure. I had never thought that my nipples would be this sensitive. He moved to my other nipple but instead of biting, he sucked. This time I moaned.

‘So you growl when I am rough and you moan when I am gentle? You really are something,’ he chuckled.

He was playing with me. I was his big toy and he kept touching my body to see what sound I would make. He was genuinely having fun watching me tremble underneath him, growling and moaning. But he was aroused. Even though our jeans I could feel his boner, and this was all that mattered. I did not mind being his sex toy as long as I made him feel good. I reached his shirt and unbuttoned the last three buttons that he had left. I pulled him for a kiss by the neck while my other hand was touching his chest and his stomach. I wanted to remember the way his skin feels, his scent, his taste and his voice. Unlike me, he had no hair on his chest or stomach, but a little bush was showing above his jeans. I undid the button and the zipper and put my hand in his pants. He did not expect it and he almost jumped from my touch. I gently fondled his cock while kissing him. He was moaning in my mouth. I could feel the precum on his boxers. We turned and now I was on top of him. I pulled his jeans and his boxers down. His cock hit his stomach. I took his feet and kissed his big toe. I had never thought of kissing someone else’s feet, but Mike’s legs looked so perfect that I could not resist. I kept kissing upwards and when I reached his ankle, I realized that his legs were hairless. They were so pale and so soft. My lips reached his thigh and I moved to his other leg starting again from the toes.

‘Stop teasing me.’

‘I can see you are enjoying it quite a lot,’ I smirked.

His dick was leaking precum like crazy and there was a puddle of precum on his stomach, right above his bush which was the only hair had on his body. His forearms were covering his face and he was breathing heavily. I finally reached his tight and my lips moved to his inner thigh. He suddenly put his fingers through my hair and moved my head to his balls. I opened my mouth and took one of them in my mouth. I had never done something like this before and I had only once had someone do it to me. He sensed my nervousness and started giving me instructions.

‘Lick my sack. Now take my ball into your mouth like you just did. Now suck it gently. Oh God, yes. Do the same to the other one.’

I was carefully listening to his instructions and more importantly, his moans. His chest was moving so fast and I felt my heart beating like carzy. I loved making him feel good. And I loved having him in my mouth.

‘Now use my precum and lube my dick. Stroke it. Yeah.’

‘Should I put it in my mouth?’

‘No, I want your tongue elsewhere.’

He lifted his but and exposed his anus. It was smooth, it was pink, and it was beautiful.

‘Lick me, big boy. Stuck that tongue there.’

I did not wait for another invitation. The moment my tongue reached his hole he moaned, almost screamed. I reached for his dick and started stroking it while my tongue was playing with his asshole. The voices he was making were music to my ears. His skin was hot. His breathing was heavy. His body was shaking. I put my tongue inside his asshole, and I could tell he loved that. I started fucking him with my tongue and my hand started moving faster. I knew he was close. I suddenly removed my tongue and put a finger in his hole. My mouth moved to his cock

‘You do not have to…’

A long and loud moan interrupted his sentence as I put his cock in my mouth. I did not know what I was supposed to do, and he was not exactly in a state to give me instructions, so I just started licking and sucking. I was careful not to use my teeth and tried to do it the same way he did it to me.

‘Do not stop, do not stop…’

His body was squirming.

‘I am cumming, I am cumming…’

He shot his load in my mouth and I felt his asshole squeezing my finger. I savoured his semen and swallowed every single drop. I licked his cock once again and took my finger out of his hole. He was breathing heavily. I got up and I headed to the door, but he caught my hand and stopped me.

‘Where are you going? I should return the favour.’

‘You do not have to.’

I tried to leave again but before I knew it, he unzipped my jeans.

‘Oh my… You really are something.’

I was staring at the ground out of embarrassment. There was a big wet spot on my boxers. I came the minute I put his cock in my mouth.


*Note from author*

I have many ideas about Mike and Andrew and I would love to hear your opinion about this chapter and whether you would like me to continue writing about them.

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