Doctor Z Ch. 1

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It was on June 26, 1998 that my husband and I moved to Mt. Pleasant, a small city in the center of Michigan. For us, it was a move that made for several changes in our life style. We had lived in Dayton, Ohio since we got married in 1995.

He was an outside adjuster in Ohio, who traveled all over the state. Now, He was a claims manager, confined to his office all day in Clare, an even smaller city, thirteen miles to the north, up route 27. His income had doubled.

For me, it was very unsettling. I had a good teaching position in the Dayton schools. Here, I would have to start in a suburb schools system, since the Mt. Pleasant school system had a waiting list of teachers. And, I had left behind a lover, who filled a special need for me.

After a year of marriage, my husband, Bartolo – everyone calls him Bart – brought up the fact that he had been approached by a friend of his who asked if he and I would like to try swinging. At first, I told him that I really had no interest in swinging, since he was all the man that I needed.

The more I thought about it, the more that I had second thoughts about my position. I do have a problem. Two of my old boyfriends had mentioned it, as had Bart. As soon as I receive a cock in me, I flow so much that the man and I both lose friction. And, if that is not bad enough, the opening to my pussy expands so that a man can insert four fingers in me.

I have done my best to make up for the lack of Bart’s pleasure in fucking me, by giving Bart the best blowjobs that I can. It seemed to satisfy him for a while. I love Bart, and he loves me. Yet, thinking of it from his viewpoint, I could well see why he would like to have a tight pussy around his cock, at least once in a while.

A few days later, I gave Bart a kiss. Then, I just told him, “Bart, I am willing to try swinging. Or, if you meet a woman in your travels, you have my permission to have sex with her.”

“Jo Jo,” my name is Jolene, but everyone calls me Jo Jo. “That is a big change. You have to tell me why sometime. I will go phone John McCall. He asked me if we were interested in coming to their house for a social gathering, to meet other couples to see if there is a mutual attraction.”

By the time Saturday night arrived, I was excited. I think that it showed. We did more then socialize. Bart came up to me just after eleven. “Jo Jo, look over my left shoulder. See the woman in the flowered blouse? She has come on to me. Wants to go upstairs to get to know me better. Is that okay with you?”

I had the strangest feeling telling my husband that it was okay to go fuck another woman, but I did. Then, I was standing in that room with all those people, alone. I felt as though a spotlight was on me. All their eyes were.

I did not know it at the time, but they were all thinking, now that her husband has gone with a woman, the men will begin to fuck her. The men were suddenly very observant of my figure, low cut top, and long thin legs. Buddy Johns came up to me. He steered me to the wet bar. His mouth was making small talk, as he savored the exposed tops of my breasts.

I was so wet. I heard Buddy say that he would like to take me upstairs. I turned and walked. He followed.

In the bedroom, I put up my hand to stop him from helping me undress. I was worried that he might damage my skirt zipper. Soon we were both naked. I spread out in the center of the bed. It was more exciting then when Johnny White fucked me in the back seat of his car on prom night.

The lights were on. He was pretty excited too. As he lowed himself on me, his cock was dangling between his legs. “Ooohhoo,” I said as it was plunged into me. “Ah, oohho,” I said as he pumped it deeply in me. “Oh, oh, oh, oooohhoo,” I hissed, as I cum.

“Eeeeeeuuggg,” he groaned as he pumped his cum in me.

I spread my arms and legs, completely relaxing, with my eyes closed. The sex wasn’t long, but it was intense. I felt Buddy get off the bed. The door closed. I opened my eyes. There were two other men in the room, naked. The next man slid his cock into me. By now, I was so wet and loose, that he could have put three fingers in with it. He sat on my right leg, while holding my left straight up. His ass snapped back and forth in a blur of action. I bounced on the bed, as the headboard bounced off the wall to the rhythm of his motion. His body slamming against me brought me to a second orgasm, better then the first.

The third man just got on me, pumping until he cum. When we were alone, he said, “May I offer some friendly advice?”


“You need to learn how to squeeze a man with your cunt.”

Seeing my confusion, he told me how. I tried what he told me with Bart later that night. Bart, for the first time with me, cum twice in a row.

We attended several more parties like that one during the next year. Right after school got out for the summer, I took some golf lessons at the country club from a young sakarya escort man by the name of Denton Littlejohn. I had not thought about taking the lesson, when I got dressed that morning. My golf blouse was cut very loose. When I gripped the club, slightly bent over, Denny, who was standing in front of me, and a head taller then I, could see all the way down my front to my belly button, he told me later.

I don’t wear a bra. He was treated to thirty minutes of non-stop swaying tits. I could not miss the large tent that formed in his pants. Ten minutes into the lesson, both of our pants were wet. Twenty minutes into the lesson, we both knew that we would fuck each other. When the lesson ended, I gave him my address.

“See you in half an hour,” he said.

I met him at the door, naked. Once he was in, we ran, giggling, to the bedroom. I jumped on the bed, got on my back, and opened my legs. Then, I saw it. It was long, thick, and red, with purple veins. It was between his legs, pointed up, bobbing as he crawled over to me. I did not want to wait for him to play with me. I wanted that in me right away. I put my hands behind his arms and pulled him up over me. His body settled on mine. My ass was already pumping in circular motions as he put the end in me.

My hands pulling his ass forward gave Denny the message, as I voiced my need. “Put it in me, Denny.”

The next moment, in my mind, lightning struck, the earth shook, the heavens opened. For the first time in my life, my cunt was completely filled by a cock. “Oh, my, my, my… You are wonderful!” Later, between sex, I kidded him about his name, saying that Littlejohn, he wasn’t.

That day, I shooed him out of there, just after four-thirty. We got very inventive from then on. We fucked in the bushes, on the greens, and in the storm sheds at the club. We fucked in the front seat of his pick-up, in a city park, on a beach, in a boat, and once on a blanket in a cemetery. I loved his cock. I was never too wet or loose for it to feel good.

Then, a year later, we moved. We are now in an end unit of a four-unit condo, in a small town that everyone knows everyone else, or so it seems. I was really down in the dumps. Our next-door neighbor is a widower doctor by the name of Jack Zuckner.

Dr. Zuckner stopped over and talked to Bart, as the movers were moving in our belongings. Bart and Jack hit it off right away. Jack is a past president of the “Mt. Pleasant Country Club.” He told Bart that he would sponsor Bart for membership. I studied Dr. Zuckner. He is tall, at six foot two inches. He is gaunt thin. I would guess he weights no more then one hundred, fifty pounds. A fine looking man, he has a full head of white hair. His hands stand out because of his extremely long fingers. Handy for a doctor, I mused. As I stood leaning on the door jam, I decided that I liked him. He has what only can be called, a beautiful smile.

“What are you a doctor of?” I inquired.

“Jolene, I am OB/GYN.”

“You can call me Jo Jo, everybody does. Is your practice filled?”

“Yes, since my wife died, I have stopped taking new patients, but I still have over three hundred. I try to take off two afternoons a week.”

A week later, now new members of the country club, I joined a woman for a round of golf. Her name is Betsy Williams. I soon learned that she is a RN at the local hospital. I asked, “Do you know a Dr. Jack Zuckner?”

She just looked up at me. Then, she put her head down to take her next shot. She took out a pack of cigarettes, lit one, and through the curling smoke said, “Yes, I know Dr. Z, why do you ask?”

“He is my next door neighbor. Seems to be very nice, and is a very attractive older man.”

“Well, I know a lot about the good doctor.” With that she turned and started to walk to where her ball lay. The foursome ahead of us was slow, so we had to wait on the next tee.

Something about Betsy’s body language told me that I should press the issue, so I did. “Look, we are both adults here. Doctor Z is my next door neighbor, so I really would like to know what you know about him.”

“I’ll tell you later, over a drink.”

Back in the clubhouse, drinks served, Betsy eyed me. “Look, I’m a married woman, as are most of the nurses that work delivery. What I’m going to tell you must stay with you. When I was a student nurse, I pulled a lot of eleven to seven AM shifts, by myself in delivery. There would be a RN, from the other wing of the hospital, on call, if a woman were close to delivery. If one of Doctor Z’s women came in he would appear and stay until she delivered, which often was all night.

At first, I was thrilled that a doctor was speaking to me so nicely. Then, I was really high when he would rest a hand on me. It was on a cold winter night, with a snowstorm in progress, that he brought me into the doctor’s lounge. He kissed me. I did not resist. It was all over when he pulled my sakarya escort bayan panties to one side. His index finger went all the way up me. He was running it around my cervix. I melted onto my back. He expertly found my “G” spot. I cum several times. Then he put that cock of his into me. I had never had a child. I was not ready for it. No woman would be. I thought that it would come out of my throat.

For the next several days, I worried that he would tell others. Not only did he not, but his manners towards me were impeccable. If he spoke to me, around others, he referred to me as Miss Adams, which was my maiden name. It was over three weeks before we were alone again. That night we did it three times. He would go check on his patient between our sex. No one brings me to orgasm as often as he has. If I were the only one, I would not be telling you this.

After I received my RN, I became a substitute nurse for other RNs taking vacations and such, I filled in as his office nurse for three weeks. Needless to say, we played at least once a day. When I returned to hospital service, several of the OB/GYN floor nurses kidded me in a knowing way. “Get to know Dr. Z real well, did we?” “Every man should have Doctor Z’s fingers.” “Now you know why his patients have the big “O” when he gives them an internal.”

In the cafeteria, I went up and sat with four of the older nurses, who had grinned at me when I came in with a tray of food. I was in no mood to be the only one who did not know something. Angrily, I demanded, “Well?”

Jenny Burton responded, “Hey don’t get mad at us. We are all in the same boat. I’ve been working OB/GYN for ten years. The good doctor has had me anytime he wants me, all along, as he has had these other girls. He is just what a girl needs during a long winter night. Once you are comfortable taking his cock, it takes his cock to make you comfortable. He never tells others what he is doing, and he is a wonderful lover.”

“He is old. But he is very good, is what I told them, as I tell you now.”

There is more, Jo Jo. I told him that I was going off the pill. My husband and I had decided that we wanted a child. Being my doctor, he knew when I expected to ovalate. That night he showed up in deliverys, even though he did not have a patient in labor.

I had told myself that I would not have sex with him, until I was sure that I was pregnant.

He asked me to come into the doctor’s lounge. Once in, he closed the door. When I turned, he was standing naked, with that cock of his in his hand.

I don’t know about you, but when I ovulate, I become very horny. Add to that,I wanted to be bred. The result,I had a deep need to fuck.

He had been my lover longer then my husband. As I went to say something, he backed me to the wall. He lifted one of my legs, as he put his cock in me. I was standing on one foot, trying to keep my balance. His thrusts were so hard that they lifted me to my toes. I cum, God yes I cum. He cum. then, he took me to the bed. This time he put my legs above my head, so that he could run that cock of his every-which-way in me. I cum three more times.

Nine months to the day, I delivered my first child. When I was ready to have a second one, I told him. Looking at my chart, he said, I will see you wednesday, so that you can have a matching pair.

“Gotcha Doc,” I said. “I am off Wednesday.”

Without missing a beat, he handed me his card with his home address on it. “See you at nine AM. We will have all day to make a baby.”

I was there at nine.

“How old is he, Betsy?’

“Doctor Z. He will be fifty-five on June sixth. Got to go. Be careful. Don’t tell anyone, remember.”

For the next month, I would see Doctor Z to wave to. By then, Bart had joined a foursome with Doctor Z on a regular basis. He was now popping into our place several times a week to talk about this or that. A few times, I caught him looking me over.

At the time, I thought that he was too old for me, and as our next-door neighbor, I might lose control of what went on.

Bart and I drove sixty miles to go to a swinger’s party on two occasions. Each time, I got to have sex with three men, so to some extent, I was sexually active.

Doctor Z was admitted to the hospital because of a kidney problem. I purchased some flowers and went to his room. The first bed was empty. He was behind a curtain, on the second bed, asleep on his back. He shifted his right leg, which moved his gown to the side, exposing all of his cock. A catheter was in his cock, which held it straight. I just stood staring at it with my mouth open. Soft, it was twice as long as Bart’s is hard, three times as thick, and milky white. The end was as big as a golf ball.

I did not move for five minutes. I wanted to reach down to touch it, but did not dare. I stepped closer to examine it. I was so engrossed with it that I failed to see his eyes escort sakarya open. He had caught me.

His first words were, “Thank you Jo Jo for the flowers. That was very kind of you.” He reached for me, taking my hand in his. “Jo Jo, we need to get to know each other much better. I will stop over for coffee some day soon.”

I blushed from the knowledge, that when he came to my door I would let him in, because, I had to have him fuck me with that beautiful cock. I took a step nearer the bed, as I lowered his hand to the area of my pussy. I lifted my skirt. His eyes never left mine, as his hands deftly moved my panties to one side. His index finger slid into my wet pussy. As Betsy had described, his finger reached my cervix. In moments, I clamped my legs hard on his hand, as I shuddered with an orgasm. “I must go before we are caught,” I whispered, as I hurried from his room.

To the rear of each condo unit, there is a small yard surrounded by a seven-foot hedge. When doctor Z came over, he slipped from his back yard into mine, unseen by anyone. I heard a soft knock on the rear door.

I was wearing a see through teddy, with no panties on. I had peed, but had not washed up as yet. As is my custom, I fix a pot of coffee, drink some of it, and read the paper before going for a walk, if I am not teaching. My hair? Well, it was a mess. For a moment, I stood thinking if I really wanted to answer the door.

It had been three months since I had last been fucked by Denny. It had been four weeks since the last party. I set the cup down, and walked to the door. Just inside the door, He kissed me, as his hands cupped each of my breasts, softly squeezing them. “Not here.” I said as I pulled away to lead him to my bedroom.

On my back, I cum three times from his finger. Gently, slowly, tenderly, he eased the end of his cock past my cunt lips, down into me. He would stop, as I shifted my fanny so that my cunt would accept the intruder. Even with the wetness from cumming, my cunt lips were pulled into me. Bit by bit, the length of his cock still out of me, shortened. I did not have to see it, since I felt every twitch. Yet, I could not take my eyes off his cock, as I could not when staring at it in the hospital. I cum before he was all the way in. He was too long for me, but he did not force the issue during his first fuck.

We lie talking for several minutes. Then, he sat at the end of the bed, with his back against the wall. Gently he placed me on his lap, facing him. He lifted my ass, slipping his cock into me when I was high enough. As I settled down on it, he gathered my legs, placing one over each of his shoulders. All my one hundred, twenty-nine pounds was now being used to force all of him into me. I used my hands to hold myself three inches off his body. “Take a deep breath, and look up, Jo Jo.”

As I did, he put his hands on my shoulders to hold me, as his ass shot up and down with amazing power. I was now bouncing all the way down to his body, with his cock completely in me.

It started to come on me, a deep, deep orgasm that started in my spine.”Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh,” I screamed as it washed over me.

“Good girl, Jo Jo. I knew that you could take it.”

Take it, I did. If he did not have a woman in delivery, his first office appointments were at nine o’clock. He would hear the garage door lift and close, when Bart left for work at seven thirty. At seven thirty-two, I would let him in the rear door. By seven thirty-nine, his finger would be in me. By eight twenty, there would be two pools of cum on the towels that I put on the bed.

After he left, one day, I used a mirror to see what my pussy looked like after a bout with Doctor Z. My cunt lips were puffy, bright red, though not sore. My clit jutted out, exposed, with my lips not even touching it. The opening just gaped open, the width of a silver dollar. It was my breasts that really got my attention. They appeared as though some sore of machine had sucked them outward. Both were much redder then my body.

It has now been going on for three years. Bart has a secretary that he has seduced. He has sex with her often. I have told him that I have a local lover, but not who it is.

“Why am I telling you all this? You are my kid sister. You are twenty-two, and have just graduated from nursing school. I told you that I have an excellent nursing position lined up for you, with a starting salary of $32,000.00, plus you could live with Bart and I. Your employer wants to break you in right, before you start at his office. This is Friday. I will see you Sunday night. I know that you will enjoy him. He is a very nice man. Come with me.”

“Where are you taking me?” Ruth asked, as we walked out the rear door.

I knocked on the adjacent door. A smiling Doctor Zuckner opened it.

“Doctor, I want you to meet my sister, Ruth Delaney.”

“Come in Ruth. I will see you Monday at seven thirty-two, Jo Jo,” he said to me, as I turned to leave.

That night, on and off, I could hear the sound, barely auditable through the wall, of a bed headboard tapping the wall. Bart commented that he thought that he could hear a cat meowing in the night, like it was being bred.

I heard it too. It was no cat.

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