Subject: Dylan – Chapter 7 This story is 100% fiction and none of the characters are real or even composites of anyone alive or dead. I am a new author and have never written erotica before I started my Mad for the Mouse series, for that matter, fiction of any kind. If you are under 18, you know that you should not be reading this. Absolutely nothing in this story should be considered as anything other than pure entertainment. I have no actual basis of knowledge or experience for any of the adult-youth sexual interactions except from reading other stories here and recalling the fun I had a young lad with my pals. Yes, I love Disney but I do not condone any of the actions of my characters in this story – this is pure fantasy fiction! If you are like me and enjoy the Nifty Archive, then put your money where your frap is and donate to the folks that make all of this happen to keep the archive alive and free for all. Any amount will be appreciated. Donate now by following this link http://donate.org/donate.html And lastly, I would really appreciate and need your feedback, suggestions and encouagement. There is no way to know if anyone is reading and enjoying my story. Your comments and feedback will only inspire me to write more and make the stories better. Write me at nce I have had only one email on this story and four overall so I am kind of discouraged. Reach out! Thanks to those who sent me notes, I really appreciated the comments and I will use the suggestions made. Oh, and more more thing, PLEASE excuse any typos or gramitcal errors. Writing these is very time consuming and I do not have anyone I trust to edit. I try and catch as many issues as I can, but I know I miss some. Oh yeah and the last last point, this time for real, I have been following a story I am enjoying “A Neglected Boy” on Nifty in Adult-Youth. The author has a web site up, all G rated, with photos that help with his story. Pictures of what his boys look like, etc. I love this idea and trying to figure out how to do that safely and in the limited time I have. Any suggestions or volunteers are welcome. Now… on with the Show. *** Dylan – Walt Disney World 2015 – Part 7 We lay there enjoying our closeness and I finally heard the clear sound of sleep breathing. I put my arms around him, kissed the top of his head and promptly fell asleep as well to dream of Mickey Mouse and cute and sexy little boys. Part 7 “What the fuck!” Dylan screamed at the top of his lungs. This was the way I woke up. “Why are you and Ryan naked in your bed?” Dylan screamed as he stood at the foot of my bed, fully naked himself and in a rage. I sat bolt upright and Ryan pulled the blankets up over his head to hide from his wrath. “Ryan, you fucking slut, don’t hide from me!” as he ripped the sheets off the bed and jumped on Ryan. Dylan was straddling Ryan’s chest and wound up his fist like he was about to punch him. “Whoa there tiger”, I said as I grabbed his fist and pulled him off of Ryan. Ryan looked genuinely scared and shocked. Dylan tried to get back on top of Ryan and I had to hold him back. “You need to calm down Dylan. You are scaring Ryan and behaving like a maniac.” Ryan sat up and quickly backed up against the headboard and looked at Dylan. He seemed to be about to cry and said, “Why are you so mad, I am just doing what you told me to when we were talking in the hot tub.” “I meant for you to do it with your father, not my Uncle Walt,” Dylan screamed. “I’m sorry Dylan, by balls just hurt when I woke up in your room. I didn’t think you would mind,” Ryan said and then burst into tears. I was speechless, what have I done? I knew that giving in to Ryan was going to be an issue but I had no idea that it would turn into a jealous tirade. It was also very uncomfortable that Dylan is yelling about this in case somebody hears in the hall, another room or on the other side of property! I gathered my thoughts and spoke. “Boys, lets all pull ourselves together and stop yelling, swearing and crying.” “Uncle Walt, how could you have sex with this kid. You don’t even know him.” Dylan said loudly, but at least not in a scream so the people on the monorail could here. “That is enough Dylan!”, I said sternly. “I need you to stop now so the three of us can talk.” Ryan stopped crying and sat quietly looking down waiting for what was next. Dylan settled down but glared waiting for me to say something. He was less emotional but clearly no less mad. As I was sizing up the situation, I realized that all three of us are on my king-sized bed naked. I looked for a blanket to pull over me as I felt I would have more authority if my dick wasn’t on full display. Dylan had made sure there were no sheets on the bed as he attacked Ryan a few minutes before. I dove into my adult mode to try and deal with this situation. “First of all, Dylan, we did not have sex. Ryan and I only rubbed off on each other.” As I said that, I realize that it was still a sexual actj, but maybe he will buy it? “Ryan came into my room upset that he could not ejaculate, he explained his frustration and I just offered to cuddle and talk for a while. Ryan just got too excited and I got carried away. NOT unlike what happened on the boat yesterday that you started!” “Yeah, well you rubbed off on me and came in my butt crack first! That was all you Walt. You started it. I thought you loved me. I thought we would get to do more. Now you are rubbing dicks with Ryan,” now it was Dylan’s turn to cry. I hoped that I could get both boys calm and happy again as either one of them, if mad enough, could destroy me by telling a parent, teacher, police officer even a cast member here at Disney what we did. Truth is, I knew this would hurt Dylan and my damn libido got the better of me and I gave into to yet another manipulative boy. It was an odd situation, it is like I got caught cheating on my spouse. Well, in fact I am cheating on Alicia, but in this case, Dylan is acting like we are a couple and he is performing the role as the enraged wife. konyaaltı üniversiteli escort My life simply couldn’t get more bizarre. Now, as surreal as the situation was, it was not lost on me that I am in my bed with not one, but two cute 12-year-old boys… kind of my dream come true. I glanced at the clock and saw it was 7:30 AM, so I probably didn’t have much time before Ryan’s father called or just showed up. I need to get this fixed now! I had to shake myself from looking at the situation as sexy and focus on the problem at hand. Perhaps I will consider chemical castration and just avoid sex for the rest of my life after today. Just then, I had an idea that would make both boys happy and hopefully get both of them onside to keep our secret. “Dylan, this is silly. I am not your boyfriend and, frankly, I have only known you a little longer than Ryan. More than anything at this moment, I need both of you to swear your most solemn promise that what happened between all of us yesterday and what is going to happen now will remain our secret for ever,” I said. “Happen now?”, Ryan asked picking up on that comment. “What does that mean Uncle Walt,” Dylan asked suddenly stopping his tear and sobs.” “It means that it’s time for a boy orgy at Walt Disney World!”, I said … not believing what I was actually saying. What the hell is wrong with me! They both just stared at me. “What’s a boy orgy,” Ryan asked. “Is that what I think it is Uncle Walt,”, Dylan asked. “If you think it means you two are going to cum a few times in the next hour, then yes it is!”, I said! My penis had inflated to full erection size and I got on my knees to show it off, shook it from side to side and said, “ready for action boys!”. Ryan jumped up and tackled me and Dylan joined in right after. It was like I was 12 again as we started the fun with an old fashion boy pile with me on the bottom. I managed to grab two very hard penises and said, before anybody gets funky, I need that solemn promise from both of you that everything yesterday, last night and what MIGHT happen now is our secret forever… period. “Yes sir,” said Ryan. “I swear the most excellent promise I can make,” Dylan, back to his funny and cute self, said using a quote from the move E.T. “Good enough boys, so what do you want to do.” The scene from last night was repeating itself but with two boys instead of one. I was on my back and Dylan lay down on top of me, penis to penis, and Ryan on top of him with his dick wedged into his bum. And thus, the games began. Dylan was humping my penis with his, I was returned thrusts back and Ryan was humping Dylan’s butt. It was very erotic and I was not going to last long. “Mmmm”, this feels nice Uncle Walt, Dylan said. “Your butt is so soft and puffy,” Ryan said as he happily ground his boner into Dylan’s bum crack. “Much better than my pillows.” “The motion of the boys on top of me was unbearable. I reached my hands up and once again started to play with Ryan’s butt. I grabbed a cheek in each hand and kneaded them like dough. Ryan gasped, “Do my crack again, that felt so good last night.” Dylan gave a little extra thrust into me as if to say, I head that. Too soon! I wasn’t able to get my fingers very far into his crack due to his distance with Dylan in between us, but I was able to dip into the top of it and grazed them back and forth causing Ryan to shiver and get goose bumps. “Let’s do something else for a while, I am going to climax soon and unlike 12-year old’s, that will be it for me for a while.” Hearing that Ryan rolled off and landed on his back beside me. Dylan stopped and said, “Walt, don’t move… Hold on… Ok good, I was about to cum and stopped myself.” “Walt, can you suck me off,” Ryan asked as matter of factly as it asking for a glass of water. “Yeah, me too”, Dylan said and he too flopped off me on his back on my other side. “I only have one mouth, so who is first?”, I asked. “Dylan is first. Nephews first,”, Ryan said. Besides, I want to check out Dylan’s cute dick and balls while you suck him.” “Fair enough”, I said. I slid down the bed and stood up, I then pulled Dylan’s legs apart and crawled up between them. As my head centred over Dylan’s delicious boy toy, I decided that a bit of foreplay was in order for Dylan and as part of the show for Ryan. I reached up and started rub Dylan’s chest in little circles with my fingertips and paid attention to each dime sized nipple. His reaction of ecstasy lead me to move my body up so I could kiss, lick and suck each of his boy tits. I started with a brief butterfly kiss on each and then flicked the tip of my tongue back and forth over each premature nub. Dylan cooed and moaned quietly as he enjoyed the action. I turned my head and there was Ryan sitting right beside us watching carefully while rubbing his penis slowly. He smiled at me as I made eye contact and smiled at him. I turned my attention back to sucking his nipple while I reached over and fondled Ryan’s scrotum and testicles. After taking care of Dylan’s nipples I planned to return to his crotch but first I moved my head up to his mouth and kissed him on the mouth and lightly traced his lips with my tongue. I moved down, and as I went, I licked his chest and tummy. I stopped at his innie belly button where I spent a few minutes kissing and licking it. I released Ryan’s scrotum and with that hand reached down and started to poke between Dylan’s legs into his crack and traced up over his taint with the tips of my fingers. As I was doing this, my licking touring of his body continued as I moved down and down to his pubis where I placed dozens of kisses carefully avoiding his pride and joy to maximize his pleasure-torture. I moved my fingers from between his legs and took hold of his scrotum and massaged the balls contained therein. It was then that Dylan started to jab the air with his dick as my mouth hovered closer and closer. I blew on his penis and that made him moan kurtköy escort even more. I saw a bead of pre-cum was formed on the tip, likely another first for the boy. I stuck out my tongue and licked it up, causing Dylan to spasm at his first ever oral encounter on his genitals. I have got to be honest here, I do not love the taste of cum. In many of the erotic stories I have read, the person doing the sucking describes how delicious and intoxicating it is. To me, and every single one of the boys I have been with, it is not. The act of allowing a boy to ejaculate in my mouth is erotic and highly pleasurable so I am ok with swallowing the offering notwithstanding how it tastes, but I would not bottle it or spend paragraphs describing its awesomeness. Licking the little bead of precum was hot as heck, drove me wild and did the same for Dylan but I am not going to describe the taste as manna from heaven or the like but the act of doing actually licking it is simply incredible. Further, if a clean, healthy, beautiful boy wants to fully ejaculate in my mouth in return for the honour and pure pleasure of sucking him off, then I am ready and willing and there are two boys in my bed now that seem like they might like that. Ryan was now lying on his side with his head propped on one hand while his other was rubbing Dylan’s inside thigh. Ryan got his face real close to Dylan’s penis as I engulfed it in my mouth. Dylan let out a growl as he ejaculated into my mouth before I even closed my lips. “Sorry”, Dylan offered. “Don’t be sorry, I knew it was going to happen and it feels so much better to finish in the mouth,” I replied. Aww youth, he remained rock hard and I continued to suck his beautiful cut penis. I focused on his glans with made him buck and thrash around. I then came off of him and licked and nuzzled him frenulum and the v under the glans. After a couple minutes, I resumed to suck him and his hands came down on the back of my head and pushed me down until my nose was poking his pubis. Ryan reached over and took Dylan’s scrotum away from me and procceded to massage his testicles within while I continued to focus on sucking and licking this cute little penis. Based on his thrashing on the bed, pumping my mouth and the moans, squeals and cries of ecstasy, I think he was enjoying himself and I was glad to give him such pleasure. Ryan’s hand disappeared from Dylan’s bag and I saw him shift around and suddenly I felt a small hand on my dick. “Ryan, no. This is for you guys. You don’t have to do that for me”, I said. “This is for both of us,” Ryan said, “I am a gay boy and I am going to have to learn how to use someone else’s cock, might as well be yours. Besides, I owe you!” The feelings that were coursing through my body made me light headed. Ryan was milking me like a cow as I crouched over Dylan servicing his boy organ with my mouth and moaning and sucking. Apparently, moaning and humming is a good thing to do when giving a blow job as Dylan screamed as the vibrations from my moans added to the pleasures of the oral job. I had taken over Dylan’s nut job when Ryan moved on to me and I felt Dylan’s boy balls get sucked up into his body as the pulsing of his penis started and on the third pulse, I once again felt the, now familiar, taste of the boy in my mouth. I lapped at his penis like a mother cat cleaning her kitten until Dylan said, “must stop… no more… too ticklish” and I released his boyhood flipped around on my back while Ryan did no let go on my cock. Dylan recovered and looked at my penis, then had a close look at Ryan’s and then back at mine. “Uncle Walk, your dick is either really small or Ryan’s is really big. You guys are the same size!” Fact is, not only am I a short man with the build of a 12-year-old myself, I have a penis size to match. Well, maybe not a 12-year-old penis, but certainly not an average size for a 40 something man. “Uncle Walt, you don’t have much hair either. Do you shave it off,” Dylan said and was unintentionally being a bit of a buzz kill as I was trying to enjoy Ryan’s hands as he jacked me off with one and fiddled with my testicle with the other. “No Dylan, I do not shave. Well, I haven’t shaved recently anyway. This is who I am,” I have no hair on my chest or torso, a light smattering until my arms and nothing on my arms or legs. I have a thin blonde pubic patch around my penis and a little on my scrotum. Like my dick size, my body hair has not increased since I was 14. “You look like a little boy,” Ryan added and both boys were laughing. I am used to the comment, but I quite like my size. I am sure my wife would enjoy a little larger appendage, but it does the job and makes me feel perpetually young… In fact, my wife’s nickname for me is Peter Pan. “It does what it is supposed to do, so I am fine with who I am and what is between my legs.” I said while pretending to cry a bit. “I like it Uncle Walt”, Dylan said. “Me too.” Said Ryan. Both of them thought I was truly upset and Ryan was probably thinking, `there goes my blowjob’. Ryan reached over grabbed my dick in his hand, looked at it close up and spoke to it “you are awesome penis” and kissed it right on the tip. Dylan joined in and held it, patted it like a small child, gave it a kiss on the tip and then said to it, “you are the perfect size penis to go right up my ass.” We all laughed at that and I said, “little Walt here doesn’t like to travel the anal highway, but he likes both of you and hopes to get to know you better. Ok, boys, we still have work to do. Ryan’s cock isn’t going to suck itself.”, I said and I straddled his body, careful not to make cock to body contact, so I could start on Ryan’s foreplay. I reached over and caressed his head and face and leaned down and kissed the tip of his nose followed by his lips. I sat back up and massaged his chest, shoulders, arms and tummy. His eyes were closed and a smile never left his lips as he basked in the contact and ministrations. ankara kurtuluş escort I leaned over and licked and sucked on each small nipple. Ryan’s were puffier than Dylan’s which makes sense as he was clearly further advanced in puberty. I dwelled on his puffy little boy puberty titties as there was more to suck than on most boys his age. I was getting super worked up and so was Ryan as he was virtually gasping, he was enjoying the new feelings. I started to move down and, like with Dylan, I kissed, licked and sucked his skin on the journey to the land of the giant boy penis. I stopped on the way and spent some time licking his bellybutton, which drove him mad in ticklish giggles. I love boy bodies. A perfect boy body is 10-13 years of age. No hair and no fat but also not emaciated so I can count ribs. I am not looking for six packs, treasure trails or ripped muscles. What I want is a delightfully smooth body on the cusp of maturity. Ryan, in my mind, has the perfect body. Yes, Dylan’s is wonderful, but Ryan is a picture of boyish perfection. I have talked about his bum, which is glorious, but now as I see him in the light as I am on my oral pleasuring trip on the from his perfect face and lips, through his smooth chest, puffy puberty-boy nips and over the most delightful land of his abdomen from navel to based of his cock. It was smooth, flat, hairless and perfection. I am no sure how either of these boys have not ended up with a semen shower from me so far, but I was extremely worked up and in desperate need of release. Like the dedicated boy fancier than I am, I stayed the course and continued my journey. As I moved down, I skipped the screamingly hard and hot penis and crouched down between his legs, lifted his scrotum with his heavy medium-sized testicles and licked his perineum and down his inside thighs. Ryan was thrashing, his penis was swelling and his glans were fully exposed from his intact foreskin aching to be finished off. I moved up and did the mother cat routine on his overly large bag and then put each ball in my mouth and lightly sucked. After making sure no ball was left behind, I again moved up and licked from the base to the tip his penis. That pocket rocket radiated heat like it was on fire and it twitched and bounced from my tongue job like it was alive. I fully explored his penis with my tongue and planted little lip nibbles on the base mound. I was moving to get comfortable to commence the blow, when Dylan swooped in and took Ryan into his mouth. This was very unexpected and very hot! I sat back and took in the site of these two gorgeous 12-year-old boys, one with his mouth devouring the other. Dylan was clearly not experienced and gagged a few limes as he bobbed up and down. I watched as he sucked just the glans for a minute and then pushed Dylan’s head down to continue the full shaft suck. I really needed to release my load but I wanted to be part of the action as it was so freaking sexy and erotic. I crawled up behind Dylan, whose bum was sticking up in the air as he sucked his friend. I leaned over and kissed each of Dylan’s cheeks and then licked the length of his crack a few times. I wasn’t sure how he was going to feel about bum play, but he wiggled and moaned on Ryan’s cock so I took that as a good sign. I parted Dylan’s cheeks, leaned forward and stuck my tongue in. I was relieved, he was as clean as can be and even smelled like the H20 soap that Disney’s provides for their guests. I licked from top to bottom and few times. I moved away to see how the two of them were doing and Dylan just and gave me a thumbs up. Ryan was moaning and thrashing and clearly going to cum shortly. I decided to try something and started to move Dylan’s body so that he could get sucked by Ryan, if he was interested, in a 69 position. Dylan cooperated and moved freely without releasing Ryan from his mouth. Ryan opened his eyes and knew exactly what was coming and reached out and grabbed Dylan’s cock and guided to his mouth as Dylan lower his body to comply. He gaged a bit as Ryan’s dick went in a bit too far as Dylan lowered him self, but he self corrected and continued his oral pleasuring of his friend. I watched for a couple seconds, grabbed my iPhone and snapped a few pictures. The scene was so erotic, I had a hard time going back to Dylan’s bum as I wanted to watch and finish myself off, but I did. I took my position at his shoot, parted his cheeks and stuck my tongue in again, this time I tried to enter his anus. The outer ring would not surrender, but it was fun trying. I settled for some licking and then a couple more licks. I moved around to watch the climax between the boys and as I came within reach, Ryan grabbed my cock and pulled me closer so that my penis was over Dylan’s butt and Ryan’s face underneath. He stated to jack me off and I knew I was going to blow within moments. I think he knew I was close as he jacked harder and pulled by penis so it was pointed at his cheek, it only took a couple more seconds and my dick erupted and it sprayed its offering all over Ryan’s face, Dylan’s penis and some on the bed. It was likely the most substantial amount I have ever released. Just as the first drops splattered on Ryan, he ejaculated in Dylan’s mouth as I recognized his change of breathing, the noises he made as well as the pumping of his dick into Dylan’s mouth. Almost like a well choreographed dance, Dylan stared cumming into Ryan’s mouth. I knew because I saw his balls disappear and the rapid rabbiting he was giving to Ryan’s beautiful mouth. As his climax finished, Dylan basically flopped over, his penis popped out of Ryan’s mouth leaving a trail of fresh semen across Ryan’s other cheek and my bed. I also flopped down on the bed leaving the three of us naked, covered in sweat and/or semen and panting. I reached over and grabbed some tissues and wiped Ryan’s pretty face of the semen that both Dylan and I left there. “Let’s do that again!”, Dylan exclaimed as he jumped on top of me and pretend humped me. As if on cue, the phone rang. I looked at call display � it said Celebration Hospital. I told the boys I had a business call to take and left the room. “Walter Furham here.” On the other end of the phone the male voice said, “Good morning Mr. Furman, this is Dr. Sharpe at Celebration Hospital. I am afraid I don’t have good news for you…” – To be continued –

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