Eat Your Heart Out Some More

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Author’s note: BH76 authored a great story called Eat Your Heart Out. I urge you to check it out if you haven’t read it. I asked him if he was going to continue it, but he gave me permission to do it for him. To recap: Pete and Dave are identical twins and begin a sexual relationship with their former bully’s sister and mother. This culminates in a night of group sex among all four people including the mother and daughter enjoying each other. If group sex, anal, and incest aren’t your cup of tea, that’s okay. You can hit the backspace button and enjoy something different. If that’s your thing, enjoy my short continuation of BH76’s wonderful story! — IABH

Three weeks after their weekend with Hana and Debbie, Pete was sitting on the pool deck flipping his phone in his hand. After the incredible weekend with the mother and daughter duo, Debbie wouldn’t return his calls. Hana had been seeing Dave every weekend, but they never had a threesome since the first weekend’s orgy.

Hana dodged his questions every time he asked about her mother. Hana merely told him that she’s an adult and could make her own decisions.

“Fuck this!” He said to no one and walked back into the house.

“Hey, bro,” Dave said as he and Hana were eating breakfast. Hana didn’t look up. She couldn’t look at him as it was killing her not to tell him that her mom was pining over him. She was just too afraid of the age difference.

“I’m going to see Debbie.”

“Pete…” Hana shouted as he left the room.

“Don’t, Hana,” Dave said, reaching for her hand. “Let him go to her. They can figure it out on their own.”

Hana smiled weakly and nodded. She knew that if he went to her, she would melt into his arms. She wanted her mom to be happy too.


Pete rang Debbie’s doorbell and Hunter answered.

“What the fuck do you want, geek?”

Pete pushed him so hard, Hunter fell and broke a table in the foyer.

“I’m not putting up with your shit, pussy.” Pete stepped over him and dragged his shoe across Hunter’s face as he passed, just to spite him.

“Debbie!” He called out looking room to room. “Please, Debbie. Talk to me.”

Debbie was sitting on her bed, reading the latest Jason Caldwell novel, and jumped up when she heard Pete’s voice.

They met at her doorway simultaneously and gazed into each other’s eyes.

“Pete, I…”

He cut her off with a panty-melting kiss.

Her eyes were still closed thirty seconds later when he broke from her lips.

“Why are you avoiding me?” He asked softly.

“We can’t see each other. I’m too old…”

“That’s for me to decide, isn’t it?”

“Look, Pete. We had a really good weekend together, but that’s all it can be. I’m happy Hana and Dave are enjoying each other’s company, but you need someone your age that can give you a future. A family.”

He took a step closer and asked, “What if that’s not what I want? What if I don’t want a family? What if I just…want…you?”

He kissed her and she melted into his arms. After walking, mouths locked, to the bed, he took his shirt off. She traced along his cut chest with her finger and kissed his nipple.

He knelt and slid her leggings and panties to the floor before kissing her trimmed mons.

“I’ve missed you so much,” he whispered, and she laughed.

“Me or my pussy?” She asked causing him to laugh along.


He pushed her to the bed and spread her legs in a single movement. Wasting no time, he began to devour her juices, causing her to shudder.

“Oh, Pete!” She cried as he assaulted her clit, driving her to her first orgasm.

“I’ll suck you later, baby. I need you inside me.”

He growled playfully and slid his shorts off.

Her whimper delighted his ears as he pressed his glans into her welcoming chamber.

“Fuck!” She moaned quietly as he penetrated her slowly. She ached uşak escort for him to begin thrusting, but he teased her.

“Please, baby. Don’t make me beg.”

“Do it,” he smirked as he strummed her clit with his thumb. “Beg me to fuck you.”

“Please fuck me, Pete.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. What was that?”

Her eyes shot wide open, and she shouted, “Fuck me, Pete! Fuck my hungry pussy!”

As he started pistoning, he heard, “What the fuck, Mom!” shouted from downstairs.

Pete and Debbie laughed as she slid out from under him and shut her door.

“As much as he needs an attitude adjustment, I’ll be more comfortable with the door closed.”

Before she could turn back to the bed, Pete grabbed her hips and entered her from behind.

“Holy shit!” She shrieked and leaned her hands on the door.

It rocked with each of his violent thrusts. She screamed and shook as his hard cock hammered her hungry pussy.

He felt her vaginal muscles squeeze him as her legs quivered. “Oh, my God!” She screamed as he slammed her into the door. It banged loudly causing a smirk to cross his face.

“Fuck, Hunter!” He thought as he pulled out.

She instinctively turned and dropped to her knees taking him as far into her throat as she could.

“I’m close,” he groaned, while she winked at him.

“Oh yeah!” he moaned as spurt after spurt coated her tongue and throat.

“Mm,” she moaned as she kissed his glans.

He walked her to the bed and sat pulling her to his lap. “I’m serious, Debbie. I like you. I like you more than just as a roll in bed. I want to see more of you.”

“Why? You’re so young. Your whole life is ahead of you.”

“Jesus, Debbie. You act as if you’re seventy or something.”

“I’m a waste of time for you. You could find…”

“Stop. Please. I’m not asking you to marry me. Shit, we may find out after a few weeks that we can’t stand each other, but at least we gave it a shot.”

She snuggled her head into his chest and said, “Okay. I guess you can take me to lunch then.”

He laughed. “Worked up an appetite, have you?”

“Yes, and I need some fuel for shenanigans later.”

“Now you’re talking.”


Pete and Debbie walked into his house that afternoon and found Dave and Hana by the pool.

“Well, well, well. We were beginning to wonder what happened with you two,” Dave smirked.

“Everything good, mom?”

“Everything’s perfect, Hana,” she smiled. “We’re going to continue to see each other.”

“Nice!” Dave said as Pete pulled Debbie in for a kiss.

“Oh! I brought home some daiquiri mix. Hana, would you like a drink?”

She brightened, “Yes, but we can’t trust you to make them. Mom and I will handle it.”

She took her mother’s hand and bounced into the house.

“I can tell someone got lucky, this morning, mom.”

Debbie giggled. “Oh my God! Did I ever. He just walked up to me and kissed me. He broke a table with Hunter’s ass trying to get to me, and then he just took me. I feel electric.”

“You look happy.”

“Well, I decided to just ride it out and see what happens. He’s a good guy,,,”

“With a great cock,” Hana interrupted.

“That doesn’t suck,” Debbie smirked, and they laughed. “I realized that he probably wasn’t looking for someone long term, so I may as well benefit, right?”

Hana smirked and said, “Yeah. I bet Hunter’s head exploded.”

“Well, it may get him out of my house faster, if he doesn’t want to keep hearing me screaming in pleasure.”

They laughed and started the blender.


Pete and Dave were cooking dinner while Hana and Debbie were sipping daiquiris.

“Mom, what are we going to do later?”

“What do you mean, dear?”

“Tonight. Twins. Us.”

“Oh! I hadn’t thought about it. I guess it’s different now that you and Dave uşak escort bayan are dating. I…”

“I want to do it again,” Hana said cutting her off.

“Really?” Debbie was shocked.

Hana nodded.

Debbie looked into the house and saw the shirtless, muscular twins talking and laughing in the kitchen. Her pussy tingled at the idea of having them both again.

She looked at her daughter and whispered, “What about you and me?”

Hana nodded and smiled.

“Really?” Debbie asked shocked. “You would do that again? I know you said that before, I just thought it was you trying to make me feel better about what we did.”

“I’d really like to do it again, mom.”

“Okay. If it ever gets too weird, let me know.”


The patio door opened, and the men walked out with ears of corn and a plate of steaks.

Pete said, “Looks like a serious discussion.”

Hana laughed, “Nope. We realized watching you through the window, we still can’t tell you apart from a distance.”

“How can you tell us apart up close?” Dave asked.

“The way you look at me,” Hana said, shyly smiling.

“Aw,” Pete and Debbie teased.

Pete put the corn on the grill and walked over, “I hope you like the way I do corn. I pull back the husks and slather it with butter. Then I sprinkle on my mix of seasoned salt, pepper, and a bit of onion powder.”

“Onion powder?” Debbie shrieked.

“Just a bit, trust me. You’ll love it,” Dave added.

“Ladies,” Dave started, “we hope you’ll stay for a bit after dinner.” He winked at Hana.

The ladies looked at each other and smiled.

Hana said, “Actually, we were going to fuck the both of you senseless.”

“I like the sound of that,” Dave smiled.

Pete nodded in agreement while the ladies enjoyed the sight of their bulges increase.


After dinner, the four took their wine into the house and sat with their respective partner on the large couch. Hana was the first to initiate the sexual contact with Dave, making Debbie do so with Pete. Their making out soon turned into petting, which turned into the men sliding their ladies down and starting their dessert.

Hana moaned, as Dave licked her lips from bottom to top, teasing her clit for just a brief moment. Her eyes shot open wide as she heard Debbie moan, “Yes, Pete. I’m so close.”

She pulled Dave’s head into her, which made him laugh. “I got the hint baby.”

He drove two fingers into her wet tunnel, seeking out her g-spot, while attacking her clit with his tongue. Hana didn’t take long to erupt, although it was moments after her mother’s intense orgasm. Her competitive nature wouldn’t allow her to lose the battle and she was determined to make Dave cum before Pete.

She pushed him to his back and took his hard penis into her throat. “Oh shit! Baby,” he moaned as she growled causing intense vibration on his glans. She pulled up and sucked voraciously as she stroked.

She upped her game when she saw her mother frantically stroking Pete while sucking his large balls into his mouth.

Not this time

She wasn’t about to lose this battle. She mirrored her mother and Dave sighed his approval.

In an effort to get comfortable, Dave lay back onto the couch which raised his ass slightly to Hana. She got a kinky idea, looked into his eyes, and with a devilish wink lowered her tongue until it circled his puckered rosebud.

“Holy shit!” he shouted as she stroked and licked. Pete and Debbie looked at the action and Debbie shook her head with a sly smile.

When she saw her mother mirror her action and Pete’s eyes roll into the back of his head, she upped her game again and inserted a finger into Dave’s wet hole.

“Oh, fuck!” he moaned as Hana smiled.

“Cum for me baby,” she said as she fingered and stroked.

“Oh, God!” was all he escort uşak could muster as he unloaded spurt after spurt onto his chest.

Hana sat back with a victorious smile on her face, while Debbie made a show of swallowing Pete’s forthcoming orgasm.

“Don’t swallow that!” Hana shrieked as Debbie looked over in surprise.

Hana crooked her finger in the come-hither fashion and met her mother halfway with a deep kiss. Debbie moaned into her kiss as they massaged each other’s tongues sharing the large deposit Pete made into Debbie’s mouth.

When she sensed all of it was swallowed, Hana pulled away and said, “Mom, Dave’s got some waiting for you. Debbie smiled and bent over to lick the cum splattered on Dave’s stomach and chest.

“You two are absolutely incredible,” Pete said as he stroked his limp cock.

“You got that right, brother,” Dave agreed as he watched the ladies share another cum kiss.

Pete stood and said, “I’ll be back.” He walked into Dave’s bedroom.

“Where’s he going?” Hana asked, as she stroked her mother’s dripping pussy.

Dave smiled, “Don’t worry, you’re gonna love what he brings back.”

Pete walked in and tossed Dave a bottle of water. He handed him a blue pill and smiled at Debbie when he set a small bottle of lube on the ottoman.

“What’s that for?” Hana asked as she took the water from Dave and drank a large gulp.

Debbie smirked and said, “Dear daughter, you can’t be that naïve, can you?”

She snapped her head at her mother and glared.

“Fine. I’ll go first,” Debbie smiled.

She pushed the ottoman into the l-shaped couch making a sort of bed, and Pete fell back onto it, sliding up so his legs were on. Debbie straddled his hips and lowered herself onto his throbbing manhood.

“Oh, yeah!” she sighed bottoming out.

She rode him for a few minutes with Hana and Dave watching, stroking each other. Debbie looked back over her shoulder and said, “Anytime now, stud.”

Dave kissed Hana and grabbed the tube of lube. He put a generous amount on his hand and rubbed his cock. Satisfied, he poured some down Debbie’s crack, where he scooped it with his fingers and penetrated her open hole, slowly.

“Oh, shit!” she purred as he inserted a second finger. “Oh, fuck!” her body shook in orgasm. Dave felt the clinching on his fingers as his brother’s thrusts rubbed her walls.

“Do it!” Debbie demanded.

Hana watched, stunned, as he pressed the head of his hard shaft into her willing ass.

“Shit! Oh! Slow, baby. Let me get used to you.”

Pete stopped his thrusting while his brother slowly pushed deeper into Debbie’s willing body. As he bottomed out, he sighed, “I can’t believe you took it all.”

“No, shit!” Hana whispered, watching, rubbing her clit.

“Okay, boys,” Debbie breathed, “do it.”

The twins, having done the act before, had no problem building a rhythm and driving Debbie into a state of bliss she hadn’t felt in almost two decades.

“Mom, that’s so fucking hot,” Hana sighed, leaning forward, and kissing her mother.

Pete grunted, “I’m gonna cum.”

“Fill me, baby. Give me every drop.”

His head flew back as he released deeply into her. She bucked and shook as she rolled into the most intense orgasm she’d ever felt. “Harder, Dave. Nice and hard, baby.”

Dave complied and the smacking sound of his body pounding, Debbie’s ass filled the room.

Moments later, Dave grunted with his own release. “Oh, shit, Dave! I feel it. I feel you filling me with your juices.”

Hana fell back cumming on her fingers, “Shit!”

Dave sat back off as Pete slid out from under Debbie. She fell to her side and sighed in a state of bliss, she couldn’t have described. Her body still convulsed from minor aftershocks.

Hana kissed Dave as he left the room to get some towels. Pete sipped some wine and flexed his hard cock against his stomach, and Hana looked from Pete’s cock trick to her mother’s gaping holes. She smiled at the cum dripping down her well fucked mother’s legs.

Dave came back and snickered at the lustful look on Hana’s face. She smiled when she saw him and said, “I’ve got next!”

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