Subject: Encounter in Jaipur by kewtieboy Thanks to Duncan J for relating a story that fired my imagination: A couple of years back my wife and I we went to India for a tour I suppose to trace some of our heritage. The tour was for almost a month, and the programme was hectic, with few nights in the same hotel, and always moving on. We covered many miles! After the first few nights of travel, walking and visiting and acclimatising, my wife was feeling jaded, and as we arrived in Jaipur, she decided she would need to crash out for a few hours after lunch. As we left lunch we called into a boutique just outside the restaurant of our hotel because my wife wanted a pashmina as the nights were colder than we anticipated. The manager was pleased to see us, and showed her some examples. She was impressed, and asked also to look at some throws/bedspreads and other things. While she was looking at items, the assistant came to chat with me. He was a tall good looking guy in his twenties with a dazzling smile. I was immediately impressed with his handsome features, and was keen to chat with him. We smiled and joked, as my wife was shown more things. I became quite mesmerised with this guy’s stunning looks and warm personality, and at one point I put my hand on his shoulder, and then round his neck, and he reacted well. He said, “Wow, you’re a friendly guy!” I made some suggestive reply, like “I am when I meet a handsome guy I really like and we get on really well”. He offered us tea or coffee, and we both accepted, and I went to the back of the shop to continue chatting with him while it was made. I explained we were on a tour. He said ‘What a pity when we were getting on so well!” And made it obvious that he hoped we could enjoy more time together. I explained that we were due to go into the desert with the tour group to see the sunset before getting back for a late dinner. He asked if I could skip that and spend some time with him instead. I explained that my wife was not feeling tuzla escort too good, and wouldn’t be going, so he asked if I could skip it also, and have some fun with him. My mind went into overdrive, and my cock was so hard in my pants and was driving my judgment. He could see I was aroused because I saw him looking at my bulge. I asked if I could get back to him on that, and I would see what I could do. My wife bought a pashmina, and wanted some bedding, but was unsure of the dimensions of our bed, and would check and get back before we went as, unusually, we were staying there for two nights. In the bedroom I said I would leave her to sleep, and go and advise the tour leader that we both would skip the trip to the dunes for the sunset, and rest instead. I then went to the shop and explained I was free, and we hugged briefly in the backroom, and he said he would arrange with his boss to take me to see some local places, as I was keen to see some local sights. His boss agreed he could have the time off, and my friend asked me to meet him at the front of the hotel gates, and a little distance away as fraternising with guests was frowned on, and he might get into trouble. I was waiting along the road outside the hotel for a few minutes, and my friend came up on his motorbike, and stopped and asked me to get on. Without a helmet, I put my camera securely around my neck and by my side, and asked what I should hold onto, having not been used to riding on a motorbike. He said, “Just hold onto me”, and off we went, at a sensible speed, but I put my arms around his lean body, and enjoyed the chance to get close, and hug him. I asked if it was OK to hold him so close, and he said “Of course,” and said I could go much lower, and sure enough he was rock hard, and with a big dick. So, with one arm around his waist and the other on his cock, we were both enjoying being together. I loved what I was feeling in his pants, and he was obviously enjoying it too. We visited some local places, pendik escort and each time he helped me find the best viewpoints, and enabled me to go into hotels for views from terraces and so on. In a short while we came to a place where we met some of his friends, and I shot a few photos of them, sitting on their bikes. They wanted the photos to be downloaded for them, and we all went into the town on motorbikes to find somewhere to do that. After three possible places couldn’t help, they gave up on the idea, and we exchanged email and Facebook contacts, and then my friend said we should leave them after going for a cup of tea. On the bike we cuddled, and he suggested we stop ‘for a chat’, smiling broadly. It was beginning to get a little dark, but we both knew what we wanted! We stopped on a road out of town, and parked the bike, and walked to sit on a concrete pipe a little distance from the road. After a brief chat, I had my hand on his dick inside his pants, and he was like an iron rod. He quickly opened his zip, and took it out with a little difficulty, and shuffled his pants down a little so I could have better access. He enjoyed my playing with his dick, and he leaned back to enable me to get my face there to suck him. He was so keen to have sex, so he asked if we could walk a little into the desert scrub. I agreed, and we saw a small derelict building where we were less likely to be seen in the headlights along the road. He stood in front of me, and I wanted to see his body, so he took his pants right down, and I felt his ass, balls and nips and he was loving it. I wished the light had been better, but I loved exploring and feeling him, sniffing his delightful sexy parts, and his cock showed me he enjoyed it too. He was so horny and keen and loving it. I licked him, and he groped me, and felt my ass. In a few minutes he asked me to take my pants down too, and he stroked my cock, and enjoyed sniffing and licking me. He was obviously enjoying every minute, and aydınlı escort we laughed and moaned, but said little although his English was very good. I asked if he wanted me to suck him off. He said he would if I would like to. After a few minutes, I was aware that it was dark and time was passing, so I said that I didn’t have a lot of time before I needed to get back. He said he wanted to cum, and could he fuck me? I was, for a moment, unsure whether that was a good thing without condoms, but at 22 and with limited sexual experience, I thought it was a risk worth taking. He was delighted so I took my jeans off one leg, and he lifted my leg and very quickly was inside, and fucking me slowly and his cock was swelling and filling me with every thrust. He clearly was on a mission to enjoy me thoroughly. A little to my surprise he was so horny he came quite quickly, with several thrusts and grunts, shuddering to a halt. We cleaned up as best we could, and hugged and kissed, and shared contact details using the light of his phone. When he had his pants back up and fastened I could clearly see his cock was still hard in his pants, and if there had been time and light, we would have had another fuck, and I would have enjoyed him again. I wanted his ass so bad, but I just ran out of time. We cuddled, and neither of us wanted to stop, but we just had to go. At the hotel he needed to find a different way back in the main entrance that I would use. He asked me to call in to the shop to see him before we left in the morning. He wanted me to have his photo, and make sure we would stay in touch. After packing we had breakfast and I explained to my wife that I should go to the boutique to explain why we couldn’t buy the bedding, and she went back to our room. So I was able to have a few more minutes with my friend before we left for the next stage of the tour, just enough time for a wank and snog. It was a lovely way to meet someone, and to enjoy him so much in such a short time We have since enjoyed many video calls and chats on Facebook, and we have seen each other again there many times. He wants me to visit him alone for a longer time as soon as I can afford to go there. He is such a sexy guy, and loving too. Justin

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