Evan , Emily Ch. 01

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Evan Ray sat transfixed to his computer screen during one of his few nights alone since moving in with his long-time girlfriend, Emily. The petite, redheaded love of his life was out with her old university girlfriends catching up on who has gotten engaged, pregnant, or is still whoring it up like they all were five years ago in school. God knows what other personal details they were delving into, and Evan had no doubt she’s come home dropping more than a few hints about others getting engaged.

Evan was surfing the web gazing at page after page of tall blonde or black haired women in various stages of undress. Emily, at five-foot nothing and always subconscious about her height, would not be impressed. His last girlfriend (that he left after meeting Emily 4 years ago) was Kara Williams. Kara was a 6-foot goddess with long black hair that she dyed blonde or red in the summer, had great 34-inch legs, and a sweet, thick ass. Evan loved her body, but she was a bit too wild for him personality wise. They used to fuck for hours, Evan coming 6 or 7 times in as many hours, and still Kara would want more.

Then he met Emily in a history class, an elective for Evan no less, while finishing his MBA at university. Her fiery red hair, green eyes, and sparkling personality captured his heart. She was always smiling with a wide gorgeous grin that lit up the room. She was the artsy-type and full of life, the kind of girl you couldn’t be angry around for long because she just cheered you up.

He didn’t know it at the time, but Emily had Evan lined up from the start. She had always dressed stylishly, but made sure to sex-things up when she knew they would see each other. She also knew Evan was somewhat involved with Kara Williams, who was a little intimidating to other women. Taller than her by at least a foot and beautiful, Kara definitely intimidated Emily at the time. But, despite long legs and great round ass, Kara was relatively flat-chested, whereas Emily had, as many a drunken frat-boy had noted, “a great rack.” And Emily knew how to use those assets to attract Evan’s eyes, and eventually his heart, away from Kara.

Needless to say, if Emily had caught Evan gazing at tall models, with an uncanny resemblance to his former flame, and masturbating, she’d have blown a fuse. But, she wasn’t home, so Evan continued his perusal. He surfed rather aimlessly and noted that quite a few of the interracial web sites features tall blondes with great asses. Often, two or three well-endowed black men would take turns shoving their swollen members into the pussies, mouths, and even asses of the porn stars.

Evan suspected Kara would have loved such a session back in the day as his mind drifted off in fantasy. At a “record setting” bout of sex for the two of them, Evan had cum twice in Kara’s mouth (which she had swallowed without batting an eye) and five times in her pussy. He was only 21, but he was sure that that was the absolute maximum of his output for one day. Kara remained insatiable and continued to try to suck Evan’s cock back to life, but to no avail. As Evan had relaxed, his body physically weak from hours of thrusting and still tingling with the release of endorphins after having climaxed, Kara had become irate.

“Come on Evan, fuck me!” Kara screamed up at him while kneeling between Evan’s legs on the bed.

“Christ Kara, I can’t! We’ve fucked, like 7 times for God’s sake, I can’t come any more,” Evan shouted back.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you like girls?” Kara smirked. “Besides, you only fucked my pussy five times, fucking my face doesn’t count.”

“Jesus, hakkari escort bayan I can’t get it up, my cock’s actually sore here.”

“Awww,” Kara slowly shimmed up so that she straddled Evan on the bed, setting her pussy, wet with their shared cum, on his limp cock. “Poor baby,” she cooed as she began rubbing Evan’s cock with her swollen pussy, while she squeezed and massaged her small breasts with her free hands. Her freshly shaven pussy was actually quick rough, like sandpaper on Evan’s then hypersensitive foreskin. “Oh, mmmm. Yeah. Oooo.”

“Ah, hun. That actually hurts baby, please stop. Ah. Oww!! Please baby, I’m just too sore.” Evan pleaded, hoping to reason with her.

“Well….” Kara slowly leaned forward and shimmed up further so that her crotch rested on Evan’s chest. “If your cock is too sore, what about your tongue?” A devilish grin had formed on her face.

“Uh, Kara, mpfff,” was all Evan could get out before Kara had thrust her sloppy pussy onto his face. He had gone down on Kara before, but always before they had sex, not after. It hadn’t even occurred to him to do it after, it was so, just dirty. It didn’t seem right, and Evan tried to resist opening his mouth at first. But Kara had kept her long legs on Evan’s shoulders, pinning him down, and rode his face.

“Please baby, lick me, oh, I need it baby. Lick my pussy.”

Evan’s mind raced. He had thought nothing of fucking Kara’s pussy for hours and then shoving his cock in her mouth to blow his load – forcing her to share the taste of their sex, but she’d never resisted. Once, after a night out at the bars where she teased him mercilessly, she had pulled Evan’s cock out and sucked him ’til he came right there on the train ride home. He had kissed her after that, and she definitely tasted of his cock.

“Lick it baby, lick me, clean my messy pussy. Yes, yesss,” Kara had moaned as Evan gave in and had begun lapping away like a dog at a water bowl. Her reaction, moaning louder and louder only spurred Evan on.

To his surprise at the time, Evan had gotten hard again while licking Kara’s sloppy pussy. He fucked her again, coming for an eighth time in her pussy, then drifted off to sleep. He awoke hours later to find Kara sucking his cock while shoving a large dildo into her pussy with abandon. Unable to meet Kara’s insatiable sexual needs and growing tired of her unstable personality, Evan had broken up with her a month later. That was the last time he and Kara had had sex as he began dating Emily a month later. Thinking back to that kinky day, Evan began searching for pictures of women sitting on men’s faces, female domination apparently. He found a site where a gorgeous latin woman, in thigh-high “fuck me” books (a personal favourite of Evan’s) was straddling a guy, fucking his face as Kara had his. Stroking his hard cock, Evan continued through the photo galleries. He came to another gallery, this one featuring a petite redhead, built like Emily. She was sucking a large, 11-inch black cock and the series of 12 or so pictures ended with the man cumming all over her face. On another interracial site, a small blonde woman was fucked by a massive black guy while her husband sat masturbating nearby. After the dominant black man had finished with his wife, the average looking man was shown licking her pussy.

Fuck, I have to piss, Evan thought. He rose from the computer and went to the washroom. After finishing up and drying his hands with a towel, he noticed a pair of Emily’s sexy panties on the hamper. Already aroused from remembering his hakkari escort tryst with Kara and the dirty pictures he’d been browsing through for the last few hours, Evan began stroking his dick with his girlfriends underwear.

The silky panties felt great on his cock as he leaked pre-cum all over them. Thinking now of fucking Emily, Evan was pounding away on his cock in their bathroom. While not a wild-woman like Kara, Emily was a great fuck. She was smaller in every way, and her pussy was so much tighter. Where Evan could thrust into Kara’s pussy for hours and hold out while she rode him, he couldn’t even try to hold back with Emily. Kara had never made him come while riding him, but with Emily’s tight little pussy stroking his dick and her great tits in his face, he never lasted more than 20 minutes.

Emily loved sex and she truly loved Evan. While he confessed his insecurity about being unable to have marathon sex sessions with her, she secretly loved that she could make Evan cum so much faster than that bitch Kara. Besides, his tongue more than made up for not being able to pound her tight pussy to orgasm. Her evening had gone well, none of her girlfriends were engaged yet, which made her feel less insecure about Evan and hers relationship. It didn’t hurt that the young waiter had hit on her and tried to get her number. She was happy with Evan, but it was good for the old ego to have a hunky, younger guy find her sexy. The house was bright with most of the lights on, as the taxi dropped her off and she came in the door.

“Honey, I’m home!?” she yelled as she entered the unlocked front door. Evan, upstairs in the bathroom beating his dick, didn’t hear a thing.

“Jesus, what are we lighting the way for planes now or something?” She muttered to herself as she wandered through the house turning off lights as she went. Stopping in the living room, she noticed the computer was on. Wandering over to turn it off, she was startled by the bizarre, perverted images. What is this? She quickly realized her pervert boyfriend was looking at porn while she was away and curiosity got the better of her.

“Okay, gross!” She thought to herself as she closed the window showing the white husband lapping up a black man’s load from his wife’s freshly fucked pussy. Then, “Oh my!” She was a little aroused herself at the shot of a model built like her, covered in cum. The black cock in the girl’s hand was massive! At least the woman looked like herself; did Evan wish that that was his cock or Emily sucking another? There was that first site… Closing that one, her eyes quickly narrowed when she saw the tall, latin woman straddling the male model.

“That bitch looks a little too much like that whore! Jesus, I thought Evan liked being in charge when he’s fucking me,” she muttered, turning from the computer and storming up stairs, bursting into the bathroom.

“Evan! What the fuck were you doing while…” She stopped after taking in the scene. Here was her boyfriend, completely naked pounding his cock with a pair of her panties now staring at her, shock on his face.

“Oh shit!” Evan blurted.

“Ha ha ha, ah ha ha ha!” Emily couldn’t help herself, laughing at Evan’s ridiculous situation. “You idiot, you have some explaining to do. But first, let’s take care of that for you.”

Emily took Evan by the hand leading him to their bed. “Get on your knees and eat me,” she commanded, sliding her panties off and sitting on the bed. Her legs spread wide; her short skirt did nothing to hide her pussy.

“I’d rather you suck this,” Evan escort hakan said as he thrust his cock into Emily’s face.

“Fuck off! You’re all hard from looking at whores on the internet and beating that dick for hours while I’m away,” Emily said, literally swapping his erection away from her face. “I want that dick in my pussy mister, but you’d better get it wet first! Besides, we both know you’re going to cum in two seconds, that won’t get me off!”

Taken aback at Emily’s abruptness, Evan sank to his knees and began to lick and suck Emily’s pussy.

“Oh, that’s a good boy. Yeah, right there, lick it, yes. Now look, you’ve got my panties all messy with your cum. I was going to wear these tomorrow you know?”

“Sorry honey, I was thinking of you,” Evan said in his defense, only half lying.

“Shut up and eat that pussy, I want to come on your face before you fuck my pussy. You’re a dirty little boy you know that? Jerking off in my panties. You little panty boy, maybe I’ll get you your own panties to jerk off in, eh? I should make you lick them clean you naughty pervert, I saw those sites you were looking at! You’d like that wouldn’t you?” Emily snorted, still angry and getting aroused.

Evan lapped away at her pussy and continued to stroke his cock, mad at himself for getting caught like this. At the same time though, Emily’s aggressiveness was getting him more aroused, if that was possible.

“Fuck that pussy with your fingers panty boy! Get me nice and wet, I want you to last more than a minute when you fuck me. That’s good boy. Maybe I’ll sit on your face after we’re done, would you like that?” Emily taunted him.

“Yes, I can’t take it!” Evan shouted as he rose up, pushing Emily back on the bed, legs wide open and shoved his cock into her.

“Oh my!” Emily gasped as Evan began thrusting into her in long hard strokes. She was on the pill, but they still usually used a condom. In literally 9 or 10 strokes, after beating off half the night, Evan came hard in Emily’s pussy.

“OH EMILY, yes! Fuck! Oh, fuck Emily, oh Emily…” Evan moaned out as he came.

“Oh yes, what a good little bad boy,” Emily whispered as she ran her fingernails through his hair and along Evan’s muscular back, down to his tight ass.

“Mmmmmm,” Evan grumbled as he slowly relaxed and lay, embracing Emily, his now softening cock still oozing cum into her pussy.

“Sweetie?” Emily asked in a cute, innocent voice.

“Mmm?” Evan responded, barely able to talk.

“Lay on your back sweetie.” She instructed. Evan, still in a daze gently rolled off to his left and onto his back. “You’re not done yet.” Emily said grinning as she quickly scooted up to straddle Evan face.

“Honey, please,” Evan pleaded.

“Honey nothing! You’ve been jerking yourself silly looking at pictures of guys doing this, now do it! You know you want to.”

With that, Evan began licking away at Emily’s pussy again, not that he really had a choice as she was now literally riding his mouth and nose smearing their mixed juices all over his face. Glancing back over her shoulder, Emily took a hold of Evan’s hardening cock, rubbing the panties she had just taken off all over it.

“Eat that pussy panty boy, yeah you like it sweetie don’t you? Oh, your cock is so hard again, I think you like licking cum from my pussy. You like how my panties feel on you cock don’t you?” Evan could only muffle a response.

As she orgasmed, Emily thrust herself all over Evan’s face smearing his and her juices all over him. Finally coming down and resting beside her boyfriend Emily snuggled up to him in their bed. Evan leaned over to kiss her, but she put her hand to his lips and said; “Not now sweetie, your face is all covered in messy cum. Be a good bitch and go wash yourself. And clean those panties while you’re at it.”

Evan had a bad feeling about this.

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