Exposing my Indian wife to the room service.

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Exposing my Indian wife to the room service.Hello guys my name is Pratik and i am here to share a story of my wife which happened and hope you guys love it. Let me describe you my wife. My wife name is Shraddha and she is 29 yrs old. She is whitish brown and a curvy lady. She loves to wear casual dresses when we are out and at home she wears nighty and small dresses. Her breasts size is 36c and firm and have nice bottom with thick thighs and she doesn’t have any belly fat as she is regular in her yoga. She is very reserved kind of a woman. We are happily married from past 4 years and are happy about our sex life. We didn’t have any k** as we have not planned it yet. I am a very lusty guy and love to do sexual experiments with my wife and I have a fantasy to expose my wife and have her get fucked in front of me. She doesn’t have any ideas about that. I didn’t have any plan that what i should do.My sexy wife Shraddha.Few days passed and it was summer holidays so I planned to visit to Shimla with my wife. I booked a 5 star hotel room for our stay for 4 days and soon we started our packing. My wife was so happy for our vacation. We left for our trip and she was excited throughout our journey. We reached Shimla in the evening and took a taxi to the hotel. When we reached the hotel, the staff welcomed us by giving us welcome drinks and it seemed to be a sophisticated staff. The room service guy carried our luggage to our room and i tipped him. My wife and me we both took bath and freshened up. My hotel room.Let me give you guys my room tour. As we enter the room there is a alley, on the left there is a cupboard and on the right there is bathroom. The bathroom had a see through glass with blinds inside and facing our bed. The view from the room was awesome. We ordered something to eat. The room service guy brought our food and while he was serving the food a naughty idea clicked in my mind. His name was Akhil and was brownish in colour and was fit. Akhil was our room service for the whole trip time in the hotel. His age might be around 23 yrs and seemed to be a nice guy. At that night we both slept as we were tired because of our journey. The next day we ate breakfast and left for the sightseeing and while coming back we purchased some cigarettes and condoms. It was our second night in the hotel. At that night we both smoked and had sex and i was feeling kuşadası escort good and she was also satisfied. Now here the main part comes. After we had sex she wore a silky gown which had a lace to tie knot. We both slept and i the morning i woke up early at about 6:30. When I woke up I saw my wife and she was looking very beautiful and sexy at the same time. I washed my face and called the restaurant for tea, they said it will take about 10 min to send the order. At that moment i thought it was a great chance for me to enjoy watching my wife getting exposed to the room service. I quickly went to her and untied the knot of her night gown and I opened it. As she didn’t use to wear bra during night her big boobs popped out of her dress and now she was only in her underwear. I then slowly removed her underwear. Now my lovely wife is sleeping fully naked facing at the ceiling. She was deep asleep and didn’t knew about what’s happening. I then took a thin bedsheet and placed it over her body to cover her boobs and pussy. I placed the bed sheet such that it will show a little glimpse of her cleavage. Her nipples were erect due to the coldness in the temperature and were pointing upward making a mountain of the bed sheet. While I was doing this I was feeling guilty but as it was my long-time fantasy I didn’t mind doing that. I went near the door and kept the latch of door open and switched the bell off and went into the bathroom. I took a spot from my bathroom to have a view of what’s going on inside the room from the bathroom’s glass and I hid making sure no one is able to see me. I could see my wife sleeping. After few minutes I heard a knock on the door and he said “room service”. I immediately shouted from bathroom “come in”. He came in the room and saw my wife lying on bed alone. He was stunned looking at my wife. He called me “sir where are you” I replied him “in the bathroom” and I purposely said that it will take me 20-25 minutes to come out. I asked him to keep the tea on the table and go. He went to the room door and locked it pretending as he had left the room. He came near the bathroom door and locked it too very quietly. He made sure that nobody is watching him. Immediately he came near my wife and called her “Shraddha maam, Shraddha maam” in her ears but she was sleeping and didn’t react. escort kuşadası He shook her shoulder to check if she is sleeping or not. I was clearly able to see what he was doing with my wife and i was enjoying that. After that he looked near the bathroom glass to check whether I am watching and didn’t find me. He was fully charged looking at my wife. He saw that my wife is not wearing a bra and he moved his right hand near my wife’s boobs and touched it with his finger over the bedsheet and still there was no reaction from my wife. Now he spread his hand making a cup and placed it over her left boob and gently pressed it. Afterwards he was removing his pants and removed his 7 inch cock fully erected facing my wife. He was rubbing it with his hands. Now he came near my wife’s legs and grabbed the bedsheet and was slowly lowering it. As he was lowering he got to see her big juicy boobs firmly pointing upwards and after that to his surprise when he was pulled the bedsheet completely towards her legs he saw my wife’s clean shaven vagina and he gave a wicked smile. When he was looking at my wife he grabbed his pants and removed his mobile from pocket and I was shocked and got angry but there was no way I could do anything. My wife was lying there fully naked with no clothes over her body and Akhil was clicking photos of her. He might have clicked hundreds of photos and videos of my wife and he kept his mobile aside. Now he came near my wife’s pussy and smelled it and slowly he moved upwards to her face and kissed her on the cheeks. Now he with his tongue started licking her lips and his saliva was on her face. He kept licking and moved his tongue from her lips to her neck and came down to her boobs and licked between her cleavage. My wife has brownish areola and her nipples were stiff as it was cold. He got up and was staring at her boobs and pressing them. When he pressing her boobs my wife was moving a little bit so he made sure that she doesn’t wake up. When i was seeing all this I was masturbating and enjoying it. While I was masturbating a shampoo bottle fell off on the ground making a noise. He quickly ran to the door and hid there for few seconds. He came out and checked whether I am watching him or not. After the confirmation that I am not there he again came near my wife. He then opened his kuşadası escort bayan mouth fully and kept it on Shraddha’s right boob, he was trying to insert her boob in his mouth by making vacuum of his mouth and was sucking her boobs. The moment her sucked her boobs she took a deep breath in her sleep. His saliva was dripping from side of his mouth on my wife’s boobs. He sucked them for many times and took selfies when he was sucking. He even bite her nipples and rested his face cheek’s on her boobs. Shraddha still didn’t woke up. He came down to her pussy and licked it gently but didn’t do anything just kept on licking. I was able to see precum on his dick. After taking a good time of licking her pussy he came near her face and moved her head facing towards his dick. Now he put his fingers in my Shraddha’s mouth and opened it so that he can insert his cock in her mouth. Now he inserted his dick head in her mouth and didn’t put his entire dick and slowly he started stroking in her mouth. Then he kept on stroking his dick for about 4-5 minutes and he cummed in her mouth and he made sure the cum is fully inside her mouth and cleaned his dick to her gown. I too cummed watching him. He immediately wore his pants and took his mobile and before leaving he licked her boobs. After his fuck session he seemed to be happier and had a smile on his face. Now he quietly came to the bathroom door and opened the latch and without making noise he went out of the room. I came out of the bathroom and saw my wife. She had cum in her mouth which was not swallowed. I dressed her up and tied the knot of her night gown. I didn’t disturb her and let her sleep. I got ready and went to the restaurant in the hotel for breakfast. I saw Akhil over there and he waved at me and gave a smile. I also did wave to him back as if everything is normal. After having my breakfast I went to the room and saw that my wife had woken up and was in the shower. After taking bath she came out and saw me and asked me “where were you” i told her that i went to have breakfast. She was looking damn hot with the towel wrapped around her body. She smiled at me and asked me giving a naughty smile that “did you cummed in my mouth in the morning” and even when i knew that it wasn’t my cum i replied saying ”yes”. She told me that she had drank all the cum and said it was yummy. I back in my mind was laughing. That morning will always be remembered by me. There were more 3 days to go for our trip. It is fully a true incident and there is more further part to this story which i will post later. Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it. If you want more of my experiments with my wife please mail me on this email id pkmehta8262@gmail.com.

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