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Chapter 1: I’m Coming Home

Note: All characters in this story are above 18 years of age. It is a tale of consensual incest between a grandmother, son and mother. Happy reading.

The new job in Mumbai nearly cost me my sanity and all of my life savings. It was the wrong time to move to a new city. But I didn’t know that when I made the move. The first nationwide lockdown was imposed within a week of me shifting to the strange city – which came as a massive blow to my plans.

Another crisis fell upon me in the form of a 30% salary deduction for an indefinite time. I had to tighten my already tight budget. The company was slyly palming off it’s losses to us lowly employees. Two months later I was let go.

Living frugally and stretching my limited savings for as long as I could had a serious impact on my financial and mental health. I was lonely, depressed and had become extremely irritable. With virtually no human contact for nearly half a year, it felt like I was losing touch with reality and the drive to find a new job was waning ever so slowly.

It took me another three months to find a new job. Owing to my insecurities and deteriorating mental health, I was unable to concentrate. My manager was kind enough to give me a week’s leave while I moved back to my home — a small town some 400 kms away and settled down. Little did I know that this week would change my life forever.


“Arrey! What are you doing here?!” My mother Radhika squealed in delight, when she saw me standing at the door. I had come home without intimating her. I wanted to surprise her.

“Oh my baby.” She hugged me, and I could hear her voice crack with emotions. I held her buxom body tightly, pressing her soft, spongy tits into my chest.

“Come on mom, don’t cry now.” I consoled her. I could feel the impression of her bra straps as I stroked her back and it stirred my loins. I held her tighter and closer to me, enjoying the warmth of her body.

Mom and I were really close. Since dad’s passing three years ago, we’d grown even closer. She would hug me and kiss me more than usual. At first, it felt a little awkward. At an age when hormones dictate my mood and my dick, the only close female interaction I got was from my own mother. It didn’t take long for me to accept the lust I had for my mother. But in three years, I had never acted upon it.

But I’d never missed a chance to enjoy her beautiful, plumpy body either. I’d loiter around her when she was hard at work, sweeping, mopping or washing clothes, to get a glimpse of the deep valley between her beautiful breasts, or her smooth thighs. More than once, she had caught me ogling at her swinging boobs, which sagged like ripe grape fruits contained within her blouse. And every time, she would adjust her saree and continue working while I looked away – only to peek at her treasures from the corner of my eye. I suspected she knew about this too, but never said anything.

“Am I dreaming, or is that really you?!” my grandma Ambika chirped excitedly, coming out of the single bedroom in the house, with just a towel wrapped around her wet body. Clearly, my arrival had interrupted her bath.

I let go of mom and wrapped my arms around my grandma. I could smell the intoxicating floral scent of soap off her supple 60 year old body. I gripped her slippery wet body tightly – as tightly as she was holding me in her arms.

I pushed my crotch against grandma’s. I could hear her giggle and press her body firmly against mine. This wasn’t the first time I’d made her aware of my obscenity. Every year, on my birthday, she would insist on giving me an oil bath. She’d massage my entire body with oil, and bathe me with hot water, ignoring my complaints of how hot the water is…


“But Grandma, It’s my 18th birthday!” I protested, reluctantly stripping my t-shirt and lounge pants. “I’m too old for this.”

“You’re still my little baby.” she pinched my cheeks, taking a good look at me from top to bottom. The large package in my underwear made an obvious bulge, and I could sense her eyeing it thievingly.

I sat on the little plastic stool wearing nothing but a pair of boxers, while she attempted to scrub off the fine film of oil on my body with soap and hot water. She must have been rambling about the rising prices, or the degraded quality of oil like she always does. But I was too busy ogling at her deep cleavage to care about her rants. I had playfully thrown water at her while she bathed me, and the wet patches on her blouse had turned translucent. Grandma generally didn’t wear a bra, and I was treated to a clear glimpse of her dark areolas.

“Stop it, you naughty boy!” she said, pushing away the strands of stray greying hair that had fallen on her forehead. “Okay, stand up now.”

I looked at her, flustered.

“Come on, get up!” she said again.

I had no intention of doing what she just said on account of the rock hard cock I was harbouring between my legs. Standing up would have meant revealing my extremely excited eryaman escort manhood.

“I… I”ll wash my legs.” I stuttered, grabbing the mug of water she was holding.

“Arrey, just get up. Let me finish what I started.” She said, pulling back the mug.

“No grandma, it’s okay.”

“What, are you shy of your old granny all of a sudden? Come on get up!”

“Grandma, let me just…”

In the commotion, I pulled on the mug a little too hard and my grandma lost her footing and fell on me. The little plastic stool slid off from underneath me, unable to bear the weight of the both of us and my bum landed on the cold hard bathroom floor. Grandma landed right on top of me.

I instinctively grabbed on to grandma for support and she held on to me. The mug fell and the water splashed on us. Grandma just laughed.

“If only you’d gotten up, we could have avoided this.” She said, looking into my eyes, ruffling my wet hair.

Her lips were just millimeters away from mine. I could feel her warm breath on my lips when she spoke. My focus shifted to my chest, where her breasts pressed flat against me. My dick began to grow in size, pushing against my wet underwear and against her thin saree.

My hands seemed to take on a life of their own when they gripped her bare waist. I jerked my hips, making my hardness very obvious to her.

Grandma’s face took on a new expression almost instantly. She faked a smile and tried to wriggle free from my hold. “What are you looking at? Let me go now.” she said politely.

We were interrupted by a knock on the bathroom door. “What happened?” my mother asked from the other side of the door.

“Nothing, the mug slipped from my hand.” Grandma assured her. “I’m almost done with him. You start preparing for the kheer (a milk based Indian sweet dish), I’ll be out in a while.” she said.

Grandma made no attempts to get off me. In fact, she seemed extremely comfortable pressing down her crotch against my erection.

As mom’s footsteps receded, Grandma looked into my eyes and smiled.

“Is this why you didn’t want to get up?” She asked me, almost whispering.

I simply nodded in response.

She looked away, trying to hide her smile.

She gently put her hand on mine and I released my grip on her in abandon. As she got her curvaceous body off me, her saree pallu came undone, giving me a clear view of her deep cleavage and boobs, which were barely hidden underneath her wet blouse. My dick stirred at the sight, which didn’t go unnoticed by her.

Grandma bit her lower lip and beamed a small smile. She fixed her saree across her chest and held out her hand. “Get up.” she said.

I did as I was commanded. My dick was poking at my wet underwear, making a large tent at my crotch. Grandma was clearly impressed.

“Sorry grandma.” I said, trying to hide it with my hands.

“I’m your granny. You don’t have to feel ashamed about anything with me.” She pushed my hands away, “This is normal at your age,” and looked at my erection hungrily.

“But is it normal for my own grandma to make this happen?” I asked, winking at her.

Grandma looked away to hide her cheeky smile. I pulled down my underwear to reveal my thick veiny cock, which was pointing at the low ceiling of the bathroom.

Grandma let out an audible gasp. I pulled down the foreskin, revealing the bulbous, pink head. “Will you wash this too grandma?” I asked.

She stretched out her hand towards my crotch, and gently ran her fingers across the throbbing veins. She licked her lips hungrily and came closer. She cupped my balls with one hand and gently pressed the soft skin behind the scrotum with one finger. It was my turn to moan.

“Of course I’ll wash it.” she said in a husky tone, letting her hands drop from my balls.

She pulled up her saree, exposing her thick, milky thighs. She sat on her toes with her legs flayed open, which gave me glimpses of her inner thighs. Grandma poured the warm water over my hard cock and legs. She soaped her palms and began scrubbing me from my toes. Her tits began to sway in a rhythm. She made her way up my legs in haste, but slowed down as she closed in on my dick.

She took her own time washing my balls and then moved on to my dick. I moaned a bit when she held the base of my cock with both her hands and gave it a firm, but gentle squeeze.

“I guess you haven’t been with a woman yet?” She asked.

“No grandma.” I answered. “You’re the first.” I winked at her.

“I’m only doing this because it’s your birthday.” she said, suppressing a wide grin. The lust in her eyes betrayed her true intent. At full erection, my cock was a good 7 inches and proportionally thick.

With soap as the lube, and her wet cleavage as the visual aid, grandma began jerking me off. Not a word was exchanged as she clasped my thick dick with both her hands and gave me heavenly pleasure. Soon I was ready to blow. Grandma seemed to sense that I was the peak of my sexual ecstasy. eryaman escort bayan She quickly stood up, but continued to jerk me. She pressed her chest against mine. I grabbed her buxom ass for support as I spurted thick ropes of my cum onto the tiled bathroom wall.

Grandma squeezed out every single drop of cum from my cock as I fondled her ass. My breathing was laboured and I felt light headed. I leaned on her shoulder for support, as she washed her hand and my dick with clean water.

“Happy birthday baby.” She kissed me on my cheek. “Now clean up and come out. Your mother will be wondering what we’ve been doing for so long.” She walked out of the bathroom, fixing her saree.


That was the last time she’d given me a bath and also the last time I’d gotten physical with her. Since then, I’ve had my share of fun ogling at her and “accidentally” running my hand on her ass and tits when no one was looking. But I hadn’t dared to go the extra mile, or even ask her to repeat the bathroom adventure.

On that day, as my near naked 60 year old grandma hugged me, as I held her wet, bare body, my mind wandered back to the day she had given me my first handjob.

“I’m so happy you’re here.” she said, kissing both my cheeks.

“I asked your grandma to come live with me for a few days after you left.” Mom said. Grandma lived in a village 120km away from my home, looking after the little land and cattle she owned. “She’s been here ever since. Good thing they announced the lockdown. I had some company while you were gone.”

“I’m so glad I came back” I said, hugging grandma tighter and pushing my hardness on to her. I was genuinely happy to be with mom and grandma.

Grandma showered my face with kisses. And I return the favour. I so craved to kiss her lips and suck on her tongue. I looked down to grab glimpses of her taut cleavage. I so wanted to bury my face in that slit and lick the bath water off my grandma’s body. But I controlled myself. If only mom wasn’t there…

“Let me go get dressed now. There’s so much I want to talk to you about!” Grandma said, letting go of me.

When grandma broke the hug, her towel came undone, and for a couple of glorious seconds, she stood in front of me with not a single thread of cloth on her body. Her well rounded, slightly sagging boobs stared right back at me. I lowered my gaze and looked at her crotch, which was covered in a stubble of black and grey pubes. It took me a moment to process the fact that grandma stood stark naked in front of me.

Grandma picked up the fallen towel and quickly covered her modesty. She muttered a half-hearted sorry and ran into the bedroom. I stood staring at her with my jaws wide open, still processing the fact that I’d seen my GILF goddess stark naked.

I was still coming to terms with what had happened and looked at my mother. She was equally baffled by what had just happened. She came close to me and pushed my lower jaw back in its place. I came back to my senses and averted my gaze. But I didn’t miss the sight of my mother casually checking out the huge bulge in my pants.

She chuckled to herself and turned to walk towards the kitchen. “Lunch is almost ready. You go wash up now.” She stopped after taking a couple of steps. “But wait until your grandma comes out.” She giggled as she walked into the kitchen. I didn’t know if the imprinted thought of my grandma’s naked body excited me more or the swaying ass of my mother.

I wondered how long I’d have to wait for my grandma to be dressed. Well, partially dressed, just enough to not make it seem like I’d invaded her privacy again, but also not so much that she’d be hiding her goods from me.

Seconds passed like hours. I unpacked my bag, and pulled out a couple of sarees I’d bought for my mother. I picked a nice yellow one and stepped into the room cautiously. Grandma was still dressing up. The pallu of her cobalt blue saree lay on the floor, giving me a good view of her curvaceous torso and her plump breasts. She hastily draped the pallu over her shoulders to cover her buxom blouse and smiled at me.

“Just a minute, I’m almost done.” She said.

I smiled back at her politely. “This is for you grandma.” I handed her the saree.

I could see her eyes tear up. “Why did you get me this?” she asked, her voice cracking.

“Well, you gave me such a sexy… I mean good gift when I came in, shouldn’t I give you a nice gift too?” I said and winked at her.

She slapped my arms gently with the saree and pulled me closer to her for a hug.

“Mumbai has turned you into a naughty boy.”

“I was definitely a naughty boy before going there too.” I said, pressing my harness on her. “You should know.” I said, patting her ass.

Suddenly we heard mom enter the room, and we broke our hug abruptly.

“What happened?” Mom asked in concern, noticing grandma wiping her tears.

“Look what this naughty boy of yours has done.” She said, holding up the yellow saree. “Isn’t escort eryaman it beautiful?”

Mom and grandma took the saree out of the cover and were revelling at the colour and texture. I quietly slipped out of the room and got the other saree. A pink one that was similar to the one dad had bought mom for the first time.

“And this one’s for you mom.” I handed it to her.

Mom’s eyes filled up as soon as she saw that. “Why?” she asked.

I just shrugged nonchalantly. This was the first saree I had bought her with my own money. Mom grabbed me and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back and kissed her neck. Mom’s scent aroused me, and my dick began to stir again. I hugged her tightly and moaned lightly. Mom let go of me and wiped her tears.

“This boy!” She said, turning to my grandma.

Grandma nodded in agreement.

“You wash up, we’ll make something nice for lunch.” Mom said. “And thank you for these wonderful gifts.” She said, leaning in for a hug. I grabbed mom’s waist with one hand, and pulled in grandma with the other. I hugged them both tightly, and enjoyed the feel of four soft breasts pressing against me. I lowered the hand on my grandma’s waist to caress her ass. Grandma hugged me tighter in approval.

I was feeling tired and sticky from the long journey and decided to take a bath. It was a hot day and I didn’t bother turning on the geyser. I filled up the bucket with water and stripped down to just my boxers. I’d barely poured a couple of mugs of water over my body, when I heard a knock on my door.

“Beta, I’ve kept you a fresh towel and unpacked your clothes on the bed here.” Grandma said from the other side of the door. Her voice was an aphrodisiac and I immediately felt my dick stir.

“Grandma.” I said and paused.

“Yes” she said.

“Ummm… could you…” I hesitated. “Could you wash my back?” I asked. I could almost hear my heart pounding against my chest anticipating her response.

“Ok.” Grandma said meekly.

I unlocked the latch and grandma quietly slipped inside. She took a quick look at me from top to bottom. The wet boxers accentuated my semi hard cock, which I didn’t try to hide.

“Just like the old days grandma.” I winked at her.

“Just like the old days.” Grandma pinched my cheeks.

She wrapped the pallu around her waist, pulled up the saree till her knees and tucked it neatly between her thighs. She waddled forward and took the soap from my hands. I turned around and she started soaping my back.

“This brings back good memories, grandma.” I said, soaping my chest and arms.

“Look at the back of your neck, it’s so dirty.” Grandma said and began washing it. I felt a little ticklish and danced around, giggling. In the commotion, grandma lost her balance and held on to my soapy body for support. I immediately turned around and grabbed her and pulled her close. Her breasts were flat against my chest and my dick was poking her. Grandma turned beet red and pulled away from me. She looked down in shyness. It was my turn to take a good look at her.

The wet blouse gave me a clear view of her large, dark areolas and her erect nipplels jutted out like raisins. I wiped the soap on her chest and slipped a finger gingerly into her cleavage. Grandma let out a quiet moan. Immediately she came back to her senses and covered her chest with her hand.

“Come on grandma, no use covering up now. I’ve already seen everything there is to see.” I looked at her hungrily. “It was such a good welcome gift.”

“Sheee, such a shameless fellow!” Grandma said and wiped the soap suds on the chest.

Watching her jiggling breasts made me extremely hard, which didn’t go unnoticed by her. “Very shameless” She said, still staring at the tent made by my rock hard cock against the wet underwear, while she wiped away the soap.

I went closer to her, and she instinctively placed her arms across her chest. “Grandma, the welcome gift was good. But I liked my 18th birthday gift more.” I whispered into her ears. “Can you give me that gift again?”

She looked at me in shock. She saw the lustful hunger in my eyes and immediately lowered her gaze. I slowly pulled down my wet boxers and my hard dick sprang out, pointing at the ceiling. Grandma’s eyes went wide and she gasped audibly.

“Please grandma” I moaned into her ears. “It’s been so long since I…” I stopped, hoping she would understand.

She did. She began caressing my hard cock gently with her soapy hands. She pulled down the foreskin to reveal the thick pink head.

“You don’t wash it properly?” She asked, wiping the patches of smegma under the foreskin.

“Aaahhh…” I moaned at her touch on the most sensitive part of my cock.

“Shhh…” Grandma immediately stopped what she was doing. “You don’t want your mom to hear us do you?”

I shook my head to a no. She continued to stroke my cock and press against my bulbous head. My hands reached up to her breast. “Let me wipe this soap off you.” I said, squeezing and fondling it.

Grandma smiled knowingly and nodded her head.

Grandma started stroking me hard and fast. It didn’t take me long to reach my climax. Sounds of pleasure escaped my mouth instinctively. Grandma suddenly grabbed my neck and pushed my face against her breasts. I hungrily opened my mouth and began sucking on the soap flavoured fabric on her tits.

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