First Time with a Woman – Another True Story

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First Time with a Woman – Another True StoryAgain, let’s say I was 18 for the sake of publishing. And, again, apart from that detail, the rest of this story is all true.Now, this story picks up a few years after I first sucked some random guy’s cock. In the time since, I had satisfied a number of horny men with my enthusiastic blowjob giving. I had also had my own cock sucked a few times, and my asshole fingered (which I loved). I had not been fucked – I was too nervous and thought it would hurt bad. Nor had I fucked anyone else. My point is, though, I did have more sexual experiences, but up until this time, they had all been with men.When I went to high school, I lived less than a mile away. Not having a car, I would always walk there and back. At times, I got bored, and I would take a more roundabout route on the way home. On one of these occasions, a car slowed down, and pulled over ahead of me. The passenger window rolled down as I walked alongside. A woman in her early middle age was driving, and she asked me if I needed a ride. This was something new, and I thanked her and said, “sure”. I got in the passenger seat, and got a good look at her. She wasn’t a beauty by any means. Not ugly, either; she probably qualified as “slightly below average”. Shoulder-length, wavy brown hair framed her plain but pleasant face. She smiled, seeming genuinely happy to be giving me a ride. I couldn’t tell much about her body, as she was sitting and wearing a coat. She introduced herself; “I’m Cindy. Nice to meet you…?”I gave her my name, and held out a hand. She took it, and then placed my hand palm-down on her leg. She held it there, smiling as she drove.”Are you in a hurry to be anywhere?”, she asked.”No, I was actually just bored and walking around.””Would you mind spending some time with me? I live alone since my son moved out a few years ago. Would you like to come over for a while?”I was happy to, and told her. Now, keep in mind – prior to this, I had never spent any significant time alone with a girl or woman who wasn’t a relative. My imagination was going crazy, but I did not dare to actually think Cindy was interested in sex. I was hard as a rock, though, and already planning to jack off thinking about her later that night.We got to her house, in another part of town. I was not lost; I knew the area and my way around. It was about an hour’s walk from where I lived – nothing insurmountable. Cindy went to unlock her door, and she looked back, and caught me trying to check out her ass (her long coat made it difficult). She held the door for me but stood closer than necessary. She “accidentally” brushed the back of her wrist across my groin. I am no super-stud in the size department, but the stiffness could not be hidden. Cindy looked me right in the eyes, then, and grinned. So, she knew I was hard, and was happy about it. She took off her coat, and I saw an average, somewhat overweight body. Swaying, sagging breasts testified to no bra. I was mesmerized, and it was obvious. “Want to touch them?”, she asked me, with that same crooked smile.I could only nod.She unbuttoned her shirt, and I had my first eyeful of “live” tits. They were not that large, and in fact probably should have been bigger to better complement her body. The nipples were tiny and pale, barely darker than the surrounding skin. Stretch marks and veins completed the picture. They were magnificent. Trembling, I reached out and stroked them. “You can do more”, Cindy told me. “Squeeze them, I like that.”I did, still hesitant. I’m pretty sure I’d produced a tablespoon of pre-come, by this point. She got really close andI thought she was going to hug me. Instead, she slipped around behind me, and circled me with her arms. One hand reached under my t-shirt and slowly rubbed my chest and stomach.her other hand made circles on my jeans, just below the belt buckle. “You’re a virgin, right?””Uh, yeah.””I can help you with that.”I almost came, right there. Cindy undid my belt, and pulled down my pants and underwear, stillfrom behind. She guided me to a chair, gently spun me, and sat me down. Taking of her own pants, she stood in front of me. I could kilis escort not take my eyes off her neatly trimmed bush, and the faint trail of hair leading up to her bellybutton. The soft, stretch marked skin of her belly jiggled as she started to finger herself (note: this is probably the origin of my undying love for BBWs – I love a soft, fat belly on a woman). If she or I – or anything, even a stiff breeze – had touched my cock right then, I’d have exploded. Instead, she took the hand she’d been using to play with herself, and brought it to my face. Her scent was legitimately intoxicating. I didn’t have any frame of reference. Cindy’s pussy smelled strong, a musky, organic scent that, if possible, made me even hornier. She straddled me then, and I came hard as soon as her pussy lips rubbed my cock. She laughed, and said, “You really are a virgin! Good thing you’re young.” As advertised, I was already hardening again. Cindy led me, my legs shaking, to her bedroom. She had me sit on her bed, while she went in the bathroom to wash my come off herself. In a minute, she was back, and laid down next to me.”Do you know how to eat pussy?”I did not, but I really wanted to. One thing I learned about myself sexually, when I was sucking all those cocks: I absolutely love to get another person off. Knowing I’ve made someone come sends my own libido through the roof. Unfortunately, nearly all my encounters previously had been with older “one and done” men, so I would be left with a mouthful of come , a satisfied guy taking off, and my hard cock demanding I take care of it.So, I shook my head; no, I didn’t know how.”Good – that means I can teach you!”I knew enough to put my face between her thighs. I lost myself a bit, seeing a real pussy, and up close, for the first time. I started to lick the whole thing, up and down. “I like that, but I want you to open my lips.” It should be stated, whatwver Cindy’s perceived physical imperfections, her pussy was genuinely beautiful. Lush, fleshy lips covered by fine hair parted at my fingers. She was wet. Not dripping or anything, but noticeably wet. I started to stick my tongue directly inside her, thinking this was what she wanted.”Oooohhh”, she breathed, “that is so good. Don’t stop. Oh yeah, lick my pussy. Ohh, so fucking good.” Somehow, I kept my free hand away from my cock, or I’d have shot again.”Lick my clit now”, Cindy instructed. I knew what a clit was, of course, but I needed her guidance to find it. Cindy’s clit wasn’t large, but it was engorged. I put my lips around it and started to suck.”Tttsssss!” was sort of the sound she made. “Not like that, too sensitive! Lick it.”I did, and I got more and more aroused by Cindy’s sounds, scent, and movements. She was squirming, rubbing her pussy into my face.I don’t know how long I stayed like that, but I could have stayed forever.Finally, she pulled my head up. She was breathing hard and sweating, and her voice was hoarse. “Fuck me. Fuck me now!”This time, I got all the way inside her, and managed two or three thrusts before I came. Looking back, I’m not even sure she noticed. I was ready to go again very soon, and made it last a few minutes. I think my cock had “dry heaves” by then. When I came back from the bathroom, Cindy’s demeanor had changed. She wasn’t at all rude or even really cold, but she seemed somewhat rushedand businesslike. She said it was probably past time I got home, and said we should get dressed. Misunderstanding her reasoning, I told her I had plenty of time, as I had no set schedule. She told me then it wasn’t a good idea to take it too far, and I understood then we would not be meeting up again. I had Cindy drop me off at a shopping plaza close to my house. My mind was racing a million miles an hour. I ended up walking around again, to try to sort things out. I didn’t know what it was about, or why it was me. Years later, I think “why me” came down to “right place, right time”. It could have easily been – and I’m sure it was, many other times – any teenage virgin. I think Cindy really was a lonely person, and found happiness in “teaching” you guys like me. Honestly, lokking back, I’m pretty sure that experience may have messed me up a bit, but I’d do it all over again.

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