Fraternity Housewife Ch. 10

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Chapter Ten – Alan’s Story

He laid back and put his hands behind his head, looking at the ceiling. I figured he was getting his thoughts in order and I stayed quiet. In due course, he started.

“My mother was crazy,” he began and then took a breath and started again.

“No, that’s not fair. My mother had a brain tumor and that made her crazy. My cousin’s wife had left my abusive cousin and was living with us. To say she had issues would be an understatement and over the course of a few months she, well, she pretty much took control of mom.”

“Anyway, one afternoon, I was 18 at the time, I got home from school, and Lee, my cousin’s wife, was home but mom wasn’t. Nothing unusual but she had, pretty obviously, been drinking. Well, that wasn’t unusual either.”

“Oh hell, let me start over.”

“My cousin’s wife came to live with us when things got too bad with my cousin. He was abusive and when she showed up at the house I remember she had a black eye and bruises on both arms. Anyway, she moved in, my mom called Don, her cousin, and told him to stay away or she’d just shoot him, and Lee took over my bedroom relegating me to the back room with its bunk bed.”

“She had been living with us for a few months and I noticed a change in mom. She and Lee would go out and often I would be asleep before they got home. I would make a sandwich and watch TV. All in all, it was a pretty good deal for an 18-year-old boy.”

“Then one day I came home and Lee was there, sitting at the table.”

“She had obviously been crying so, being a young gentleman I asked her what was wrong.”

“She smiled, I guess you’d say she smiled ‘wanly’ and showed me a piece of paper. It turned out Don was filing for divorce on the grounds of adultery.”

“Then she smiled, well, looking back I guess you’d say it was a predatory grin rather than a smile.”

“She took my hand and laid it on her breast, hard in the padded bra she wore. When I didn’t react she giggled softly, and said, ‘oh, come on Alan, I’ve seen you looking at me.'”

“She stood then, did that crossed arm thing all women seem to know how to do, and peeled off the T-shirt she was wearing. Then she did the double-jointed thing behind her back and unhooked her bra. She tossed it and the T-shirt on the couch and stood before me, naked from the waist up.”

“‘You like?’ she asked and I just stared.”

“She was a small-breasted woman, with breasts that sagged slightly. Her areolas and were very dark, almost red, and her nipples were big, like a thumb sticking out from her breast. I realize, now, that she was excited but back then I really had no idea what hard nipples meant.”

“In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I was kind of backward. Hell, I was probably the only Senior in my high school class who was still a virgin.”

“Anyway, she took my hand again and put it on her breast.”

“‘Go ahead honey,’ she said, her breath catching a little, ‘play with them. I like it.'”

“So I did.”

“I squeezed gently, and then harder as her breath caught and I caught, for the first time, that soft hum she would make when she was enjoying what was being done to her.”

“‘Easy Alan,’ she said when I got too rough, but she was giggling as she said it.”

“She pushed me away then, just a little, and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pushed them down. Her panties were what I now know is French Cut with high leg holes but plenty of material covering her ass and pubic thatch.”

“She struck a quick pose, like a pinup, her left leg lifted slightly and right arm straight up.”

“‘You like?’ she asked again and I managed to nod this time.”

“Then she bent and pushed the panties down, and stood naked before me.”

“She was a slender woman, verging on being skinny. Thin arms and legs, visible ribs, what we call these days a thigh gap.”

“Her breasts, with those big hard nipples grabbed my attention. But as my eyes moved down her body I found more and more that I found, well, interesting. Her ribs showed although she was not anorexic or anything. There was a light mass of stretch marks low on her belly, disappearing into the thick, bright orange thatch of her pubic hair. Did I mention she was a redhead? van escort Her legs were thin but muscular, a runner’s legs. Her feet were long with nails done bright red.”

“When I looked up, my eyes completing their up and down look, she was smiling.”

“She crooked her finger in the universal ‘come here’ symbol and I went.”

“She didn’t say anything as she unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off of my arms. Then she got to her knees, took my right foot to untie my shoe, and then take it and my sock off. She did my left foot. Then my belt and jeans button and zipper and worked my jeans down and off, leaving me in my shorts, my tidy whities in those days.”

“She smiled up at me as she cupped my balls and squeezed hard enough to hurt and make me gasp.”

‘”This stays in your pants,’ she said, smiling and squeezing, ‘you understand?'”

“I managed a ‘yes’ and she patted where she had been squeezing, then she stood and led me to what used to be my bed, leaving our clothes in the front room.”

“I enjoyed watching her ass as she walked. It was slender and firm, the big gluteus muscles moving interestingly with each stop. She crawled up onto the bed, plumped a pillow against the headboard, and, again, crooked her finger, beckoning me to join her.”

“When I sat beside her she lit a cigarette, one of the Kools she kept on the nightstand, blew smoke at the ceiling and looking at the ceiling, not at me, said, ‘Alan, at least one man in this family is going to know how to please a woman.’ She took another drag on the cigarette and sort of chuckled, a raspy smoker’s soft laugh, and said, ‘and I have decided it’s going to be you.'”

“I was too nervous to say anything so I didn’t.”

“She chuckled again and said, ‘dammit, I’m thirsty. Run get me a beer, would you baby?'”

“I rolled off of the bed and got about two steps when she said, ‘get one for yourself if you want.'”

“I felt that odd combination of boy/man all boys go through as I walked, my erection pointing the way, got two Coors cans, opened them, and went back to the bedroom where I thought she might have changed her mind and be gone.”

“But she was still there.”

“She took the beer I offered and took a deep drink from it. I mirrored her action. I had, of course, tasted beer before but this was the first time I had ever been allowed to drink one in company.”

“And it hit me. I was 18 and about 145 pounds and with that first drink, I caught what I would later think of as a buzz.”

“And I liked it.”

“She was smiling.”

“‘Okay Alan,’ she said, taking my hand and guiding it under the elastic of my waistband, ‘lesson one.'”

“Her fingers covered mine and gently squeezed where I was so hard it hurt. Then, in a dozen quick strokes, she had me ejaculating.”

“‘See how easy it is to satisfy a man,’ she said, dragging her forefinger through the puddle I had made and then slowly, with a sensuousness I had never even imagined, put the finger in her mouth, pursed her lips, and noisily sucked as she pulled the finger free.”

“‘Now this,’ she said, ‘is your responsibility, not mine,’ as she squeezed where I had softened.”

“‘Now,’ she said, smiling, ‘what about me?'”

“I said nothing.”

“She brushed her lips with a semen-laden finger and said, ‘kiss me, honey.'”

“So I did.”

“Well, I guess you could call it a kiss. It was what I had shared with my mother or my aunt from time to time.”

“She giggled.”

“‘No baby,’ she said, this time her voice low and serious, ‘kiss me properly.'”

“And she demonstrated, kissing me with parted lips, her tongue probing, touching, flicking.”

“For the next measurable fraction of eternity, or maybe 10 minutes, we practiced kissing until, when we broke, she said, ‘much better.'”

“‘Now kiss my neck, right here,’ she said, touching a spot just below her ear.”

“For the next measurable fraction of eternity, I nuzzled and kissed her neck, touching with my tongue, hearing her soft hum of pleasure, making her giggle when I traced the shell of her ear probed the canal with my tongue. The beer and the nearness of a naked woman had broken down my inhibitions.”

“She was giggling as she escort van pushed me away.”

“‘You’re a natural Alan,’ she said.”

“‘Now,’ she said after taking a drink, ‘work on your touching.'”

“She took my right hand in her left and lifted my arm, then with her left hand, she lightly caressed the soft area on the inside of my upper arm, raising goosebumps and making me shiver.”

“‘Like that,’ she breathed into my ear.”

“She released me and said, ‘your turn honey.'”

“So I tried to mimic what she had done.”

“‘Easy baby,’ she said at first, ‘I’m not a cat.'”

“As I practiced I got better until she was humming softly, a sound I came to crave from her.”

“Again she caught my hand and pushed it away.”

“Another drink and then she lifted her right breast with her hand.”

“‘My breast honey. My tit or my titty. Not really big enough to be jugs or hooters or headlights or any of the other things men call them. Boobs I suppose too,’ she said, her eyes a little unfocused.”

“She brushed her nipple and I watched, fascinated, as it sprang out, hardening as I watched, and her areolas tightened, little love bumps showing clearly.”

“‘Play with them, honey,’ she said, laying back on her pillows and relaxing.”

“So I did.”

“At first I was lightly caressing, as I had with her arm.”

“‘That’s nice honey,’ she said in that low, contented voice, ‘a little harder now.'”

“So I spent another fraction of eternity playing, squeezing, hearing her moan and then groan and then whisper ‘yessssssssssssssss.’ Finding her nipples hard, and rolling them, twisting, drawing more soft moans and light hums and sudden groans when I twisted.”

“Her head was thrown back and she was panting when she said, softly, ‘use your mouth baby.'”

“I bent and kissed, and licked, and then took her nipple into my mouth.”

“She hissed a long and sibilant ‘yessssssssssssssssss’ as I pulled more, taking her nipple and areola and some additional tissue into my mouth and began naturally massaging it with my tongue against the roof of my mouth.”

“I nursed for another fraction of eternity and she reached up, used her finger to break my latch onto her breast, and offered me her other breast.”

“I latched on eagerly.”

((Becky’s note: I am putting this down as accurately as I can remember. I won’t deny, though, that as he talked I was getting so damn aroused that I might have missed something.))

“And I nursed some more, settling into the crook of her arm as she stroked my hair and hummed a little lullaby.”

“And I was hard again, grinding against her thigh.”

“She giggled and broke my latch again, and reached down where I was hard.”

“‘Go ahead honey,’ she said, now that predatory grin on her face again, ‘take care of yourself. I want to watch.'”

“I took another drink from the beer and laid back, my hand going under my waistband and grasping where I was hard.”

“Her tongue traced the shell of my ear and her breath was warm when she breathed, ‘go ahead baby, take care of yourself.'”

“So I began jacking off. I had cum just a few minutes before but, well, I was 18 and it didn’t take long before I squeezed out a thin stream of semen.”

“Her breath was taken in sharply when she watched me cum and she whispered, ‘so beautiful.'”

“I relaxed, my shorts sticky now, and she took another drink from her beer and lit another cigarette.”

“She took my hand and guided it to the thick thatch of hair between her legs.”

“‘What do you call it honey?’ she asked.”

“‘Call it?’ I asked, okay, stupidly.”

“‘Yes honey,’ she said, pressing my hand harder against her, using her finger to press mine to where she was wet, ‘what do you call it.'”

“‘Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm,’ I managed, ‘your pussy?'”

“‘That’s right honey,’ she said, ‘my pussy. Of course, if you’re crude like Don it’s my cunt or my snatch or my box. If your a Brit it might be my quim. Or if you’re like your mom, it’s Kitty,’ and with that, she broke into giggles.”

“Her finger was pressing mine again, working under what I now understand was her clitoral hood and finding that little button.”

“‘It’s called a clitoris van escort bayan (she pronounced it clitoaris),’ she said, guiding my finger in small circles.”

“‘Don always called it the little man in the boat,’ she went on, and reached down to touch where I was, for a wonder, soft still, ‘it’s my equivalent of what you have.'”

“She laid back, legs parted, as I continued what she had started, slowly masturbating her although, of course, I didn’t know that word at the time.”

“When she came it was spectacular. She cried out, did a half sit-up, and soaked my hand instantly with her release.”

“And her womanscent, that pheromone-laden scent only a fully aroused woman can produce, got to me. I was suddenly hard again.”

“She got herself back under control, panting, gasping actually, until she could relax.”

“‘You’re a natural,’ she said, reaching for me and pulling me to her, kissing me softly.”

“I latched onto her nipple again making her giggle.”

“‘Oh Alan,’ she said, pushing me away, ‘you’re not nearly done yet.'”

“I waited.”

“‘Okay sweety, get on your knees between mine,’ she said softly.”

“I did.”

“She spread her legs even wider and then laid her palms high on her inner thighs, highlighting the thickly covered, full lips between her legs.”

“‘They’re called the labia honey,’ she said, sounding almost pedantic, ‘actually the labia majora,’ she went on, ‘the outer lips.'”

“She rocked her hips a little.”

“‘Kiss my lips, honey,’ she said softly.”

“So I bent and kissed where she wanted me to. The hair was thick and coarse and tickled my lips, and her womanscent was heady and I inhaled deeply.”

“‘Again baby,’ she said and I did, this time kissing as if it was her mouth, kissing her, my tongue probing gently.”

“‘Enough honey,’ she said, her hand pushing my head gently.”

“Then she used her fingers to spread her labia. I was fascinated at the silvery threads of her natural lubricant, her mucus membranes working hard, that connected the lips when she did that.”

“And then I was absolutely captivated by the very pink folds I saw there.”

“‘My inner lips honey,’ she said, ‘the labia minora.'”

“She used her fingertips to gently part the delicate folds and said, softly, breathily, ‘kiss my lips baby.'”

“I didn’t hesitate. I bent and kissed, inhaling her scent, tasting the slightly tangy saltiness of her love nectar. I kissed them gently, my tongue probing now, wanting more.”

“And I got more. She came, explosively, filling my mouth suddenly with her nectar. I swallowed it greedily, wanting more as I kept kissing and licking and drinking her.”

“Her fingers entwined in my hair and she pushed me away.”

“‘Oh God baby,’ she said, ‘enough for now.'”

“So I laid my face against the mat of her pubic hair and relaxed, reaching down to where I was hard again and starting to masturbate again.”

“She rested, panting, for a few minutes while I struggled to cum, finally squeezing a few drops out.”

“Finally she rolled far enough to grab her beer and light another cigarette, laying there, smoking and drinking and stroking my hair.”

“When she stubbed out the cigarette she pushed me away and reached down to open herself again.”

“I watched those silvery threads and those pink folds.”

“Then she pushed her fingers in farther and deliberately pulled herself open.”

“This wasn’t just parting her lips and offering me a place to kiss. She pulled herself wide open and I could see that dark tunnel now held open wide enough that I could have put my entire hand in.”

“She took a deep breath and said, ‘now watch baby.'”

“She sort of grunted and as I watched what I later understood was her uterus and cervix moved into view. Her cervix looked like a tiny mouth, smiling at me. It was pink and shiny and I couldn’t resist kissing it. She didn’t need to ask.”

“The kiss wasn’t enough though, I pushed my face against her until my lips could cover her cervix and I started sucking, gently, feeling her swelling even more.”

“I nursed, gently, at her uterus like that until she came again, explosively, and in her sudden contraction, she jerked free, spraying her pleasure all over my face.”

“Becky, I loved the sensation.”

“She was laughing and crying and when she held her arms out I went to her, embracing and kissing while she trembled.”

“When I latched on to her breast again, I’m not sure which of us went to sleep first.”

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