Friends for Life – Part 3

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Friends for Life – Part 3Friends for Life – Part 3Rick’s body, tight and hot, sweaty from her Uncle Colby’s thrusting – I wanted to lick it all over, every inch – but on top of it all, I wanted my first taste of cock and cum real bad! He had just asked me to suck his cock, who was I to argue?  But suddenly Rick sat back up on the bed! “Not yet my love” . . . let me introduce myself – my name is Rita.  Say it darling.  Call me by my name”.  I stood there for a second – took another look at his/her body and slowly said it, “very nice to meet you Rita” with a hungry smile!  She was obviously teasing me and my dick . . . and I liked it.  Sitting at the edge of her bed, Rita said “good boy” and waved me closer to her face with her finger.  I suddenly sensed that I was stroking my cock hoping to somehow make it harder, even more red at the head . . . yes, my balls ached making cum and wondering when I was going to shoot it at my new girlfriend! Looking in Rita’s eyes – I was not ready for edirne escort her to unloosen my hand and fingers of the death grip I had on my dick . . . I looked down and while I did, she gently kissed my lips.  She gently grabbed my cock again and brought it and the rest of my body closer to the bed.  Rita laid back down on the bed in one smooth motion – all the while leading me and my cock on the bed with her.  The tease trail led to my body straddling her – my cock, dangerously close to touching hers, hovering.   “You’ve fucked girls and looked at porn, mostly gay – but you’ve never been with a CD or guy before, have you my love”?  I wanted to tout like I always did in the past when someone asked about my sexual adventures with girls . . .but I wanted this so bad – and was a rookie to this scene, I thought better of it.  “No, this is the first time ever.  I have imagined and fantasized while stroking my cock . . . but I want it all now, the escort edirne real thing!  More importantly, I want to learn what I’ve been missing!  Rita, please teach me everything baby”!Rita smiled . . . that’s all you had to say!  She brought my dick and laid it gently on hers . . . then squeezed our cocks together, slowly stroking them in unison.  I immediately felt I was going to cum everywhere, but was fighting the urge with all my might!  Thank god . . . an interruption from the audience!!”Be gentle girl” said Uncle Colby, sitting, stroking his cock from the corner of the room.   “That gay stud is ready to explode – why don’t you let him find out more about your body first”?  Let him start at your nipples and move his way down to where it matters”.   Rita looked up and acknowledged his Uncle’s suggestion . . . she let go of my dick and instead slipped her black bra to the right – so her firm and perky tit could be found by my eyes.I slowly moved edirne escort bayan down to her chest and unleashed my tongue to work it’s magic (as it had done on girls in the past . . . sure was hoping it would have the same impact on Rita).  I circled her nipple several times, making it wet and harder, while Rita moaned.  I then moved on to her other tit – moving the black bra encasing it away from my lips.  I licked and bit her tits until . . . She then moved my head down from her chest towards her stomach. I noticed that her abs – always firm and taut, reflected her heavy breathing of anticipation.  Not sure who was breathing faster/deeper . . . but I loved licking her body – and moved quickly to playing with her neatly shaved area right above her clitty!  It was mine at last . . . my lips and tongue took it!I loved the taste, the look, the length (7 inches was my estimate) – from stalk to the head of her thin cock.  I stroked it and could feel it stiffen.  I licked her balls, sucked them like a pro (I thought).  I angled her cock straight, and moved my head and lips directly above my target . . . then slowly brought my lips down over the head!  I wanted it, I needed it, I gave my first blow job and was loving it . . . then, I felt it.  Uncle Colby! To Be Continued 

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