Fur Wrapped Present Pt. 03

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Amanda could hardly walk, her inner thighs tingled with so much excitement for what was to come. She would finally get to punish her slave. However, punishment was, at its core, anti-thematic to what Amanda wanted to do. The Princess, ultimately,. wanted her slave completely immobilized and wrapped in a furry cocoon as much as possible, with brief moments of semi-freedom for bathroom breaks and to eat and drink. Downstairs, Millie-Kay lounged in her day bed, wrapped in a bearskin rug.

“Hello darling,” said Millie-Kay.

“Oh Mommy, what am I going to do?”

“What do you mean?”

“When I went to play with my new toy, she clenched, and now she needs to be punished.”

“Severely. What are you thinking?”

“Oh I don’t know, I want to keep her mummified as much as possible. Immobility is part of the turn on for me. Punishing her would require me letting her out, and I just don’t think I can.”

“Nonsense. We’ll figure something out, baby. In fact, where is she now?”

“In bed.”


“Of course.”

“Good. Go shopping, take Mommy’s credit card, buy whatever you want. I will think of a way to punish Kitten.”

“OK! Thanks!” Amanda rushed upstairs to change. Quickly, she tore off her floor-length fox coat and tossed it haphazardly over her fur covered mummy-slave. Next, she put on clothes appropriate for the fall, including a white rabbit jacket, and matching ear muffs. “Oh Kitten,” said Amanda, knowing full well that MaryAnn couldn’t hear a jet plane much less her mistress mummified under all that fur. “I’m going out. You behave yourself, and don’t go anywhere,” hehe, “as if you had a choice.” Amanda finished readying herself, and left the room, leaving MaryAnn alone in the furs, mummified. “Bye Mama,” said Amanda as she left, leaving her Kitten to be punished as her mother saw fit.

Millie-Kay was already half-way to Amanda’s room when Amanda pulled out of the driveway. She had stopped by her own room to grab some supplies, but was now ready as ever to punish Kitten.

Carefully, Millie-Kay opened the door to her daughter’s room, and quietly creeped inside. Even knowing full well that Kitten couldn’t hear her, she couldn’t stop herself from sneaking and wanting to maintain an element of surprise. Millie-Kay, ran the last couple of feet to the bed, cackling as she wrapped her arms around the fur-covered slave girl, fondling her. “MMMMMPPPPFF!” excalimed the fur-mummy in surprise.

“SHH. It’s OK, baby. I gotcha. You’re not going anywhere. Beautiful, beautiful fur slut. SO amazing. Shh shh shush. Hush now. Let me get this hood off of you.” Millie-Kay, reached under the hood and pulled it off. “Ah see, there we go. Such a beautiful fur slave. The best birthday gift ever.”

“Wha…what are you doing,” asked Kitten.

“Shh shh shh. No time for that. We must hurry. Amanda is gone, and could kastamonu escort be back soon. Let’s get you out of here.” What was happening? Was Millie-Kay helping MaryAnn escape?

MaryAnn stayed silent as Millie-Kay released the straps binding her and pulled off the hobble-skirt and straitjacket. It felt good to finally be released. MaryAnn’s arms ached from the constant strict bondage, and the cool air made her skin prickle. She said nothing, for fear one wrong word would get her ordered back into the furs.

“On the ground slut,” ordered Millie-Kay. MaryAnn did as she was bid, kneeling before her princess’ mother. Queen? Mistress? What would she want to be called?

“You are Kitten, Slut, Cunt, Slave, Girl, or whatever names pass our fancy that day. Do you understand?”


“You are to refer to me as Mommy.”

“Yes Mommy.”


“I am going to ask you a few questions. Do not lie, or I will make you wish you were never born.”

“…” MaryAnn didn’t respond, she was not asked a question or given permission to speak. Millie-Kay walked over to one of Amanda’s drawers and produced a riding crop.

“First question: Do you enjoy it here?”

“Yes Mother.” CRACK. The crop caught her across the face.

“I KNOW when you are lying. Slut. I’ll ask again. Do you enjoy it here?”

“It… could be better.”

“Aww. Poor Kitten. It could be better? How’s that? Treat you like family? Call you by “Mary-Grace” or whatever stupid fucking name your parents gave you? Well guess what? Never going to happen. You are a slave. PROPERTY. For us to use and abuse whenever the mood strikes us. Got it?” Kitten began to cry. SMACK. “Got it, Cunt?”

“Yes Mommy.”

“Good. Next question: Did you clench, when my daughter tried to play with you?

“Yes. But I swear, it was an accident. I didn’t mean to. She just surpri….” SMACK.

“Shut up, Bitch! I didn’t ask for excuses. I am going to punish you now. On the bed backside up. NOW!”

Kitten did as she was bid, burying her face in a pillow and bracing for impact. Millie-Kay grabbed a shock of Kitten’s hair and pulled her face out from the pillow. “Face up. Dumb bitch. Now, I want you to count each strike, and thank me for them. Are those instructions clear Slut?”



“Mommy. Yes Mommy.”

“Good. Now let’s begin.”

The first hit struck Kitten just above her pussy, sending waves of pleasurable pain up the slave’s body. “Ugh. One. Thank you.” The second strike hit slightly to the left. “Ugh. Two. Thank you.” The third, four and fifth hits all struck with great force. Each, in turn, Kitten counted out. After the fifth strike, Millie-Kay switched to a switch. Six, seven and eight all followed in quick succession. Each strike stung and left a red raised stripes on Kitten’s ass. “Six, thank escort kastamonu you. Seven, thank you. Eight, thaaannnnkkkk yoooouuu!” The eighth strike broke Kitten into a mass of sobs and tears. Millie-Kay took the tears as a sign that she should go harder, and doubled the strength with which she stuck Kitten. Four more stripes, and Kitten could no longer speak. The pain was too great. Her sobs had turned her words to garbled mush.

“PLEEAASSEE,” Kitten begged, “I’m SORRY! MAKE IT STOP!”

“You want it to stop? Well then, just one more question.” Millie-Kay walked over to Amanda’s dresser and removed something from one of the drawers. Walking over to the still raised ass of Kitten, Millie-Kay began to rub. Kitten winched expecting pain, but was instead greeted by the soft massage of a fur glove on her ass. “Was that a clench I saw? Do I need to start over?”

“No Mommy. Please, I’ll be good. I learned. Please.”

“Oh all right. One final question then.” Millie-Kay began to rub Kitten’s engorged pussy, with her lynx glove. “Who owns this?” Millie-Kay began to rub harder. “This pussy right here, who owns it?”

“You do Mommy.”



“That’s right. Good girl.” Millie-Kay quickened her rubbing, with that so too did the speed of Kitten’s breathing. She’s turned on, thought Millie-Kay. “Hm, one MORE, do you get any say in what happens to this pussy?”

“No, Mommy.”

“That’s right, no say, at all.” Millie-Kay sped up again, quickening the furring, Kitten groaned with pleasure. Immediately, Millie-Kay stopped. “No. Only good slaves get to cum. And you, my dear, have thus far been very naughty.”

“Thank you, Mommy.”

“You are welcome. Unprompted too? You are finally getting it I think. Before I mummify you again, which is happening, no sense in begging. I think the straitjacket and hobble dress need to be washed and re-fluffed. Also you could use a wash too I think. OK! Off the bed, kneel on the floor, now.” Kitten did as she was told, eyes submissively downcast. “Good. I’m going to make a few calls, as well as supper. You stay right here. I am trusting you. If you betray that trust, and try to run, I’ll make you wish I had run you over, instead of offering you a ride.”

Kitten said nothing as Millie-Kay gathered up the straitjacket and hobble dress and left the room. She’s leaving me? Unbound, and alone? It has to be a trick.

Kitten sat still for what felt like hours, the welts on her bottom ached as her heels dug into them. In truth, she had probably only been there for half an hour at most. She dared not move, maybe one day she would have a chance to escape, this day however, was not that day.

Suddenly, the door swung open making Kitten jump. On the other side of it was Jacinda, dressed in her french maid’s outfit.

“Oh my god,” said Kitten. “It’s kastamonu escort bayan you again.”

“Yes. It’s me. I’ve come to take you away. To rescue you.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“What? These crazy women threatened me not to talk. But I did. The police are on their way now. We need to go.”

“NO! You’re lying.”

“I’m not. Miss. Millie has ordered me to bathe and feed you. But we can escape now, while she is not expecting.”

“STOP! Mommy! Help!”

“OK, OK. I’ll bathe you.”

“And feed me?”

“Yes, yes. That too.”

“Let’s go.”

In the bathroom Jacinda drew Kitten’s bath “Get in,” she said.

Kitten did as she was told and got in. The bath water was cold.

“Brr,” Kitten shook, “why is it so cold?”

“Because, Mistress Millie told me to draw it cold. She said it would make you love your furry encasement even more. Now take a bite of your supper.” The slave girl took a bite of the steak and onions Mommy had cooked for her. It was warm as opposed to the cold water. I’m to shave you as well. A sign of your servitude.

“My hair? Why?”

“Because Miss Millie has ordered it. Now,” Jacinda hushed her tone, “we could always go.”

“I already said no.”

“OK, OK.”

“But, if you ever wish to go. Just let me know. I’m here every week. At Least once a week.”


“Okay then, time to say goodbye to your hair.”

“Do I have to?”

“Yes. Otherwise Mistress will be cross with us both.” Jacinda grabbed the clippers and started shaving. After she was done, Jacinda grabbed the razors and began going at the stubble on Kitten’s head until she was completely bald. “Done. Now stand up.” Kitten stood up, and Jacinda began to shave the rest of her body starting at her ankles and making her way up to the stubble on her pussy. “Okay. All done.” Jacinda drained and cleaned the tub, while Kitten stood in the mirror examining her newly bald head. After the maid finished her cleaning, she stood up and took Kitten’s hand. “Alright darling. Back to the furs with you.”

“What?” asked Kitten.

“Mistress in addition to feeding and bathing you has asked that you be put back into mummification-bondage.”

“Oh,” Kitten said sullenly.

“Let’s go.”

Jacinda led Kitten back into Amanda’s bedroom, where the straitjacket and hobble-dress sat freshly washed and fluffed. Forlornly and without protest, KItten allowed the fur-lined (chinchilla inside and fox out) straitjacket and hobble dress to be pulled on and tightened, completely immobilizing her. In the center of the bed she lay, immobilized and encased in fur, her freshly shaved body being tickled all around.

Millie-Kay appeared in the doorway. “Leave us.” Jacinda left the room. Millie-Kay walked over to the fur-mummy and stroked her up and down. “You were such a good Kitten. Now, you just relax. I’m sure your Princess will be home to play with you soon.” Once again the fur hood was pulled down over Kitten’s head, blinding her, deafening her, and leaving her completely encased in chinchilla and fox.

(If anyone has any ideas on how you would like things to proceed, don’t hesitate to DM me and let me know )

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