Subject: Ginger Jason (5) This is a story about the guys at a local grocery store. I am finding that a lot of hot guys go there. And work there. This one is just another encounter story about a guy at the place Of course this does not presume that these hot men would take part in a gay experience. But it would be great. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Ginger Jason (5) … Yes we were on our way to have sex. Jason and I. We stepped into the room. He took another drink and then said to pour him some more. So I did. I lifted the wine bottle and poured out some more wine into his glass. Then I placed it down on the dresser. Then I took a big swallow as I watched Jason begin to take off his clothes. He first dripped his pants as they were already loose. Then he went for his shirt. Pulling it off in moments. And then he stood there mostly naked save for the dark briefs. He was a sight to behold. That was for sure. Chest a nice firm looking one with tiny hairs on him. Swirling in a lighter gingery brown than his crotch. His arms and shoulders were very nice to look at too. Toned and athletic. He legs long and athletic as well and with even lighter almost blonde hairs on them. “Like?'” he asked as he saw me staring “Uh huh” I huffed back “Like a lot” I then licked at my lips as I did just stare at him. I was ever so hungry for the hot man standing there before me. I wanted to just eat him up alive. Jason then suggested that I join him in nakedness. That he wanted to see me as well. Now my body was no where near as nice as his. Jason’s chest was bigger, and so we’re bursa escort his arms. And he was certainly far better looking than myself. Not that I am ugly. I am okay in my own. But next to this gorgeous man I was pretty dull and almost ordinary. But I did as this beautiful man wanted I started to drive myself. Jason looked at me as I did. He smiled as he saw my chest exposed. Then he placed a hand on my shoulder as I bent over to pull my pants down. Keeping me steady Soni did not fall. I grabbed his arm as I did. Feeling the hairs in it as I held myself to him. Then I too was standing there in my underwear. Just like him. “Looking good” he said to me And then Jason reached over to me and grabbed at my crotch. Then he squeezed at my dick through the briefs I had in “Feels nice too” he said “Was hoping you would be hotter like this” “And very pleased” Then Jason came in closer to me. He grabbed my face and then said to kiss him. And that was something I was more than happy to do. Kiss this gorgeous man. So I leaned in to him and we pressed our mouths to one anothers. Jason’s lips were moist and ready for mine. And they were soft and tasted like something sweet. His tongue pushed itself into my mouth as we started to make out. And I took it from him. Jason then grabbed my sides and pulled me to his body. I felt his heat against me as he did this. I felt his chest press to mine and I get his dick below also press to my crotch. And that area was warmer than the rest of him. “Hmm” he hummed as we still kissed Then he pulled from my mouth as his hand reached around and grabbed at my ass. Squeezing the buttocks bursa escort bayan with his palm. “Feels very very nice” he then said “Gonna live tapping this” And then he smacked my ass. I felt a light stung in the flesh. But nothing serious. I looked at the sexy guy standing before me. I looked at his eyes they were filled with his desire. I looked at his nice body. Knowing it would be pressed to mine again. His arms that had just held me moments before still at my sides. Then as I was about to move to do my part for him. As I was about to go down to my knees to go for his confined cock Jason did. He dropped to the floor before me and he thanked down my underwear. Freeing up my already twitching cock. “Hmm. Very nice indeed” he said Then I felt him go down on my dick. His lips wrapping around my shaft as he started to pleasure my cock. I moaned as I felt his tongue start to work me. His lips to slide up and down my already hard dick. I could not believe that this hot man was down there sucking me off. It was what I was expecting to do. But there I was with this gorgeous guy slurping in my hardened dick. Giving me the pleasure I so wanted to give him. All in all it was a good thing. For I was getting the pleasure I usually was denied in sexual situations. And it was by this hot ass ginger dude. “Hmmf fuck baby” I cooed “Sure know your way around dick Jason” “Fuckk!” And Jason just sucked. No answer if any kind. He just blew my dick up real good. Stroking in the shaft when he wasn’t trying to deep throat me. And all I could do was moan and push back at his head. Hump at the mouth that was doing escort bursa such a nice job in my aching cock. “Hmmf. Yess!” I moaned some more I was loving this beauty’s mouth in my dick. But I wanted my turn on him. So I begged Jason to stop as he was pulling me too close to orgasm. Then I told him to get up so I could reciprocate. He gladly stood up and then stood there before me. Naked. I gazed at his body. It surly was a lovely thing to behold. Nice and athletic. With all the right amounts of muscle in him that a man should. His chest was strong and furry. I reached out to touch it. Feeling the man’s heart beat against my fingers as I did. “Man you are stunning” I said as I looked up at his face “Why thank you” he exclaimed back I then moved my hand down his body and grabbed hold of his semi rigid dick. It felt very very nice in my hand. And I knew I would enjoy his delicious looking cut cock. I gently pulled in his shaft. Feeling as it tried to respond to me some as I did. “Hmm” he sighed as I did I wanted this hit man. More so than I had imagined now that he was before me and naked as the day he was born. Feeling his growing dick in my grubby hand. I then leaned in and moved to his mouth to kiss him. His eyes fell on mine and then we did. Pressing lips to one anothers. I kissed Jason for a few moments. All the while still stroking at his dick. I then kissed his neck and shoulder. Then moved down his awesome body. I then got on my knees and pulled his dick into my hungry mouth. And there it was. The first taste of his lovely dick. And it was extraordinary, like he was. So I just went down on his still not fill hard dick. Taking it all into my mouth. Jason moaned above me as he felt my tongue drag down his cock shaft. “Ughnn. Yeah man. Yess!”.. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to come

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