Great Party

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Big Dicks

Billy waited on the curb in the loading bay behind the Spar shop. His best mate Duncan would come through the door any minute, wearing his sexy grey work shirt with rolled up sleeves. He’d be irritable and tired after his double shift, and maybe a bit sweaty in the summer heat.

With a long sigh Billy pondered his painful crush. Duncan was just so dreamy. Of course he never let on, he couldn’t imagine how the lads would react if they knew he was gay.

“Fuckin’ long!” the blonde Adonis moaned when he finally appeared.

Billy drew a pre-rolled bifta from his pocket and sparked up, passing it over directly to placate his pal. Duncan didn’t thank him, just complained about how the toilet was out of order,

“I’ve got a piss-boner the size of a fuckin’ salami.”

Billy blushed. He’d seen Duncan’s dick and it was nice. His own penis was tiny. Like a micropenis. The Lads all called him dinky and were always making jokes about it. Duncan came up with the name, and it stuck. It made him feel silly and small, but he also really like it. He had a silly dream that the guys would all fuck him with their big smelly dicks, chatting down to him the whole time about how useless his willy is.

Nice dream.

Duncan took himself aside to splash his pent-up pee into the gutter. Billy tried not to get caught peeking.

“Come on then, dinks,” he beckoned when he was done, flicking the roach away and loosening his tie.

They were beating a track back to Duncan’s Mum’s house. Dunc was the only one who still lived with his Mum. 22 and still living with his Ma. It was the only thing the guys could rib HIM about. Kieron and Andy sometimes called him ‘Mummy’s Boy’, but Billy never felt he had the status to join in.

When they got into his front room they found an older Lad was already in there, bundled in a roll of blankets and sleeping bags. They couldn’t see his face, only his feet hanging out with his white Adidas sports socks on.

Duncan just charged in and switched the tv on as if no one was trying to sleep. He sat on the rug, and fired up the Playstation. Billy went and sat next to him, but kept glancing at those feet hanging off the end of the sofa.

After a half-hour of rackety video games, the mystery lad finally stirred. He poked his head out to squint at one face and another before flopping back down.

Billy’s little faggot heart was racing. Whoever the punk in the duvet was, he was probably the hottest guy he’d ever seen. Short spiky hair, beady black eyes, raggedy beard, bull-ring in his nose. And his dirty smells filled the room and gave Billy a micropenis boner.

The stranger watched Mario Cart sideways. He caught Billy staring several times, and finally spoke,

“You Ed’s little brother?”

“Yeah,” Duncan sniffed, tapping on his controller without looking up from the screen.

“Wait, do you mean YOU’RE Ed’s little brother? Or YOU’RE Ed’s little brother?”

“I’M Ed’s little brother,” Duncan clarified, turning only briefly to look at the sleepy guest.

The Punk held dinky’s gaze a long time. Then with a mad smirk he stood up, letting his sleeping bag fall away. Those socks was all he wearing.

Billy gawped at his awesome nakedness. Inky tattoos on his pecks and belly, piercings in both nipples and a shiny Prince Albert in his meaty bellend. He stood there ages scratching an armpit until Duncan turned to look at him too. And when he did wander out to piss noisily in the downstairs loo, he left the door wide open so everyone had to listen.

He sat back down on the sofa, making no moves to put any clothes on, and letting a few pissy drips on the end of his dick soak into the cushions.

“I’m Jerry,” he smiled.

“Dude, your naked,” Duncan peeved.

“Yeah, feels good bro,” Jerry shot back.

Just then Ed slunk down the stairs in his boxers and a ropey old t-shirt, obviously having only just woken himself.

“Yes Jerry mate,” he bellowed, scratching his balls, “already swinging your dick about?”

“You love it.”

Then Ed sat down and started rolling fresh spliffs. He was a total stoner bum, but also dead sexy in his own way. Long hair tied back, stocky and hairy, and a real Alpha, commanding any room he found himself in. Sometimes Billy thought he had a crush on everyone.

And Ed always had a tone of hard cash which kind of made him sexy too. He didn’t work any job, but Billy and all his mates bought their weed and pills and mandy and shrooms, and everything else from Ed. He was a fucking dispensary. And crashing at his Mum’s place all the time he didn’t pay any rent, so he just had all this money to buy sneakers and video games and any other toys he wanted.

Billy was just admiring a new pair of Etnies flung on the far side of the room when the door bell rang. Duncan got up to let Kieron and Andy in.

“Alright lads, ignore my brother’s weird friends,” he said more for Ed’s benefit than his own mates.

“Fuck,” Kieron snickered as they all piled back into the lounge, “Prince Albert, fair play mate!”

The manisa escort naked Punk was dead pleased with this positive reaction, and gave Kieron a fist bump. Andy was gawking just as much Billy had done, but as much as he loved an audience, Jerry played it cool.

Everyone smoked and joined in multiplayer rounds of Mario Cart and GTA. Ed and Jerry were undefeated, no matter how high they got.

“Isn’t anyone else gonna get their dick out?” Jerry finally complained, taking Duncan’s friends by complete surprise.

“No mate,” he winged, deeply embarrassed by his Big Brother’s buddy.

“Yeah you are,” he steamed on, checking Ed’s expression for approval as he spoke, “first to loose our next 4-player has to strip butt naked.”

“Fuck off,” Duncan frowned, but Kieron was into it,

“Come on Dunc, don’t be a pussy,” and Ed, Jerry, Duncan and Kieron competed in a ‘Line of Duty’ death match.

“What if YOU loose, you’re already naked?” Duncan demanded sulkily.

“I’m not going to loose mate, don’t you worry.”

He didn’t. Everyone played their best, but Jerry shot Kieron down in the first four minutes.

“Ah, fuck!” he giggled, only having himself to blame for jumping in with the bet.

Like a good sport he took everything off, slipping his Marks and Spencer’s boxer briefs down his hairless thighs, and lifting his white t-shirt over his head. Standing in just his socks, he pulled his pink baseball cap back onto his head and let Jerry get a good look at him.

“Good man,” Ed nodded, passing him the blunt, “Love a lad that’s up for it.”

Kieron was a cute, smooth mixed race kid. Lovely brown skin, cheeky smile, and his circumcised penis-tip was exactly the same pink as his cap.

Billy was going out of his mind. Everything suddenly seemed to be turning really gay. He had an undetectable erection in his pants – nothing out of the ordinary when he was hanging out with his sexy mates, but this time it was like his fag daydreams were coming out of his head sideways, and being made real in the room all around him.

“This one’s up next,” Jerry announced, throwing a control pad into Billy’s lap.

“What, dinky?” Duncan chortled, “I’ll shoot him out myself!”

Billy wanted the ground to swallow him up. He was totally going to loose, and everyone would be laughing at his chode. His mates were the edge of their seats.

Dunc went on to take him down in the first few moments of the game.

“Haaa!,” the lads all hollered.

“Get your togs off, mate,” Ed admonished, but Billy felt frozen to the spot.

Jerry took the lead, saying,

“Pin him down boys,” and his mates jumped on the chance to humiliate him like this.

They were all stronger than him. He hardly made an attempted to rise against the body weight and firm hands of these lusty young men. In the scrum, Duncan had his sweaty armpit stretched over Billy’s face, and the lovely odour made him want to cum.

Jerry his pants down in no time, and the peels of cruel laughter burst forth right on cue.

“Now you know why we call him Dinky,” Kieron chirped.

“That is beautiful,” the dirty Punk gasped, not laughing with the others, and reaching down to rub his thumb around on Billy’s bellend.

“Why are you touching it?” Duncan flipped, “I swear you’re fucking batty mate!”

“Just having a bit of fun, why you got to be such a bitch?”

“Look he’s got a fucking boner, dude’s a fucking queer!”

Jerry turned to Ed, who’d been watching it all unfold from his throne.

“Mate, you’re little brother’s such a whiny fucking bitch.”

“True,” he puffed.

“I wanna lock him down, can we lock him down?” Jerry begged.

“Crack on, bruv.”

“Hold him down boys,” Jerry asked nicely, and the lads switched, releasing Billy and grabbing Duncan.

He gave a much better fight tho, and Billy pulled his y-fronts back up to get involved.

“Get off me!” he spat, terrified the stirring he felt in loins would manifest a proud erection and betray his own gay interests.

“Let’s get serious,” Jerry smirked, reaching for his sports bag and rummaging around in it.

Momentarily he withdrew a pair of handcuffs, and the boys bundled Duncan onto his face.

“That’s a good start,” Jerry agreed, cuffing the lad’s wrists behind his back, “What else we got in here?”

His bag was full of all kinds of straps and things. Taking a soft rope, he knotted Duncan’s ankles to his cuffs, fixing him up properly.

“Holy Trainer…” Jerry muttered to himself, and the boys watched transfixed as Jerry yanked Duncan’s fly open and carefully fitted it.

They’d never seen anything like it before.

“Get it off me!” Duncan wiggled pathetically, burning with shame for the ticklish enjoyment he’d felt at the touch of Jerry’s fingertips all over his ballbag.

“What is it?” Kieron asked, wide-eyed.

“It’s a cage. Stops you getting a boner. Puts you in your place,” he stated, dealing Duncan a friendly slap on the face, “Do you want one?” escort manisa Jerry offered,


“It won’t go on if you’ve already got a boner tho,” he frowned, batting Kieron’s lovely hard dick aside, “You got a boner?” he enquired of Andy.

The ginger cutie shook his head, and nervously let the Punk perform the same procedure on him, scared of putting up any sort resistance. His dick sure wanted to get hard now the damn thing was on, and it swelled against the walls of it’s prison ineffectually.

“Feels great, right?” Jerry teased, and Andy could only blush, “As for you Dinky, can’t have you hiding that pretty penis away. I want that on show.”

He made Billy strip while retrieving literal stocks from his bag of tricks. A home-made creation, two bars locked shut with three holes along their length. a big one in the middle for Billy’s neck, and two smaller ones either side for his wrists. Sitting back down on the sofa, he never felt so exposed. And Jerry couldn’t keep his eyes off Billy’s embarrassing stubby.

“What is it with you and chodes, man,” Ed rolled his eyes,

“Isn’t that the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?”

But Ed was already on the phone,

“Yes blud, where are you… No forget that, get down to my place right now… yeah Jerry’s here, surprise sex party just came out of nowhere…. I swear you don’t want to miss it, mate”

Duncan and his Brother were the only ones with any clothes left on, and that was only because Dunc’s binds prevented anything coming off. Still in his work shirt and tie, his trousers forced open to make way for his cage, he waited on the rug seething with rage.

“Check this out Kieron, mate,” Jerry waved the boy over, pulling new toys out of the sports bag, “Perspex bollock clamp.”

“Fuck! Where’d you get all this stuff?”

“Online mostly. Shall we try it out on Dinky?”

“Please, Kieron don’t!” Billy implored when he caught a glimpse of the device, but everyone pretty much ignored him.

“Eh, don’t panic bud. It goes on nice and easy, feels nice, you’ll see.”

And Jerry set it all up for Kieron to tighten the wing-nuts. He turned the first one with too much eagerness.

“Go round, give each one a little turn to keep it flat,” Jerry guided, and soon Kieron was rewarded with the sight of his pals balls getting pressed flat between the see-through slabs.

Billy didn’t seem to think it hurt at first, but the sight of it alone was enough to terrify him. With his heart racing he begged again, but no one listened. Then the dull pain of it hit him, and he couldn’t comprehend why it was giving him such a naughty stiffy.

“Jerry, it hurts tho!”

“Yeah, it’s wicked right?” Jerry guffawed

“How tight can it go?” Kieron wondered, but the answer was cut short by a knocking on the door.

“That’s gonna be Sammy and Mitch,” Ed spoke from his seat in the centre of the room.

He’d been busy pre-rolling spliffs and shooting videos of everything on his iphone.

“Get the door, mate,” he commanded, gesturing for Andy to go.

The shy redhead did as he was told, peeking out through a slim gap at who might be there. The fellas outside kicked the door wide,

“Yes mate! I know you, you’re one of Ed’s little brother’s mates. All locked up, look at that!”

It was Mitch, and he grabbed Andy’s new cage and gave it tug.

He was followed by their mate Sammy. Both came with arm loads of tinnies.

“Fuck, look at this babe!” Sammy exclaimed as he entered the room, leading Kieron directly into an armchair going straight down on his curly dick.

“Straight in there!” Ed roared with laughter.

“Four of them, four of us…” Mitch observed, “which one you taking tho?”

“You know what I want,” Ed declared.

“Fuck, is that happening is it?” Mitch replied, recognising Duncan tied up on the carpet, “Good, cos I’ve always wanted to belt this one on the arse,” he concluded, dragging Andy onto his lap in the opposite recliner.

Then he was pashing with the boy, and Jerry took it as a prompt to kiss Billy. The desperate faggot wanted the Punk’s tender pecks and gentle tongues, but with his wrists in stocks and his balls squashed in agony below, it was only crazy nerves he could feel.

“Are you going to take this off now, Jerry?” he

queried anxiously, when the moment of kissing was passed.

“No way, babe!” Jerry grinned, giving the gleaming surface of the clamp a couple of sure-handed smacks, “We’re going to have a bit more fun with it.”

Ed threw him his wraps, and Jerry got straight to work cutting lines. Soon all the older lads were snorting coke off Billy’s annihilated balls. With the clamp flat in his lap, it made the perfect surface for it. One after another they bowed before his trembling chode, almost hidden from sight by the clunky sex toy, and cleaned the perspex.

Kieron was invited to join them, but the other younger lads were not.

Riding high on the bump, Mitch started slapping Andy’s butt checks loud manisa escort bayan and true. The poor kid didn’t know what was happening to him today, but his cage was leaking great globs of precum.

“What you saying then, Eddy?” Sammy ventured, pushing a little tumble of powder back into his nostril.

Everyone knew what he meant, but Duncan played dumb,

“What are you looking at me for?”

Jerry unfastened the rope on his ankles, and the lad got angrily on to his knees.

“You can’t be fucking serious.”

“Just suck my dick, bruv.” Ed replied, putting the band of his boxers under in nuts and letting his lordly hard-on bounce out.

Duncan watched the penis loom in front of him. It did look good, but even if he WAS a bit gay, he wasn’t going to blow his own fucking brother.

“Do it, you’ll like,” Jerry goaded.

“Suck it, bruv,” Ed told him twice, leaning forward to grab the end of his work tie.

Wrapping it around his knuckles, he pulled his little brother close, packing Duncan’s cross face right up against his balls.

“Don’t be such a whiney little bitch, suck my dick!”

Soon the whole room was jeering,

“Just do it! Just fucking do it!”

Ed’s lap was warm and smelled great. Did Duncan really want to taste his Big Brother’s dick? He didn’t know anymore.

Then Kieron cut in above the din,

“Fuck sake Duncan, get over yourself!”

And Duncan caved – put his tongue on his Big Brother’s shaft and licked it up and down. Everyone cheered as Ed guided his bellend into Duncan’s mouth.

“Fucking yes!”


Ed said nothing, just lay back to spark another joint and let Duncan thirst over his cock. Billy thought he looked like a King with his brother’s tie wrapped round his fist, turning to smirk at his mates and claim all that was rightfully his.

After passing the joint he forced Dunc’s head down deep, fucking his face nice a proper.

Andy was the only one not totally vibing off the ‘Ed pwns Duncan’ show. As Mitch sunk his stubby into Andy’s tight hole, the redhead watched the brothers going at it with a breaking heart. Like everyone he’d cherished a secret crush on the blonde jock, but he really believed he was in love.

But it was clear to everyone watching Duncan choke on Ed’s meat, that there was more going on between them than just sex. All the brotherly tension, the competition and loyalty. They were witnessing a bond stronger than lust, and Andy saw his puppy-love dreams crumbling to bits as they slammed.

“Come on, piggy!” Mitch purred, sensing his cute fuck-buddy was distracted, and pounding him more enthusiastically.

The piggy comment made everyone laugh, and Mitch responded to their reaction with fresh slaps on Andy’s already blushing cheeks. Jerry threw him a bottle of poppers, and Mitch got involved.

The spanking stung, but Andy wanted all the attention he could get from the stoner riding his ass. No one knew it, but he’d been plugging himself with an 8 inch dildo for months, making him the only lad in his gang to have any practice in bottoming. but the real thing was so much nicer. If he couldn’t have Duncan, he’d definitely take Mitch.

In the meantime Jerry hand taken up the role of videographer, and was capturing everything on an old DV camera with flip screen. After zooming in on the drops coming off Duncan’s cage, he leant in to wipe up the crystalline goo with his finger,

“That’s the taste of of brotherly love…” he crooned, swabbing it generously over his tongue and going in for a kiss with his own detainee.

It blew Billy’s mind. Kissing the hottest guy he’d ever met with a sexy dose of another boy’s juice splashing around in their mouths.

Just then Kieron was gasping as he reached a climax. Sammy took his face of the boy’s rod to let it jet into the torrid air, nice and wet, dousing the shaggy carpet. More cheering,

“Yes, mate!”

“Nice, first of the night…”

Sammy gave Kieron’s balls a surprise smack mid ejaculation, making him jump,

“Babe, you are just fucking dynamite,” he delighted, rubbing his open palm over the lad’s spent glans and causing him to shiver and leap with the tingling.

This was such a great party, Mitch thought. Everyone getting high and beating on hungry faggots. Ed’s tunes blasting, Jerry’s toys tormenting these pretty dicks.

Ed let his brother come up for air,

“Come sit with me…”

Duncan was still cuffed behind his back, but he got to his feet and sat in Ed’s lap. They stared into one another’s eyes.

“You look so sexy,” Ed mumbled, and at long last they were kissing.

Duncan felt dizzy. It seemed so wrong, but felt so nice. Is what love felt like? Was he actually in love with his own brother? Didn’t really matter. This was the best kiss of his days, and he wanted more of it.

“Mate, you got more rope?” Sammy requested, and Jerry obliged,

“Always got more rope, mate.”

“I’m milking you dry tonight, baby,” Sam promised, tying the lad to dinning chair in the corner, and bringing him back to full arousal for a second go.

“Let me fuck you, bruv…” Ed was heard to say, and Jerry decided it was time for him to claim his own prize prize too.

“Come on dinky, lets leave ’em to it,” he concluded, methodically unfastening the wing-nuts of the bollock clamp.

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