Harem of Storms Pt. 01: Crystal


Crashing thunder woke Crystal from a sound sleep and shook the small apartment. Her eyes popped open and managed a glimpse of the brightly lit room around her before darkness returned.

She looked up to the window above the bed. The rain pounded against the glass and glowed in the streetlight like a living creature trying to get inside their warm bedroom.

Crystal rolled over onto her side and watched her husband, Collin, sleep. The sight of him laying next to her made her feel safe and secure, like a tornado could rip the world apart around them and she would be perfectly safe so long as she was in his arms.

She leaned in and gently kissed her man’s sleeping mouth. He wasn’t any Superman or super model, but his muscles were hard, his smile was enchanting, and he treated Crystal like a queen. Most important, however, was the knowledge that Collin belonged to her of his own free will. In Crystal’s opinion, that simple truth made her the luckiest and most important woman in the world.

Crystal slid her feet into the slippers by her bed and covered her naked body with a robe before making her way down the hallway to the kitchen. Every lightning strike sent her shadow dancing and the cooking utensils hanging on the walls of the kitchen cast harsh shadows of their own, giving Crystal the feeling that she was living a hellish movie where everything came to life.

She poured a large mug of spiced rum, which always helped her sleep in a thunderstorm, and drank it in several long swallows. She immediately felt better as lightning flashed again and sent red and green beams of light from the stain glass hummingbird hanging in the window.

Halfway back down the hallway, just after the hall closet but before the bathroom, lightening struck again. This time it struck with the power of a small earthquake. The entire apartment shook and the pictures on the wall rattled on their hooks. Every light bulb in the old house flashed on for a brief second, then went dark.

Only the rain could be heard now, beating against the roof harder than ever.

As she crossed escort kocaeli the threshold into the bedroom, lightning flashed, and Crystal froze in her tracks. She rubbed her eyes, blinked a few times but the scene playing out in front of her didn’t change. There, on her bed and straddling her husband, was another woman.

The girl was young, maybe late teens or early twenties. She had short, dark hair and smooth skin that glowed and reflected the lightening outside the bedroom window as she bent backward, exposing her front to Collin, her nude body fucking Collin as he lay on his back with his eyes closed. He came, bucking up into her as she moaned.

In the darkness, Crystal rushed across the bedroom and grabbed the girl’s shoulder. The girl’s eyes popped open and blue storm clouds sparked in the girl’s eyes as she moaned with pleasure and vanished into air.

Collin’s cock was wet with their juices and it took only a few seconds for the bed sheets to collapse onto Collin, leaving Crystal standing in the dark room.

Before Crystal could come to a decision about what happened, Collin’s wind-up alarm clock rang on his nightstand. Collin turned off the alarm and looked to Crystal.

“Babe? What are you doing?” Collin asked. “I thought you were taking today off?”

“Um, yeah. I just had to get up and get a drink,” Crystal said.

“Well, I hope you can get back to sleep with all this lightning,” Collin said as he rolled out of bed. “Actually, while I’m hoping, I’ll also hope that my boss stops making us come in to work in the middle of the night for video conferences to the other side of the world.”

Crystal slinked into her side of the bed as Collin walked across the hall and into the bathroom. “Oh, and thanks for the sendoff-sex babe. That was great!” Collin winked at her before he closed the door behind him.

“What do you mean?” Crystal asked.

“That quickie you gave me right before the alarm went off,” Collin said. He turned on the shower. “Not sure what made you decide to do it, but I know what I’ll be thinking about all day!”

For the gölcük escort second time in these few minutes, Crystal was speechless. She rolled over, putting her back to the bedroom door and facing Collin’s empty side of the bed. “I’m glad you enjoyed it honey,” she said. Then she closed her eyes, only to open them again the next second.

She glanced at the clock. 2:34am. She closed her eyes, trying to block out what just happened, but she opened her eyes again. 2:35am. Crystal continued this cycle until, finally, sleep came. The last time she looked at the clock it was glowing 4:54am.

Through the darkness of sleep, Crystal felt a presence emerging as warmth washed over her body. The sensation was comparable to that of being wrapped in a warm blanket moments after it comes out of the hot dryer. She had never felt so surrounded and warm, comfortable and docile.

Out of the void came the smell of fresh lilies, sweet and pungent. A kiss; soft lips against hers. She’d kissed her husband thousands of times, countless times, but this kiss was different. This kiss full of lust; his kisses were filled with desire and love. Out of some innate human reaction, Crystal’s lips moved for a second kiss on their own. That was when her world illuminated with a faint red color from the light passing through her closed eyelids as her sleep broke. The smell of lilies still enclosed her and the moist lips were pressing firmly into hers, kissing her now with force. Two hands moved over her body, one finding her left breast and the other her stomach.

Warm, wet flesh pressed against her. Soft and firm; active and energetic.

Crystal’s eye slowly and sleepily opened and discovered that she was kissing the girl who was on top of Collin. The girl’s eyes were still closed, and her body glistened with sweat. The girl breathed heavily from the corners of her mouth to keep their kiss in tacked. The girl’s eyes clinched even tighter, and the kiss stopped as the girl gasped, her tone body spasming with passion before collapsing next to Crystal on the bed and relaxing into izmit sınırsız escort an embrace. A sleepy smile spread across her face as a bead of sweat rolled across her cheek toward the pillow.

The girl’s sleepy eyes opened slowly, revealing blue clouds of lightning. She bit her lower lip moaned Crystal’s name, then vanished.

Crystal once again alone in her bed, was covered in sweat with heart pounding. She couldn’t resist the urge to finish what the girl started and reached between her legs with both hands. She brought herself to orgasm with a speed and intensity that she’d never known. The taste of the girl’s kiss lingered on her lips.

She decided to go for a run to clear her head. Sliding into her sports bra and running shorts was almost Sure it was still lightning and thundering, but it needed to happen. Like she was called to run in the bad weather. The smell of rain helped wake her up, and by the time she returned home, she was even more preoccupied with what she’d seen.

She was dripping wet, her thin shorts and sports bra clinging to her form as she walked through the door…and there the girl was, flawlessly nude and glowing, with blue clouds of lightning for eyes.

She approached Crystal and kissed her, sliding her tongue into Crystal’s mouth.

Crystal felt her resolve melt as she fell into the embrace.

The girl held Crystal’s head still and exhaled a cloud of blue electrically charged smoke into Crystal’s mouth.

When Crystal inhaled, her orgasm came hard and everything became so clear. Yes, why hadn’t Crystal realized this all before? Her purpose was pleasure; her goal was erotic passion. Yes, she would share her body with this girl and become like her. It was perfect. She kissed the girl deeply as the pair floated up the stairs to the bedroom, hands and tongues and lips exploring each other’s bodies.

Once on the bed, the girl pushed Crystal’s head down her stomach to her pussy. Crystal licked and sucked the girl, drinking her addictive juices. The more Crystal drank, the closer she came to orgasm. The last thought that went through her mind was how happy Collin would be to joining them, go cum in both of them and spill his seed to every new girl they brought into their Harem of Storms…then the orgasm hit, and Crystal’s mind was lost forever in blissful orgasmic magic.

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