Her Anonymous Lovers


Her Anonymous Lovers

It had all started out rather well, but sadly for Natalie, it had somehow gone all wrong. She had booked a weekend shopping break to the big city with her best friend, but her friend had been involved in a car accident. Natalie had been faced with the option of going on her own, or cancelling the trip and losing all her money. It was a daunting thought to go to a strange city on her own for the weekend, but she reasoned it would be an, ‘adventure,’ and boldly decided to just, ‘go for it.’ The hotel room was booked and paid for, no sense in letting it go to waste. She had tried to find someone else, another friend to accompany her, but in the end she had to face the prospect of going alone.

After checking into the hotel, Natalie had a shower, and with hair and make-up done, she took a look in the mirror at what the world would see when she stepped out of this room. She wasn’t vain, but at 5′ 5″ tall and with her neat slim figure she felt good about herself. Her shoulder length dark hair, was well cut and styled, framed an attractive rather than ‘beautiful’ face. (her own assessment) Her tits didn’t look bad either she thought, not big, but not small, a ‘good handful,’ as a former lover had once said. With her new dress making her feel good about herself, not to mention damned sexy, she locked the room door and ventured forth to the hotel bar. ‘I’ll maybe have a drink here,’ she told herself, ‘and head into the city centre, for a meal and a few drinks in some of the clubs later.’ As she settled in the hotel bar and ordered herself a drink, she looked around to see who else was there.

Mostly couples, people with money she could tell, not the sort she was used to mixing with, but for this weekend she was every bit as good as them. A loud burst of laughter took her attention over to a table in the corner; a table with five or six younger guys, around her own age she reckoned. One of them looked over and smiled at her, and she smiled back automatically. She turned away to get her drink from the bartender, and noticed in the mirror behind the bar, the guy who smiled at her weaving his way between the tables. ‘Oh fuck, he’s coming over,’ she thought as her heart started thumping.

‘Hello, I couldn’t help but notice you were alone,’ he started. ‘Do you mind if I sit here and talk to you for a while?’ She thought it over for less than a second before agreeing he could join her. He offered to buy her a drink, but she held up her nearly full glass – he looked crestfallen.

‘Never mind,’ she said with a smile, ‘you can get the next one.’ He sat really close as they chatted, so close she could feel the heat of his body. He had lovely eyes, the sound of his voice almost hypnotic as he complimented her on her dress, hair, shoes. She felt herself becoming aroused, and knew she was in danger of doing something quite reckless with this guy.

‘What the fuck? I’m here for an adventure,’ she thought, ‘nobody knows who I am, and he looks quite adventurous. Go with the flow girl,’ she told herself, relaxing against him as he whispered in her ear. The whispering turned to brushing the side of her neck with his lips. She shuddered in anticipation. She knew she was wet and ready for anything now, so she pulled away from him. He looked disappointed as she slid off the bar stool. She leaned over and whispered in his ear for a change. ‘Room 134, be there in less than ten minutes, or I’ll start without you.’ He grinned stupidly and nodded his head, as she turned and left the bar.

Back in her hotel room, she barely had time to freshen up her perfume before she heard his knock at the door. Her stomach lurched with excitement, as she opened it, and saw him standing there with a grin on his face. He came in and without a word pulled her into his arms, they kissed passionately his tongue in her mouth, her tongue in his, as his hands ran over her body feeling and squeezing her breasts. She moaned with pleasure and excitement, her legs trembling as he put his hand under her kurtköy olgun escort skirt. She thought she would die with excitement as he touched her through her flimsy panties. ‘Oh fuck, fuck, this is good,’ she thought. He unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor, and as she stepped out of it, he pushed her back against the wall, pinning her there as he kissed her even more intensely. He unhooked her bra, letting her tits spill out.

‘Oh god they’re beautiful,’ he kept saying between mouthfuls of her nipples and soft, breasts. As he sucked, softly, nibbling, and pinching, she arched off the wall, pushing her breasts against his face. Fuck, it felt so good she wanted more, but he didn’t linger there for much longer, letting his tongue trail down the length of her body. She literally ached with need and anticipation as he reached the waistband of the tiny panties and swept them down an off, leaving her happily exposed to his gaze. His smile said it all as he stripped off the last of his clothes too, and placed her hand on his cock. It was hard, and a good size, more than enough for what she wanted, and she wanted it now. ‘Tell me how much you want this baby, speak dirty,’ he commanded.

‘Oh god,’ she could hardly speak with excitement and sheer lust. ‘Don’t talk, just put it in me. I need you prick in my pussy now – do it now, please,’ she begged, but instead he dropped to his knees before her and spread her legs further apart. She closed her eyes in anticipation and moaned loudly as she felt his tongue dip into her wetness, then up and over her clitoris. The sensation was exquisite as he varied the strokes, and she could feel the first distant waves of her orgasm. ‘Oh please, please, fuck me now, I’m coming, I’m coming,’ she whimpered with pleasure, and without any more delay, he stood up, and she pushed her pussy forward to meet his hardness.

He slid into her wet hole without resistance, pinning her against the wall, and fucked her hard and fast. She needed it that way right now, later there would be time for love-making, but right now she needed to be fucked, plain and simple, and he obliged her every need. Pinned against the wall she, she felt him ram into her, making her moan and scream with pleasure. She came loudly and almost wept with joy, her legs so weak she might have slid to the floor if he wasn’t still deep in her, pushing her against the wall.

When the last dying tremors of her orgasm were over he stepped back from her, his cock still hard, the knob shiny and wet from her juice, as he pulled out of her. She desperately wanted him back inside her, but he hushed her protests, as he led her over to the bed, where they lay down. He stroked her body, feeling, touching her soft skin, making her tremble with anticipation. She spread her legs in invitation, blatantly showing her wetness, and that her open and swollen pussy was his for the taking. ‘I need more,’ she said, ‘please don’t stop now. I’m so excited. Fuck I don’t even know your name.’ He was about to tell her when she put her hand over his mouth. ‘Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. This is so deliciously dirty; being fucked by a total stranger, just do it please, I need it again.’

He nodded, saying nothing, and rose above her, kneeling between her legs, his hard cock, swaying as he moved. She reached out and held his prick, pulling him closer, guiding him between her legs. He sank down on her, and she rubbed his knob against her cunt lips and clitoris, wetting him to make his entrance easier. She needn’t have worried; she was so wet he slid into her with ease. She started first, grinding her cunt against him, and he took up the rhythm at once, sliding in and out. Filling and emptying her, the friction almost unbearable in its intensity.

She moaned and whimpered as he used her, plunging his cock to the hilt in her eager hole. She heard herself making almost animal like noises, surprised and shocked at how uninhibited she was with this stranger. ‘I’m a complete slut tuzla escort she thought, a dirty little whore,’ but somehow the thought excited her even more, and she pushed herself ever more frantically against his invading prick, trying to get every last part of it deeper inside. Her orgasm came suddenly, almost without warning, sweeping over her in waves, again and again. She screamed out loud with the sensation of relief washing through her, her every nerve ending seemed to tingle and burn. She felt him explode inside her, a sudden heat, he moaned a little, pumping into her. She put her hands on his arse cheeks and pulled him harder against her.

He lay there on top of her for a while and finally, rolled over, his cock pulling out with a wet little slurp. She could feel his come dribble out of her throbbing pussy, but even that excited her. Far from being satisfied as she should be, she found herself still with a need. Her skin seemed to tingle with the slightest movement of the air in the room. She’d never felt so alive, or so horny, his slightest movement beside her seemed like a caress. ‘That was fantastic,’ she finally gasped out, ‘really wonderful, but it’s just made me feel even more horny. I can’t understand it; I’m not usually like this. Can you do it again please?’ As he looked at her and shook his head, she begged him. ‘Please, do it again, please, please, I don’t know why, but I need to be fucked senseless.’ She almost cried with her need to be filled and pleasured.

‘I can’t do it again so soon,’ he tried to explain. ‘I need a little time to recover, you’ve sucked me dry.’ Far from helping, his words seemed to strike home, the notion that her cunt had sucked him dry, added to her excitement. She pleaded with him to come back inside her, but he got out of bed, and finding his trousers, took out his mobile phone. He punched some of the keys, and put the phone to his ear. ‘Come up to room 134, I’ve got a hot one here, she needs a good fucking, your turn mate.’ She could hardly believe what she was hearing.

‘Did you just tell one of your friends to come up and fuck me?’ she said, indignantly.

‘Too fucking right I did, you little hot arsed bitch. I’ve got nothing left and you’re still hot for cock. What’s the difference between one strange cock, or two, or more…?’ he asked. She was almost speechless with shock, but the true shock, she had to admit to herself, was that she was ready for it. With the thought planted in her head she realised that it was really, really exciting her. As he finished dressing, there was a knock at the door. He leaned over and kissed her, ‘you were amazing babe, have fun,’ and he walked to the door letting his friend in.

There was very little preamble as she watched him undress. ‘Mmm, hot body,’ she thought, ‘and such a nice cock.’ He was already hard, and she rolled over to the edge of the bed, catching his cock in her hand. Without hesitation she took him in her mouth, stroking his length with her hands. He seemed to grow ever bigger under the knowing touch of her mouth and lips, both of them now moaning with pleasure. Pushing her back, he turned her over. She obediently got on all fours, her head resting on her forearms, her arse and pussy, high in the air presenting her cunt shamelessly for his use.

He rubbed himself against her lips, opening her up, teasing her with his hardness. ‘Just do it, fuck me. Don’t fuck about, put it in me please,’ she asked, but he teased her until she was frantic for him, pushing herself back, trying to impale herself on his prick. Finally he relented, and slid it into her depths. She was so wound up that she came almost immediately, grinding herself against him, bucking and pushing, for every last bit of his hardness. She screamed with ecstasy, whimpering, moaning, swearing, cursing, pleading with him not to stop, and he didn’t, just kept ploughing on through all her twisting and thrusting.

She was exhausted, but her body, no, her pussy wouldn’t let her stop. She could feel pendik escort the sweat dripping off her chin as he pounded into her, bringing new heights of pleasure she had only imagined before. She came again, then again, amazing herself with her capacity to orgasm before once again she felt that sudden heat deep inside. He was coming, she thought as he pulled her back hard against his cock, moaning with every thrust. Again she felt the loss and emptiness as he withdrew, and this time the spunk fairly ran out of her and over the bedcovers.

She tried to stand up, but it was difficult, her legs felt like jelly, his, ‘come,’ running down the inside of her thighs. She staggered to the bathroom, and sat down. She need a pee after all that stimulation – she burned a bit, but smiled with satisfaction. She was well and truly fucked – she giggled as she dried herself, wiping the come off her legs and pussy. Even wiping her pussy felt good.

She wandered out of the bathroom to thank him, but he had already left, and another naked young guy was waiting for her, slowly stroking his hard cock. Tired as she was, she couldn’t help but look at it, and that was her undoing. She wanted it as soon as she saw it, and within minutes the handsome lad was inside her, fucking her hard. She was a little sore now, but it was a nice soreness, adding to the pleasure she felt as he thrust into her. ‘Oh god, this is wonderful,’ she said to herself, as her pleasure took hold and she could think of nothing but his hardness, splitting her cunt lips apart, delving into her wet silky depths. She thrust upwards for it again and again, exhausting herself, but it was so good she just couldn’t help herself. They came almost as one, with him pumping his come into her, encouraging and coaxing yet another orgasm out of her. She fell back on the bed, wanting nothing now, but sleep, watching him through half closed eyes as he dressed and left.

She must have drifted off, but was hazily aware of a weight on top of her and the sensation of a cock sliding between her wet pussy lips. ‘No, no more,’ she protested, vaguely aware that this was yet another new lover, but it was too late, the invading cock and her own insatiable pussy betrayed her. She realised she was responding despite her protests, her lovely arse thrusting up and down, fucking his cock. ‘Fuck, what’s wrong with me tonight?’ she wondered, but soon all thoughts melted away as the pleasure built up in her body, and only his cock, and her pleasure filled pussy existed for her.

She throbbed and ached as she came, but he didn’t stop, pinning her to the bed, holding her hands above her head as if she might try to escape. ‘No fucking chance laddie, as long as your cock is hard; I’ll take it and take it again,’ she told herself. One again she felt her pleasure rise within her stomach and cunt. It was all she could do now to moan with pleasure, but still her hips moved in a fucking motion. Her hip motions were quite feeble with tiredness, but she was moving all the same, helpless to stop as she tried to drain the last ounce of joy from this fabulous night.

His hot spunk suddenly gushing into her was the catalyst she needed to push herself over the top, and she came finally in a rush, soaking with their mingled juices, her body slick with sweat. She could feel her hair plastered against her brow and the back of her neck, the come once again dribbling and flowing from her. He stood up and kissed her as she lay there. He knelt on the side of the bed, his wilting cock dangling in front of her face.

‘Clean me,’ was all he said, and she took him obediently in her mouth, sucking and licking his come and her own pussy juice from his cock. She licked his balls where she had coated him with her cunt juice. When she had covered and cleaned every part of his cock and balls, he pulled away. ‘Thank you,’ he said as he dressed. She watched him dress and leave, but got up as he left to lock the door. She’d finally had enough; her whole body ached, but especially her pussy. It seemed to throb with a life of its own. She could hardly walk, between the soreness down there, the ache in her leg muscles, and her exhaustion. She stumbled back to bed, and pulled the covers over herself. ‘Well and truly fucked,’ was her last hazy thought as she fell asleep.

The End

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