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Subject: Hero Worship part 3 This story is completely fictional. If you enjoy the stories posted here please support fty/donate.html ———————— Feel free to contact with comments and suggestions. I enjoy hearing what you all think. Email: ota Wickr: lucasdwyer1 ———————— The boy is snuggled between me and Max who is still trying to comprehend what he’s seeing. Up until this point Max has only been sexually involved with a couple high school boys and an twelve year old I caught luring men in a grocery store restroom. The boy looks at me and smiles then asks “who is he?” cocking his head towards Max. I ruffle his hair and say “this is fireman Max, he’s a different kind of super hero than Superman.” “He puts out fires!” The boy squeals. “Wow you’re so smart, he sure does cutie” I say mimicking his excitement. I look at Max who is trying to wrap his head around this and say “Max this is…” I pause for a moment then ask the boy “what’s your name sweetie?” “I’m Henry” he says proudly. “Well Max this sexy little guy is Henry. Isn’t he the cutest?” The boy blushes as Max says hi and gives him a quick smile. He looks back to me and I tell him to just roll with it. “When am I going to get some juice Superman?” Henry asks as he rubs my chest. “I want to be big and strong like you!” I look at Max with a devilish grin as he realizes what Henry is referring to then stroke the boys hair and say “Superman is still pretty tired but I’ll bet fireman Max could give you some from his big fire hose.” The boys eyes light up as he looks to Max then begins to pull the sheets down. I slide close to Max and wrap my arm around his shoulder pulling him close to me but also blocking him from stopping the boy. “Just let it happen buddy, the boy wants to be big and strong like us.” “But you’re lying to him Dan” he starts to say but I cut him off “No… I’m making it a game so it’s fun for him too.” Henry finds what he’s looking for and kneels down next to Max taking in his long thick cock then looks at me and says “he’s bigger than you.” I sigh at the truthfulness of one so young but don’t take it as a slight. “That he is Henry, he’s going to be a mouthful huh?” Max’s nervousness sheds as the boy leans down and sucks his cock into his small delicate mouth. “Oh fuck, Dan” he moans as the boy swipes his tongue across the head of his cock. I grab Max’s head and lift it up, “watch the boy work buddy, that’s the best part.. look at those lips stretched out over your enormous prick.” His breathing intensifies as Henry grips his thighs and tries desperately to pull himself down on Max’s cock. After the head it widens a bit and this is where Henry struggles as his lips are already at their limit. I reach down placing my hand on the boys head and begin to push him down. There’s no struggle from Henry, he wants this, Max’s eyes are wide as he watches the boy sink down on his cock until it hits the boys throat and he gags. I let him come up just a little, keeping the head in, then look at Max and ask “should I push him down further?” He shakes his head vigorously, I smirk and ask “do you want to try and go deeper Henry?” We both hear the muffled mmhmm but Max looks me in the eyes and says “please don’t hurt him.” “You know I would never do that buddy” I say as I apply pressure to Henry’s head. He sinks down until the mushroom head on Max’s cock is at the boys throat and he starts to gag. I apply more pressure and say “swallow now Henry” just as he does I shove him down on Max’s cock watching the boys throat expand as he’s impaled by such a large prick. The boy retches, sprays saliva what from the corners of his mouth as I release him and he comes flying off gasping for air. “Mmmm I fucking love that sound, don’t you Max” I moan. Max is laying his head back, eyes closed breathing heavy as the boy regains his composure but looking a bit flustered by what just happened. “Maybe we should have fireman Max finish himself off Henry, that way you can relax and enjoy watching him milk his juice then when he’s ready he can feed it to you.” Henry nods his head so I have him lay on his back then tell Max to straddle his chest. As Max climbs over the boy I look down at Henry and say “aren’t fireman Max’s muscles ardahan escort hot?” The boy grins and nods his head so I say, “go ahead and feel them.” The boy reaches out and runs his hands along Max’s abs eliciting a soft moan from the man. I move behind him straddling the boy as well, pressing my hairy chest into his back then reaching over and rubbing his solid pecs. I lean in to him and say “go ahead and stroke for the boy, he’s waiting to be fed.” Max leans back into me, I hold him tightly, running my hands over his body as he begins to slide his hand over his cock in long slow strokes. “Fuck yeah buddy milk that beautiful prick.” He’s looking down at his cock and the boys face below, stroking faster, his breathing more frantic I know he’s close. I would be too if I were in his position right now. I talk softly so only Max can here “Come on buddy, feed that little faggot.. look at his eyes begging for your thick creamy spunk.” “Just wait til you fuck his throat then his little bum.. watching him bounce up and down on that enormous prick is going to be fucking mind blowing buddy.” “Dan..” He pants, I look and see cum beginning to flow from his cock signaling impending ejaculation. I grab his hair yanking his head back “put it in his mouth” I say as I press my lips to his and kiss him deeply. He’s able to get the head to the boys lips just as his first shot blasts from his engorged cock; Henry immediately begins suckling once it’s in. In a matter of seconds the boys mouth is full, he tries to swallow but starts choking on it and coughing as cum sprays out. Max tries to break our kiss but I hold him firm “He can do it” I say. The boys mouth fills again but this time he’s able to swallow most of it as Max pumps more cum from his cock than I’ve ever seen in my time knowing him. The boys mouth is filled a third and final time; as he swallows I break our kiss and grab the boys head pulling him further onto Max’s cock then pulling the boys head up and down the studs still erect prick. When Max is finally soft I release the boy and lay down next to him. “Wow Henry, you did such a great job!” He beams at the praise as I continue “you learned so much yesterday, I’m so impressed!” Max is still straddling him, still in a daze after what I’d guess was the best stroke and blow he’s ever had. “I have some good and bad news though sweetie” I say as I begin to stroke his hair. Henry looks at me, his brow furrowed as I tell him “I have to go to work today at two and Max goes tonight for a whole day but the good news.. I thought the three of us could go see the new Spider-Man movie, how does that sound?” Henry still pinned beneath Max thrashes a bit from the excitement “really?!” He shouts “in a real theater?!” I realize this poor kids shit mom probably doesn’t do anything like this with him or give him money to do anything a boy his age would find enjoyable so today I plan to spoil the shit out of him. I ruffle his hair and say “of course in a real theater silly” then look at Max “what do ya say bud?” Max climbs off the boy and sits with his back against the headboard then smiles and says “yeah I think that would be a lot of fun.” Well if we’re going to do that, I would suggest we shower and get ready to go. With that I climb off the bed and walk into the master bath turning on the shower. When it’s hot and steamy I call out into the room, anyone going to join me? When no one shows up I walk back to the door and see Max still in bed holding little Henry close to his chest, stroking his hair as the boy softly purrs from the affection he’s receiving. It’s actually quite beautiful to watch so I turn back to shower letting them enjoy this moment alone. As the water washes over me I work out how I’m going to tell Max about Henry’s situation. I know what his immediate response is going to be, `we need to save the boy’ but how do I do that when all the information I’ve gleaned has been during a sexual encounter between a forty year old police lieutenant and a pre-pubescent boy; I think the detectives would suddenly have their hands full on multiple fronts. As I wash myself I hear the glass door slide open and turn to see Max holding Henry’s hand stepping in to join me. They close the door and start to clean artvin escort themselves off with little Henry standing between us. I look Max in the eye and say “that was really sweet, holding him like that.” He smiles at me and says “he’s a really sweet kid Dan, thank you for this.” I run my fingers through his wet hair “you deserve it buddy.” When we’re all cleaned up I step out and grab some towels, so we can dry off. Unsurprisingly Max takes time to towel dry Henry’s little body, exploring him with his hands as he does. When he reaches the boys little cocklette he begins to fondle him causing Henry to purr again. “You’re so beautiful” I hear Max say to the boy as he strokes his little pecker. I lean against the showers glass wall enjoying the sensuality of it all. I’m able to keep my cock at bay, this isn’t about me right now, I want Max to have the pleasure he’s been longing for. He looks up at me and I can see the fire in his eyes, the lust building inside him so I say “take him him your mouth stud.” He doesn’t question or hesitate, he leans in and sucks Henry’s little prick into his mouth causing the boy to shudder and moan. I kneel down behind Henry as Max feeds on him, tweaking the boys nipples, all these sensations eliciting whimpers and moans. Max stares up at Henry as he sucks the boy “get his balls too buddy, feed on his youth” I groan my breathing heavy as Henry lays his head against my chest. “He’s so close baby.” I say to Max. I hear Max growling as he works the little boys testes into his warm salivating mouth. “Oh fireman Max” Henry lets out with a whimper as his orgasm builds. “Suck him Max, blow his fucking mind!” The fire in Max’s eye builds the closer the boy gets to orgasm, he knows he won’t produce sperm but he also know the boy will have pleasure so great it will be immeasurable. I slide my now rock hard cock into Henry’s ass crack just as the boy’s body begins to convulse as he’s rocked with a boygasm more intense than the one the day prior. “I’m cumming” I shout as my cock twitches and spays cum down Herny’s ass crack on to the floor below. The boys legs give out, as he collapses I grip his underarms to hold him up as Max continues sucking the boy until he stops writhing in my arms. When Max releases him I scoop Henry up carrying him to the bed gently laying him down. Max crawls up and lays next to him planting his lips firmly on the boys mouth kissing him deeply. The boy moans as Max penetrates his mouth with his tongue and slides his hands over the boy soft supple skin. I leave them be, walking to the closet to retrieve some clothes. The closet is big enough to dress in so when I’m finished I step out to see the two laying there just holding each other in what can only be described as post coital bliss. “Ok you two, if we’re going to see this movie we should leave soon.” I say, hating to break up their moment but also not wanting to renege on my promise to the boy. They finally get up and dress, Henry looking adorable in a t-shirt and khaki shorts that show off a lot of his bare little legs and his cute round bum. We go downstairs to my truck and drive over to the movie theater. There’s a showing starting in twenty minutes, so enough time to get snacks, drinks and find some good seats. Once inside the theater I see it’s empty still, so I lead everyone up to the last row high above the rest of the theater and take a seat in the middle of the row. Henry plops down in the seat next to me then Max sits to his right. He looks at me and asks “we’re just going to let him watch the movie right?” “Yeah bud, I think he’s had enough excitement for one day don’t you?” He nods his head as I hand Henry a small bag of popcorn and a coke. The movie starts, it’s pretty exciting and I can tell Henry is just loving it. To my surprise he slides over and curls up next to me pressing his body into mine. I wrap my arm around him and hold him tight, I’m not the most affectionate and I know I come across an ass sometimes.. ok most times but like I said Max is the great equalizer. Henry looks up at me part way through the movie but doesn’t say anything right away. “Everything alright sport?” I ask, a sweet smile spreads across his face as he says “thank you Superman, ataköy escort I’m having so much fun.” My throat catches as I smile at him and say “I’m glad little guy.” I squeeze him tighter to me as we go back to watching the movie. When the movie ends we stand up, he looks up at me grinning and says “Superman is way cooler than Spider-Man.” Max lets out a little chuckle as I ruffle the boys hair and cockily say “yeah but I already knew that” sending Henry into a fit of the giggles. We go back to my truck, Henry and Max sit in the back seat with the boy cuddling into him. I tell them I’m going to drive him home then we’ll head back to my place. I see the look on Max’s face, he doesn’t want to let the little guy go but knows they’ve had such a good day the boy will come back for more. I drop him off at the end of his street stopping him before he gets out I ask “you still have my number right? If you ever need anything I will be there like that!” I say as I snap my fingers. He nods his head and smiles at me then hops out of the truck bouncing down the street like he’s high on sugar, then I remember he probably is. Max switches to the front seat a concerned look on his face as I drive off. “Why did you say that?” I look at him and he sees it in my eyes “Dan please tell me.” “He’s safe right now Max but we need to talk and it needs to be soon.” It’s almost one in the afternoon and I need to get ready so now is not the time. I see worry in his eyes and realize I fucked up and shouldn’t have said anything. He’s going to fret about this all night but before I can say anything he demands “come by the firehouse when you’re off shift” then realizing his assertiveness he adds “please.” “I will Max but he’s got my cell, he’s going to be ok I promise.” When we get back he mounts his motorcycle then looks at me and says “let me know if there’s anything I can do.” “Nothing we can do right now buddy but I’ll be by later and we can talk.” I go inside changing into my uniform then inspect myself in the mirror determining that yes I am fucking hot and head out to work. A mostly uneventful night, just one call for backup during a DUI arrest, a patrol officer that needed help with a combative subject. The kid was a bit shook up but I checked the subject out, no worse for wear and he was able to hold him down until help arrived so I commended him on handling the situation properly while checking out his fine, fuckable ass. I went back out on the road, driving nowhere in particular and just watching the time. I drove into Henry’s neighborhood and slowly went past the house. It was pretty late and there was a car parked in the drive and one in the street in front of the house. I resisted the urge to run the plate, looked for anything that might be suspicious then headed towards the firehouse. Figured it was nearly end of shift so might as well wait there and hopefully no calls came in. When the night was over I went to the firehouse door and rang the bell. Max came and greeted me standing aside so I could enter. We found a quiet room to talk and I explained the most of the situation to Max. I could see him visibly get angry, something that surprised me because I actually expected something quite the opposite. We discussed options and so far the best thing I could think of would be an anonymous call to family services but the problem there is the boy goes into the system. Neither of us want that. I have another option that I fail to mention but it’s based on a detail Henry told me that I left out with Max. It’s the one detail that actually made me furious when I heard it. That option is going to take a bit of time which is why I leave it off the table for now. I tell Max not to worry as far as we know the boy is safe, at worst he’s giving hand jobs but I will reiterate when I see him again that if a man wants to be sucked or tries to fuck him he needs to call me or run to my place and hide there. Max agrees that sounds like a good plan, he’s not happy with the handjob part but accepts it’s already happened. Then he shocks me again when he quietly says “what if she just disappeared.” “He still enters the system so no Max get that shit out of your head.” “Sorry Dan… he’s just such a sweet boy.” I tell him I’m going home and if I’m lucky I’ll have a visitor bright and early. He asks if I’m going to fuck him but I say no, we’ll fool around but that’s all. I really want Max to be there for the boys first time because based on past experiences it’s going to be intense.

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