Subject: High School Drama Class High School Drama Class, Part One This story is a fictional work about gay bondage and whipping. All characters are imaginary. Jeremy did as he always did every night. Before bed he locked his bedroom door, closed the air conditioning vent, and opened his window to the hot humid autumn night. Then after stripping naked and getting the ropes from under his mattress, he tied his ankles together at the footboard of his bed. Then, lying on his back, he stretched out his lithe 16-year-old body and put his wrists through a loop of rope at the headboard, his erection already rock-hard. There he would lie on his back, completely naked, writhing his young body this way and that as his wrists and ankles tugged on the ropes. It didn’t take long before a fine sheen of sweat glistened all over his tight smooth body. The boy would torment himself as long as he could stand it, imagining someone standing over him, whipping his bare chest and stomach. Then finally, in a frenzy, he would roll himself over and gyrate his pelvis up and down, now imagining his bare butt being spanked with a belt, until he ejaculated, after which his supple sweat-soaked body would collapse and drift off to sleep. Jeremy was always glad that he had the responsibility of doing his own laundry. Being a shy boy, Jeremy didn’t have many friends. He knew he was kinky and wasn’t sure if he was really gay or not, at least not until that first day of drama class. Sitting next to him was an Asian boy who could best be described as delicious! His name was Sasanouk and he wore a black tank top that revealed the most sensuous arms Jeremy had ever seen. Thick straight black hair flowed down past Sasanouk’s ears, almost to his surprisingly broad shoulders, shoulders that contrasted rather nicely with the boy’s very slender waist. The class project for that week involved acting out a captivating scene from a movie with a partner. Jeremy and Sasanouk looked at each other once and knew they would be working together. “Would you like to be my partner?” Jeremy asked. “Sure,” Sasanouk responded. “What movie should we do a scene from?” “Hmmm … Have you seen the Jungle Book?” “Yeah, that’s a good choice.” “But which scene is the most captivating?” Sasanouk asked rhetorically. The Blog İçerik Tabanlı Sosyal Ağı Sitesi two boys sat and thought for a while, neither wanting to state the obvious. Finally, Sasanouk spoke first and said, “I think I know.” “Yeah … me too. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Jeremy asked. “I think so. The whipping scene?” Sasanouk asked, almost regrettably. In an effort to put his new acquaintance at ease, Jeremy hastily said, “I could be the jungle boy.” “Yeah, right!” Sasanouk laughed. “Don’t worry. I’ll go easy on you.” “We have to be ready by Friday. When should we rehearse? “Are you free this afternoon? Our house has a big attic, but it’s not air conditioned. “So it’ll be just like the jungle!” Jeremy was in dreamland the rest of the day. Never before had he been filled with such an intense feeling of anticipatory excitement. Stripping off his school clothes and donning only a pair of gym shorts, he worked feverishly in the attic, securing ropes here and there, trying to imagine which position Sasanouk would look best in. For the whip, Jeremy chose an old leather strap that was once used as a dog leash. He cut off both ends and attached it to one of his old drum sticks. “Not bad,” Jeremy thought to himself. His heart raced when the doorbell rang. His body dripping with sweat, Jeremy raced down two flights of stairs and opened the door. Sasanouk was wearing only a pair of cut-offs and flip flops and the sight of his shirtless torso caused Jeremy’s breath to stick in his throat. Trying to be nonchalant, Jeremy got each of them a Coke from the kitchen and led Sasanouk upstairs. “You’ve been busy!” Sasanouk remarked as he saw all the ropes … and the whip. “Yeah,” was all Jeremy could say as he gazed at Sasanouk’s sexy light brown torso. “Is that what you’re going to wear?” “No.” Sasanouk unbuttoned his cut-offs, let them drop down to the floor over his gorgeous legs, and stepped out of them. Jeremy could not believe his eyes. Before him stood the most beautiful Asian boy he had ever seen, now wearing a fur loin cloth. “Nice!” Jeremy was again speechless. Sasanouk correctly interpreted Jeremy’s “nice” as to mean more than just the loincloth. “You’ve been busy, too!” Jeremy said quickly said Sesli Kitap Dinle in an effort to make light of the situation. “It’s an old halloween costume.” “You wore that for Halloween?!!” Jeremy laughed. “Hey, this isn’t the first time I’ve been a jungle boy.” The two boys looked at each other for more than just a short while. They clicked. Both Jeremy and Sasanouk knew something was beginning, but they wasn’t sure what it was … yet. “So …. ” Jeremy began … “How should we do this?” “Well,” Sasanouk responded as he looked around the room, “it looks as though you’ve got some ideas.” “Yeah … uhhh … how did they do it in the movie?” “They stretched his arms out.” “Oh … yeah … ” Jeremy responded, trying to disguise his excitement. “So … I guess you need to stand over here between these two posts.” Sasanouk walked over to where Jeremy was pointing and stood with his arms at his sides as Jeremy took hold of the rope and tied each of Sasanouk’s wrists. Then, first at one post and then the other, Jeremy pulled the ropes tight and watched in delight as Sasanouk’s arms lifted and stretched out in the ten-o’clock and two’o’clock positions. Jeremy didn’t stop there. At the base of each post were other ropes which Jeremy used to tie around Sasanouk’s ankles. He pulled those tight as well, causing Sasanouk’s legs to spread apart just like his arms until he almost had to stand on his tippy toes. Jeremy walked in front of his prize and said, “Wow! You look great!” Sasanouk said nothing as the two boys gazed into each other’s eyes. Sweat was already beginning to trickle down the Asian boy’s smooth sides. Jeremy picked up the whip and stood ready. “Where’s the lost city?” “I’ll never tell you!” Sasanouk responded. “My whip will make you talk!” “NEVER!” Sasanouk shouted a little too excitedly. Jeremy correctly interpreted Sasanouk’s “Never” as to really mean “Whip me!” Jeremy circled around to Sasanouk’s backside. The Asian boy was certainly more fit and looked as though he might even work out regularly. Approaching Sasanouk he lowered the whip and placed his other hand on his captive’s bare back, caressing gently. “I don’t want to hurt you,” Jeremy said quietly. “It’s okay,” Sasanouk whispered back. “Okay,” Exxen Jeremy barely whispered as he stepped back and raised the whip. The first lash smacked diagonally from Sasanouk’s right shoulder to his left hip. The Asian boy let out a yelp and jerked his lithe body forward as much as the tight ropes would allow. As Jeremy raised the whip again, he felt hornier than he’d ever felt in his life. This time he backhanded the whip, lashing Sasanouk from his left shoulder to his right hip. And the lashes continued. Sasanouk yelped more loudly and jerked his young body more wildly with each successive lash. His bare back was soon covered with light pink marks, all of which would fade overnight. Towards the end Sasanouk gave in to the whipping, bowing his head, only whimpering as each new lash was applied to his now sweat-soaked back. Jeremy lost count of the lashes. 20? 25? He couldn’t remember. The number of marks indicated about that many. Jeremy dropped the whip and circled around to Sasanouk’s front. With his index finger, Jeremy lifted his captive’s chin and asked, “Now you’ll tell me where the lost city is, won’t you?” Through half-open eyes, Sasanouk whispered, “Okay.” Jeremy couldn’t resist reaching his hand out and caressing Sasanouk’s smooth wet stomach and chest. The boy’s locked eyes again and something was communicated. Jeremy untied Sasanouk’s ankles and watched with delight as the Asian boy feigned listlessness as Jeremy loosened one of the ropes binding Sasanouk’s wrists. After loosening the other one, he lowered Sasanouk to the floor where the Asian boy lay on his back, his arms and legs spread out in all directions. Jeremy reached down and gently untied the small leather straps on Sasanouk’s fur loin cloth. Sasanouk only breathed, his hairless teen boy chest puffed out, glistening with sweat, his stomach now more concave than ever. Jeremy removed Sasanouk’s loin cloth and then his own gym shorts. Both boys had painfully rock-hard erections! Gently, very gently, Jeremy lay his now naked body on top of Sasanouk’s. Jeremy caressed Sasanouk’s head as Sasanouk lifted his arms and caressed Jeremy’s back. Each boy tasted the others sweat-soaked shoulders, neck, and face until their lips finally met. Time stopped for a while until they finally ejaculated at about the same time. There the two boys rested, one on top of the other, Jeremy’s face buried in Sasanouk’s neck. “I love you.” Jeremy whispered. “I love you, too.” Sasanouk responded. Part two (“Sasanouk Whips Jeremy”) will be coming soon. Feedback is welcome. Email Jeremy at ook

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