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I never get phone calls from my parents. It is usually the other way around; I am always the one calling them for one reason or another, most of the time it was for money. So, I was surprised when I got two calls in one day.

Both my mom and dad called separately, to let me know that they had divorced.

I was blown away.

I knew there was tension between them, but I never thought it would lead to divorce.

Mom wanted me to come home right away. But I informed her that I was right in the middle of my midterm finals. So, it would be at least a week before I was able to make it home.

I made it past all my finals.

Now I would have a week before I would have to return for the next semester. It is a three-hour drive from school and I packed for the week, taking all my dirty clothes to wash while I was home. My mother was waiting for me when I opened the door to the house. Mom threw her arms around me and gave me a kiss.

“I’m so glad you are home now,” she told me.

I could see that her eyes were all red. She had been crying.

I unpacked the car and took my stuff inside. When I had everything settled back into my old bedroom.

I came down and started some wash, it was then I noticed mom was moping around the house. I figured I would give her some space. So, I decided to go back to my bedroom. It was hot in my bedroom mom must be conserving money by keeping the air conditioning off. I decided to change so I stripped out of my clothes and put on some basketball shorts. I put on a tee-shirt and went downstairs to grab some food to eat.

It was a hot evening and I really did not want to go out. So. I decided to head up to my room and see if I could get some rest after my three-hour drive home. I opened my laptop and laid down on my bed. I was going to watch some porn and was getting excited about the thought of jerking off. It was only a few minutes later I heard a knock on the door.

“Can I come in Blake?”

I quickly pulled the bed sheet over me and I told my mom to come in. She had been crying again. She walked into the room and she was sobbing. She sat down on the bed and started to tell me what had happened.

She told me; dad had been going out with a younger woman. He came home one day and told my mom he wanted a divorce. As my mom told me what happened, she placed a hand on the sheet yalova escort where my thigh was. She started to rub my leg gently.

I wish she had not done that. Because my cock was starting to stir. I could see the sheet starting to rise. Mom kept talking. She was looking at my face. She finally looked down to where my cock was. She got this strange look on her face. Mom took hold of the edge of the sheet and she pulled it back. Thankfully, my erect cock was hidden by my shorts but it kept getting harder. For a moment mom and I looked at each other. Mom then reached down and took hold of my cock through my shorts and smiled. She then began working her hand up under my shorts and worked my now completely hard cock.

I did not know what to say. A few minutes passed and my mom moved over and lowered her head to just inches from my cock. Mom then lowered the front of my shorts, she then leaned down bringing her lips to the head of my cock and began to suck me. I was so horny right at that moment. I had not had sex in a few weeks. Mom bobbed up and down on my cock. It was quiet in the house, except for the slurping sounds of my mom sucking my hard cock. Mom got me so hard. She then stood up and started to remove her shirt and pants. Off came her bra and panties.

My Mom has great breasts. They were a perky c-cup and stood out from her chest. My Mom’s pussy was surrounded by a large thatch of pubic hair. For a woman of thirty-eight years old she looked great.

Mom then climbed up on to bed with me. She then helped me take my tee-shirt and shorts off. We then faced each other. Mom pulled me up and placed her arms around my neck. My dick was pressed up against her belly. We had one intense kiss. Our mouths opened and our tongues touched. I was bewildered to be honest. My Mom was offering herself to me. I did not know what to do.

“I need you Blake,” my mom told me.

I was too far gone by now to stop. I flipped my mother over on to her back. I placed my arms on the sides of her body. Mom reached down taking my cock in her hand and slid it between her pussy lips. She then guided me towards her opening. I lost whatever inhibitions I had. I started to slide my dick into my mom’s waiting pussy. Mom let out this long moan. She must not have had sex in quite a while. I slowly fed her my dick. Mom brought her yalova escort bayan legs up and fastened them around my back. We soon had our bodies in sync.

Mom was loving every deep stroke of my hard thick cock. Her eyes were closed as I lovingly fed her every inch. Our pubic mounds were touching. Mom met my thrusts with her own. Our bodies were slamming into each other. I could hear my balls slap against her ass as I gave her what she craved.

It was getting hot in the bedroom and I was sweating and it was dripping down onto my beautiful mother’s body. I could hardly believe I was having unprotected sex with my mother.

My hips went wild as I sped up. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer; I was all most ready to release my load. I fought it for as long as I could. Should I stop? Is it a bad thing that I was thinking of spilling my seed inside my mother? It was too late to have a debate. I drove my dick in the whole way and I started to unload. Mom’s eyes went wide as she felt my sperm enter her tight vagina. I could feel her pussy muscles clamped down hard around my spurting shaft. Making sure she got every drop of her son’s cum.

It got to the point where I felt like my balls were empty, but I kept pumping my still hard cock into my mother. That is when she had her orgasm. Mom’s body shook beneath me as I felt her muscles convulsing around my spent cock. I Would have fucked her again, if my cock would let me, but my cock started to go soft. I finally pulled out, I watched as my cum dripped from mom’s pussy. I must of fucked her hard because she looked wiped out. I fell back onto the bed. We just held each other for the longest time. The next thing I knew I was waking up the next morning.

My mother was already awake and looking at me.

“I know what we did was wrong, but I needed that really bad and there might be another problem. I haven’t been on the pill for over a year. Your father and I haven’t been having sex and the pills sometimes make me sick. I just hope this was a safe time for me. ” she then said. “So, let’s make sure you get it right.”

Mom then reached down and started stroking my cock again. There must be something about fucking your mother, because my cock sprang to life. Mom got on top of me and guided my cock back into her. She sank down on my cock once more taking escort yalova every hard thick inch. I was looking up at her beautiful breasts. I just had to touch them. So, I brought my hands up and cupped them. Mom loved what I was doing. Her nipples became so erect. They just popped out from her chest.

Mom rode my cock as I met her thrusts. I brought my hips up and gave her every inch of my cock. We went a long time that morning. I knew I had more cum to give her and she wanted it and if this was what she wanted that is what I was going to give my mother. She kept dropping down hard on my shaft. It was like she had not been fucked in a long time.

“Fuck me Blake, I need your big thick cock!”

I gave my mom every load of cum I had that morning. I knew our relationship had changed. I was going to be fucking my mother from this day forward. She made it clear she would need my cock inside her. Mom brought her body up and then she would drop down hard onto my cock. We fucked the morning away and when I let my cum out inside her she would let out a loud primal scream. She had one intense orgasm after another. Even then she would hold her body in place and I would thrust my cock up into her fast and hard.

I must have shot more loads of cum in her that morning then I ever had with any other woman I have been with. It did not matter I found the woman I knew I would always love. Mom finally collapsed onto my chest and I held her in my arms.

“Your father never made me feel that way,” she told me.

That really was not something I needed to hear.

I was only going to be home a week, before I would then need to go back to school. That week we spent all of that time in mom’s bed. By the time I left for school my dick was raw. Mom wanted me in every position you could think of. I fucked her while lying on our sides, I lifted her leg up and thrust deep into her pussy. I also took my mother doggy style. I loved seeing her breasts hang down. I would punish her pussy when she would ask. All that week, not once did we use protection and I never pulled out.

Unfortunately, the time had finally come. Mom asked me to stay home with her. I told her I would be back at the end of the semester. That brought a smile to her face. once I had my car packed, we had one final kiss. I only hoped no one had seen my mother and I tongue kissing outside her front door.

Back at school my mind would go back to all that had happened. Then a month later mom called me and told me she was pregnant and would need to visit her as soon as I could break away from school. I knew what she wanted and that was my big cock buried deep inside her.

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