Hot Summer Night


“What the hell are you doing here? Who are you?” The tall sweaty blonde yelled. Her long legs glistening with muscle. Standing at 5,11 she was very intimidating and impatient looking. Captain of the soccer team she was infamous for her bad temper.

“What are you doing holding my panties? Were you sniffing them you little freak?” Holding pairs of white, pink, and light blue panties with one hand he started stuttering. “No uhmm I was putting them away for you, I mean…”

“Whats all the commotion in here?” Sandy her equally tall and athletic dorm mate entered the room.

“This little pervert broke in here to clean our room he says.” Jenine uttered snidely her perky tits poking thur her braless tank top.

“Oh ya?” Sandy walks up to the young man who looks like he’s just 18 out of high school. She thrusts her hand down his pants and grabs his throbbing penis. “Then why is your dick so hard?” “You sick fucker! you think you can sneak in here and play with our underwear?”

Embarrased beyond words he looks down ashamed of himself while Sandy glares at him.

“How dare you sneak in here” she says as face turns red with anger. His eyes move up to check her out. She’s a hot brunette with long wavey brown hair and green eyes. Her tight jeans are plastered to her shapely hips and her low cut sweater reveils a set of 38 DD’s.

“Answer her!” shouted Jenine

“I…I “he started to stutter again.

“Take your shirt off perv” Sandy commanded With her hand still gripping his thobbing dick he peeled of his shirt reveiling a boyish body that made the mature college women giggle.

“take your pants off too”

“In fact take all your clothes off including your karabük escort socks and underwear.” Reluctantly he did as they requested hoping they would let him go.

“Put your hands on top your head” Sandy barked. He obeyed as she grabbed his hard dick again. ” I could call campus security and you would be in some big trouble sicky.

“Please no. Iam sorry. It will never happen again”

“Shut up” yelled Jenine.

“What do you want to do with him?”asked Sandy. At that moment five drunk girls back from a party entered the room and Jenine quickly briefed them. They came up with a great idea. Fransesca was a black belt in karate and they decided to let her kick him in the balls as hard as she could. If he could stand it without falling over then they would let him go without calling security. With his legs spread and standing a few feet from the wall he held his hands over his head. Franseca tightend her black boots and inhaled deeply. She ran her finger thru her short butch hair cut then rubbed her hands togeather. All the girls watched this poor sap and were envious of Fransesca. They were all on the soccer team and wanted a chance to prove their kicking skills as well. Stepping about six feet back she charged forward and rammed her boot right up his crotch smashing into his balls. The pain thundered thru his body causing his eyes to bulge. Delirious from the pain he held his bruised balls as all seven girls laughed and cheered. Franseca was furious that he didn’t drop. Jenine decided she would go next. Having been the star of the team and scored more goals then all these girls combined she knew she could drop him. She put on her soccer cleats and stepped back as far karaman escort as she could. Then she ran forward and with all her might as she swung her mighty leg as hard as she could and slammed her foot into his pork and beans. He reached to grab his groin for a while then collasped keeling over holding his bruised balls. The girls jumped and cheered.

“He failed his test, lets try something new” Jenine said sounding excited. She noticed that these five girls were pretty drunk and were all drinking beer. The fridge was full of beers and she thought of a great new plan. Lets drink a mess of beers until our bladders are full,and then will drink even more and then will take him to the shower and piss on him.

After thirty minutes they were getting ready for his golden shower. He slunk in the corner but the girls would have none of that. The girls dragged him out in front of them.

“We have a new idea. If you can jack off in front of us and cum all over yourself we’ll set you free.”

“You’ve got to be kidding” Franseca sneered. “It will be weeks before he can get a hard-on again.

One of the drunk girls named Nikki reached underneath her mini skirt and pulled off a pair of pretty pink panties and waved them in front of his face. The girls were laughing hysterically and soon his dick started to grow. Wendy lubed up his long pecker and started stroking it slowly as it gradually became fully erect. Nikki crawled over on the floor and reached over and grabbed his dick from Wendy’s hand and started sucking on it. The girls crowded around in disbelief that after his abuse he could still get a hard on. Fransesca looked at his long hard dick hatefully as the drunk kars escort slut sucked it up and down.

The drunk girl had been sucking his dick for almost fifteen minutes and making some of the girls angry especially Fransesca. Their bladders were in discomfort while he was ovbiously enjoying himself. Nikki started stroking his dick as fast as she could and finnaly he came exploding his white lava all over his stomach.

He knew he was still going to get pissed on because he hadn’t jacked himself off. He looked at the clock and saw it was about one a.m. By this time these girls were totally wasted and still hadn’t released their bladders.

“C’mon I’ve got to piss so bad I am in pain” one of girls pleaded. The perv knew this was his only chance. He got up and ran for the door and escaped running down the hallway completely naked.

“Oh shit he’s getting away” Sandy hollered

All seven of the girls came after but were too drunk and barely able to run. Jenine was the only girl that might be able to retrieve the runaway perv. He made it out the front door as Jenine closed in behind him with the angry mob trailing behind.

After about a hundered yards over the grass the perv tripped and landed on the dry summer grass. Jenine tackled on top of him and before long all seven of the girls showed up and were taking their shorts and pants off. They rolled him on his back and soon their piss was spraying down on his body. Fransesca was sitting just above his face. She held her bladder for so long that she couldn’t get it going, but once it started it gushed out like a firehose. Wendy was on his chest, and Sandy was sitting across his stomach. They were all drenching him in hot piss at the same time and soon it covered his entire body. After all the girls showered him with their hot urine they got dressed and headed back to the dorm. He walked home with their urine all over him while clutching his aching balls. Luckily know one saw him.

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