Humiliation Time Ch. 02

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I decided on a plan of action that would inflict the most humiliation I could think of off the top of my head. He most certainly would need a new list of rules – rules that were already making my pussy seep dribbles into my thong panties.

First, I would have him re-start the ‘vitamims’ which made him produce more and thicker cum like I had him using about a year ago. That was before I simply cut back his cum opportunities as a method to increase each outpouring and thickness of his cum. Now that I knew he was sterile, I would again make his cum build up and up with these vitamins in an un-natural manner; because now I would also be teasing him for weeks before letting him cum.

I would also begin to control his daily life more and make him aware of his continued inability to make me pregnant. I would begin to threaten him by telling him I would be making his little spermies compete with another mans cum in the near future. I also began the manditory ‘Make Janet Happy Hour’ – a rotating daily sexfest for myself.

The happy hour was put onto the calander in the kitchen so that Mike knew where to be and when to be there. He also knew what to bring and what to be wearing. You see, most of these sessions involved my fantasies of humiliation for his deceit. For his vasectomy. For my life without children so far.

By this point I had him already well trained – so the addition of the Happy Hour and the new additives were simply kayseri escort accepted by him in his meekness. I gave him the ‘vitamins’ both before bedtime and upon awaking – as well as with both main meals. The pills, especially initially, made his testicles swell up quite uncomfortably. It was one reason I had let him stop the two times a day treatment before.

But his new rules allowed him – no – forced him to cum each day to ‘relieve’ the new built up cum pressure caused by the pill regime. In fact, making him cum was one of my new pleasures – but, with new rules. His new rule was that while he was taking the increased pill dosage that he would have to wait until noon each day to cum. And, at noon, he would have to go into his bedroom alone and set up his video camera so that I could review what he did.

Each of his daily, alone, sessions were to be not less than 10 minutes before he was to shoot his blast of juice. He was to specifically get his cock as hard as possible without cumming and with as much pre-cum dripping as possible (his daily grade was based often on the amount of dripped pre-cum. Each day he would be forced to taste the precum and describe to the camera what he liked about it.

After 10 minutes, the rule stated he had to then try to come as quickly as possible – even if he wasn’t as hard as before perhaps. It was part of his grade for how much time it took and how much cum came out at this keçiören escort point. Cum distance, and quick squirts, also added to the grade. Things would get pretty intense as each day there were rewards and punishments based on if the ‘cum time’ was less than the day before.

Of course, the ‘rewards’ were often found within her sopping pussy folds. Often they would watch his noon session as their entertainment during supper. She loved to treat it as a masterpiece worthy of analysis. How his face looked, how hard he was, how much he was dripping cum onto his body, – and on and on. If it turned her on enough – she would slip on a dog collar over his neck and using a leash pull ‘doggie’ to her pussy for its reward – a little crunchy dog treat right from a doggie container with a Poodle on it.

He would retrive the inserted treat with his mouth and tongue – she loved and her pussy loved watching him do this multiple times each week when his grade was good or better. Sometime she would even reward him with multiple treats in one session if he was very good in his noon performance. Quickly Mike was realizing that this situation could get out of hand. However, he found that he too, somehow, was beginning to enjoy this lifestyle – if that is what it was to be called.

Often, as he ate the treats, she made him masturbate until he was rock hard – but, he knew to never cum unless given permission and he ankara kendi evi olan escort knew that he was never given permission to cum when eating his treats with his dog collar on. He was simply to be hard and dripping, like any ‘excitable dog’ (she would say). Then, she would force him to take his hand away and let it hang like a dogs would – sometimes she made him crawl on hands and knees with his cock dragging on the carpet for extra fun.

All this was, of course, better than getting a bad grade for his noon session. And, regardless of how good he tried to make each session and video for her – she seemed determined to give low grades at least a few times a week. Each, of course, resulted in a punishment – often very creative punishments.

But, back to those videotaped noon sessions. The ‘outcum’ of the sessions was treated like a golden necter. Mike would be required to collect it, measure it by weight on a scale and record other statistics for Janet’s evening review. The collection of cum was added to a growing ice cube tray vault of frozen semen cubes. While on the vitamins he can fill one cube every two days with his new thicker and volumous cum.

In a way the thick huge cumshots made him feel more manly – as the vitamins and her rules made him be hard much of the day. The vitamins didn’t make him larger, just harder more often, like a stimulant for the cock. Who knew what she was doing to him. One thing that didn’t make him feel manly was her new rule that he’d have to shave his own pubes clean off. It made him feel like when he was 12 before having ‘hair down there’. Meanwhile he noticed that she was growing hers out a bit – a scratchy stubble that she loved to grind into his face.

(to be continued)

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