Husbands revenge part1


Husbands revenge part1I’ll warn you right off that this is not an exciting story. Instead I offer you a real story and hope that in some way, that fact will make it a better story than one I invented. The first thing most of you will say is that I did it to myself. Here I was, a guy with very little (almost no) sexual experience marrying a woman with, shall we say, a history. I thought that life would be sex, sex, sex… but of course it wasn’t. After a few years, my mother gave up asking when she would get grandc***dren and sex became a monthly occurrence like paying the mortgage or washing the car. Forget about oral (twice ever, both times she was drunk) or anything other than missionary. I could have had an affair, but I’ve never had success with the ladies and I didn’t want to go so far as to cheat on Sharon. Instead, I started fantasizing about the guys she had been with and what she did with them. I would jerk off picturing her giving her body like a whore to one of her ex-boyfriends or at a party. By now you’re thinking that something must be wrong with me to fantasize about my wife with other guys. I guess I’ve always been more of a voyeur than a doer and my wife was more than happy with the status quo.In addition to the lack of sex, during the first years of our marriage she got more and bitchier about things around the house. The house needed to be cleaned, dinner needed to be made more quickly, the grass was too long, etc. It was really starting to get to me when she got upset that my friend Jimmy and I were going to stay up and drink some beers. I had worked with Jimmy about three years at the time of this story and we’d gotten to be good friends. Once or twice a month he came over for dinner Friday nights and we would watch a ball game for a few hours. It had been a tough week at work and Jimmy and I needed to relax a bit more than usual. Sharon was in one of her pissed-off moods made worse by vodka and didn’t want anyone in the house even though she would be in bed reading as usual. She realized she couldn’t throw him out without making a scene so she told me she was going to “take a double” (her name for a sleeping pill and vodka shot) and go to bed while we could “stay up to any goddamn hour we pleased!” I was grateful for that “double” since it meant she would be out cold erzurum rus escort until morning.Despite my wife’s past, she had only been with white men. She’s not a racist, but she finds the idea of interracial sex to be extremely distasteful. Meanwhile, Jimmy is as black as they come. He was in a gang growing up and looks like he never got out with his corn-row hair and tattoos. In short, he looks like any self-respecting white girl’s worst nightmare or most hidden fantasy. I waited about 15 minutes for the “double” to take effect the asked Jimmy had he ever been with a white woman. He told me he never had but always wanted to try one out. I then asked if he liked how my wife looked. He told me she was pretty and I told him that she was his to use how he wanted. At first he didn’t believe me, but I managed to convince him. The one requirement I had was that I would be videotaping it. He agreed and we went to my bedroom.I went in first and turned on the light. I called out, “Sharon.” But she didn’t wake up. I shook her and she barely responded and never got close to waking up. The “double” had taken effect and she was ready. Jimmy timidly pulled the comforter down and revealed Sharon in a gray t-shirt and light blue panties. She was on her side and her knees were pulled up giving access to her ass. Jimmy started rubbing it lightly and since Sharon didn’t stir, he got bolder and started rubbing more between her legs. I would like to say that I was getting jealous seeing all of this, but instead I got a massive hard-on. I wanted to start jerking off right there, but that would have made taking the video impossible. I would have to wait until later. His hands crept inside the back of my wife’s panties and he was caressing her bare ass and probably a little bit of pussy as low as his fingers were going.Jimmy left her panties hanging half off her butt and stripped his clothing off. He grabbed his cock and was slowly rubbing it across my wife’s lips. They were slightly open and for a moment I was imagining her putting on makeup with a giant sepia lipstick, except this lipstick belonged to a friend and was now having the tip lightly sucked. He pulled out of her lips leaving some pre-cum which she slowly licked off. He moved to his left and gently erzurum rus escort bayan raised her t-shirt to barely expose her 38D tits. He pushed her lightly on her shoulder and as if on cue she rolled over on her back. Jimmy lifted the shirt up to her armpits and said, “Beautiful.” He leaned over to suck on her rosebud pink nipples causing Sharon started to moan lightly, a moan full of passion that I hadn’t heard her make in months. This caused Jimmy to get even harder and he slid his hand inside her panties. Sharon obliged him by spreading her legs allowing him more freedom of movement down there. I could see his fingers through her panties working her lips and clit and sliding inside her. “She’s fucking soaked.” Jimmy informed me. Her moans became louder as Jimmy continued finger-fucking her and nibbling her nipples, now hard and flushed with blood.He took his fingers out of my wife and started sliding her panties off. My wife has a beautiful thatch of light brown hair a little darker than the hair that everyone sees. He legs were spread wide revealing a glistening slit and swollen pink lips. He ran his finger through her hair, along her slit, and inside her. He massaged her clit, which according to Sharon’s panting breath was something she enjoyed even in her u*********s state. By now, Jimmy’s fingers were covered in her pussy juice and he coated her lips with it. To both of our surprise, Sharon started sucking on his fingers. Wanting more than a finger-job, Jimmy stood next to my wife’s head and turned it towards his crotch. He held her head in place and slid his cock into her mouth. Her moans were getting louder as she worked his dick like a baby with a bottle. Jimmy kept rocking his hips, sliding his manhood in and out of Sharon’s mouth. Just when I though my balls were going to explode watching this, Jimmy said, “Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum baby.” And he starts grunting and I see her throat working, swallowing every drop that he’s shooting down it.The cock that violated my wife’s mouth was now flaccid while mine is as hard as steel. He got over her chest again and with his right hand and mouth he started to work on her engorged nipples while his left hand started caressing her between her legs. Her moans were punctuated by sharp breaths rus escort erzurum as his finger brushed her clit. Her pussy lips had opened slightly as if begging to be filled like her mouth was just a moment ago. By the looks of Jimmy’s swelling cock, it seemed he was more than ready to oblige her. He got up and knelt between her legs, his shaft at her entrance. Her cunt was so slick that Jimmy slid right in. She arched her back slightly as if she were impaling herself on him. He continued to rub and pinch my wife’s nipples as he thrust in and out of her. Meanwhile, my balls felt so full that it felt like I had cum leaking out of my dick. I looked at Sharon’s expression and it was of pure ecstasy. I know you think that I’m completely fucked up, but rather than jealousy I felt a malicious pride in turning my wife into a whore by making her do something sexually that would sicken her if she knew what was happening to her.Jimmy was speeding up the fucking in spite of himself. With the camera, I got a great angle of his dark brown shaft breaking in my wife. Her hands were by her head and she sounded near orgasm. Just then Jimmy made a low moan and I knew that Sharon’s chute was now filled by whatever of Jimmy’s sperm that was not currently in her belly. He pulled out of her, his cock shiny with her juice, got up and started dressing. I turned off the camera and he said, “I think I should go.” I told him that I couldn’t guaranty that we could do this again and he said that I was a lucky man and that he had a great time. I could tell he was a little nervous and that made the conversation awkward. He quickly left and I went back to attend to my used wife. Some of Jimmy’s cum was leaking out of her so I quickly put her panties on her. I didn’t worry about leaving those tiny tadpoles in her since she was on the pill. I pulled her shirt down and the comforter up and after a few minutes, she turned on her side, curled up, and went into a deeper sleep.I was still rock hard so after putting the camera away I went to the couch, closed my eyes and reliving the scene in my mind I started to stroke myself. I didn’t even get it out of my sweats before I shot my load all over my hand and the inside of my boxers. I cleaned off my hand with a paper towel and fell asleep. I assumed that she thought it was all a dream since I didn’t hear about it the next day probably because she found me asleep on the couch the next morning in the same clothes as the night before. The mess in her panties was probably attributed to “woman’s leakage” after an erotic dream. The question I had was; “I got away with it once. Could I get away with it again?”

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