If The Shoe Fits…


When Jerry arrived home the place was dark. No one was there. He sat and waited up for her, but no Loren. He made himself a drink, half expecting his wife, along with her sultry mood, but no Loren.

He realized she was pissed for some reason, but this seemed a little too extreme. And by the evening of day two he had begun to miss her. He might have worried had this been the first time, but Loren had done this before, in fact it was part of her M.O.: Get annoyed with Jerry…stay out…sometimes for a few days. But Jerry didn’t anticipate the routine this evening, even though, on second thought, he might have. Somehow it did seem to follow a pattern.

It was only day before yesterday he had come home to find her sitting alone, half dressed, admiring a new pair of sexy flat shoes she’d just bought. “What do you think” she asked, as she extended her legs this way and that. Her shapely legs and thick ankles looked more impressive than Jerry could find words for…and though Loren was his wife, her look and even her attitude was new – exciting! She didn’t await Jerry’s reply but proposed they hustle out to a movie, where Loren aggressively suggested they decide what to do about Loren’s stockings. Put them on or remove them? Jerry couldn’t recall which.

But the procedure was to take place in the dark movie house, in public. And it was to take place in the midst of a foot massage. He couldn’t do it…certainly not with people to his left and to Loren’s right looking on, furtively. Loren had become more than annoyed with Jerry’s paralysis, to the extent where she asked the curious looker next to her to help her on with her shoes and then left. Her new friend did just that, and then followed her. A stunned Jerry did not.

When Loren came home that night Jerry was already asleep. The following morning Loren informed him of her new and vindictive intention to wear what she seemed to perceive as sexless flip-flops, on a daily basis, even to the dress-up party later that night, since, she said, Jerry didn’t seem to care. She threw a pair of her old stockings at him suggesting that he go masturbate with them since he couldn’t seem to deal kırklareli escort with the real thing.

That was all before the party. And at the affair, Jerry found Loren, in her flip-flops as promised, but wearing her stockings. In front of an old friend, Charlie, Loren again teased about removing her footwear, and with the help of Charlie’s wife, Lily, did just that later on. That, however, was not all that had transpired.

At the dinner table Jerry spied Loren fingering Charlie, and Lily inappropriately groping Loren beneath the table. When Loren vanished that night she was wearing Jerry’s jacket. He later found a pair of Lily’s silk panties in the pocket. And he found himself going home alone after Loren sped away in a cab. That was it. It was the last time Jerry had seen his wife. And now he was becoming concerned.

In the past, although Jerry was really at a loss as to where Loren may have gone, and exactly why she might have gone there, he had his suspicions. Of course he’d ask her where she was, but it would be of no use. Loren wouldn’t answer him; she would hardly speak to him now, much less disclose where she had been and with whom! Anyway he was becoming lonelier than ever, and a little tipsy, on this second night. Where the hell was she?

He could discern her scent off her pillow in bed; he could hear her humming along with the discs in her CD player; he could taste her in the cocktail snacks she liked with her martinis. He stood before the eight by ten photograph of the two of them on her bureau and smelled her perfume wafting from her closet. But she wasn’t there. He stared at the pair of worn stockings she’d left him night before last. Or was it two nights ago?

Jerry looked inside Loren’s open closet. On the floor he could see the several pair of flip-flops she’d recently purchased, and toward the back were two pairs of those sexy, black ballet flats. It was then Jerry heard the key in the door.

Loren walked into the apartment, taking her shoes off as she ambled toward the couch, putting down the bag she was carrying.

“Hi,” said Jerry.

She answered, but a few chilly kırşehir escort moments beyond the expected interval without making eye contact.

“Where have you been, Lor…for two days?”

“I don’t see that’s any of your business, Jerry. But I didn’t feel like coming home and spending the night with you. So I took the cab to Lily’s place.

She gave me this little gift for you.” Loren looked over at the bag on the table.

“What is it,” asked Jerry?

“Why don’t you open the bag and see?”

Jerry retrieved the package and looked inside. “What the hell is this?” It was Lily’s red leather high heels stuffed with a pair of her nylon stockings.

“Don’t you like them,” said Loren? “Lily and I imagined you would especially appreciate the gift. She thought you might use the shoes to…pleasure yourself! Would you like that? Go ahead, Jerry, take the package to the bathroom. Don’t let me stop you.”

“C’mon, Lor! Why are you being so nasty?”

“Because, Jerry, I want a divorce. I don’t feel anything for you, anymore. Okay?”

Jerry never managed an answer when the phone rang. Loren picked it up.

“Hello? Oh, hi, Charlie. Sure, tonight’s fine. I miss you already. No, it was great! Don’t be silly. I didn’t mind at all. I was flattered that I made you come so fast. We’ll try again tonight, at my place, is that alright? Maybe Jerry’s presence will slow you down. That won’t bother you, will it?” Loren paused for some of Charlie’s input. It didn’t come. “No. He’ll be fine with it. He’ll just have to get used to it, okay? Dinner first. I’m looking forward to it. An hour’s perfect. By the way, you still like the black ballet flats? I’ll take the stockings off…or you can. I’ll surprise you. See you later. Ciao.”

“I can’t believe you,” said Jerry. “Charlie? You’re going to see Charlie tonight?” Jerry sat down on the couch next to Loren’s extended feet. “Come on, Lor, what’s wrong” Jerry said, as he took Loren’s stockinged feet into his hands and began a gentle massage? “We can work this out!”

“What are you doing Jerry?”

“What…? Nothing!”

“Don’t do that.”

“What,” kızılay escort said Jerry?

“Don’t touch my feet, Jerry. I really don’t want you touching my feet.”

“I was going to massage them.” Jerry moved his hands past Loren’s ankles and onto her legs.

“Take your hands off my legs Jerry. I mean it.”

“Come on, Lor. You used to love that.”

“That’s over, okay? I don’t want you touching my legs or my feet…or me again, Jerry. I mean it. So help me. If you do it again I’m out of here, you understand?

“You’re really acting strange, Loren. I don’t know what I did to put you in this mood, but it’s unfair and undeserved.”

“We’re finished, Jerry. So why don’t you do me a favor. Why don’t you take Lily’s shoes into the bathroom and jerk off while I get dressed.”

“I guess I get no explanation.”

“You know what, Jerry? I want a divorce from you. You want to stay married? Alright! Tell you what. I don’t care. But here’s what I would like. We can stay married… and you can look all you like, but I don’t want you to touch me. I want Charlie to massage my legs and to rub my feet, and fuck me! You can watch. You can watch all you like. Maybe that’ll turn you on! But I don’t want you ever…to touch me or my feet. Ever again! And I don’t want you near my legs, okay? No touch! You understand? If you feel aroused, masturbate, but it’s got to be right here…in front of who’s ever here. That’s it. Take it or leave it. Think about it. Now, if you would like to help me get dressed, please get my flats from the closet. I’ll put them on. Now please get out of my way or get my shoes. I’m running late! And don’t wait up. I’m going to be late. And, by the way, I might even come home with Charlie. Again, Jerry, you can watch, but you can’t touch. That’s over, Jerry. Jerk off if you like, but it’s got to be right here.”

All that Loren had said to him left Jerry in a state of shock. He knew she was moody and had her kinks, but all this, with Charlie his old friend, was a bit much to process. He couldn’t even begin to process what his wife had just initiated! He couldn’t speak. In a way, he tried to dismiss it from his mind. But that wasn’t working. He was numb and just stood there.

“Hurry up, Jerry!”

Jerry brought Loren’s ballet flats out and handed them to her. Her stockings were already off. She slipped the shoes on her bare legs, got up and left.


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