Incest Curse Ch. 03 – Regal Mother

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INCEST CURSE 03 – Regal Mother gets painted with son’s c*m while Virgin sister gets caught with a finger jammed in her p*ssy

“Oh, mother… how selfish of you to claim brother all for yourself…”

Herah watched as her mother’s pitiful cunt try to satisfy her son. A faint arc of lightning coils around Zeis’s cock making Reya’s pussy to uncontrollably spasm no matter how much she tried to control her body.

Bored of his mother’s submissive pussy, Zeis pressed on her shoulder, rolling her down to get on top of her. With a hand over her neck, Zeis holds the matron Goddess’ neck in a vice grip, completely shutting her air intake with a seal of his divine lightning. Zeis seals up her powers and temporarily makes her a mortal woman.

“Ahhh… Sonnnn…”

Huff! Huff!

As the daughter of Gaiah struggle and suffocate, Zeis manically thrust his pelvis into his struggling mother. The noise of the ball sac hitting the ass cheek kept echoing in the royal chambers.

Herah, who was nearby, got an unobstructed view of her brother’s muscular ass as he pumped his thick hard cock into their mother.

“Ahhh…slmoooo…dhaaawnnnn…” Reya failed to communicate her pleading to her lustful son, as he vents his lust on the plush body of his mother.

“OOoooohhhhaaaaaa…” with a hard thrust Zeis pushed his hard cock in and popped the cock head into her cervix, successfully invading her womb.

The sensation of her womb being penetrated was an experience unprecedented for the sexually frustrated yalova escort Reya. The Mother of all Gods completely forgot to breathe as she let her son choke her and fuck her to his desire, she doesn’t even care even if her son fucks her to death.

In Reya’s mind, the pleasure of this magnitude is worthy of death. The Goddess of Fertility has never had her cunt spread, and her womb plowed this deep. Reya’s eyes roll back with the lack of oxygen. Zeis starts to slap her tits hard, letting her milk spurt everywhere. The pain and pleasure are the only things that are keeping Reya conscious.

Zeis took pleasure in looking at his regal mother almost passed out with her eyes rolled back and snot dripping, with her tits that are spraying milk synonymous to her convulsing cunt.

The pitiful sight of the noble goddess who lost all her majesty just for a hard fuck from her son’s cock deftly strokes Zeis’s ego.

Zeis impaled Reya harder and harder like a beast, harshly grasping her full firm tit, squirting milk all over the divan, pummeling his cock in and out of her womb.

Every time Zeis’s cock pop into his mother’s womb, Reya feels as if a bolt of lightning is coursing through her body.

She lost all her sanity and was limply hanging onto her son, like a soulless cock sleeve; solely existing for her son’s pleasure.

Thoroughly dominating his mother, the most powerful women of the world, the mental satisfaction that Zeis felt was beyond measure.

As he was reveling yalova escort bayan in the pleasure that the sinful body of his goddess mother is giving him, the Lightning God heard a faint feminine muffled moan near the royal chambers.

Zeis was the mighty God that has forcefully taken over the rulership from the God of Time. His senses are battle-hardened and sharpened beyond the fable mythical monsters.

When he heard the faint feminine moan, Zeis found who it was just with a glance. Without alerting Herah, Zeis noticed that his beloved sister is fingering her pussy as she watched her brother force himself on their mother.

The knowledge of an audience has only served to excite Zeis more, he lifted Reya, with a hold over her throat Zeis dropped Reya on his cock with him on the behind. He made sure to let Herah see the disgusting slutty show of their mother and how much pleasure that the matron goddess felt.

Herah was immensely turned on and she painfully stretched both her nipples as she saw the pitiful sight of her mother’s cum pissing cunt and milk squirting tits.

“Ohhhh broootherrrrr…” faintly cried Herah, her only regret is nothing having a third hand to fist her dripping virgin cunt.

Looking at his lust-filled slutty virgin sister, Zeis slapped and pulled on the clit of his mother, making Reya’s body to jolt up and kept shivering on his hands.

Reya’s pussy started to convulse around Zeis’s cock like multiple small whirlpools stimulating all escort yalova over the entire length and girth of his cock.

It was as if the cunt of his mother is begging him to cum. Noticing the pleading of his mother’s body Zeis took pity on the now ruined Queen of Mt. Olympus.

He lets go of her neck, letting her take in a long desperate breather, as Reya’s body relaxed with the intake of oxygen.

Without any warning Zeis’s cock extended and inch more in length and girth and started shooting his thick hot cum deep into his mother’s womb. Rope after rope of cum started to fill up his mother’s sacred womb.

“OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE…” Screamed out the Queen of all Gods, acknowledging the new ruler and master of her.

Lightning is the element of destruction, but it also denoted vigor and life. Even after shooting 13 times of thick-long ropes of cum into Reya’ womb, Zeis is nowhere close to finishing.

Cum started to bubble and overflow over the cunt of the divine cunt Reya, as the sticky white cum start to drip out of her pussy. Zeis pushed his mother down, Reya is barely semi-conscious. He directed his cock over her tits shooting cum over her bountiful tits, milk, and semen mixing together.

Lastly, Zeis pointed his cock at the charming face of his mother, whose hair was in a mess with her eyes rolled back only her white iris showing.

Spulch! Splurt! Splat!

With every hit of hot thick um on her face, the noble mother of all gods lets out a faint moan, her whole body overloaded with pleasure. Zeis took a moment to admire the lusty art that he has created over his mother.

After a short moment of admiring his subjugated mother…

“Herah!” Zeis called out still just looking at his mother, with his back to his peeking sister.

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