Subject: Incubus series chapter 9 Chapter 9 The next Saturday came with a blast of summer heat. As the mercury began to climb under a cloudless blue sky, Marty’s father began to drive a trio of conspirators towards a rendezvous that would make or break their plans. Marty, Georgia and Axel sat on the back bench of the pickup truck whispering quietly between themselves. The three were dressed casually in summer shorts and t-shirts and carried with them a bag which contained towels and swimsuits. As the truck continued on it’s journey out of the city the teens began to note the size of the houses which lined the route. Each one appeared to grow in size and grandeur. The addition of tennis courts, swimming pools and gated entrances all gave the viewers the sign that they were entering privilege, until finally the satnav broke the silence with it’s soulless voice, “You have reached your destination on your right.” Steve turned the car in towards two huge wrought iron gates. On the other side of the gates the party could see a sealed drive leading off into the distance. As they pulled up to the small pole that held a camera and an entrance button, Steve re-checked the address that poodle had given them. Satisfied that he had the right place, he quickly glanced back at the awestruck trio and leaned out to press the button. “Hello.” Came a disinterested response from the speaker. “Umm, this is Steve Harris. I have brought my son and his friends over for a get together with Nicholas Abernathy. Uh I think this is the right place.” “One moment please.” The voice abruptly cut off, leaving the group to sit and wait in silence until the bored voice was replaced by a very excited one belonging to the boy they had come to know as poodle. “Hey guys, I am so buzzed you guys are here. I have been waiting. Come on up.” The huge gates began to swing open as the radio crackled into silence and Steve slowly proceeded down the tree lined drive. As they crested the hill, the Abernathy estate came into view for the first time eliciting gasps from four different throats. “Oh my god, look at the size of that place. It looks like a fucking hotel.” Axel shouted. “How many people do you think live here?” Georgia leaned over Axel’s lap to get a closer look. “No idea, but it will be fun finding out.” Marty said with a grin. “Maygog just left to go do some reconnaissance so we should find out pretty soon.” As the car continued down the slight hill towards the house, the entity swept up into the air and surveyed the scene below. The mansion sat behind a long grassed corridor, bordered on each side with narrow canals filled with waterlilies. The house itself was built in the grand Georgian style and sat upon a slightly raised area like a throne on a dais. Grey stone and high pitched slate roofs were softened by tall arched windows with white surrounds while the three story tall building was also graced with balconies lined by wrought iron filigree. Maygog lowered himself towards the house, opening his senses to detect the presences within. Globules of energy soon imprinted on his awareness, each one tasting different to the ancient being. A soft energy on the second level, definitely female and young. An energy that the being could only describe as repressed was towards the rear of the property alongside two other subdued energies. In the wing to the left a crimson red energy seethed and twisted and Maygog knew exactly who that belonged to. Lastly a golden glowing rush of energy was racing towards the entrance and the incubus found his target. In a flash he settle inside the running boy with a gentle caress. “Hello little one.” He said with delight, noting the newfound confidence and openness of the boy appealing. “Oh fuck, hey there.” Nicholas continued to run through the great hall. “I don’t think I will ever get used to that, but it is good to hear you again.” He threw the wide entry doors open and stepped out into the portico, waving to the approaching car which pulled up short and let out three awed teens and an equally awed adult. “Hi guys. I am so happy you could come today.” Nicholas said, winking at Steve before giving the kids a punch, fist to fist. “Wow Poodle. You really live here? It is incredible.” Georgia said looking around her. “Oh this. Well you sorta get used to it after a while. It is big, which means you don’t see people much which is sometimes pretty lonely. My sister and I are close but she can be annoying at times. Well come on in, you did bring your swimwear didn’t you?” The group nodded as they followed the boy into the grand front entrance. Set back across the foyer, two staircases commanded attention as they curved upwards to the second and third levels of the house, embracing a crystal chandelier that floated in the centre. Nicholas continued on through a side door leading the group down a corridor and into an immense kitchen area where his mother was sitting at a stone counter drinking coffee, while a maid and a butler listened to her to do list. The enormous arched windows behind let in a stream of sunshine warming the room. “Hey mum. These are my friends I was telling you about, this is Marty, Axel and Georgia. Oh and this is Mr Harris.” The blond headed woman raised her head and her expression changed from one of annoyance to one of pleasure when she spotted the handsome man entering her home. Ignoring the children she rose and moved towards the man offering her hand as she gave him her most alluring smile. Steve looking a little like a deer caught in the headlights took the offered hand and smiled in return. “Hello. Please call me Steve, Mrs Abernathy. Very nice to meet you. It was very generous of you to allow this unruly bunch to come and spend some time in your beautiful home.” “Daaaaaddd.” Marty drawled, playing the embarrassed teen to perfection, causing Steve to turn to him and mouth in a whisper, “Help.” “Oh it is no problem at all, call me Helen. It is nice for Nicholas to have friends over, being home schooled he doesn’t really get the opportunity very often. In fact I didn’t even know that he was friends with your children until last week.” She said, speaking in a high breathy voice. “Well you know kids, they can be best friends one minute and worst enemies the next yes.” He replied eliciting a titter from the furiously smiling woman. “So Steve, my husband is busy somewhere in the house,” she flapped her hand in a vague direction, “and I know these guys are keen to explore and perhaps have a swim in the pool. So if you have nothing to do, why don’t you stay and we will have some lunch while we supervise these villains.” She said, finally letting his hand go. “That is very kind of you Helen. If you don’t think it will be any trouble.” “Not at all Steve. I will have Marta put a lunch together and we can eat out by the pool.” Nodding her head as if she had made the final decision she asked. “Do you drink wine Steve?” She asked, eliciting a smile from Steve. “As a matter of fact I do Helen.” “Excellent, lets go and choose a nice Chardonnay or three, to go with lunch then shall we.” She said leading the way out of the room and totally ignoring the children who were standing and staring wide eyed, all except for Nicholas who shrugged his shoulders and said, “My mom can be a bit weird sometimes. Right guys, come on I will show you around the house ankara escort and then we can go and get changed for swimming.” Half an hour later found the group outside a door on the second floor of the mansion. “And this is my room.” Said Nicholas as he threw the door open. Inside was a large rectangular room with two windows looking out on the grounds below. An enormous king single bed, neatly made sat in one end of the room, while a desk and chair, a bureau and various toys were the only other items to be found. As the door closed behind him, Nicholas began to slide his shorts down his thighs, taking his underwear with them, his small well formed cock already hard and slapping up against his stomach. “Axel. I been thinking about your cute butt all week, ever since I saw it at Marty’s place. I really wanna fuck it if that’s ok with you, oh and you too Georgia?” He stepped out of his pants and waited expectantly. “That could be the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day.” Axel joked as Georgia laughed in response. The curly headed boy sat down on Nicholas bed and lying back, drew his shorts and underwear down, exposing his boy cunt. “Ok, poodle, if you think you can handle this.” He said licking a finger and circling his tight hole. Without waiting Nicholas moved forward and grabbed Axel’s ankles in each hand. The boy’s shorts still around his thighs kept his legs from opening wide, but Nicholas pushed them back towards his head until his boy cunt was lifted and exposed. Then without waiting he began to push himself inside. “What, sooooo, ya not even gunna buy me dinner first.” Axel said, then winced at a particularly hard and urgent thrust. Nicholas looked the boy in the eye, shook his head and formed his lips into a pout before uttering, `shhhhhhhhhh.’ He then set to work in earnest with Marty and Georgia watching on in admiration. Here was a boy unleashed and Nicholas was going to enjoy every thrust and wiggle that he could. He marvelled at the way the tight ring of skin stretching around his boy cock, would roll in and out with each thrust. How the seam of skin running along the boy’s taint would depress and extend in synchronous time. Soon Axel’s hand had found it’s way to his own cock and was pulling his foreskin back and forth as he was pounded. Grunting and groaning with delight. Once again Nicholas mouthed shh, as the noises in the room increased. Axel’s head lolled to the side only to see his girlfriend slip out of her panties and turn away from him. She bent over until she could peer through her open legs and began massaging her exposed cunt, causing Axel to lick his red lips in desire. Marty too had removed his clothes and was slowly pulling on his meat as he watched the pair on the bed. Suddenly, almost with a grunt of surprise Nicholas found his release, burying himself deep inside the willing arse. He fell forward and planted his lips squarely onto the lips of the boy he was inside and began to kiss him passionately. With a grunt Axel said. “While I am enjoying this an all, I sorta can’t breath here. Besides I thought we were saving all this for a bit later on?” “Oh sorry man. True that, but fuck, I was so fucking horny.” Nicholas said with a shrug and extracted himself, standing up. For no apparent reason that could be seen by the others, he began to laugh. When confronted by the quizzical looks around him, Nicholas explained. “You know the friend that drops by inside our heads.” They nodded. “Well he just said that he is proud as fuck of all of us because he didn’t need to help in anyway. That was all us.” The others laughed and began to change into their swimsuits, delaying their climaxes for a later time. Marty wore a bright red speedo that hugged his amazing butt while exposing the two adorable dimples just above and to either side of his sacrum. Georgia had chosen a yellow bikini with string ties on either hip. It also showed off her budding breast to perfection. As Axel stood up to change a small translucent line of fluid began to make its way down his right hamstring. “Oops, par me.” He said running his finger up the drip and scooping it into his mouth. When all of it was gone, the boy pulled out a green European swimsuit that resembled tight boxers. When he pulled them on the bulge in the front could clearly be seen, as could the shape of his amazing bubble butt. “Wow you guys look hot.” Nicholas said, his face falling. He pulled out a pair of standard board shorts in black and began to step into them. “My rents wouldn’t let me wear anything like that. They think it is not decent enough. I wonder what they will say when they see you guys.” “Why don’t we find out.” Marty smiled, putting his arm around his friend and pushing him towards the door. Soon the group were running through the doorway that led out to the terrace and the Olympic sized swimming pool surrounded by sun loungers and umbrellas. In short order the group had thrown themselves in the water and began to engage in a game of catch, splashing each other with glee as they enjoyed each other’s company. Marty stopped and beckoned for Nicholas to come over. “Hey Maygog, I think it is time that you found out the lay of the land. Pastor Abernathy is inside somewhere and we need to know what to expect.” Nicholas’ eyes opened a little wider as he said, “he’s just gone. I swear he goosed me from the inside as he went. Sorta made me horny again.” Marty placed his hands on the front of the boy’s boardies and smiled. “Yep, i can see that. Hold on for a bit and we will get that taken care of ok.” Inside the house Maygog sped from room to room, zeroing in on the roiling knot of red energy that he had detected earlier. He found it behind two large oaken doors that shuttered the ministers private study. Flowing through the barrier with no more than a thought, Maygog saw the man sitting in front of his computer and watching the screen intently. As he slipped quietly inside the mans mind, he almost laughed to see what he was watching. Closed circuit feeds of the pool area showed the four teens cavorting in the massive pool. The man manipulated the camera to zoom in closer until he had a view of Marty who was pulling himself out of the water. The fluid sheeted from his body and clinging speedo, dripping from the curve of his glorious butt. The ministers hand was almost absentmindedly rubbing across his hard cock, still trapped in his pants. As Maygog sampled his mind, he found a blur of images and desires that caused the entity to pause. This man was so repressed that rage and barely contained aggression were easily seen. Without making his presence known, the incubus sped back and took up residence inside his love. “He is watching you, Marty. In his office. He is watching you right now. You must be careful tho, because this man is a powder keg. I can control him when you are together, but afterwards when I leave him, he may be unpredictable.” Marty paused and lifted himself from the water again. This time he sat on the edge of the pool with his legs splayed apart while resting back on his elbows. “We will give him what he wants then. Ok. Afterwards we will just have to convince him that this is all for the best.” Marty rose and nodded to the others who smiled and gave him the thumbs up before returning to their play. The boy disappeared into the house and following ankara genç escort Maygog’s instructions soon found the door to the man’s study. He opened it quietly and slipped inside making his way unnoticed almost to the huge wooden desk behind which the minister sat. “What are you doing in here?” The man said with a harsh voice. “This is not the place for you to be young man.” “Oh I think it is.” Marty said, still moving forward and coming around behind the desk almost to touching distance. Without asking permission he turned his back to the desk and placing his hands on it, lifted himself up to sit facing the now furious man. “You will leave this room at once or I will call your father to come and take you home this instant.” He roared. He then made the mistake of trying to stand up, only to find that he had lost all ability to move his own body. “What is going on. Why can’t I move.” Marty gave a little sideways smile to the enraged man and leaned back. Although the man could not move, he could still look where he wanted and his eyes were suddenly glued to the boy before him as the lad continued to lean back and letting his legs to fall open, almost frog like. Without breaking his stare, Marty took the fingers of his right hand and hooked them into the seem of his speedos, right where the inner thigh tendon disappeared beneath them. He then proceeded to slowly drag them aside, revealing the hidden flesh beneath. With each feature revealed the man’s eyes began to bulge more and more. “What are you doing? Stop it now. It is not right. I cann’tttt. Oh god . Please don’t, I can’t stand it. let me go, why can’t I move?” The angry voice change to one of pleading as Marty took his left hand pulled the flesh of his round arse to the side, stretching and opening his cunt. At the same time he grinned at the man and ran his tongue across his partially open lips. “What’s the matter Pastor Abernathy? Don’t you like my little tiny boy cunt. It likes you. You seemed to like it when you were watching me walk away from you in church last week. You also liked it when you were watching me and your son play in the pool just now. So what’s the problem? You can have it you know.” Marty dragged harder at the skin causing the sphincter to widen and wink at the transfixed man. “You see, I want you to put your big cock inside my cunt, and fuck me until you cum. I truly want it.” He smiled as the man began to lick his lips and groaned. “It is wrong. It is a sin.” He rasped, drawing ragged breaths. Marty let the folds of his suit go and sat up facing the man. “What is sin but something someone told you is wrong. Why would they do that? To control you perhaps. To keep from you something that would make you grow, make you more, make you harder to control.” Marty leant forward and began to slowly undo the man’s belt buckle. “All these rules you have for others and yourself are made by men from long ago who were trying to control the people they were in charge of. It worked. A little too well, for that same rigid way of thinking has bound generation after generation of people into slavery to an idea. We can’t know, we can’t taste, we can’t have our hearts desire because it is wrong.” Marty reached inside the now open trousers and fished out the man’s hardening cock. It was rigid and thick and the boy licked his lips. He continued to speak as he drew nearer and nearer. “Why is mutual love wrong? If you want it, and I want it, and it is drawing us to connect together, why is it wrong?” “It’s wrong because it is wrong. We have to abstain for our own good. I must not corrupt you.” “Believe me when I tell you, Pastor Abernathy, that you can’t corrupt me, no more than you can control me. That’s it isn’t it. You like to control others, to hem them in with borders that you make. What if you drew them to you with openness and love and acceptance instead?” The boy leaned in and began lapping at the head of the mans cock. Humming as he went. “Oh shit. Stop it at once. Oh fuck. Oh.” Sweat began to appear of the captured man’s face. Just then Marty sat back and looked over his shoulder towards the door. “You can come in now.” He yelled, and the door opened admitting Nicholas, Axel and Georgia. Closing the door behind them, the trio moved to place themselves either side of Marty. Sitting back on the large desk. “Nicholas. What the hell is going on. You will stop this at once.” The blond headed boy looked his father squarely in the eye and replied. “I will not papa. You will not control me anymore. I don’t want to end up hating you, but I will if you keep treating me the way you have. My friends here have shown me more love and respect in a week than I have gotten from you in years. So, we are gunna do this.” He said tossing his still damp hair to the side, he took a big breath and quickly shed his board shorts. Leaning back he opened his legs wide and looked at his father with a daring smile. The man’s eyes snapped to his son’s sex and again he groaned. His eyes finally drawn by movement before him, he now saw not just was his son naked, but there were now three other naked teens all lying back with their legs spread before him. “You can have us all papa. If you want. We could all love each other and become closer than you ever imagined if you let it happen.” The boy said. Again the man groaned with desire, until Marty piped up. “I think he might need a little more convincing. Axel why don’t you fuck Nicholas so his dad can see how much he loves it.” The man stared wide eyed as his son quickly turned on his knees and presented himself to his swarthy friend. His chest flat against the desk with his head turned towards his dad, the boy furiously stroked his cocklette as Axel dribbled some spit in his hole and then mounted him. “Oh fuck man this feels great.” Soon the pair were moaning and grunting as they fucked, Nicholas never taking his eyes of his dad. “I want you to do this to me dad. I want to feel you inside me. Loving me.” He panted. Georgia and Marty climbed off the desk and kneeling on either side of the grown up, began to suck on his cock by taking turns. Marty’s hand was wrapped firmly around the base of the thick cock as he manoeuvred it between the two questing mouths. The pleasure inside the captured man began to build and build until he lost all pretence of negativity. His groans became moans as he watched back and forth between the four engaged teens. “Maybe I should sit on his cock for a bit.” Georgia said as the man’s cock popped out of her mouth and promptly disappeared into Marty’s. Two of her fingers pushed their way inside her and began to furiously pump. Marty stopped sucking for a moment and looked at the girl. “He knows what a girl cunt feels like Georgia, but what about a boy cunt. I reckon he needs to know about that huh. My turn then I think. How bout it Pastor. You want me to take this magnificent cock for a ride?” Without waiting the man nodded, and Marty climbed onto his lap, reaching behind himself to steady the throbbing tool. The boy lowered himself and braced as the head stretched him open, popping inside. The man grunted with surprise as his cock sank into the boy and he felt for the first time the pleasure that this brings. The warmth and tightness, the small lithe body pressed against him. Marty began antalya escort to fuck himself with abandon as Georgia knelt behind and took one of the mans balls into her mouth, slurping and dragging it down towards her. Nicholas was smiling as he watched his father’s face, fill with more joy than he had seen in his lifetime. He raised himself up and pulled his hole away from Axels thrusting cock. “Hey no fair.” The boy said as his next thrust hit air. “Sorry dude, but I reckon it’s time my dad found out how my pussy feels.” He climbed up and rested a hand on Marty’s arm. The jiggling boy looked as if he was about to protest but pulled himself of the rigid cock and stood aside. Nicholas quickly positioned himself and began to lower onto his father’s meat. Quickly he realised that he may have bitten off more than he could chew as this cock was the largest he had ever taken. He grunted and pushed his cunt lips out, relaxing them as he went. Inch by inch the man entered the boy until he sat flush against the thighs below, his back arched in a bow of tension. Slowly the boys head lifted as he relaxed and the discomfort of the joining subsided. For some time he sat still and quiet, every sense utilised in experiencing the union he had created. He looked into his father’s eyes with a deep meaningful stare. “Do you want me to stop.” He whispered, flexing his pelvic floor producing a groan from both his own and his father’s throat. The man’s eyes glazed over as he continued to stare at his son. Finally a rasp emanated from his lips. “No, don’t stop. Please.” With that, Nicholas began to undulate his hips. Leaning forward he.captured his fathers bottom lip between his teeth and began to suck on it. For Maygog, the passive nature of this event was an interesting one. Normally he would be the one directing the events and making his desires known, so that he could feed from the lust created. Always within the host he had taken there was a base desire to do the very things he made them do. He just stripped away the layers of urbane falsehood and connected people with their innermost fantasies. However, being a passenger for this experience made him stop and pause. Before Marty there had always been this excruciating hunger that tugged and pulled at him until he could find a suitable host and feed. Somehow Marty filled the endless need within him so much so that it was easily put aside for other considerations. He looked through the eyes of his host across the bouncing head of his son to gaze in wonder at the small red headed lad who had captured him. The boy was currently climbing over his friend Axel’s lap as he lay supine on the desk. He squatted down and guided the boy’s cock inside him, then held out his hand towards Georgia. She straddled Axel’s face nestling her little pussy lips directly onto his extended tongue. She drew the material of her bikini top aside and began to pinch and tweak her under developed nipple as her face showed the pleasure she was feeling. For Jeb Abernathy, his world was currently imploding inside him. Years of self denial and abstinence raged like a tornado within. Why did this feel so wonderful? He looked at his son and saw something entirely different from the annoying child he normally saw. Now he saw a wonderful vibrant being who was giving himself completely to an important man in his life. Jeb was almost overwhelmed by the response within himself. Love, protectiveness, need, passion, possession. “Whoa, hold up there partner,”. Maygog said inside the man’s mind, making himself known for the first time. “What is this? Who are you?” “My name is not important. What is important is that you are experiencing this feeling for the first time. You see your son with new eyes and you feel love. That is fine if you stop there, but you didn’t. Your thoughts turned to need and possession did they not. You have this desire to control others Jeb and you must fight it. Allow them to make their choices, their mistakes. Allow them to love you how they want to. You will find that you are a much happier person if you do.” Maygog relaxed his control over Jeb as if to prove his point, and the man’s hands immediately went to grab his son’s hips, his fingers splayed along the flesh of his buttocks. His thighs began to tense as he thrust into the boy who moaned with delight. Lost in the passion of the moment Jeb Abernathy was completely one with the universe for the first time in his life. His soul sang with delight as he poured his desire, love and acceptance into the precious vessel entwined upon him. “I love you son.” He said and immediately the boy threw his arms around his neck and pressed himself firmly against the grown man. Together as one they tensed and with a final thrust, exploded, gasping for air. One feeling the heat of release deep inside, while the other felt the warmth pooling in his belly button. As they subsided, Nicholas looked up and smiled. “I love you too papa.” On the desk in front of the sated pair the trio of lovers were also breathing hard as their orgasms subsided. Axel’s lips were shiny with saliva and pussy juice. Georgia was leaning forward and lapping the sticky morass deposited by Marty, off her boyfriends stomach. Every now and then she would swipe her tongue across Marty’s deflating cock to grab any stray drips she could, causing her friend to giggle and pull away. As the mood in the room lightened, Nicholas pulled himself off the spent tool he was riding, and sat himself back on the desk next to his friends, who had also sat up to face the man in the chair. It would have been an interesting scene had someone else entered at that moment. Three naked teen boys, and one partially clad girl, perched on a wooden desk looking expectantly at a man with his cock and balls on display. Marty broke the silence. “So, Pastor Abernathy, how do you feel?” The bewildered man licked his lips staring into the faces in front of him. “I don’t really know.” He said truthfully. “I guess I don’t feel angry anymore, but I have so many questions.” “My friend and I will answer them all for you if you are willing to listen. Why don’t we let these other guys head back to the pool, and you and I can talk this out.” Marty said smiling with confidence. “We can fuck while were doing it if you like.” The boy said, and the man responded with a grin of his own. Hey fellow travellers. Hope you enjoy the latest instalment of the incubus. As always, I am keen to hear your thoughts about the ideas in the story. I know for many the idea of incest and sex with young people is difficult to get their heads around. The purpose though is to challenge the firmly held beliefs that our society is currently bound with. For the ancient Greeks the idea of sex between young and old was not only acceptable in society, but it was encouraged. Father’s actively taught their sons how to please a man and how to be alluring in doing so. A sign of status and cohesion within the group of the time. At the age of thirteen, a Greek citizen would be chosen by a mentor and their relationship would begin. Greek culture was seen as the pinnacle of achievement in the world and is still viewed with esteem. However, unfortunately, it has been supplanted by judeo-Christian ideaology which is steeped in control of passion and ones own nature. All led from the elite at the top. Unsurprisingly, those very same elite, even amongst the ruling religious classes, held to, and participated in, things that compared even to my story would pale beside. If you do not believe me try reading an account of the life of Solomon. That dude was fucked up. Anyway. Love your ail

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