Isabelle , Simon Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: Isabelle it wasn’t pretty; the other guy was in the hospital for a month!

“Ya, what’s up, Tiny?”


I chuckled. Besides being big, Tiny was an incorrigible prankster. He loved to trick you. When we were young Tiny, and I pretended we were spies and had code words for different situations. ‘ANGEL HAS FALLEN’ was the highest level of crisis! It meant drop everything and come to the immediate aid of your friends. Someone was in dire danger! We had taken the phrase from the ‘Has Fallen’ movie series with Gerard Butler.

I decided to play along! “ANGEL HAS FALLEN! Oh no, Tiny! What’s wrong?” I guess I didn’t sound very sincere.

“I AIN’T FUCKING KIDDING, SIMON! Rachel is at a party and saw two guys taking Isabelle upstairs (Rachel was Isabelle’s old friend; the one I liked and was Tiny’s sister). Rachel said Isabelle looked completely out of it, and the guys were grinning as they carried her up. Rachel said the guys are scum bags, and she’s worried they drugged her or got her drunk or something. You need to get your ass over there as soon as possible before something bad happens! I’m on my way, but I am ten minutes out. The place is only five minutes from your house.”

Holy Shit! This was SERIOUS, and my adrenaline spiked. I forgot about all the fights Isabelle and I had each day. My heart was pumping hard and fast, pushing oxygenated blood to every cell of my body. All I could think about was Isabelle! She may be mean and horrible niğde escort all the time, but she’s still my sister, and I loved her, bad attitude and all.


Tiny gave me the address, and it was the same one Isabelle had left on the fridge. Where the fuck was Isabelle’s boyfriend, Rick? I thought they were going to the party together.


I flew out of the house like a bat out of hell and roared off in dad’s car. I blew through every stop sign and traffic light! I didn’t give a shit if the cops saw me! My dad had always taught me that you never hit or forced yourself on a female! There was nothing scummier than guys that drugged and raped girls! How could anyone get any pleasure out of having sex with an unwilling or unconscious partner!

NO ONE was going to touch my sister, let alone date-rape her!

I barrelled into the house, and Rachel was waiting for me. She pointed upstairs and followed behind as I bounded up the stairs, two at a time. There were two doors to my immediate right. One was slightly ajar, and from behind it, I heard the low grunting of sex. Oh no, I was too late! My worst fear had come to fruition! I couldn’t protect my sister from harm!

I rushed forward and slammed the door open. The sight that met my eyes brought instant relief! Some blonde bimbo with massive tits was riding a guy on the bed. Maybe I wasn’t too late to help Isabelle after all. I was about to turn away when I realized the guy was Rick, Isabelle’s no-good boyfriend!

They hadn’t even realized escort niğde I’d entered the room. I turned away in disgust and shut the door behind me before charging to the second door.

It was locked. FUCK!

I kicked the door with all my might and just about broke my leg! It hurt like a bitch, but the door groaned under the impact. I kicked again, and this time the door flung open.

One guy was standing beside the bed with his pants around his ankles, stroking his dick while the other guy was between Isabelle’s legs. Isabelle was semi-naked. Her top and bra had been removed and thrown on the floor. The guy clutched her jeans in his hands, and Isabelle’s panties were still on, which meant I wasn’t too late! Phew! But her eyes had a glazed look, and she didn’t even look over when I smashed into the room. She was definitely out of it!

I lost it, and a primal scream roared out of my throat as I barrelled towards the guy on the bed, like an out-of-control freight train! I lunged into him so hard that we both went flying, and the guy smashed his head against the wall beside the bed. I was ready to beat the shit out of him, but he slumped to the floor, leaving a streak of blood on the wall.

I went to handle the other guy, but my shoulder hurt like a bitch, my arm wasn’t functioning properly, and I felt dizzy. This definitely was not like in the movies!

I had the benefit of surprise with the first guy, but the second guy now had his pants up and was approaching fast with a look of anger plastered across his ugly mug. niğde escort bayan I got in a surprise first punch with my good arm, but it barely slowed him down. He pinned me on the wall with one hand and started pummelling me with his other fist. I dodged his blows as much as possible, but I wasn’t feeling too nimble! I tried to kick him in the nuts but missed, which made him even angrier!

Rachel jumped on his back like a kamikaze pilot and started biting him and gouging his skin with her fingernails. He twisted around and bellowed in rage, but he couldn’t dislodge her! She was amazing! Remind me never to get on her bad side!

The guy got an evil grin and rammed himself backward into the wall. Poor tiny Rachel was crushed between him and the wall. She slumped down, unconscious, with blood trickling down her face from a cut above her eye. FUCK! I was going to kill the prick, but when I went to get up, I was in such pain that I stumbled to one knee, and the room started to spin.

The last thing I remember was Tiny charging into the room with a blood-curdling war cry. Oh my God, did he look mad! I would rather face a thousand angry bulls than be the guy that had just hurt his sister. Tiny cocked his massive arm and gave the guy an uppercut so hard I swear I saw the guy lift off the floor! The loser was on his knees now, and Tiny pulled back his arm and let loose another powerful punch, straight at the guy’s face. The guy collapsed. I didn’t know whether he was merely unconscious or dead and I didn’t care.

You know, in the boxing movies, when they show the knockout punch in slow motion, and the loser’s head flings back painfully, his face grimaces, his nose scrunches, and sweat flies from his head? Well, that was nothing compared to how that fucking prick’s face looked as he went down for the count!

I smiled smugly and passed out.

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