iS!ster Act #1

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iS!ster Act #1Friday Afternoon – Carly’s Bedroom.”So you mean you’ll be gone the whoooole weekend?” Sam whined to Carly.”Yes, Sam. We’ve been over this at least three times every day since Tuesday. It’s why we taped iCarly last night. My grandpa is in the hospital and Spencer and I are going to Yakima for the weekend.” The brunette responded, quickly packing some clothes into the bag that’s sitting on her bed.”So what am I supposed to do this weekend?” Sam asked, with her head hanging upside down off the edge of Carly’s bed.”You have a house, Sam, can’t you hang out there?””Yeah and Pam’s new boyfriend will be there since he’s a deadbeat loser without a job. And he creeps me out.””Is he really that bad?””He’s more than creepy. In fact, let’s put it this way, simply saying he’s creepy is like simply saying Freddie’s a nerd.””HEY!” Freddie shouted from the doorway in defence.”Speak of the nub and he appears.” Sam said with a smirk. Sam made fun of him because she still liked him, a lot.She’s strangely attracted to the boy, and not just because he’d been working out, but that didn’t hurt matters any. She saw him changing his shirt after he got squirted with mustard on iCarly the other week and the boy was in good shape. ‘I’d like to squirt mustard on his chest and lick it off,’ she thought to herself.The last month or so she’s been asking herself repeatedly why the hell they even broke up in the first place.”SAM!” Carly yelled. “I want you guys to be nice to each other while I’m gone. That means I want to see Freddie in one piece Monday morning at school, understand?””Oh-Kaaay,” The blonde whined as Freddie just rolled his eyes.The two said when they broke up that we were going to stay friends, but it’d been really hard on both of them. And neither of them wanted to be just friends, especially Sam. Unless, of course, it was friends with benefits. She hadn’t caught Freddie sneaking glances at her, but he’s mesmerized by her curves and the way she filled out those tight fitting shirts she wears when she sleeps over at Carly’s.”Carly, Spencer said I’m to tell you he’s leaving in ten minutes whether you’re ready or not.” Freddie told her and broke Sam out of the trance she was in, thinking about what Freddie and she did last time Carly was out of town.Carly said goodbye to her friends after zipping up her bag and made her way toward the door. “So, are you guys just going to hang out in my bedroom all weekend?””Oh, um, no, why would I want to be in a bedroom with him. Gross.” Sam said to cover in front of Carly. The brunette didn’t know that the couple did the deed and quite a few times when they dated. The naive girl thought Sam was just as virginal as she is.The two followed her downstairs. “Hey, Spence, mind if I hang out here for a while?” Sam asked and plopped down on the couch like she was at her own home.”Her mom has a new boyfriend and he’s kind of weird.” Carly tried to explain to her br0ther.”Why should today be different than any other day?” Spencer shrugged and grabbed his suitcase. “C’mon, Carly, we’ve gotta go, I want to get out of town before rush hour.”As soon as they head out the door, Freddie sat down beside Sam on the couch. “You could, ah, hang out canlı bahis with me at my place, Sam. I mean, um, if you want to, uh, you know, not go home.”‘He’s so damn cute when he’s acting all shy. It’s like he didn’t remember the weekend that Carly went away and we fucked like rabbits all weekend right here on this couch.’ Sam thought to herself. ‘Just the memory is making me all flustered. I swear, if he wasn’t here right now, I’d be rubbing one off.'”And have your mom get all freaked out when she comes home and sees me there. You know she’d probably give you a disinfectant bath just for sitting on the same piece of furniture as me, right?””I hate to think what she’d do if she knew what we did last time Carly went to Yakima.” Freddie smirked, remembering that weekend well.Sam’s phone signalled a text message. “Oh, great!” She said looking at it and scowling.”What’s wrong, your mom get arrested again?””My s!ster is in town.” Sam replied with a huff.”C’mon, Sam. Enough already.” He says, irritated. “You already admitted to making the whole twin s!ster thing up years ago.”Sam was already busy typing up a reply before speaking. “You’ll see I’m not lying in about fifteen minutes. I told her to come over here instead of going to the house, you know, on account of mom’s creepy boyfriend.”He just crossed his arms and glared at her. As usual, Sam took the remote and put something she wanted to watch on the TV.They were both getting into the show a little while later when the doorbell rang.”Get that, Fredbag.” Sam ordered, knowing full well who it was.He groaned at her ordering him around, got up and answered the door, opening it wide to find Melanie standing there, smiling wildly at the site of the attractive young man. Freddie turned around to look at Sam, then back at Melanie and he got a look on his face like his head was ready to explode.”Hi, Freddie.” Melanie greeted with a hug. “Hey, Sam, why did that strange little man with the wart down in the lobby just call me a demon?”Sam was too busy laughing at Freddie’s reaction to respond at her s!ster’s question.”So what’s this about mom’s new boyfriend?” Melanie now asked her.”He’s creepy, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s, like some kind of registered sex offender or some shit. I’m staying at Carly’s this weekend and I’d recommend you do the same. Unless you want some stinky, middle aged man with a beer gut and a mullet trying to feel you up.””Oh-Kay.” Melanie replied with a shiver.”So what are you doing in Seattle?” Sam asked, trying not to sound too annoyed at her twin’s presence.”One of the girls on the second floor of the dorm clogged up a toilet with a tampon or something and they’re working on the plumbing, so they sent us all home for a week since the dorm bathrooms don’t work.”By this time Freddie had come out of his trance and came over to the twins, who were now sitting beside each other on the sofa. “Wow, this is amazing. You guys are identical.” He looked back and forth between them.”Duh.” Sam smirked.”That’s kind of the way identical twins are, Freddie.” Mel said, twirling her hair around her fingers and obviously flirting with him. “So are you guys having some kind of slumber party or something?””Hey, bahis siteleri now that you mention it, that’s a good idea. I just wish Carly was here.” Sam replied. She knew if it was just them they’d soon kill each other. They’re way too ‘odd couple’ to get along without someone to keep them from each other’s throats.”Where is Carly, by the way?” Mel asked, looking around and noticing her s!ster and Freddie appear to be alone in the Shay’s apartment.”She had to go to her grandpa’s with Spencer.” Sam explained with a frown.”Well, at least we have Freddie to hang out with.” Mel flirted towards Freddie again.”Yay!” Sam said with fake enthusiasm. “What do you say, Fredweird?””Yeah, want to hang out with two cute girls this weekend?” Mel now bit her lip in a further expression of flirty-ness.’Gheesh, what a flirt, she’s worse than Carly.’ Sam thought to herself.”Cool.” He responded, in a deeper voice than he usually talked, puffing out his chest and trying to be all macho. “I’ll go grab some things, why don’t you guys pick out some movies? I’ll see if I can find some microwave popcorn.”As soon as he was out the door, Sam turned to her s!ster with her hands on her hips. “God, Mel. Felling flirty today?””What?” She replied “You guys aren’t together anymore, are you?””No, but…” A frown again formed on Sam’s face, she refused to admit that she still liked him and it made her jealous when other girls flirted with him, especially her own s!ster.”Hey, Freddie’s cute and I go to an all girls’ school, so I don’t get contact with too many boys. Just us girls in the bathroom,” Mel defended.”I thought you had a boyfriend.””For two weeks, last year. He was a jerk anyway. He only wanted to go out with me because he knew I’m a virgin, the ass-hat just wanted another notch on his bedpost.””Wait, you mean?” Sam raised an eyebrow, she really thought Mel would have done it by now.”Yeah. And would you like to explain just how I would get a chance to lose it. I told you, I only had a boyfriend for two weeks. I’m not a slut, Sam.””So you’ve never…? Wow.” Sam sounded flabbergasted.”What’s so unbelievable, it’s not like you’re sexually active. Are you?””I was. I mean Freddie and I were- when we were together.””You and Freddie? Really?” Mel squeaked, looking at her s!ster all wide-eyed.”Yep.” Sam popped her P, nonchalantly, like Melanie should know this already.”Well?” Mel asked, eyes getting wider by the minute.”Well, what?” Sam said, now sounding annoyed.”Well, how was it? Is he good in bed?” Melanie asked quietly.”Best I’ve ever had.” Sam smirked “But I guess I don’t really have anything to compare him to.””Well, did he, you know, take care of you?””Oh, hell, yes. And very well I might add. Let me tell you, the boy is a bigger genius with his tongue than he is a computer. Too bad we haven’t done it since the night we broke up.””How do you do it? I mean, hang out with him and not want to just jump his bones all the time.””Truth be told, I want to. I’ve went home all flustered more than once. And the other week. Did you see the bit we did with Gibby in the giant hot dog bun where I ‘accidentally’ squirted Freddie with the mustard?” Melanie simply nodded. “Well, after the show, Freddie bahis şirketleri was changing his shirt and, oh my God! The boy’s been to the gym, let me tell you. Mmmm, mama like.””What did you do?””Well, after I stared at him until he almost turned around and caught me, I had to go into the bathroom and, um, let’s say, settle myself down.””You mean, you gave yourself a selfie, in Carly’s bathroom?””Twice. Thanks for the reminder by the way. Now this whole conversation is getting me all stirred up again. And he’ll soon be back, dammit.” Sam was in desperate need of release and none was in the near future for her.“You could take care of it right here if you want.”“Right here?”“Yeah, I do it in front of all my friends, why should you be any different?”Thanks for the, nice, imagery there Mels, but I would rather not.””Do you um, you think he’d be willing to-uh, pop another Puckett’s cherry?””I don’t know, Mel. Freddie’s kind of…” Sam was going to say ‘chivalrous’, ‘too much of a gentleman’, or something like that but about then, he came back into the apartment, carrying a small duffle bag and a box of microwave popcorn, just in time to hear his name.”I’m what?””A dork!” Sam replied with a smirk and he stuck out his tongue at her.Melanie just rolled her eyes at their banter and Sam seductively licked her lips back at him, just to tease him, unseen by Melanie.The trio made popcorn, ordered a couple of pizzas and a bucket of hot wings and sat around watching movies for hours. By midnight, Melanie had managed to cozy herself up to Freddie and had her head propped on his shoulder with her feet on the coffee table beside his. Sam’s feet were on his lap and her head was hanging out over the end of the couch. Freddie looked like Hugh Hefner with two beautiful, busty blondes hanging off him.It was time to put in another movie and Sam tried to get Melanie to do it. Basically, because she was too lazy to do it herself and she didn’t want Freddie moving and disrupting her foot rest. Melanie protested, obviously not wanting to give up her spot next to Freddie since she was doing her best to seduce him. She might be a virgin, but this girl could flirt with the best of them.Finally, Sam gave in and got up and changed the disk herself before heading to the bathroom.She was gone only a few minutes, but Freddie and Melanie seemed to be acting a bit suspicious when she came back into the living room. Sam returned to the couch after grabbing a drink from the fridge and put her feet back up on Freddie’s lap exactly like before.’Something feels different, like he’s… Oh! My! God! He’s getting hard!’ She thought, her eyes settling on the boy’s groin. ‘Maybe I wasn’t imagining it when I thought they might have been making out when I was in the bathroom. Kissing always did get him all riled up. Oh, hell, I can’t let this opportunity go to waste.’Sam rubbed her heel over his semi-hard dick. “What’s this, Fredstud? Happy to see me?”Freddie’s mouth dropped open, this was NOT something he wanted her to notice, despite the fact that if Melanie wasn’t there, he and Sam would probably be on round three by this point.Sam glanced over at Mel, who had absolutely no idea what was going on. “Guess he’s enjoying himself, what do you think, s!s?” She said as she took her foot and pushed Melanie’s hand down to his lap from where she had it resting on his bicep. Mel’s hand landed right on Freddie’s ever hardening dick.

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