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Subject: Me & James O (Jaden Gives In (6) This is a supplement tale In the ‘Me and James O’ story I have on here. I have chatted with his hot guy a few times after inadvertently finding his page on Twitter. Although we have not hooked up. And the more I do chat with him. The more I want James. James is a bicurious,. average guy with average body and a nice bearded face. But it’s his cock and balls that make me crazy. Perfect size. About 7 or so inches long and with a nice curve. And a set of balls I could eat for days. This take is from the betraying roommates view point. And how after the fact he too wants James. And seduces the hairy hunk. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Me & James O (Jaden Gives In (6) …”I was the first guy you wanted” Jaden said to James. James knew what he was saying. Jaden was the hot guy that he was originally interested in. Not Oscar. Jaden was easily hotter. Even if he was a bit crude and a whore at the moment. There was no denying his utter beauty. And even though James was really liking Oscar. Even caring about the roommate to this gorgeous dude, there was no denting that he wanted Jaden as much as Jaden wanted him at that moment. And as he was so close to him at this very moment. Jaden obviously coming on to him as they stood there. James hand at Jadens crotch. Placed there by jaden himself. This and Jadens hand in his shirt. Feeling up James body. Feeling up the hairy chest he had. Something Jaden was really loving. And the sexual energy between them reached crescendo and James grabbed for Jaden. He pulled him close. He considered kissing the gorgeous guy. But stopped, and Jaden also stopped him. “No kissing” he said “That is going too far with Oscar involved” Then Jaden dropped to his knees and went for James jeans. Pulling at the zipper and dragging them down his hairy legs. He then looked up at James. He looked up at the hot guy he met online and gave up because bursa escort he was a whore. And it was okay though. It was okay that his roomie Oscar had James. Sort of. But at this moment in time, he had James. All to himself. “I am gonna suck your big dick” he said “Then you are gonna fuck me silly James” Jaden rubbed at the briefs that James wore. He felt the mans growing cock under them. Felt for the dick he would soon be worshiping. And it felt great. A nice big full package that was throbbing at his hand. James big dick. And then he returned to the images he had seen of James online. Then he remembered the guy had nice balls too. A low swinging sack of cum filled balls. He licked his lips as he knew he would be feasting on those orbs. Then he yanked down the underwear. Freeing James dick. It was partially hard already and starting to make a slight curve in the shaft. Veins growing as they pumped blood to the mans beautiful dick. “Yes. Gonna suck this big fucker” Jaden said again “Hold those big balls as I slurp it down” “Getting this fucker big and hard” “Then I am gonna bounce up and down on it for a bit” He grabbed at James dick. Then he pushed his face down to the dick the guy had. Opening his mouth and swallowing it down fast. Taking him all in as he would not choke on it at its current size. Easily sucking on James delicious cock. James moaned as he felt the guys mouth move on hus dick. Felt the guys tongue as it danced around his hardening meat. “Awe. Man that feels good” he groaned “Great fucking mouth man” Jaden knew he was good at his job. A great and expert cock sucker. He has had so many dick in his hungry mouth that he has had the time to hone his talents at it. His tongue swirled around the mans shaft as James dick continued to grow in size. And Jaden could feel as the dick hardened more and more. Filling his mouth more. And soon he was having trouble with the guts big dick. “Fuckk!” He gasped as he pulled of it Jaden held onto bursa escort bayan the big meat stick the gorgeous James had. Yeah it was big. 7 plus inches of being curved cock. The head of James dick was already very bloated. The mushroom head full and seeming ready to pop. Jaden licked at his lips as he looked at the the prize he had finally gotten. The dick of someone he felt initially he really hadn’t wanted. But now it was all that matter. Having james bug beautiful duck in his mouth, his ass or any orifice he could get it into. And he sure planned on riding thus hot guys dick. Feeling as it slid into hus needy ass. That was a definite to have. “Fucking fantastic cock James” he said “Love how it curves like this” “Beautiful” He leaned back in and kissed at the meaty head of the mans cock. The head swelled back at him as he did. And James dick was tasting soo good. The meaty cock head was drooling out some delicious precum. The taste was soft and semi sweet. “Ohh God. Soo good!” His head screamed He was now ravenous for James. Grabbing the hefty cock and swallowing him down again. Slurping loudly over James awesome cock. Savoring in the sweet precum drooling out if James “Awe fucker. Suck it man. Suck!” James crowed “You sure know your dick” “Ughn. Fuckk!” James continued to let Jaden worship his cock. He was loving the sensations of the guys awesome mouth in him. How gis tongue dragged over his hard shaft. Then how it moved up and over his cock head. He grabbed for Jaden when his tongue moved around the base of the mushroom head and thrust into his throat. Pushing all of his bug hard dick into Jadens face. And jaden woth receiving this unexpected fullness gagged. The big meaty cock head pushing and blocking gis air. “Glarphh!” He hacked as he pushed off James “Damon that is big” And James smiled at the declaration by the guy. Liking his power over him. So he ordered Jaden back in his dick. “Just suck my dick faggot” he growled “I need escort bursa that fucking mouth on me” “Fuckk!” James thrust his cock at Jaden again and jaden swallowed it down once again. Gagging again as James pulled him balls deep to his crotch. Jaden felt those heavy balls against his chin, and it made him hold on. Pulling back against the convulsions for release. That big sack felt soo damned good against his hungry face. The big balls also shifted against his chin as James held him to them. His eyes rolled up into his head from both the dizziness he was feeling from lack of oxygen, but also from his utter lust of those big ole things against his face. And the feel of those balls against him made him understand how guys loved this hot dude. It wasn’t just for his handsome face and charm. Or his hit body and big cock. But that big cum filled nuts case that held his baby juice. “I wonder how many bitches this stud has gotten pregnant” Jaden pondered as he tried to keep all that dick in his mouth. “Lucky whores” He wished to be a woman at that moment. Just the image of a baby growing inside him from the seeding a man like james would provide. It made Jaden all the hornier for James. Then james released him and pushed him off his cock. Jaden hacked and gasped for air again. But his eyes stayed on that dick and those balls. Perfection beyond perfection they were. The balls again shifted in their low sack as James stood there before him. He wanted to eat them up. But james was now ready for sex. “Turn the heck around man” James ordered “My dick needs to fuck that hole of yours” Jaden complied with his master. Getting uo and tossing clothes about. James again looked at the hot body Jaden had. Toned and smooth muscle. He touched Jadens chest. Feeling how nice it felt. He looked down to Jadens cock. Also nice. He pondered sucking Jaden off. But he wanted the guys ass. So he turned jaden about and gazed at that awesome looking ass. He touched Jadens bubble butt and squeezed at the cheek. Smiling as he knew it was his to have. “Fucking sexy ass” he said “I am gonna fuck you stupid” “Bend over whore” ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum

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