Jane in New York Pt. 14


At three o’clock in the morning, Jane drove to Veronica’s apartment to pick her up for their early flight. As always, the Asian supervisor was ready to go, already wearing business attire and makeup.

Remembering Jane’s punctuality from their old company, Veronica made sure to be ready as soon as she arrived. The Latina ran downstairs, wearing the same comfortable outfit she wore when she first arrived in New York.

Though she didn’t consider herself dressed up, aside from a light amount of makeup, Jane still found her breathtaking.

“Good morning, Jane,” she said, getting into the car.

“Good morning, Veronica.”

They drove off to the airport, with the sun nowhere in sight. Though Veronica knew it was a long shot, she hoped they would start talking in the car and mend their relationship. Unfortunately, Jane was intent on remaining dead silent.

“So, this is your new car?” Veronica asked, hoping to open the line of communication.

“Yeah, I just bought it a couple weeks ago.”

“It’s kind of reminds me of your old car…”

“Maybe that’s why I chose it…”

Veronica looked around, inspecting the interior. “No offense, but I kind of thought you would get a fancier car now that you’re making really good money.”

“Oh… uhh…. No offense taken… I used to dream of having a fancy car when I was poor. But now that I have money, I don’t know… I guess I just realized it wouldn’t be the smartest investment right now.”

The Latina smiled and nodded her head. “I think that’s pretty wise.”

As Jane refocused her eyes on the road, a thought came to her mind, This might be tough… I forgot how pleasant she can be…

Eventually, they got to the airport and started the long process of boarding the plane. Not wanting to continue engaging in casual talk, Jane tried to remain quiet. However, Veronica wasn’t ready to give up.

“Are we in first class?” Veronica asked, looking down at her ticket.

“Umm… I think so.”

A smile came over the Latina’s cute face. “That’s so nice! Does Sunshine always fly their employee’s first class?”

Jane took a moment to think about it. “Every time I’ve flown with Sunshine, it’s been first class. But I’m not too sure. Now that I think about it, all of my flights have been booked by Camilla or Miranda.”

“Ah, ok,” Veronica responded, looking for their seats on the plane. “Speaking of Camilla, do you think everything will be okay with her in charge?”

Jane smirked to herself. “I’m sure she’s loving it.”

Veronica shook her head at her supervisor. “That’s not what I meant. I’m sure she will be fine. I mean, it already feels like she’s in charge. But now that she’s the acting supervisor while you’re gone, I fear the safety of the other employees.”

The new supervisor immediately burst with laughter, thinking about how fierce Camilla could be. Then, as they found their seats, Jane turned and asked, “Do you mind taking the window seat?”

“Are you afraid of heights?”

“It’s not that. I prefer the aisle because I get up to use the restroom a lot.”

“Yeah, that’s no problem,” Veronica answered. However, Jane was in front of her in the tight aisle, leaving no room to get around her.

“Oh, sorry…” the new supervisor said, realizing what an awkward position they were in. Seeing no other option, she took her outside seat and allowed Veronica to slide past her.

As the Latina carefully slid through, Jane couldn’t help but stare at her backside. Veronica’s tight lavender shirt didn’t fully cover her waist, exposing her sexy hips.

Then, as her eyes naturally worked their way down, she noticed how nice Veronica’s bubble butt looked in those white pants. The material was soft, and it was tight on her ass. However, what stood out the most were the lack of panty lines, leading Jane to assume she was wearing a thong.

She bit her lip, watching the hot Latina finally collapse into her seat. Then, as they sat next to each other, Veronica gave her a cute smile.

This is going to be tougher than I thought… Jane silently said to herself.


Making her way to the office that morning, Camilla was dressed to impress. She wore a cute little black dress with a dark green jacket, and stockings with high heels. Wanting to enjoy every minute of her temporary role, the blonde arrived several hours before her coworkers.

Though it was bright and early, and she was indoors, Camilla refused to remove her sunglasses or her smile as she let herself into Jane’s office.

She immediately took a seat in her boss’s chair and placed her own nameplate on the desk. “That’s more like it. Even if it’s just for a few days, I’m going to enjoy this.”

The blonde sat back in her chair and propped her feet on the table before kicking her heels off. “Yeah, I’m really going to enjoy this.”

Camilla remained there for hours, doing nothing but basking in the joy of being in charge. She knew it was temporary, but it was something escort kocaeli she had dreamed of for so long. She owed it to herself to enjoy it.

When her fellow employees finally arrived, she stepped out of the office to greet them for the first time. “Hello everyone. As you all know, Jane is off on a company trip. So, until she is back, I will be in charge.”

All the employees gave her a blank stare until one of them finally asked, “When are you not in charge?”

“Before eight A.M., I wasn’t in charge,” Camilla explained. “But guess what? My watch says it’s eight o’ one. So, unless there’s a problem with the satellite it’s getting signals from, I’m in charge now.”

“You’ve always been in charge,” another employee responded.

Suddenly, more of their coworkers started to chime in. “You hired all of us,” one said. “You delegate all the assignments,” another added.

“Oh, my!” Camilla reacted, placing her hand over her mouth. “It’s my first day in charge and everyone is trying to test me. I’ve read about this!”

“No one is testing you!” an employee quickly argued.

“I better take control or the entire office will go down in flames,” the blonde narrated to herself.

Completely confused, one girl asked, “Why are you wearing sunglasses indoors?”

Camilla shook her head, unable to comprehend the confusion. “Because I want to look cool.”

“Okay, but… why aren’t you wearing any shoes?”

The Latina quickly pulled her shades off and stared at the woman. “It’s a new rule I just came up with. Shoes are now optional in the office. This applies to everyone except you, Nancy, since you want to ask so many questions.”

She then glanced around at the other employees. “Does anyone else want to join Nancy in the mandatory shoes crew?” After scanning the room, she continued, “I apologize, Nancy. That was pretty harsh of me. You may take off one shoe.”

Another employee interrupted Camilla. “Okay, besides the shoes thing, is anything going to be different at all?”

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed,” the temporary supervisor started, pointing at Jane’s office. “But I will be using this as my office. I even have my own name plate. And while I’m in there, I will have an Open-Door Policy. That means if I’m in there, you can knock on the door, and I might or might not answer, depending on my mood. If I’m in a good mood, I will open the door for you, hence the name Open-Door Policy.”

“That’s not what Open Door Policy means!” several employees argued while laughing.

“Okay, okay! No more arguing with the woman who signs your checks.”

“You don’t sign our checks!” someone countered while laughing at the quirky woman.

“I’m sorry,” Camilla quickly responded, putting her shades back on. “I guess my fantasy runs a little beyond the scope of this job.”

She then clasped her hands together and regained her focus. “Let’s get to work! Try to get a lot of work done, because we’re going to have a pizza party at the end of the day.”

The entire office cheered as Camilla led them in her own eccentric way. Had she actually received the promotion, she would have been a much different Branch Director than she displayed. But knowing she was only doing it for a few days allowed her to explore the fun she could really have.


After a long flight, Jane and Veronica were able to enjoy the sights as they caught a ride to the resort. It was a sunny day on the beautiful island, and with their move to New York, it had been so long since either of them experienced such nice beaches.

Once they got to their destination, they were left gasping at the luxurious resort. The hotel looked so clean and beautiful, with swimming pools and restaurants; and it was all right off the beach. Though it was a business trip, both women couldn’t wait to utilize all the amenities.

“Sunshine really goes all out for these getaways, don’t they?” Veronica said as she grabbed her luggage.

“They sure do,” Jane responded, staring at the resort, wide-eyed. “Let’s check in and get our room.”

Veronica led the way, taking charge since she was the Spanish speaker. She spoke to the concierge and got the keys to their reserved room.

After riding the elevator to the top floor and locating their suite, Deja Vu suddenly struck Jane as she opened the door. “Oh no, no, no, no, no, no!” she complained, before immediately turning around and walking back.

“What’s wrong?” Veronica asked. “Was there a roach in there?”

“It’s not that,” Jane refuted with a serious tone.

“Is it a spider?”

“No! Even worse!”

Veronica finally looked in and realized what Jane was talking about. Though it was a beautiful suite, it didn’t have the two Queen-sized beds they were expecting. This isn’t as bad as a roach, she thought to herself.

In Jane’s mind, this was even worse than the time it happened with Camilla. In that instance, she didn’t want to bother her mysterious coworker, who she didn’t know very gölcük escort well at the time. In this case, she upset about sleeping in the same bed with the woman she tried to convince herself she didn’t love.

“We can change it,” Jane quickly pointed out. She remembered when it happened to her and Camilla, they never went to the concierge to resolve the situation. Hoping she could immediately get it fixed this time, she ordered Veronica to follow her back downstairs.

When they got to the desk, Jane looked at her Latina employee and asked, “Can you explain the situation to her, and ask why we didn’t get two beds?”

She then watched and listened as Veronica and the employee had a discussion in Spanish. Reading their body language, Jane could tell things weren’t going well. However, to her employee’s credit, it looked as if Veronica tried to find a solution.

The Latina employee turned to her boss and explained, “She said for an event like this, you have to specifically ask for a two-bed suite, since those are in such high demand for business events. If you don’t specifically request it, they automatically sign you up for a one-bed.”

“What?!” the Asian reacted. “What kind of rule is that?!”

“It kind of makes sense,” Veronica responded. Then, as the concierge said something else, she turned towards Jane again and translated, “She said our best bet is to speak with whoever made the reservation for us.”

With a deep sigh, Jane quietly responded, “That would be me…”

“You didn’t ask for two beds?”

“It didn’t even give me the option!” she argued, thinking back to the time she made the booking. “I figured we could just choose when we showed up, since it wasn’t on the website!”

“I guess you have to call them and specifically ask,” Veronica said, scratching her head.

“Ugh!” the new supervisor groaned, completely frustrated by the entire situation. “Just ask her if there’s anything at all they can do for us.”

Veronica turned back towards the woman and asked what Jane requested, but the answer was simply, “No.”

Jane grew even angrier as they walked back to the room. She wasn’t just frustrated by the staff and the situation; it bothered her knowing she missed such an important detail. Though she was upset with herself, she attempted to divert her anger.

“Are you telling the truth?” she asked her employee in an unpleasant tone. “Are you sure there wasn’t some type of miscommunication?”

The Latina stopped and gave her supervisor an annoyed look. “Jane… She literally shook her head and said, ‘No.’ No, is the same thing in Spanish as it is in English.”

“Ugh, I guess you’re right,” Jane responded, stomping her feet the entire way back.

As the day went on, Jane continued to grow more agitated from her own mistake as she shared the room with Veronica. As much as the Latina tried to break her of her funk, it was no avail, as she just kept snapping at her employee.

Unfortunately, Veronica didn’t know Jane was mad at herself. Taking all the blame, she wondered to herself, Is she just going to treat me like this the entire time?

Secretly, she hoped aside from the work meetings, they would be able to relax and re-establish their old friendship. However, as she made suggestions to explore the facilities, see the beach, or even grab some food, they were all met with rejections.

“I just want to focus on preparing for my meeting,” Jane would respond with a snappy attitude. “Only the Branch Directors are required for today’s meeting. If you want to check the resort out, just go without me.”

Needing a break from her supervisor’s rude behavior, Veronica exited the room to get a breath of fresh air. As she walked around, looking at the all the amazing sights, she could only think about how much fun it would have been if Jane joined her.

Maybe this is why Camilla didn’t want to go… she thought to herself while walking around. Probably not… I’m the only one she treats this poorly.

Suddenly, she was left standing still as she laid her eyes on a happy couple. They weren’t there for work, and it looked as if there wasn’t a thing in the world bringing them stress. All she could see were two people enjoying their beautiful relationship.

I can’t give up, she said to herself, clutching her fists. When will I ever have a chance like this to fix our relationship? This might be my only shot!

Veronica spent the rest of the afternoon trying to motivate herself until she finally went back to her room. Unfortunately for her, when Jane finally came back from her meeting, the young supervisor seemed to be in an even worse mood than before.

After walking past Veronica, who was sitting on the couch, Jane tossed her bag on the floor before falling onto the bed. She let out a big sigh as she stared at the ceiling with a defeated look on her face.

“Is… everything okay?” Veronica dared to ask.

“Everything is great…” Jane said with a loud sigh.

“What izmit sınırsız escort happened?”

Never taking her eyes from the ceiling, Jane answered, “Nothing… Just some of the stuff we talked about… I don’t know…” Then with another loud sigh, she continued her thought. “It just might have been better if Camilla was at that meeting… She handles a lot of that stuff…”

Though the young supervisor was comparing herself to Camilla, Veronica couldn’t see it as anything but a personal shot. Her heart sank, and it was hard for her to put up a fake smile. “I’m sorry…”

Jane finally sat up and looked over at her beautiful employee. “I’m sorry I’m in such a bitchy mood… It’s just… this supervisor stuff is harder than I ever imagined.”

“Yeah…” Veronica stared at the ground, thinking about the difficult time she was having herself. Hoping that being supportive would bring Jane out of her bad mood, she offered some food. “I went to a really nice restaurant earlier and I saved you a meal. Do you think that would make you feel better?”

“Thanks, but no thanks,” the Asian woman responded, completely dismissing Veronica’s kind gesture. Then she grabbed her phone and walked towards the door. “I need to talk to Camilla.”

Veronica sat in silence with her own thoughts, wondering if she could ever provide the security and comfort that Camilla did. Though she entered the room with a new sense of confidence, she was left there feeling more defeated than ever.

“Sorry about that,” the young supervisor said as she reentered the room and collapsed on the bed. “I needed to get some information from Camilla… but she was no help.”

“Oh?” Veronica reacted, inching closer to the Asian woman. “What happened on the phone call?”

“She didn’t really have the information I needed,” Jane said before pausing. Then she looked over at the Latina with a confused expression. “And… it sounded like… she was having a party…”

“A party?! Why would you think she was having a party?”

“There was just a lot of noise in the background. And I heard someone yell something about pizza… I don’t know… Maybe I’m just going crazy.”

Sitting there, just as confused, Veronica tried again to lighten the mood. “I’m going out for a walk. Would you like to join me? There are so many things to see! Maybe that will take your mind off things.”

“No, thank you,” the Asian woman responded, falling back onto the bed. “I’m just going to lie down for a while. I’m exhausted…”

“Oh… okay…” Veronica looked off before walking out of the room by herself. Not knowing what else to do, she grabbed her phone and called Camilla.

By the time the phone started ringing, she had almost forgotten about the strange conversation Jane had with Camilla earlier.

As the phone was answered, the first thing she heard was Camilla yelling, “I like pineapples, and I like pizza, and when you combine the two, it’s suddenly a problem? If you have such a problem with it, then you’re no longer part of the no shoes crew… Hello, Veronica?”

Completely confused, Veronica just responded, “Hello…?”

“Oh, hey Veronica!”

“What… is going on over there?”

“Nothing’s going on… and if you overheard anything, you definitely don’t need to repeat it to Jane.”

“Oh, okay… Is this a bad time?”

“No, no, no,” Camilla responded, trying to get serious. Stepping into a quiet room, she started to speak to her coworker with a more attentive tone. “What’s going on?”

“I think it was an awful idea for me to come here,’ Veronica explained. Pouring her heart out, she continued, “You deserve to be here; not me. I’m just…”

“You deserve to be there,” her coworker interrupted. “The branch director is supposed to take her best employee as a reward for their hard work. You’ve done the most work out of all of us, and you get the best reviews from clients and investors. You deserve to be there.”

“Thank you…” Veronica responded, a little shocked to receive such a sincere compliment. “But you deserve to be here… You pretty much run the entire office.”

“Maybe I deserve to be there, but that doesn’t mean you don’t. Acknowledging another person’s value doesn’t mean you need to put yourself down. Two people can deserve the same prize for their own separate achievements.”

“That’s really sweet of you… It really is. Thank you… It’s just Jane has been so upset the entire time. And I feel so bad for being here because she keeps bringing you up. You might think I belong here, but she doesn’t…”

“This isn’t about you…” Camilla again interrupted, causing Veronica to go silent for a moment. “This is about her…”

Shaking her head in confusion, Veronica asked, “What do you mean?”

“She doesn’t think I should be there instead of you… She thinks I should be there instead of her.

The brunette stood there in the silence. It didn’t make sense in her mind, so she never took it into consideration.

“She’s just being insecure,” the blonde continued. “And she’s the most insecure when it comes to things she really cares about. Same goes for you and same goes for almost anyone else in the world… including me.”

“Same goes for me?” Veronica asked, astutely.

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