Jan’s Pantyhose Drawer


I was just a horny 24-year-old that had just finished college, with a huge fetish for pantyhose!!! I’d love to daydream while seeing beautiful women wearing pantyhose. Nothing could beat all the pantyhose commercials and advertising back in the 1980’s. Pantyhose were everywhere, TV, magazines ads, drug stores even had isle way displays. Turn on the radio and listen to a radio ad.

The years I was in college, I was slowly coming out of my shell, and was becoming less and less nervous asking girls out. Yes, I got turned down a lot! I finally got laid in college a few times, and got to only enjoy my pantyhose fetish one time with a girl that turned out to be just crazy. She wanted things that were beyond my tolerance.

I had brown hair, hazel eyes, a stocky build, and I was athletic. I lifted weights 5 days a weeks and even competed in power lifting while in college. I just did not project confidence to really get a girl’s interest. Plus I am not the tallest guy, I am only 5’6.

I would sit in classes and wonder about the pantyhose the girls were wearing next to me. Are they sheer to waist, control top or only regular pantyhose? Then I would really wonder…God how would they feel if those thighs were rubbing on my cheeks or even more if I could be the judge and wear them.

Lord knows I love to get hold of pantyhose, wear them, and jerk off in them dreaming about the woman who wore them.

So, the summer I had graduated from college with a business degree, my dad had retired, and he basically handed over his lawn care business to me. I was used to my dad’s lawn care business and knew off the back of my hand.

Since I was living at home, and was running a lawn service out of my parent’s house, my mom was throwing some business my way. I was in great position because I had very small college load debt, and I was making damn good money now that I was running my dad’s lawn service.

The business end came easy cause I was around it my whole life. My parent’s said, please stay home for a while, save some money then you can get a house! I simply could not complain. Best was I had plenty of spending money.

My parents told me there was a new neighbor down the street who needed someone to cut her lawn for her and her name was Jan. Would I forever be thankful for my mom after that day.

I agreed to go ask the new neighbor if she would like me to cut her grass.

So, that Saturday morning, I walked down the street, walked up the front porch and rang the doorbell. Little did I know who would be standing in front of me when the door opened, but a beautiful woman! She was wearing cut-off jean shorts, a T-shirt and, to my delight, tan pantyhose!!!!

I introduced myself by saying, “Hi, I am Mike, from down the street, my mom told me you need someone to cut your grass.” I gave her my business card and said I would give her a great discount. I even stepped up my game and said, “I will beat anybody’s price.”

She said, “Oh thank God, now I do not have to worry about it anymore, my name is Jan.”

Jan asked me, “Can you cut the grass today?” I said, “That would not be a problem at all.”

She asked me to come in and said, “How rude of me to not let you in sooner.” I was in awe of her body and pantyhose legs, but she just had a down-to-earth attitude. She was the same height as me maybe an inch shorter.

Her hair was long wavy, dirty blond. Her breasts were plump, but she simply had a great body. Her eyes were a mesmerizing green. She could pass for a model in my book. She projected self-confidence, and a great attitude. Being near her was stimulating and arousing.

My guess was she was in her late twenties or early thirties, my mom said she was single. I was not going to ask. But I was in awe of the situation.

Her whole house smelled so nice and had a warm welcome to it. It was so clean. Jan truly knew how to maintain her house and she was just a beautiful woman to look at!

My gut instinct was Jan was single and living alone. If Jan had a boyfriend there were no male things in this house to indicate that. It was all feminine.

Jan said, “let us sit down in the living room and work out some details and a schedule.” I simply said, “Yes, that sounds great.” Her house was exceptionally clean and had a clean smell. I made sure to even take my boots off from work because her house was so clean. She said, “Oh you don’t have to do that.”

So, we sat down on her couch, and Jan said, “I want the grass cut once a week and edging done every other week. There were some yard tools in the garage, and you are welcome to use them if needed.” I just said, “my job is to make sure you never have to worry about your yard, I have all the tools I need, but thank you.”

Then Jan said, “if I could prove that I could be on time on a regular basis, then she would have more work for me.” Hearing that, just added fuel for me to do a great job, and make sure all of Jan’s needs were met.

So, Jan and I shook hands and I asked, “If every Saturday asyalı escort at 11am was okay with her?” and she said, “That would be perfect.”

I then realized it was 1030 in the morning and she said, “Well, I will see you back in half an hour.”

I walked back home and wanted to jerk off thinking about Jan’s legs and the woman I had just met, but I realized I had to get things ready before I cut Jan’s grass. I needed to put gas in the lawn mower and make sure I had everything I needed to clean up after I was done mowing. Plus, I wanted to get there early.

I drove my truck down the street, and I had a general idea I would mow the backyard first, and the front last. Jan met me at the front door, and all I can say is thank God I was wearing tight underwear under my shorts.

Jan said, “I have to run up to the store and do a couple of errands, are you okay while I am gone?” I said, “No problem.” She said, “You are a sweetheart, I will be gone for about an hour, and if you need to use the restroom, just go ahead.

Then Jan said, “Grab a soda or water if you get thirsty from the fridge” and I said, “Thank you.” She ran to her car and took off. The pantyhose radar came alive in me.

So, I knew I had to concentrate and not think about her pantyhose legs, or to not go snooping. As soon as she left, I wondered how many pairs of pantyhose she had.

I got about half of the back yard cut and I said to myself, hell with it, I will just take a quick leak. So, I walked in the back door and took off my boots and proceeded to the bathroom. I knew the general layout of Jan’s house because it was like that in all houses on my street including my parents’ house.

I stood in front of the toilet and started taking a leak, and in the bathroom mirror was the reflection of the inside of the shower. To my surprise and delight, there must have been 8 pairs of pantyhose hanging on a rod in the back of the shower!!!

Immediately, my dick was hard, and I knew I had time to spare. Every pair was my favorite color, suntan / tan / deep brown colors. I reached in and stroked one pair, then leaned in and kissed them, then I knew there must be more pantyhose.

My heart was pounding. What if Jan came home early…. what if…. what if. So, I slowly crept down the hallway and found her room. It smelled so nice and was just so clean. I walked toward her dresser and my heart was pounding. I slowly opened a drawer, and it was all her panties.

But the next drawer I opened was a drawer to pantyhose heaven!!! The drawer was packed with pantyhose, new and used. I pulled out my dick and started stroking. Then the next drawer was socks, nylon knee highs and a few other pairs of pantyhose. I knew I should not be doing what I was doing, but I was in heaven.

So, I grabbed a knee high and stuffed it in my shorts pocket and closed the drawers and hurried to the back door. Put my boots back on and returned to mowing. Thank God I left Jan’s room when I did because 15 minutes later, Jan pulled into the garage.

So, I moved onto the front yard and did not stop until it was done. While I was cleaning up, Jan leaned out the front door and said, “Come in before you leave so I can pay you.” I was so nervous. What if she noticed I was in her room?

I knocked on the front door and Jan let me in. I said, “No need to pay me today, this lawn cut is on me.” There she was, looking like a pantyhose model in my book. Jan said, “The lawn looked great,” and I said, “Thank you.” I told her I had used her bathroom, and she said, “No worries.” She said, “I will see you next Saturday at the same time.”

I slowly started walking toward the door and she said, “Again thank you.” I nodded my head and said, “No worries.” Then, the next thing I knew, she reached over me and hugged me, and said “This means so much to know I do not have to worry about the lawn.”

All I could think of was how great she smelled, and her pantyhose leg rubbed up against my bare leg. I wanted to explode in my shorts right then and there. I was lucky, I got away with a knee high to play with.

As soon as I got home, I ran to my room, shut the door and I inserted my cock into that nylon knee high and blew a load!!! The mirror thought of all the pantyhose Jan had. I wanted to wear them and cum in every pair with Jan’s help, of course.

Waiting for next Saturday was like torture. But as soon as the next Saturday arrived, I was early for impressions, and started mowing the back. I was more than halfway done with the backyard when Jan finally appeared, and she was in shorts, and a T-shirt but no pantyhose.

I was bummed not seeing her in pantyhose. She asked me, “Mike, can you give me a hand in the basement?” So, I said, “For sure,” and ran to the door. She said, “Wow, talk about a good man!” I walked behind her down the stairs and into the basement.

Jan said, “I need a man’s help to move the furniture to the other side of the basement because I am going to have a room built for my ayaş escort younger sister and a bathroom installed as well.” Jan asked, “Can you move the furniture and leave the boxes for her to go through, and how long would it take you Mike?” I said, “No more than an hour.”

Jan walked right over to me and gave me a hug!! Jan said, “Keep up that work attitude and she will hire me.” She went upstairs, and I went to work on moving all the furniture to the other side of the basement. I think it took me maybe just over a half hour. Jan came down the stairs when I was finishing, and her jaw was wide open.

I was afraid I did something wrong, or she was mad at me. She looked at me and darted for me with another hug and a small kiss on the cheek. I was caught off guard, but I was not complaining. Jan said, “You are the best.”

Jan said, “let me show you the house, since I never showed you before.” I said, “Sure I would love to.”

So here is the basement, which was just huge and unfinished. Next, or the only real room in the basement, is the laundry room. Jan turned on the light and on the far wall was a washing machine, dryer, laundry tub and about 20 pairs of pantyhose hanging on a line drying from being hand washed.

My dick turned rock hard and was at full attention and was not going down for anything. Thank God my T-shirt was not tucked in. Jan looked at me and said, “Do not mind the pantyhose, I wear them all the time. I do contract work for a pantyhose company, so I must wear them all the time.”

I must have melted right there. I thought I was dreaming.

She looked right at me and even asked if I was okay.

I just said, “Wow, that is a lot of pantyhose,” then Jan said, “Some of them simply feel so good!” Again, I thought I was going to faint. She said, “Let us go upstairs and get something to drink.” I said, “Yes, that sounds great.”

We were walking up the stairs and Jan’s ass was in my face. We went upstairs to the kitchen, and she reached into the fridge and handed me a beer, not a soda or water. She said, “Here, this will calm your nerves.”

I wanted to say, only your pantyhose on my dick will calm my nerves. But, “I said, “Thanks,” and drank half of the beer. To her point, I felt more at ease. She looked right at me and asked if I was okay to see the rest of the house and I nodded yes.

God, I hoped I was not looking like a dumb ass, or she was reading into my reaction from the pantyhose in the laundry room. We walked into the living room, and she said, “This is where we sat last week.”

Then we walked down the hallway, and Jan said, “This is the bathroom you used last weekend, and the next room is mine.” I only hoped I did not leave some sort of evidence from last Saturday.

Then Jan said, “This is my room.” I could not keep my eyes off her bed. It was covered in pantyhose!!! Jan looked at me and said, I am cleaning up my dresser and closet.”

Then I wondered well how many pairs of pantyhose could be in her closet? She said she was sorting and doing stuff for work. I wanted to drop my shorts, get naked, jump on her bed, slide on a pair, and spew a load on every pair.

Jan noticed I was a little jittery and again asked if I was okay. I said, “Yes, no worries,” and I said, “It must be the summer heat getting to me.” That was not the truth, because Jan had the air conditioning cranking. It was quite pleasant in her house.

The issue was, I was in the house of a pantyhose goddess, and I did not know how to make a move!

We walked out of her room, and she showed me the other room, which was like an office set up, and there was one other room set up as a spare bedroom with a bed in it. I had to think of a way to calm down cause my dick was rock hard, so I asked her how she keeps such a clean house and how does it smell so nice?

She simply looked at me and said, “You are a true gentleman!!! Thank you for saying that you just made my day.” Jan said, “I simply make it a point to clean up after myself and I do not like a mess.” Then I said, out of nowhere, “Well you have a mess of pantyhose on your bed, can I help you?”

Then my dick, which was calming down, was now standing at attention and I just realized I may have truly crossed a line. Jan looked at me and said, “You are such a sweetheart, yes next time you can help me, she reached out and gave me a hug, and said the lawn needs be finished.”

When she hugged me, I think she may have felt my erection. My mind was thinking about the way she said, “Maybe next time you can help me”. Was she being serious or just joking?

So, I gently pulled away and said, “Well, I must get back to cutting the lawn.” Jan looked at me and said, “Thank you.” I finished the backyard and did not stop until I finished the front, and all was cleaned up. I walked up to the front door to tell her I was done.

She opened the door, and I was stunned…. Jan was wearing pantyhose now with her outfit… She looked at me and said her legs were getting aydınlıkevler escort a little chilly from going through boxes in the basement and wanted to wear some warm comfortable pantyhose. She handed me my money and said, “I will see you next weekend.” I said, “I will see you then.”

The next couple of weeks were like that, cutting Jan’s lawn, and helping Jan do a couple of choirs in the basement. Not much had really changed at all. I did not have any way of getting to her pantyhose because she was home every Saturday morning. I was starting to write off any chances of getting to her pantyhose or her.

But I still had a thing for Jan. There was something about her.

Then, on a Tuesday afternoon, after I got home from cutting grass early due to the rain, the phone rang. I answered the phone, and it was Jan. I forgot we exchanged phone numbers that first Saturday about a month or so ago. She asked if I could come down to her house for a moment, she had a favor to ask. She sounded not herself. I said, “I will be right there.”

I sped down the street to Jan’s house in the pouring rain, parked and ran up the steps to her front door. My heart was pounding, getting worried something was wrong. A moment later Jan answered the door, and she was on the telephone.

She looked stunning!! She had on a beautiful long pink dress, matching high heels and earrings. Her hair was done up in a bun. A beautiful gold necklace fell into her cleavage. She was breathtaking to look at.

Best of all she had on a sexy shade of nice dark tan pantyhose. She smelled incredible. But I could tell something was wrong.

Jan put her hand over the mouthpiece of the phone and said, “get a beer for us from the fridge.” So, I grabbed a beer for her and me from the fridge. I opened the beers in the kitchen so the noise would not be heard on her phone call.

I stepped out of the kitchen to go hand Jan her beer, and I nearly passed out at the beauty I saw sitting in the chair, in the living room. Jan’s long dress had a split down the side, and she was crossing her pantyhose legs. Her legs had spilled out of the dress and were on full display. Her legs looked like a pantyhose display.

She truly looked like she was posing for a pantyhose commercial or advertisement. I was standing in the doorway between the kitchen and living room just staring. My cock went rock hard at the sight in front of me. I had jeans on, and I had tucked in my shirt. I had to walk back into the kitchen to adjust myself by taking out my polo shirt that was tucked in to cover my hard on.

I walked back to the entry way of the living room, and I had to take in the sight. The daylight mixed with the rain coming thru the curtains produced a glow on her legs!!! I wish I had a camera. This view is what I dream of and jerk off to.

Her phone conversation seemed very personal.

Then while on the phone Jan reached up, pulled a pin or two out of her hair, and let her hair down. She whipped her head to one side, then again to the other. Jan looked right at me for the beer. I walked over and I handed it to her as she was still on the call. Jan mouthed thank you, and then right in front of me she recrossed her pantyhose legs. I could hear the swoosh sound of her pantyhose.

Jan mouthed to me, five more minutes. I motioned to her I needed to use the bathroom. She motioned for me to go ahead. I had to release some tension. And to my delight, what was hanging on the shower rod, but some pantyhose. Some nice pantyhose. I dropped my pants, pulled a pair off the shower rod and got busy.

I inserted my cock into a nice pair of, sheer to waist pantyhose. I wanted my cock to feel the inside of the pantyhose. I started pumping, and all I was thinking about were the pantyhose legs, Jan’s legs, in the living room. A minute later I was unleashing ropes of cum into the pantyhose that were on my cock. They felt so good. I wanted to wear them, but I knew I had to wait. I could still hear Jan on the phone in the other room.

I gently gave kisses to the crotch of every pair of pantyhose hanging on the shower rod and placed the cum stained pantyhose back on the shower rod. I looked back at them and said to myself till next time.

I walked back into the living room and Jan wrapped up her phone call. I asked if everything was alright. She said yes, but there is one issue. Then I thought I had done something wrong, or she knew I swiped a knee high from her pantyhose drawer a few weeks ago. Jan said, “I have to go out of town for work and was hoping my younger sister could watch the house and take in the mail.

Jan said, “That was my sister on the phone telling me she can’t.” So, that is why I called you. Mike, “Can you look over my house this weekend, take in the mail, plus cut the grass?” I said, “Jan, I am right down the street. Yes, I can do that for you, no problem at all.”

Jan then slowly turned, looked away with her head down, and started shedding tears. I walked right over to her as she was still in the chair. Her pantyhose legs were on full display. I dropped to one knee in front of her and gently placed my hand on her should and said “Hey, why is a pretty woman like you crying? Jan leaned into my shoulder and cried a long five minutes straight. I just held her while she was crying.

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