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I hope you enjoy this chapter! ****************************************** Nick Evans Part 14: Easter By Scott Goulding ****************************************** It was bitter-sweet when Nick left California. On one hand, he was glad to be going home, where he could see Francis again. But on the other hand, Nick felt as if experimenting with random guys had come to an end for the moment. The freedom and anonymity he’d had in Cali would disappear once he was back in Texas, and he wasn’t sure what things would be like with Francis now that he was in a relationship. Everything just seemed too complicated with him and it was making Nick feel shitty. But what else could he have expected? Francis was after all a heterosexual man who was only ever using Nick for sex. He felt stupid for having gotten any feelings for him in the first place. Nick arrived in Houston on a hot afternoon. It was nearly 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which was unusually hot during the spring. People were sweltering, there was no breeze to cool their faces, and there was a shortage of air conditioners in stores. Nick fell asleep during the car ride home. Since their AC wasn’t reliable, the heat made him sleepy. As soon as he got home, he could hear the sprinklers on all the lawns, the screams of children as they frolicked beneath the water and the drone of cars as people drove lazily across the streets. Nick helped his parents take his things to his room, then he threw his phone aside and slumped into his bed, falling back asleep. His sleep cycle had been ruined by Luke’s occasional urges to fuck, and Nick’s body hurt from the time spent in the gym–not to mention his last amazing night with the three other frat boys. That day, Nick slept on for hours at home, through the entire afternoon and well into the night. He didn’t wake until he heard a noise at his window. It was dark. Nick’s curtains were wide open, but his windows were firmly shut. His parents had the AC on in the house which meant that not a single window was allowed to stay open. Nick was lying in bed with nothing on except a thin sheet and a short pair of Francis’ old boxers. The door was locked, and his clothes were in a heap across the floor. It was nice and cool in his room when he woke, with the darkness of the clear night sky casting eerie an light across his face. Nick’s eyes opened at the noise, but he stayed in bed, wondering if the noise was just a tree branch scratching against his window. But it came again, and he heard a raspy voice follow. Nick groggily got up, wandering over to the window. He saw a shadowy figure in the corner of his lawn, throwing rocks at the glass. Nick stared down at the dark figure, a bit scared as to what was going on. As he opened the window, the hot, humid night air made his skin crawl. It was far cooler inside than it was outside. He peered down at the shape, trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes. “What are you doing here?” Nick asked Francis, the fear suddenly leaving him. Francis smiled awkwardly at him. “I-is this a bad time? Are you with someone?” Nick frowned at him. “No… I was asleep.” “Oh. Sorry.” “It’s fine,” Nick mumbled, wondering if that was a look of relief on Francis’ face. Nick had to admit that seeing Francis made him feel a hundred times better, but he was still upset with him, not that there was any real reason for him to be angry. In the end, they were just sex-buddies–at least that was what Nick had told himself. “Did you… want to come up?” Nick asked. Francis smiled again, showing Nick his pearly white teeth. His green eyes glinted in the faint streetlight. “Yeah.” Nick kept the window open as Francis climbed up the tree, being careful not to snap any branches or make much noise. Nick’s parents had a bedroom on the other side of the house, but he didn’t want his parents seeing signs of a broken tree when they woke up the next day. It would raise a lot of suspicion. “Be careful,” Nick said to him. “Yeah,” he grunted. Francis snapped a few branches as he climbed upwards, struggling to get inside the window. Nick pulled him in, making sure he didn’t land on the floor with a thud. “Why are you all wet?” Nick laughed, looking at his soaked cotton trunks and wet sweatshirt sticking to his hairy muscles, which bulged bigger than usual. “Your sprinklers are on,” he muttered, suddenly looking up and down Nick as the teenager went back to bed, covering himself in the thin blanket. Francis had recognized his pair of boxers but refrained from commenting. “Oh.” “How’ve you been, how was your trip?” Francis asked, pulling back his wet hair as he sat down on a nearby chair. He kept his voice to a low whisper, but the droning noise of the AC helped keep his presence unknown. He closed the window as Nick began to speak. “It was fine. Got to see a bit of LA, but I mostly stayed on campus, looking at the buildings and stuff.” “Cool,” he replied, giving Nick a charming smile. “Fuck some guys while you were in town?” Nick turned pink. “Maybe.” Francis looked uncomfortable, laughing nervously. “Haha, nice. You been working out?” “Uh, yeah. I have.” “Yeah, I can tell. You look good.” Nick’s face turned pinker. “Thanks,” he mumbled, feeling embarrassed. “What brings you here?” Francis looked up at him. “Well… I knew you were coming back today and I wanted to see you. Also… I texted you earlier and you didn’t respond. I thought you were mad at me or something. So I just wanted to make sure things were alright between us,” he said. “Oh sorry,” he began, “I fell asleep as soon as I got home. I had my phone on silent…” he lied. Although, it had been turned off since he fell asleep. He just hadn’t been in the mood to reply to Francis’ earlier texts. It felt hopeless. Francis nodded. “Oh okay, just wanted to make sure. So… you’re not mad at me?” Nick hesitated before he answered. “No.” Francis already knew he was lying. “W-what’s wrong? Did I do something?” Nick sat up in bed. “Why didn’t you tell me you were fucking girls again?” “Huh?” “You’re in a relationship with someone named Lisa. Why didn’t you tell me first? I had to find out on fucking facebook.” Francis was caught off-guard. He had totally forgotten about Nick not knowing, and realized that he hadn’t gotten a chance to explain any of it to him. It must of looked pretty bad to Nick. “Oh fuck. Shit, dude. I’m so sorry about that… I forgot to tell you. But it’s not what you think.” Nick was at the verge of tears, his eyes watering. “Yeah? Then what is it?” “Nick…” Francis got up, sitting on the edge of Nick’s bed now. His eyes were staring down at him, and his face looked concerned. He put his hand on Nick’s leg over the sheets. “My dad was on my case. He… caught me jacking off once and this other time he found one of your sex toys in my room. I had to make up something to convince him I wasn’t gay.” Nick suddenly froze, not sure what to make of it. Francis’ parents were super conservative so he knew that something like that would land him in big trouble. “I told them that Lisa was my girlfriend and that the dildo was hers. They bought it, but my parents have facebook too–and they’ve added me, of course. So I made her my girlfriend on there to make it seem real.” “How long ago did you tell them?” Francis blushed. “Uh… the same night I sent you that pic. Like I said… my dad kinda caught me rubbing one out. So I had to think fast. I’m lucky he didn’t spot your texts on my phone or something.” It made sense to Nick–the whole thing had happened overnight after Francis had sent him that dick pic, teasing him that he was gonna jerk off to him. He suddenly felt a bit guilty, but that didn’t deter the few nagging doubts he still had. “So… you two have had sex, then?” “What? No! She’s a lesbian, Nick. Why do you think she went along with my stupid idea? Her parents are just as bad as mine. I… I kinda haven’t done it with anyone since you left.” “R-really?” He turned red again. “Yeah.” In fact, Francis hadn’t done it with anyone else since his first time with Nick. But of course he was too embarrassed to tell Nick that. “I-I’m sorry, Francis. I didn’t mean to get mad at you. I just thought… I thought we were closer than that so I kinda expected you to tell me. And I was afraid that if you were doing it with girls, then we’d never do it together again.” Francis grinned like an idiot, staring down at the sheets. He silently rubbed Nick’s leg, smiling to himself. “I wouldn’t let that happen, Nick. And yeah, I’m sorry I forgot to tell you. I was kinda scared about the whole thing so it slipped my mind.” “You were scared?” Francis nodded. “Yeah, dude. My dad would’ve kicked me out of the house if he thought I was gay. And the only other family I have to stay with is in San Antonio, so that’s way too far. Who knows how’d they react if they found out too.” Nick got closer to him, scooting up to his damp, sweaty body. “I’m sorry I haven’t been there for you. I didn’t know things were getting this bad with your family.” He nodded back, not finding the right words to say back. Just hearing Nick support him made him feel better. “And you can always stay with me, Francis. If anything were to ever happen. My parents won’t mind.” Francis smiled back at him. “Thanks, dude. I really appreciate that. But… I’m not going to let anything like that happen again. We gotta be more careful.” “We?” “Uh, yeah? You don’t think we’d ever fuck again? I-I mean… if you want to.” “Of course I want to!” Nick suddenly blurted out. “I just didn’t think you were interested in me. Besides, aren’t you straight?” Francis nodded, a bit nervous. “Well… mostly.” Nick laughed. “I missed you, you know.” Nick looked at him. “I missed you too.” There was an uncomfortable silence between them. Nick tried to make it less weird but the words he blurted out only made things worse. “Thanks for that pic you sent me.” Francis laughed again, looking awkwardly down at his feet. He scratched his messy brown hair. “Yeah… you’re welcome.” “I-it was really nice,” Nick said, wishing he could stop himself from talking. Francis shook his head. He spread his legs apart on the edge of the bed, and his shorts came up to his mid-thigh as he sat there. Nick could see the bulge of his balls at his crotch. He was wearing a tight top-tank that made his chest and arms look ten times bigger than they were. There were small strands of brown hair coming out from his chest. “Glad to know you enjoyed it.” “I did. I would have sent something back but I didn’t think you’d want anything from me…” “No,” Francis said, looking back up at his face. “I would’ve liked getting something back.” He gave him a cocky smile. “It’d be nice.” “Well… what would you want?” “A pic of that ass of yours. Could get me off in a flash.” Nick crumpled his sheets, smiling uncontrollably. Could Francis really jack off to a picture of Nick’s ass? He knew Francis used Nick for sex–his body couldn’t ignore the pleasure that Nick provided him, but could a picture of his body have the same effect on Francis? Wouldn’t Francis think that was gay? “I actually came here for another reason too…” he began, playing awkwardly with his fingers. He scratched the light stubble on his face, not making eye contact. Nick cocked his eyebrow. “Really?” “Yeah. My parents are taking me to church tomorrow–since it’s easter–and I wondered if you wanted to come. I’d die of boredom alone.” “Y-you’re not bringing Lisa?” Nick said, still a bit bitter. He held off on telling Francis his feelings just yet–not when things between them were so weird. Plus, there was the added complication of Francis’ parents… and Nick still wasn’t convinced that Francis would return his sentiment in any sort of way. He still had himself convinced that he was straight. Or could it be possible that Francis just in denial about his sexuality? Nick put the thought out of his mind, not wanting to cling onto false hope. Francis smiled. “You really don’t like her?” “No.” “Well that’s good. Because I told my parents that we had a fight. I’m gonna tell them we broke up in a week or two. My parents are way too involved with her parents so I gotta get out of it while I can, dude.” Nick laughed again, suddenly a lot relieved. “So… do you wanna come tomorrow?” Nick nodded. “Of course. I’d love to.” Francis laughed back. He got up from the bed, beaming. “Awesome. You gotta put on a dress-shirt and pants, though. It’s some serious business.” “Alright, alright. I’ve been to church before.” “Do your parents take you often?” “They used to, but we’ve all gotten a lot more busy over the years.” “Lucky. My parents are still on my ass about it. Ugh… I better go. It’s early tomorrow. I’ll pick you up at eight.” “Eight?” “Yeah, dude. That’s why I gotta go to bed. It’s like–what? Two, right now?” Nick nodded. “Ugh… I don’t wanna go home, though. Can’t sleep with it so hot there. We don’t even have AC.” “You don’t?” He shook his head. “Nope. Not like you. Damn, it’s so nice in here. You’ve got it good–and you don’t have to share a bathroom with anyone.” “Neither do you!” Francis looked shocked. “Do you not remember that I have two brothers? It was fucking horrible when we were younger. Had to share the toilet, take short showers. It was awful.” Nick frowned. “Share a toilet?” “Yeah… we just pissed at the same time.” “Oh.” Before Francis had the chance to go, Nick decided to blurt something else. “Well… you don’t have to go back if you don’t want. Y-you could spend the night here.” Francis hesitated. “You serious?” “Yeah. My bed’s big enough. And my parents won’t wake me tomorrow. They think I’m really jet lagged. You can shower in the morning and then we can drive to your place. I can help you get ready.” Francis curled his fists. He really wanted to, especially with how cute Nick looked, being half-naked in his bedsheets already. But he didn’t think he could do it. “I dunno man… I usually sleep naked when it’s this hot out. And I don’t think we’ll both fit on that bed.” Nick scooted aside. “No look, you’ll fit! And c’mon, I’ve seen you naked a bunch of times. It won’t matter to me.” Francis didn’t answer for a while. It was really tempting to stay over, but he didn’t want to get Nick in trouble. He’d already managed to mess up the tree outside. “I’d have to wake up before your parents do…” “I’ll set an alarm,” Nick offered. Francis gave in. “Fine.” Nick smiled wide, pushing down the sheets and scooting further across the bed to make room. Francis pulled off his tank top, revealing his thick, dark brown happy trail and the rigid, muscular v-lines leading down to his groin. His hard, rigid six pack was covered in faint hair too, and looked more defined then when Nick had last seen them. His chest also seemed bigger, now sporting more brown fuzz than before. His wide, big nipples were pointed, and his large biceps flexed as he threw his shirt against the chair. “You’ve been working out too,” Nick said, staring at his herculean body. Francis turned toward him, turning red. “Stop, you’re embarrassing me,” he joked. Nick giggled. “Yeah right. As if you get embarrassed.” He stared at him, his upper half gleaming in the faint streetlight. “I do sometimes. I’m human too, Nick.” Nick hoped he was right. Perhaps there was still hope for the both of them… maybe Francis could even feel something for Nick. “C’mon, I’m sleepy.” Francis smiled, putting his fingers in the waistband of his shorts. “You’re cute when you’re sleepy.” Nick didn’t answer, unable to find the words to respond. Could Francis really be attracted to him? He dove into his sheets, trying not to watch as the muscular hunk slipped his shorts off, revealing a tight, skimpy pair of white briefs that barely fit him. Something about the underwear caught Nick’s eye, and he rose out of the bed, looking at him. “Are those… are those mine?” Francis turned round, forcing Nick to stop starting at his fat, round ass and instead face the huge, bulging shapes that protruded from his front. “Huh? Oh these… I kinda found them lying around my room…” he mumbled, hesitating as to wonder whether he should take them off. “They might be yours,” he answered. Nick tried not to smile. Francis didn’t wear briefs, and judging by the red stitching against the white waistband, Nick’s name was written onto them. He didn’t press Francis, not wanting to make it awkward. But wasn’t Francis more comfortable than that around Nick? Had their intimacy overcome their need to hide their feelings by now? Despite the AC, there was still sweat across Francis’ broad back, and his skin felt sticky to the touch. With Nick looking away, Francis took off the briefs and threw them overtop his other clothes. He barely even fit into the underwear–they were horribly stretched at warped–but wearing them had made him feel close to Nick. He hadn’t expected to be seen wearing them, especially not by Nick. The teenager desperately wanted to see Francis’ big dick, and wanted to stare at his fat, perky ass, but he was still tired from travelling, and he knew that seeing those parts of Francis would make Nick horny–and he was still sore from what he’d done in California. There was, Nick thought, always the morning to admire the stud’s assets. Francis crawled into bed, slowly picking up the sheets and catching a welcoming view of Nick’s butt. It burst through the boxers he wore, unable to hide through the cloth. Francis felt his member stirring and looked away, despite wanting to rub his hands over Nick’s lean, soft back, and to put his arm overtop Nick’s small but tough build. He shook himself of those thoughts, aware that Nick didn’t seem to be in the mood to do anything. He was tired, and Francis didn’t want to make the invitation of staying over any kind of burden. Like Nick, Francis looked forward to the morning. But for now, he figured there wasn’t any reason not to make the best of things. As he slipped into the large space beside Nick, Francis let the smooth, cool sheets smother his hot skin. He loved to sleep naked during the spring and summer, but having someone next to him was even better. “Do you… want to cuddle?” Francis tried, hoping to fall asleep with Nick under his embrace. The teenager turned around, a curious smile on his face. Even through the fabric of the covers, Francis could make out the bulge that sprouted from the front of his underwear. “Yes, please.” “You wanna be the big spoon or small?” Nick’s face turned pink. “You know what I like.” Francis grinned. He let Nick’s body press close against his–his soft, hairless back was rubbing against Francis fuzzy chest, which sported two erect nipples and hard, bulging pecs. Nick’s ass was the next part of him to make contact. His cheeks caressed Francis’ dick, the taut fabric fondling the stiffening member and brushing softly against it. Francis let out a quiet moan, not having had touched another person this way the entire time Nick was gone. He hadn’t been thinking about women the same way since, and the thought of fucking a man other than Nick made him prickle with discomfort. “You’re so soft…” Francis mumbled into Nick’s ear, arousing the both of them. Nick felt the stud’s huge bicep curl around his own body, his rough hands brushing against his nipples and then moving down to his waist. It stayed there, hovering above the waistband, where Nick’s boner urged to break free. “So are you,” Nick said, “even though you’re fucking ripped.” Francis laughed, his warm breath hitting Nick’s neck. “Love it when you swear.” The word intrigued him. ‘Love’. Nick smiled silently to himself, thinking about the fact that just having his body touch Francis’ was giving the hunk a hard-on. He had control over what the other felt–something he didn’t think was possible. Or maybe Francis was just horny. It was difficult to tell with him. The man’s thick pubes pressed against his ass and the small of his back, his hard abs a few centimetres away. His muscular, veiny legs pressed onto Nick’s and the top one snaked in-between Nick’s, rubbing against his. His thigh was just below Nick’s bulge. The warm skin in-between the softness of his legs made Nick close his eyes in pleasure. Their toes momentarily played with each other, and then Nick felt the jock tighten his grip around him, as if claiming Nick for his own. His chest dug deeper into his back, and his soft, thick lips reached Nick’s ear once again. “Good night,” Francis whispered, laying his chin against Nick’s shoulder. Nick responded best he could. He pushed his ass harder up against Francis’ stiff member and mumbled the same words. “Good night,” he said, falling asleep with the thoughts of Francis holding onto him for many more nights to come. It was a thought that the both of them shared. bursa escort When Nick woke up that morning, he felt soft, fuzzy skin beneath his face. As his vision cleared, he could make out Francis’ nipple, erect in the cold morning air. His chest rose and fell gently, his breath a soft noise and his arms still holding Nick tight. The teenager found himself lying half-overtop Francis, his head on the stud’s chest and one of his legs, including his bulge, on top of his groin. Nick wanted to move his legs to feel exactly where Francis dick was, but he didn’t want to wake him. He kept his position, realizing that they’d been sleeping this way for so long that their skin had stuck together, no doubt aided by Francis’ sweat and hair. Nick could feel Francis’ bicep against his shoulder, flexing and twitching with each breath Francis took. His hair was messy and half strewn across his face. Nick could see up Francis’ button nose, and his face was fleshed with pink. In the morning light, Nick was able to see how tanned Francis had gotten over break. He must have gone to the beach a few times with friends, he thought. It would explain the differing skin tones of his torso and legs to his hairy groin. He cuddled closer against Francis, not thinking of it as he did so. He instantly heard Francis’ breathing cease, until the stud spoke in a low, bleary voice. The sleepiness etched onto his face made him look and sound incredible sexy. Nick felt his morning wood grow even more. “Morning, dude,” Francis mumbled, giving him a cocky smile. “Hey.” He seemed pleased with himself, and suddenly, Nick could feel the stud’s cock growing against his thigh. “You sleep well?” Nick didn’t want to get up, and it didn’t look as though Francis wanted to either. “Yes,” he muttered, bringing his body closer to Francis’. He seemed to like that. “So did I. Haven’t been sleeping well at home for a while–way too hot there.” Nick wondered if that was the only reason. “Yeah?” Francis nodded. “That, and… the fact that you’re back.” Nick blushed. He couldn’t hide his smile. “Ohh so I’m guessing you missed me a lot too?” Francis asked. “Of course I did,” he said, realizing how close the man’s nipple was to his lips as he spoke. “How could I not?” “Those other dudes weren’t as good as me, eh?” He laughed. “You’re the best.” Francis smiled, but it quickly faded away as he felt his penis throb against Nick’s leg. The thought of being with him still scared him–even though it had been all he could think about since Nick left. But this time was different–there was something in Francis that made the possibility of sex something else, something more. His feelings were invested, whereas before, all that was between them was meaningless sex. It scared him to think what this meant. All his life Francis was raised to think one way, and now just one boy had changed all that. Francis didn’t even know what to do: what to say or how to act if he was in fact gay–if that was even the right word for it. But what other word would describe how Francis felt? He could only think of one–and it was a word he’d never said to anyone but his family. Not even a girl had had that privilege. “What’s wrong?” Nick asked. He got up from Francis chest, looking at his sexy, stubbled face. He looked so fucking hot. “Nothing. Gotta piss.” Nick nodded, getting off of him and letting the stud clamber out of bed. His hard dick swung across, heavy against his body as he walked, and his ass seemed perkier than ever. Nick stared the entire time as Francis walked to Nick’s bathroom. He didn’t bother closing the door. He held his cock, urging out a hot stream of piss that shot down like a jet into the toilet. The stream was long and hard, and the fact that Francis cock was swelling up to eight inches didn’t help. His balls hung low and soft, jigging as the stud forced the piss out of him. Nick watched the jock’s ass twitch as he peed, letting his free hand run overtop his cheeks. After what felt like an eternity, Francis finished and turned to wash his hands. “Quit staring,” Francis said, smirking. Nick smiled wryly and settled back into bed. The dick in his boxers was aching, pitching a large tent. As Francis walked back to the window, his fat, rigid pole still swinging heavily against his thighs and balls, Nick frowned at him. “You’e not coming back to bed?” Francis shook his head, looking for something. “Nah, I gotta go soon. And your parents will be up.” “Oh.” Francis could tell he was disappointed. “Can I… shower here?” He suddenly placed his hands a bit awkwardly over his junk, as if he was embarrassed to be around Nick. The teenager made him nervous in a way he hadn’t felt in a long time. Nick smiled. “Of course.” “Cool. Uh, you got a towel I can use?” Nick got out of bed. “Yeah, I’ll get you one.” “Thanks.” As Francis lumbered over to the bathroom again, Nick watched him go before grabbing a towel from his dresser. He heard the water run and the shower curtains close, but he knew that the door was still open. He wondered if it was an invitation. Nick threw the towel over the toilet seat and carefully pulled back the shower curtain. Francis was completely wet, looking sexier as ever as the water came down on his rigid, naked body. He was wiping his hairy armpits and rubbing his massive pecs before noticing Nick. He turned around as Nick stared, his heavy cock still hanging downwards. He smiled at him, wondering what was up. “Do you mind if I join?” Nick asked him. Francis grinned. “The more the merrier.” Nick took his boxers off in an instant. He quickly stepped inside, standing beside Francis as the man gave him space under the shower head. He spanked Nick playfully as he stood there, and Nick couldn’t help but laugh as the jock stared at his naked body, admiring his features and his soft skin. And when Nick caught him staring, Francis only bit his lower lip and looked back at Nick’s bright eyes. He was getting hard, his cock beginning to lift off of his balls, and he wasn’t sorry. “Pass the shampoo?” Francis asked. Nick grinned, turning around to grab it. He could feel the man’s eyes staring at his ass, desperate to take him right then and there. Nick was surprised that Francis didn’t jump on him and fuck his ass right away. Instead, he simply took the shampoo and began lathering himself, his nipples hard and his dick harder. He then passed it to Nick and helped the boy lather up on his back and chest. Nick was hard too now, and it was quite obvious to Francis. But still, the jock didn’t take advantage of him. Nick wondered what was wrong. Did Francis not like him anymore? But if he didn’t, why was he staring at Nick’s body like that, and why was his dick rock-hard? His foreskin was almost retracted over his bulging red head, and every so often Francis was forced to squeeze his massive, throbbing tool in an attempt to make it go back down. As much as he wanted to fuck Nick, something about his conversations with his father and his own driving need to be accepted by others held him back. But Francis really wanted to tell Nick everything, about how he was feeling, how every time he looked at Nick his heart began racing and his dick got hard, how a simple laugh or smile from Nick made his stomach flip or how every time Nick said his name, his heart would melt and his skin would get numb. He had never, ever, felt this way about anyone before, nor did he know what to do with it, or what it was. But if it was what he thought it was, Francis was horrified by the fact that he was feeling this way towards a guy–another man. Francis hadn’t been raised that way, to be accepting of others for who they were, but Nick had changed all of that. He never knew he could care for another person like that, and especially not a man. He knew for a fact he had never cared for a woman in that way–not any girlfriend he’d ever had. So as the two guys showered, rinsing the suds off their hair and bodies, Francis clenched his fists, torn with the choice to either tell Nick everything or to wait until another time. What if Nick didn’t feel the same way? Francis would be way too embarrassed to see Nick ever again, despite his burning desire to spend every moment with him. And then, their sex would be non-existent. Nick would think Francis was gay and he wasn’t sure how that would change Nick’s view of him. Did he only find Francis desirable because he was straight? Impossible to obtain? Francis knew deep down that Nick was nothing like that, but his fears of rejection, not only by Nick but by his friends and family, made everything a hundred times worse. There was a lump in his throat, and his mouth felt like it was burning. “Is… something wrong?” Nick asked him. He stood there, still naked and completely vulnerable, looking up at Francis’ face. He looked back at him, smiling awkwardly. “Uh, no. Everything’s fine.” “Oh. I just thought…” Francis raised his eyebrows. “I thought… you might’ve wanted to fuck me.” Francis gave him an awkward laugh, trying to seem all right. “Oh, sorry. I just… I can’t control morning wood, bro.” “So… you don’t want to fuck?” Francis definitely wanted to. But he was scared, more than ever, that a certain three words might slip out and ruin things completely. He had dreams of fucking Nick before, and every one of them included those three words. Worst of all was the thought that Nick would only think he was saying to him in the heat of the moment, during the climax of sex. Just the thought of something slipping out made his dick deflate. It was the most terrified Francis had ever been. “I’m sorry if I made you feel bad, Nick. I think you’re really fucking sexy, I do, but I’m also really tired. I… I’ve been up all night the past few days. Studying.” The thoughts of sex instantly fled Nick’s mind. “Studying?! For what?” Francis looked awkwardly at Nicks’ feet. He had cute feet. “I… want to take my SATs. So I could get into a college.” “W-what?!” “Ugh, shut up, dude. Don’t make fun of me.” Nick had a huge smile on his face. “I’m not making fun of you! I just can’t believe it–I thought you wanted your parents’ farm?” Francis finally got all the shampoo out of his hair and pubes. “Well… I did. I dunno if that’s what I want anymore. I think I might wanna get my own place. Move out.” “What? But why? I don’t understand.” “It’s complicated, Nick. I don’t feel like talking about it right now… it’s kinda a long story. If it’s okay with you, can we discuss it later?” Nick didn’t feel insulted, but he was just surprised at Francis’ sudden decision. He didn’t know that the man was at all interested in college. “No, of course. Whenever you want. It’s fine. Just… if you ever need help studying, or need some advice, ask me. I’m always here for you, Francis. No matter what.” Francis felt that lump in his throat again, and he gave Nick the dopiest smile. Before Nick could react, Francis pulled the boy in and kissed him, embracing his wet, naked body. Nick was surprised again, but he didn’t resist, putting his arms around Francis’ broad, rigid shoulders as Francis’ hands held onto Nick’s face, then they ran down his bare back and held him by his waist. Their bodies pressed hard against each other as they made out, their dicks bouncing off one another and their skin sticking. When they finally came up for air, Nick looked at him, bewildered. “What was…” “Thank you,” Francis muttered, with a look on his face Nick didn’t see often–vulnerability. “For supporting me.” Nick hugged him back, putting his head against the man’s hairy, muscular chest. “I’d always support you, Francis. I… really care about you.” Francis held Nick’s head against his chest, feeling his face on his skin as the hot water continued to run down them both. “So do I.” Then, Nick pulled out, staring at his hot, shredded body. They were both still wet, and Francis’ hard-on had come back up. Nick had an idea. “Y’know… if you’re too tired to fuck me…” Francis raised an eyebrow suspiciously. “Yeah?” Still in the shower, Nick got down to his knees. Francis took a step back, a bit uncomfortable. He didn’t want to see Nick on his knees, not like that. Not for him. “Nick… you don’t have to do that.” He smiled at him, getting closer to the man’s penis. “I want to, Francis. Let me blow you.” “Nick…” Francis stared at him, unsure of what to do. Should he let him? Now that Francis was sure of how he felt for Nick, would he allow himself to get involved? “C-can I blow you?” Nick asked, a bit nervous. He wasn’t sure whether he had asked for Francis’ permission before, since Francis had never before hesitated like that. The man that stood before him now was completely different from the man that had shoved his cock into Nick’s mouth all those months ago in that parking lot–or back at his house. Francis was still hard, and the tip of his penis brushed Nick’s chin as the teenager moved in. “Nick… I can’t…” Nick moved closer, now grazing his mouth over the man’s member. It reacted accordingly, jumping in pleasure and beginning to leak long globs of pre-cum from his slit. “C’mon, Francis. Let me blow you. You know you want it.” “Nick… I can’t. I can’t do this.” He suddenly turned around and grabbed the towel. He quickly jumped out of the shower and exited the bathroom. Nick was speechless. He was still kneeling there, the water running, watching as Francis walked away from him. Nick suddenly got up and chased after him, not caring to turn the water off or close the curtains behind him. He grabbed a second towel and wrapped it around his waist, just like Francis had done, and confronted him. “What’s wrong with you?” Nick said, a bit angry. Francis didn’t answer. He quickly dried his body and got his clothes out. His hair was still dripping wet but he didn’t seem to care. Nick asked again. “Francis, what the fuck is going on? One minute you kiss me and the next you run away?” Francis didn’t even bother with his underwear. He just pulled on his shorts and grabbed his shirt, heading for the window. “Francis! Answer me!” The man turned around, shirtless and still dripping with water. His brown hair was a mess and his green eyes suddenly looked red and glossy. He was frowning, and looked as though he was on the verge of tears. “I have feelings for you Nick. It’s been that way for a while but I just didn’t say anything. And I’m not sure what that means because if I like you this much, I’m afraid it makes me gay–because I haven’t ever felt this way for anyone else before. Not even a woman. And if I’m gay… Nick, my parents will kick me out of the house and every friend or family member I have will pretend I don’t exist. So I don’t know what to do anymore, Nick. Because when I’m with you, all I want to do is tell you how I feel but I know I can’t give into it. “But every minute we’re apart, I’m thinking of you, or your body, and how much I want to touch you and feel your breath on my face or hear you laugh or swear or try to crack a joke. Every minute I spend with you I like you even more and I’m scared of what that will mean for me. For us. You don’t have to go to church with me today if you don’t want to and I understand if you don’t like me back, or if you don’t want to be with me anymore because I’m not straight or I’m not what you thought I was. I’m sorry if I hurt you, that I made you choose me over Matt, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, but I can’t pretend these feelings don’t exist anymore, because it’s killing me to keep pretending. “I like you a lot, Nick, more than I’ve even told you just now, but I don’t think I can be with you if it means that I have to accept the fact that I’m gay. It would ruin my life and I’d have nowhere to live and, hell, I’d probably get beat up in the streets if the wrong people find out. And I can’t ask you to be with me and keep everything a secret because that’s not fair to you. We’ve been hiding this thing between us for long enough and you deserve better than that–better than me. I am so sorry, Nick. I’m sorry. ” Then without another word or even a moment of hesitation, Francis was on his way out the window faster than Nick could come up with something to say. His heart was beating wildly and his jaw was nearly wide open. He tried to go after him but his feet felt like they were glued to the floor and his whole body felt like lead. Nick couldn’t even get out any words–not a single one. He couldn’t tell Francis to stop or to wait for just a minute. Worst of all, he couldn’t tell Francis that he felt the exact same way about him. But the anger inside of him–the feeling that they’d both been so stupid for song long–overwhelmed him and bubbled up to the surface. He suddenly felt like he could talk again, and his brain urged him forward, telling him to stop Francis before it was too late. “WAIT!” Nick yelled, not caring if his parents or neighbours or if, hell, Francis’ own parents were down the street and heard him. Francis was already on largest branch of the tree, trying to climb his way down when he stopped and looked up. “I feel the same way about you, Francis. I-I always have. I never told you because… well I really thought you were straight, that you were just using me for sex and that you were being nice to me so that I wouldn’t ditch you and go after some other guy, instead. I’ve felt something for you way before you ever said ‘hi’ to me and before I helped you jump start your stupid truck. You’re so much… bigger than me and that can be scary. And most of the time you hide your feelings so I just didn’t know what to do. I hid my own feelings and I guess… the whole thing with Matt–and any other guy I’ve been with: it was my way of trying to get over you, because I was afraid you’d never return my feelings. And I was sure you wouldn’t!” The branch made a splitting noise as Francis sat there, listening to Nick. He climbed his way back up, now face-to-face with Nick. Both of them looked at each other with their eyes watery and large, dry lumps in their throats. “Well, I do like you Nick. A whole fucking lot. I… I haven’t been with anyone since I met you. Not a single person. Well… some of that was because of that thing with my ex but to be honest, I don’t think I even wanted to be with anyone else after that first time with you. I was kinda a jerk to you but I was scared. And I’m sorry that I scared you. You mean a lot to me, Nick. More than any person.” “R-really?” “Yes, really. You’re all I think about, and there’s no one else I’ve felt this way about.” Nick took his hands as Francis leaned closer through the window, staring back at him. His body was shaking with adrenaline and joy. He was willing to do anything to keep Francis, anything just to have him all to himself. “We can keep this a secret, Francis. I want to be with you, but if you don’t want to because of your parents, then I understand. But I’d still do anything for you. Especially if it means we can… if we can be together.” “Nick… I can’t let you do that. I mean, who knows how long this thing with my parents might take? If I don’t get into a college then I have to rely on them. And besides, you’re graduating in a few months! It’ll take me a year to take the tests and even get accepted any place. We won’t even be in the same state in a couple of months.” Nick held his big hands tighter, gripping his fingers. “I’ll take a gap year. I’ve already been accepted to a bunch of places and I’m allowed to defer freshman year, Francis. I was already considering it since I really have no idea what I want to do in college.” Francis tried to break free of his grip. “See–this is the problem. I don’t even know enough about you. All we’ve been doing for the past few months is fucking and all that time I’ve been pretending to be a different person.” Nick pulled him closer, not letting go. “So have I. And it doesn’t matter, Francis. That doesn’t affect how we feel for each other, right? We can get to know each other. It won’t take long. And besides, you know plenty about me! Name my favourite color.” Francis blushed, hesitating before he answered. “That kind of blue… really light, like the sky.” Nick grinned. “Yeah. The same color of that jockstrap you gave me. The same one you wore our first time together. And your favourite color is black. And red. Like the sheets in your room and most of your sneakers. Francis nodded, smiling at himself. “Yeah.” “And I know your favourite food is pizza.” “Yours is spaghetti, right?” “Well… pasta. Close enough.” They both laughed at each other, comforted by the other’s presence. Water still dripped down Francis’ wet head and body, and the cool morning air hit Nick’s damp, wet chest. Francis pushed some of Nick’s wet hair from his face, before he leaned in closer. Nick put his hands on the window ledge as Francis’ arms reached his face, grabbing his neck and taking his mouth into his own. They kissed, feeling the warmth of their skin and tasting the other. Their mouths melted, steaming hot kisses chasing each other like heart beats as their faces collided and got red hot with friction. Their blood pumped hard, excited to finally have one another. Then, when Nick couldn’t take it anymore, he tried to pull Francis through the window. “Come inside. I want to be with you.” Francis let go of him, scooting back down on the tree branch. “I… can’t, Nick. I don’t know if I can take spending another minute with you if I know I can’t have you.” “You can have me, Francis, any way you like. I’m yours, and you’re mine. I know how I feel about you and that’s not going to change. We can keep things a secret–no one has to bursa escort bayan know! Like I said: I’ll take a gap year; figure things out and help you take your SATs. We can choose a college we can both get into, and if that still doesn’t work, then I’ll go to Texas A pining for his rough, daring lover to ravage him. When Francis came over him, he kissed Nick again and then pushed his shirt up to his neck. He sucked on his chest, using his tongue to flick his nipples. His fingers went in even further, and Nick let out a squeal. “Yeah, you like that, baby?” Nick may have nodded in response, but his closed eyes and look of impatience said a lot more to him. “I need you. I need your big fucking cock, Francis. Just put it inside me.” He wanted Francis to make love to him in the nastiest way–to shoot his hot spunk inside his hole and all over his body. Nick’s pink hole puckered and clenched, begging to be fucked by the jock’s firm, rigid cock. “Are you sure? I… I don’t think I can last long, Nick. I’m so fucking horny.” “I just need you to fuck me, Francis. I don’t care how long it lasts. Cum inside me. I want to feel it fill me.” “No condom?” Nick nodded. “A-are you sure? It won’t hurt you?” He shook his head. “No. I want to feel all of you.” Francis grinned. “So do I.” He rubbed his stubbly face against Nick’s cheek, feeling his warmth. He then let out his fingers, taking hold of his dick instead as he lead it to the boy’s hole. “Fuck… I need your tight little cunt, Nick. I’ve wanted it for so long.” “Take it, daddy. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard.” Francis nodded, pushing his throbbing member down with his thumb so that it reached the puckering asshole. Then, as he retracted his foreskin and began to insert his cock into Nick, the teenager wailed as Francis cried out as the sensation overwhelmed him. “Uhhhnnn! Fuck!” Nick could feel the hard, smooth head explore his entrance. Then, the veiny schlong expanded his hole and thrusted itself inside of him, spewing salty pre-cum and lubing up his hole. “Fuuuuuckkk…” Francis moaned, watching Nick react to his sighs of pleasure. “You feel that babe?” Nick bit his lip as he smiled. “My cock is so fucking hard for you, baby. You feel so good.” He lifted his shirt a bit, letting his pubes rub the underside of Nick’s body. The two of them were so horny that they both still had their shirts on, not bothering to take them off. In fact, Francis’ pants were still at his ankles. “Fuck me hard. I want you so badly.” “Oh shit, Nick. You feel fucking amazing on my cock.” Nick closed his eyes and laid his head against Francis’ shoulder, letting the man mutilate him. “Ohhh fuckk…” He used his hands to cling onto his body, making it easier for Francis as his eight and half inches of erect, scorching meat penetrated his asshole. “Ffffuuckk…” Francis moaned, finally putting all of himself into Nick. His groin was pressed against the teenager’s ass and his long pubes tickled Nick’s nuts. Nick looked up at Francis and smiled, rubbing himself against Francis’ herculean body. He felt up his rigid abs and large, bulging pecs. His biceps flexed and his veins popped as Francis clenched onto Nick’s waist, pushing himself deeper inside the meaty ass and keeping Nick’s body hard against the wall of the stage. “You’re so hard…” Nick said, feeling the massive boner tremble inside of his anus as well as the toned, protruding muscles on his body. Nick’s legs shook as Francis piled himself into his ass, snaking his big hands up Nick’s sides. “I want you more than anything,” Francis muttered, biting his lower lip as he began to pull himself back out. From what Nick could see of his cock, the skin was pulled all the way behind his huge, red head, and his shaft was covered in massive veins that gushed with his warm blood. He licked his lips, sliding himself out of the teenager’s ass and spat on his pole, trying to make the next thrust easier. “Uhhnn! Fuck me hard…” Francis began the fucking. He drove himself into Nick’s hole, slapping his groin into the twink’s ass. Nick let out a loud moan, feeling the thick meat invade his body and begin expanding his anus. Francis withdrew most of his dick and thrusted again, pumping himself in and out of the boy’s tight, wet asshole. “Oh fuck! Jesus!” Nick wailed. He felt the jock continually impale him, finally letting go of his senses and letting his primitive instincts take over. The man’s loose, heavy balls flung themselves into his ass, making loud noises. And with each thrust of Francis’ waist, Nick’s whole body jumped up against the wall, while the stud’s arms still hooked underneath his knees. Pressed against the end of the stage, it didn’t take much to keep him upright, but the man’s biceps still bulged with intensity. Nick felt the stud’s huge, meaty pecs push against his body, driving into with with each pumping motion. Francis was lifting the boy up as he fucked him, humping Nick’s tight pink ass. “Yeah, Francis! Just like that! Don’t stop!” “Uggghhhh!” Francis grunted. His primal desire to breed the boy possessed him. He drilled Nick’s anus, leaking hot, premature semen into his opening. Francis impaled him, tapping his ass with short, deep thrusts and grabbing onto the twink’s thighs to keep him up. Meanwhile, Nick was holding onto Francis’ shoulders for support, trying to feel more and more of the jock’s thick, veinous shaft as it busted his ass wide open. Francis’ hot penis was wet with the sweat rolling off both their bodies, as well as the juices of Nick’s ass, and the hunk’s pre-cum. His head was larger than ever, pulsing deep inside of Nick’s anus and warming him up. He pushed himself deeper, pulling his foreskin back more than it could handle. It hurt Francis as much as it hurt Nick to be penetrated, but Francis didn’t care. He was desperate to fuck Nick–to be with the boy he loved and to fill him with his manliness, and eventually, his seed. “You okay?” Francis asked, whispering to Nick as he lumbered over his body, still recklessly drilling his hole with his hard, meaty shaft. “Yes, Francis,” he giggled back, his face full of happiness. “I love this.” Francis carefully picked Nick up from his armpits, trying to be gentle with him, and told him to wrap his arms around his neck. The teenager did as Francis told him and then spread his legs around his waist, feeling his round, plump ass with his toes. It was a soft, hairless butt that was as warm as the rest of his body. As Nick clung onto Francis, the stud thrusted himself back into Nick, reaching deeper than before as he cupped the twink’s ass and grabbed hard onto his fleshy cheeks. He stood there, away from the wall, pumping himself even harder into his body. He supported Nick all on his own as he fucked him wildly through the air. “Oh shit, Francis!” “Fuckkkk… I’m deep inside of you, baby. Can you feel that?” “Yeahh daddy. You’re close.” He nodded, his face rubbing against Nick’s. “I’m close, and you’re taking me there. Hold on, babe.” As Nick clung to his body, he felt the raging cock dig its way further up his anal cavity, the shaft rubbing hard against his prostate. One of Francis’ veins pulsed right where Nick’s g-spot was, and the teenager could feel the stud’s heart beating through his penis. It shot out more pre-cum, making his hole sticky and warming his flesh. Nick’s balls rubbed on Francis’ long pubes and his dick was lost in the thicket of his happy trail. His abs were being poked by the stud’s erect nipples and round pecs, while his massive arms shook like two veiny dicks that clung onto Nick’s legs, holding him down as Francis pushed himself into him. “Oh fuuckkkk…” Nick whispered, feeling the cock leave his hole and then drive itself back up inside him again. “I’m so fucking horny,” Francis said, his voice shaky as his breath reached Nick’s face. He held the teenager down on his cock and then began to plough him hard and fast. “I’m horny for you.” Nick was yelling as the erect penis invaded his fleshy hole and stabbed up into him, hitting what he thought was his bladder. It pierced him like a large, meaty weapon. Francis’ member continued to spew out more jizz, impregnating Nick’s body. “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” Nick screamed, feeling the stud’s loose, heavy balls jump up and down through the air, slapping Francis’ thighs and then whipping back up to meet Nick’s ass. His moans were mostly muffled by Francis, who had his whole face against Nick’s. The boy pressed his mouth into the man’s shoulders, hoping to keep their primal love-making a secret. The pain of Francis’ nuts colliding was both pleasure and pain. As their most sensitive parts touched, it sent chills up Francis’ arched spine and to Nick, the texture of his balls was erotic. But the speed and momentum at which they hit Nick shot pain through Francis’ body and deep into his groin. Combined with the hot, fleshy tunnel that completely engulfed the throbbing cock between Francis’ legs, they were both over the tipping point. Francis repeatedly ploughed his member into Nick’s cunt, stabbing his body and putting as much of himself inside as he could. Nick’s shouts of pain were still muffled as he dug his face into the man’s shoulders. The sound of Francis’ balls slapping Nick’s ass was just as loud, however, and drowned out a lot of their other noises. “I’m gonna cum inside you,” Francis said, still holding onto Nick’s body with full force. He talked into Nick’s neck, then repeated his words when his lips met the boy’s ears. The pleasure of the soft, warm hole around his manhood was too great for him to stop. He was too far gone, and he needed to get his nut. “Do it. I need it.” “Uhhn, uhhn, uhhnn!” Francis grunted, shoving his dick deeper and deeper into the teenager. Nick moaned and writhed in Francis’ arms as the stud fucked him in the air, humping him like a horny caveman, desperate to plough a hole with his gargantuan, manly cock. “Fuck!” Nick said, clenching his teeth. Francis keep his arms hooked under Nick’s legs while the teenager clung to his body. Francis’ hands still reached Nick’s ass and guided the tight hole up and down his shaft, while simultaneously fucking Nick’s anus like his dick was the piston to a hydraulic pump. “Uhhhhnnnn! Shit!” “Fuck!” Francis exclaimed, suddenly slowing down and trying to catch his breath. “I’m gonna cum, baby. I can’t take it anymore.” His legs jerked and his balls hurt even more now from slapping against his thighs and Nick’s ass. “I can feel it,” Nick told him, feeling the big, hardened member plough his insides and fill him up with salty spunk. Their faces collided as they spoke, kissing any part of skin their mouths could find. “Fill me, Francis.” Then, Francis’ pace quickened again. He tightened his grip on Nick’s legs, thrusting himself deep into Nick’s ass at amazing speed. He held Nick against his body, while the teenager kept a firm hold around the man’s neck, feeling him take the both of them to a new place. Francis was fucking his ass wildly, slapping his groin into Nick’s hole like the horny man he was. He grunted and huffed hot hair, unable to speak as he bred Nick’s hole. Then, finally, Nick felt the jock’s balls jerk against his skin and his whole body became tense, his penis turning into a vibrating pole of muscle. Francis pushed deep, up into Nick, squishing his whole body against his own. He let out a low but loud moan, mostly muffled by kissing Nick’s mouth so hard. Francis closed his eyes as the feeling took over his entire body. Spurts of cum escaped his cock head, and he slowly fucked his boyfriend, his wagging boner still pointing upwards inside his lover. Huge, powerful pumps of hot cum filled Nick’s ass, bubbling and oozing. Francis kept thrusting, his thick hairy legs pressed against Nick and his hard nipples digging into Nick’s abs. He kept the teenager’s ass on his cock, and he kept clinging onto his legs, fucking slowly and deeply. Another huge wad of sperm lurched from Francis’ balls and shot through his fat penis, still inside of Nick’s hole. Francis yelled in pleasure, thrusting his crotch hard against Nick’s ass and splurging his hot cum all over his insides. He humped Nick’s waist over and over, his dick shaking as more and more sperm exploded out of his tip. “Fuuckkkk…” Nick whimpered, feeling the scorching hot liquid fill his body, along with the throbbing pole of meat still pumping itself into his aching hole. His semen filled Nick’s body, squirting all over the place with each thrust. It dripped down Francis’ balls, down his hairy thighs, and it leaked from Nick’s hole, covering his taint and tickling his scrotum as it made it way down his loose sack of nuts. Then, when Francis began to slow down, Nick could feel the liquid ooze out of him even more. But he clenched himself, trying to keep it inside while Francis held onto him, their mouths locked in embrace and their bare legs brushing up against the other. Francis kept Nick up, wrapping his arms around the twink’s legs and waist and pressing his torso hard against the teenager’s own. He kept humping him, gripping him tight and pushing himself deeper and deeper into his clenching hole. “I needed that so badly,” Francis told him, putting the boy’s back against the wall so that he could ease his arms out from underneath his legs. “I needed you.” Nick smiled, wrapping his legs back around his torso, so that his toes could feel the crack of his ass. He rubbed his feet down his cheeks, making Francis grin. “I missed you the most while I was gone. There’s no one out there like you.” Francis smiled, kissing him again and finally withdrawing himself from Nick’s hole. He noticed that Nick had not yet cum, but he was happy with that fact. It meant he could finally taste Nick for the first time. “You’re still hard,” Francis said. “As a rock.” Francis’ tough abs rippled and he slipped his pants off his ankles, walking over to the smooth table nearby and carrying his boyfriend there. He lay Nick gently onto it, still facing up so they could see each other. “I want to blow you,” Francis said, feeling himself stir again just at the thought. Nick’s cock jumped as he heard Francis say those words. “W-what?” “I want to suck your dick,” he said plainly, slurring his lips in an erotic fashion. He already began throwing his shirt off, ripping it off his hard, sweaty pecs and revealing to him his erect nipples and drenched, hairy abs. “And I want you to cum for me. I want to swallow every bit of you.” Nick was beyond surprised. He hadn’t expected Francis to ever return the favour–at least not so soon. Was he really ready to try something like that? “F-Francis… are you sure? You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. There’s no pressure. Just because your my boyfriend–” “I want to, Nick. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but… I didn’t want you to think I was gay or anything. That doesn’t matter now.” “You… really want to blow me?” “Yes. More than anything. I want to know how you taste. I want to feel you inside my mouth… you legs around my head… your balls beneath my chin…” Francis’ hands snaked down to Nick’s crotch, gently rubbing his testicles and taint while the stud still had his body over him. Their faces were close, and with his other hand, Francis unbuttoned Nick’s shirt with expertise, revealing his bare chest and hard, eager nipples. “Uhhnnn… Francis…” “I want to feel the head of your cock on my tongue, your body squirming as I take you… your moans, your whimpers…” “Mmmm…” His head ran down his body, kissing his nipples, sucking on them for a while until he went down to Nick’s abs. He licked them eagerly, reaching to his pubes before his stubbled face grazed the base of Nick’s erection. “I can’t hold it for long, though…” Nick moaned, watching as his boyfriend slid in-between his legs, pushing his thighs apart to expose his hard dick. “Doesn’t matter,” he mumbled, staring at the boy’s beautiful cock. It was almost seven inches, and was pretty thick too. His penis was warm and pink, engorged with blood and covered in veins of its own. It was amazing for Francis to finally get a proper, first-hand look at another dude’s penis, especially since it belonged to the person he loved. “Are you alright?” Francis asked him. “Y-yeah” he muttered, closing his eyes trying to relax his body. He was almost as nervous as Francis, but mostly, he didn’t want to unleash his load too soon. He looked at Francis’ pink, eager face with hesitation. Were they ready for this? Francis’ hand was over his boner and he put two fingers around his base, feeling his head with his other hand and stroking his shaft. “Uhnnn…” Nick whispered, not used to having someone else touch his dick. Francis then put his lips to the tip, massaging the foreskin of his head and using his mouth to suck out all the pre-cum that waited inside his shaft. “Is that okay?” Francis asked, in-between licks and kisses. Nick nodded, unable to breath. His muscles went numb and his head pounded with pleasure. It felt like heat was spreading through his body, starting at his dick and reaching up into his abs and hard nipples. Then, Francis put his whole mouth over his shaft and wrapped his tongue around the base. “Uhnnnn, Francis…!” Francis smiled as he sucked Nick’s cock, widening his mouth as his tongue rolled over his boyfriend’s pulsing veins and trembling flesh. His cock tasted sweet and salty, and despite being covered in a film of sweat, it smelled like fruity shampoo and body wash, mixed with Nick’s personal scent of sweat and sex. To Francis, it smelled better than anything else in the world. The stud used his big hands to massage the boy’s thighs, feeling him up and down as he moved his manly lips all across his shaft and head. He took all of Nick in, gagging every so often, which filled Nick up with pride and ecstasy. While he blew Nick, the stud’s own body stiffened. But he focused on Nick instead, licking up any sperm that fell out of his tip. He pulled down his foreskin and lapped at his piss-slit like an animal, slurping up whatever came out of him. “Oh God… you’re fucking amazing, Francis…” He smiled as he took the boy’s cock in his mouth, plunging himself even deeper and digging his nose into Nick’s pubes. He played with his balls, holding them firmly between his fingers and rubbing them slowly, taking in the twink’s movements as he writhed and jumped on the table, sighing out in pleasure and moaning the man’s name. “Ohhh shit! Oh shit! Fuck…” Nick whispered, his voice barely audible as Francis’ mouth drained him of his energy. His hips bucked again, thrusting himself into the man’s mouth as he felt his cock shake and tremble, reacting violently to every bit of Francis’ tongue. Francis’ eyes burned and his throat felt like it was on fire as he downed himself on the teenager’s pulsing cock. He could feel the boy spilling his seed inside of him, and it urged him on. It tasted even better than he imagined, especially since it was fresh from his fat dick. Francis’ tongue rolled against the throbbing vein of the thick shaft, and he swallowed the semen that burst out from the big pink tip. The man’s nose and face slammed hard into Nick’s hairy groin. Francis could see the boy’s arms flexing hard as he swept his hands through the man’s hair, feeling his face against his groin. Feeling the jock’s big, rough hands on his soft thighs and firm ass made his boner swell up even more. “Francis, I can’t hold it back for much longer,” he moaned, grasping at the table and trying to control himself. “Mmhmm…” Francis answered, eager to taste his boyfriend’s sperm. He licked up the salty ejaculate that silently poured out of his tip and then used his tongue to tickle his piss-slit. “Cum for me, then. I wanna taste you.” “Oh god… Francis! I’m gonna cum!” “Mmm, do it,” Francis mumbled, feeling the boy’s cock jerk and his balls shake against his thighs. “Uhhhnnn! Francis, oh shit!” “Mmmm, I’m right here, baby…” he replied, taking in the teenager’s cock again and waiting for it to erupt. When it did, Nick’s whole waist bucked, and he shoved his dick into Francis’ mouth. Watery spurts of cum shot out of his tip, filling his boyfriend’s mouth and running down his chin and hard, hairy chest. Nick sighed out weakly, collapsing onto the table as his dick exploded, and then, he felt Francis continue to suck on him, licking up his cum and swallowing everything that leaked out of him. “Uhhhnnnn… Francis…” Nick moaned, unable to believe that he’d just came into the stud’s mouth. It was something he’d never even dreamt of. “I’m here,” Francis smiled, wiping Nick’s cum off his lips and swallowing the last bit that lingered. He rubbed his rough, heavy hands over Nick’s naked thighs and put his body on top of his. “You taste amazing, babe.” Nick gave him a dopey smile, still shuddering after the last drops of spunk leaked out of his dick. “Thank you. You did an amazing job,” he whispered back, feeling his boyfriend embrace his body. He still felt weak, but the warmth of the jock’s body made everything better. “The best I’ve ever had.” Francis’ lips was awfully close to his, and for a moment, as he teased a kiss, Nick felt something warm prod his balls. “Are you… hard?” Nick asked, looking down at the man’s groin. He spotted the stud’s dick, fully erect once more and leaking long lines of pre-cum. His foreskin was almost pushed back and the red bulb of his cock looked ready to ravage something. “Uh, yeah. Couldn’t help myself.” Nick smothered with a kiss, unable to believe that sucking a dick–Nick’s dick–had managed to turn Francis on like that. He felt so close to him in that moment. escort bursa “Did I turn you on?” Nick asked him, grinning as Francis came in to kiss him. His hot, sweaty mouth smothered his lips, then reached down his chin and strayed to his neck and shoulders. “Very much. I’m glad I could get you off. God knows you’ve deserved after all the times you’ve done me.” He smiled back, feeling the man’s low, horny whispers against his skin. He kissed him back, then pulled him closer, reaching down with his hands so he could feel Francis’ back and ass. They were both naked, their bodies overtop one another and Nick could feel every part of Francis’ body twitching and shaking in anticipation. He could feel the man’s desire to enter him, and the desperation in his lips. The seductive movement of his hands and the grazing of his testicles against his readied Nick to service his boyfriend again. “You can fuck me if you want to,” Nick told him. “You don’t need to ask–you don’t have to be afraid of me. I want you.” Francis was embarrassed, and he smiled awkwardly while he looked down at Nick’s pecs. “I didn’t want to force you to do anything if you weren’t… horny.” “I’m almost always horny, Francis. I want you. Again. All day, if we could.” “A-are you sure? Aren’t you sore? Does it hurt?” He nodded gently. “A little, but… what I feel when I’m with is a hundred times better than any of the pain afterwards.” “I… don’t want to hurt you, Nick. Or act entitled or anything. And I don’t want you to feel as though you owe me sex just because we’re together.” Nick put his hands to his shoulders and then to his neck, pulling him closer to him. Their faces touched, and their lips met again as Nick spoke. “You don’t have to be afraid when you’re with me. And I don’t want to feel that way when I’m with you, either. If we’re going to keep this a secret from everyone, we’ll already be lying enough and we’ll have to act a certain way for who knows how long. But when we’re together, I don’t want to have go through any of that. We need to be honest with each other. It might be a little rocky at first but… give it a week or so, and I swear things will be normal. Okay?” Francis nodded, holding Nick by his hips, and snaking his hands down to his bare, hairless thighs. “Okay.” He licked Francis’ lips, making both of them giggle. “So then… do you wanna fuck?” Francis asked him. Nick nodded back, closing his eyes as he felt the man grasp his waist. “Yes, please.” His head already began to move down to Nick’s crotch. “First… I wanna lube you up.” He pushed his hands though the man’s curly brown hair. “I can still feel your seed inside me.” “Well then, I’ve got some cleaning up to do, don’t I?” Nick’s answer was lost as he let out a low moan, surprised by how quickly he moved. Already, Francis pushed Nick’s legs apart, sliding him closer to the end of the table and pushing his thighs into the air to expose his hot, puckering hole. His rough, stubbly face immediately dug itself into his ass, his nose buried into his taint while his forehead made contact with Nick’s balls, and his lips lapped the juices from his crack. “Ohhh God!” he whined, feeling the stud work his tongue on his hole, gently forcing himself into the entrance and flicking vigorously across the walls of his insides. Nick lifted his legs up higher as he lay on his back, giving Francis more to work with as the man got down on his knees for him. His face pressed itself close to Nick’s ass, while his big hands spanked his cheeks. “Uhhnn!” Nick moaned, feeling the jock’s big, rough hands smack against his perky butt, turning his cheeks pink. Nick could feel Francis grin and then he spanked him again. Despite being eaten out before, Nick was surprised by the amazing sensation. The warm, soft and slimy tongue that invaded his puckering, pink hole was beyond words, and Nick’s whole stomach felt like it was about to flip on itself, overwhelmed by the euphoric tenderness of Francis’ mouth. Francis not only licked up whatever remains of his own cum still lingered, but he loved the taste of Nick’s sweat on his body, created by their intense friction and movement together. It was there as a result of their love-making, and to take those fluids into his mouth brought him even closer to the teenager. Nick moaned loudly in pleasure, grasping at his boyfriend’s shoulders and back as he spread his ass apart, digging even deeper. The stud was licking Nick’s asshole, slathering his smooth crack with spit and taking in the tastes of his little boy pussy. “Ohh shit!” Nick whined, feeling the fat, rough tongue probe his hole, pushing deeper into his anus and tickling his cavity. “Oh god!” “You’re my favourite flavour…” Francis hummed, his deep voice making Nick’s hole body vibrate. It was the sweetest, most intense pleasure he’d ever felt, second maybe only to the mouth he’d had on his cock only five minutes ago. “You’re so amazing,” Nick murmured, his words all slurred together with his moans. He writhed on the table as the hunk’s tongue lapped at the juices of his ass, tasting his most intimate and sensitive parts. Nick’s asshole and taint were the most delicate regions of his body, and it was a feeling of extreme satisfaction to know that Francis was using his tongue to massage his hole and lick his dirtiest, deepest parts of him. The warm tongue and spit penetrated his asshole and as Francis licked and kissed it, Nick felt his balls twitch in pleasure, and his dick gave a violent jerk. It was a feeling he’d never expected in his life. “That’s so good…” he mumbled, more pre-cum dripping loosely from his head like a leaky faucet. “Mmmm…” Francis groaned. “You taste good. And you’re all wet.” “I’m wet for you, Francis,” Nick murmured, feeling his asshole throb as he imagined the stud going inside him with his large, rigid member. His tongue had lathered and loosened him up, and now Nick was ready for it. “Fuck me, Francis. I want you inside me,” Nick asked, desperate to feel his huge member up his ass again, deeper than it had ever gone before. “Put your big dick inside my hole.” “You want it?” he asked, his face coming up from his hole. Nick nodded, biting his lower lip and looking up at him with doleful eyes. He brought his knees down to his chest and exposed his hole to him, begging to be fucked. Francis’ whole cock jumped at the sight. He was rock-hard and a huge glob of pre-cum instantly fell from his head, splattering onto the floor.. Francis rubbed his cock a few times, easing it down as he pointed it at Nick’s quivering cheeks. Then, he grabbed Nick’s thighs with his arms and dragged him closer to his crotch, taking him for himself. His lower body was now pressed up against his wet, hairy abs and long pubes. He squeezed his cheeks, spreading them apart before he entered him. “You’ve got a tight ass,” Francis said, grabbing one of Nick’s legs and pushing it up into the air. He was going to put his cock inside. “My ass is yours. I belong to you.” He nodded back, biting his lip and spanking the boy. “Yeah, you do.” Francis spit on his fingers and spread it over his bouncing tool, before covering Nick’s asshole too. Then, as Francis said, “I’m going inside you,” Nick felt himself tense up in excitement. Just the tip had gone inside, and Nick moaned loudly. He grit his teeth and clenched his fist; he wanted it so badly, but the initial pain was a lot to handle. However, he felt his body letting its guard down as Francis’ low, soothing voice came, cracking occasionally as the pleasure swept through his member. “Relax, relax, baby.” Francis calmed him down, rubbing Nick’s thigh. He was still lining himself up to Nick’s ass. “I’ll go slowly.” He kissed Nick’s leg, which was sticking up in the air, and rubbed him down again. “Okay.” By now, Nick was leaking pools of pre-cum on his stomach. Francis shifted himself and looked back at him for approval. “Do it,” he answered. Francis did it slowly. He gently pushed in another inch or so, waiting for Nick to tell him to go further. Nick grimaced once more, and then found himself realizing how stiff his body was against the table. He did as Francis said, to relax, and felt the pain ebb away. Francis felt the difference too. Francis then put more of himself in. Feeling Nick’s warm, tight asshole around his cock felt like bliss, and it was hot to know that Nick wanted to be fucked just as much as Francis wanted to give it to him. There were gasps of ecstasy escaping his lips, and he told Francis to go in all the way. It finally happened, as Francis ignored his own feelings and made sure Nick was alright. “Are you okay?” “Yeah…” Nick breathed, his chest rising and falling. He loved the feeling of his boyfriend’s long, thick, swollen member throbbing inside him, embedded as far as it could go. “Just fuck me, Francis. I need it.” Francis pulled half of his cock out of Nick and then pushed back in. Nick moaned, feeling the thick, hotrod of meat expand his anus and slide forward, sending warmth through his body. Francis’ head hit his prostate as he did so, making his body shake. “Fuckk, baby. I’m gonna fuck you up hard.” “Do it. I’m your dirty little slut,” Nick barely muttered, his asshole twitching in pleasure. Francis grinned at him, laughing at his desperation. “Yeah? You want this cock, baby?” “Yes, Francis. Give it to me…” Nick smiled dreamily, looking up at the ceiling of the church in a haze. Francis thrust forward again. The first few were still slow, as he held Nick’s legs against his bulging chest, and then they got harder, and quicker. Nick felt his asshole expand, and Francis got deeper and deeper inside of him, his shaft and pulsing vein hitting his prostate square on. Eventually, Francis’ pubes brushed Nick’s ass, and his groin began to smack into him. He could feel his loose balls swing into him too and the table creaked under his fast movement. Nick moaned again, saying Francis’ name. The jock grabbed onto his upper thighs and waist and started to rhythmically pump in and out of Nick, fucking him like they were both horny animals wanting to mate. Each downward thrust was met with a low moan from Nick, a sound of deep pleasure and pain. It was the best feeling he’d ever felt, and he got to share it with the man he loved most. The deeper Francis got, the more the table squeaked and the louder Nick moaned. Francis himself was grunting like an animal now, getting off on the sounds of sex and the feeling of hot flesh around his boner. His hair was whipping back, now all over his face. “Ohh fuck! Yeah, just fuck the shit out of me,” Nick said, rubbing his own dick and feeling Francis’ huge body lumber over his. In a moment, Francis’ chest was digging into his body, his rippling abs on his stomach, and his big, muscular arms underneath Nick’s pits. He clung onto him, fucking him wildly now, moving his ass up and down while his big, beefy thighs held his ass in place. He put one of his legs up on the table, almost like he was crouching, right beside Nick’s shaking body. His other was still planted on the floor, but he himself was covering the boy’s entire body, as if he were shielding him. But Francis simply wanted to be close to Nick, feeling every vibration and sensation in both their bodies. Nick’s arms were wrapped around the man’s broad back, digging his fingers into his hard muscles and then reaching back up to his massive arms and shoulders as the jock ploughed him vigourously. Francis was thrusting like a caveman, raw and full of testosterone. It was so wild, so savage and primitive, yet Francis was trying to be gentle, keeping Nick safe under his big arms and holding him like a lover. “Oh yeah… fuck me! Fuck me, Francis!” “You’re so tight Nick, it feels so fucckking good.” “Yeah, daddy, just like that! Fuck me.” Francis kept pumping, holding Nick beneath him and feeling the teenager’s dick twitch uncontrollably under his waist. Then, Francis put his face over Nick’s and locked his mouth in a kiss. He continued grabbing onto the the boy’s body to keep him planted on his cock while he pumped into him. “Ohhhh, fuck…” the man murmured. Francis was almost completely on the table, on top of Nick. Both the naked boys held onto each other, moaning widely as they both fucked. Nick’s bottom was underneath Francis’ powerful thighs, while his own legs were high up in the air–his knees pressed against his chest. Francis was still shoving his massive penis deeper into Nick’s hole, his balls bouncing up and down erratically. “You’re the best fucker I’ve ever had,” Francis teased him. Nick grinned, clenching his asshole around the man’s cock as he kept piercing his body with his manhood. While Francis thrusted into him, he moaned loudly, almost having came after the boy’s sudden tightness secured itself around his penis, claiming him for himself. Their faces brushed against each other and as Francis picked up the pace, Nick held onto the stud’s shoulders for support. His nipples were erect and dug into his legs, and each touch of Nick’s hands made the stud smile. “Ughh fuck,” Francis muttered, his face turning more pink as sweat rolled down his face, dripping from his messy hair and landing onto Nick himself. “Do you like that?” Nick said, barely able to form the words as the jock’s eight-and-half-inches of throbbing manhood filled up his anus and spurted pre-cum inside. Francis grinned, holding onto Nick’s ass as he pumped his cock into Nick’s hole, stabbing his little cunt and feeling both their bodies grind on each other. “Yeah, babe. It’s fucking tight.” Nick’s hard cock bounced up and down on his own abs, tickling his exposed head and giving Francis the satisfaction of knowing that he was showing the teenager a good time. As Nick’s balls smacked into Francis’ pubes, pain coursed through his body, though it was the kind of pain that Nick enjoyed. His nuts were soft on Francis’ washboard abs as the jock’s huge member drove itself inside of him. Feeling his balls tingle took Nick to another level. Francis’ primitive fucking got harder, and he was trying hard to get the both of them off. He was latched on hard to Nick’s arms and waist, while Nick now clung to Francis’ back, almost in a hug. Francis’ head was placed against the boy’s pecs and shoulder, in-between his thighs as his legs bent over to reach his chest. Nick grinned as he felt the muscular man plough his ass like a machine and hold onto him for dear life. Being fucked by Francis’ body was intensely satisfying, especially when Nick’s cock was being massaged by the jock’s rigid abs. “Ughh! Uggghh! Fuck!” Francis exclaimed, his lips moaning his pleasure into Nick’s ear, while his burly fingers dug into his meaty cheeks. There were red handprints all over Nick’s butt, and as Francis spanked him, more brighter ones appeared. “Yeah! Spank me daddy!” “Fuck, Nick! I’m almost there.” Nick nodded, his hands still digging into Francis’ smooth, sweaty back. “Don’t stop. Keep going until you bust your nut. Don’t hold back…” Francis did as he asked. His thrusting got more violent, and he slapped Nick’s ass even harder. “UHN!” Nick cried, feeling the stud’s rough hands attack his fat ass. “Fuck yeah!” Francis spanked him again, now grunting as he pulled Nick further onto his cock and began to jam even more of himself into Nick’s puckering, pink hole. Sweat rolled off their bodies and they both slid against one another, feeling their short, rapid breaths and the quickening beats of their hearts. Then, as Francis spread his legs wide apart to allow his balls freedom, he fell against the boy’s body, his exhausted legs giving way. He climbed onto the table, both of them now on it, and placed his second leg on the other side of Nick, keeping the boy tight against his crotch. Somehow, despite his position and fatigue, Francis managed to ram his cock into Nick’s ass even harder, causing his nut sack to whip into Nick’s cheeks and his big, muscular thighs to pound him even more. “Ohhh God, Francis, I’m gonna cum!” Nick yelled, feeling the jock’s hard legs underneath his butt. “Yeahh, you gonna cum for me, baby?” Francis stared right into Nick’s eyes, who returned his gaze with a look of utmost satisfaction and desire. “Yeeaahhh!” he replied, his voice cracking in pleasure. “Ooohhh shit! I’m gonna… FUCK!” Nick’s asshole clenched tight on Francis’ huge dick, squeezing the life out of it and causing him to moan in pain. He’d never had anyone’s ass wring the cum out of his member this tight before, and he felt weak inside of Nick. “Oh fuck, Nick!” “Uuuhhhnnnn, fuck!” Nick felt Francis’ huge, toned, muscular arms wrap tighter around him, and Francis’ own dick twitched uncontrollably beneath him as Nick took all of it. Francis felt Nick’s balls tighten and he knew they were both about to blow. As Nick took in a huge breathe of air, he felt a fiery surge of cum encompass his entire groin. His six inches shuddered with euphoria and his spunk exploded from his tip. It shot out at the both of them, covering their chests and abs, dripping across their sliding bodies as Francis continued to fuck the life out of Nick, going deeper and faster. “Oh my god…” Nick mumbled, barely able to speak as a few last bursts of his seed dripped down his dick and fizzled out. Francis was fucking him hard and fast, his thrusts shorter but still managing to reach the throbbing depths of Nick’s plump little ass. His breaths were laboured and raspy, as if Nick had sapped all of the energy out of him. Inside of him, Nick felt Francis’ cock give a violent series of jerks, and his testicles began to quiver. “Jesus, I’m gonna cum, Nick!” Nick felt Francis withdraw his dick, sliding out from inside him holding his cock over his body. He was jacking himself off, ready to explode his content all over the both him with his hand. Nick acted quickly. He pulled Francis over him and told him he wanted to taste the jock’s baby-makers. Without a second thought, Francis climbed over Nicks’ chest as the boy’s head reached up to take his member whole. Nick wrapped his mouth around the jock’s dick, using his tongue to massage his scorching hot cock-head. His hand wrapped around the bottom of the shaft, while his other caressed the man’s wet, naked thigh. He then began to force himself down on the swollen boner, waiting for it to erupt. “FUCK!” Francis yelled, putting both his hands on his pecs and rubbing himself in exhaustion as Nick took him. The boy sucked him off for merely a second before Francis’ semen shot down inside his mouth. His cock jerked and his balls crumpled. Three powerful jets of his hot jock-spunk attacked the very back of Nick’s throat, burning his skin and filling him up. The thick fluid felt heavy and it tasted so good, sweet and salty at the same time. Nick choked on his spunk, as two more shots escaped his slit and hit the roof of his mouth. Above him, Francis was wiggling and writhing in pleasure, unable to catch his breathe or even talk as the bliss of Nick’s mouth milked his cock of all sperm. He just felt Nick’s soft, curly hair between his fingers while he rubbed his head. When Nick’s head came up from Francis’ crotch, a line of cum dripped from the corner of his mouth, and he smiled at Francis, swallowing everything with ease. He licked his lips in pleasure. Francis wet, muscular body nearly fell off the table, and he instead got down onto the floor. He lay there on his back, his body sprawled as his muscles pulsed in exhausted, while he tried to catch his breath. Sweat dripped down him, along with Nick’s layer of cum. The teenager grinned, getting off the table too and laying overtop of Francis body on the floor. The jock held him close, kissing him hard and squeezing his body against his. He didn’t want to let go. “That… was the best sex of my life. And the best orgasm I’ve ever had,” Francis said, proud of sharing it with Nick. Nick smiled, looking at Francis’ red face. “Me too.” Francis slid his hand up and down Nick’s wet back, feeling his bare body rise and fall with each breath. Their cocks were both still half-hard, and cum continued to leak from each. After about ten minutes of lying on each other, Francis finally spoked. “Do you wanna ditch this place?” “Well… I don’t think we can just sneak back in at this point. And especially not like this,” he said, gesturing to their wet, sticky bodies. There wasn’t exactly a spare towel lying around for them to use. “The river isn’t too far from here. Wanna go swimming? I’ll race you there, naked.” Nick laughed, surprised by his strange idea. “For real? It’s nearly a mile away!” “So? It’ll only take like five minutes to get there. It’s not that far.” “What if… someone sees us?” “Dude, people go skinny dipping all the time around here. And no one will mind in this heat. Besides, it’s mostly trees or long empty fields from here to the water. No one’s around.” “You really wanna streak?” Nick asked, looking up at him with a mischievous smile. Francis raised his eyebrows. “Mass isn’t over yet. And I can tell my parents we went swimming afterwards if they ask questions. They won’t say shit since it’s so hot up there.” Nick hesitated, staring at Francis’ pink, sweaty face. His bit his lip, feeling the warmth of the stud’s body underneath him and his sudden desire to be more naughty and daring than the two of them had already been. Nick grinned at him. “Which way out?” ****************************************** Still six more parts to come! Email me at ail to let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to send me ideas of what you’d like to read next. If you want to be notified when a new story is uploaded, message me and I’ll put you on a private mailing list. The next chapter may be uploaded in a month’s time, give or take a few weeks. Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed! Like this story? Then don’t forget to donate to Nifty to help keep more stories like these posted online.

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