Jungle Fun

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Jungle FunHi my name is Jay. This story is about a trip I made to South America with a new friend of mine Her name is Joy. We are here for a few weeks of adventure and I couldnt be anymore excited. Today we arrived at the airport and caught a shuttle that drove us out into the jungle. As we drive through these dirt road paths the wind is blowing through Joys hair. I decide to take out my camera and take some pictures. She is such a gorgeous woman with her long dark hair. She is wearing a tight tank top and short jean shorts. I click a few shots as she poses and smiles and plays with her glasses. After an hour on this crazy road we arrive at the most remarkable house ive ever seen. Its on the edge of a tiny town. There is this giant tree in front of it. With the walkway going around it to the front door of this two story tree house. We grab our bags and head on up. We walk in and are in shock and awe. Everything is so jungle like inside it has a large back porch over hanging the forests canopy with the most remarkable view. There is only one bed up stairs in the loft area but im ok with that because of the hammock on the back porch which is where ill gladly sleep. We settle down for the night because we got in late and it was such a long plane ride. We chill out back drinking for quite awhile just talking and listening to the sounds of nature and the rumble of thunder in the distance. I climb into the hammock and lay my head back as I listen to Joy. She likes to sing and its so soothing. And I enjoy it very much. She notices I look tired and she says she is getting tired too so she gets up leans over and kisses me on my cheek goodnight. As she walks away I cant help but look at her butt. She is wearing short blue shorts and she is very thick. I bite my lip as she walks away. I take off my shirt and shorts and pull the blanket over me as I nod off into my sweet slumber. Its morning time and the sounds of the jungle has awoken me. I open my eyes and take in the view. I reach over and pack a bowl and take a few hits. Which is a mistake because I get so horny when I get high in the morning and I was already rock hard from a good sleep. After about 10 minutes I wrap my blanket around me and head for the bathroom for a quick shower. Joy surprises me coming down the stairs and says she is going to make coffee and break. She is still in those shorts and her nipples are so hard poking through her thin tank top. She comes over and hugs me. Coffee and breakfast sounds great sweetie. Im going to take canlı bahis a shower real quick. I close the door behind me and drop my blanket and I am so hard. I take off my boxers and get in the shower. Its one of those rain showers. This place is amazing I swear. As im washing my body I start rub on my big hard cock. And I cant help myself. I mean its going to be a long day so why not. I lean back against the stone walls in the steaming hot shower and I start rubbing my dick harder and faster using the warm water to help after a few minutes of thinking of that thick juicy butt of Joys i clinch as I cum and shoot 10 big spurts down the drain. I rinse off really good. And exit the shower I dry off and wrap a towel around me. I open the door and breakfast smells so good. She is making some omelets. I go upstairs and grab some boxers and shorts and get dressed. We have a nice breakfast on the balcony. I clean up the mess as Joy gets ready. She emerges from the bathroom in some shorts and a dark green bikini top with a turquoise trim her breasts are nice and full. She throws on a tank top real quick and we grab our bags and head out the door. Our adventure guide shows up after a few minutes of waiting we climb in the back of the jeep and head off. After about a 30 minute drive we stop at this trail entrance. And we embark. This not being my first rodeo in a jungle we head out alone with our bags a map and my trusty camera. After about 30 minutes of walking I decided this was a good place for some shots. So she does a few poses for me. She is so sexy I want to rip her clothes off and fuck her against the jungle tree right there. But we dont have time for that lol. We continue on our hike up and down the trail. We finally make it to the clearing where there is a waterfall and giant rocks on the bottom of a big mountain it is magnificent. Ok where should we start she asks. I point over to the rocks. She walks over and takes off her shorts and tank top reaches down and cups the water with her hands and pours it over her head drenching her hair and face slowly streaming down her chest and body. I line up the shot of her on the rocks with the waterfall behind her and she gives me some poses. She kneels down and gives me a few more. Lays on her back and does a few more. She turns around and looks back as she slowly bends over and caresses her body with her hand and smacks her butt. I tell her you are doing fantastic joy. Its getting late anything else you would like in your portfolio she nods and smiles. bahis siteleri Yes but ive never done this before. She reaches back and undoes her top and lets it fall and squeezing her amazing tits together she has some nice puffy nipples that are hard from the cold water. She lays down and gets so sensual rubbing her hands all over her body. Rolls over and pulls her bottoms up making them dig deep into her cheeks. So hows that she ask. I think we are done work for the day. Yay she jumps in joy. Come swimming with me shes grabs at the top of my shorts and pulls me towards her. I take off my shirt and unbutton my shorts and im semi hard trying my best to be the professional I am. Ooo someones happy Joy says as she laughs and jumps in the water. I walk slowly into the water it is cold and its gets to the point where I just dive in. We swim around for a bit and the alarm on my phone goes off which means its time to head back before it gets to late. We both get out of the water. She pull down her bottoms right in front of me and rummages through her bag to grab some dry undies. Her pussy lips are so beautiful and shaved. I take off my boxers and put my shorts back on as she is getting dressed watching me. Ok well lets get going. We head back to the drop off point where the adventure guy is waiting for us. He is smoking on a nice fat blunt when we startled him. Joy makes a joke about him not sharing as we get in the back he passes it back to us and we take a few hits and enjoy the ride back. Now back at the house. We begin to make dinner together and start drinking. After dinner we are to fucking tired to clean. Well im still all sticky from the jungle so Im going to have a quick shower. Yeah I need one too Joy says. I go up stairs and grab some clean clothes and head into the bathroom where Joy is awaiting me completely naked she climbs into the shower and turns it on. I follow her in and as the warm water starts to fall she kisses me and presses her beautiful body against mine. We make out so good entangled in this embrace our hands caressing each others body I pull her in closer and squeeze her thick booty so good. My cock begins to get hard and grows bigger with each kiss. She turns around and I kiss her on her neck and rub on her amazing chest as she pushes back against my now fully erect cock. She rubs my throbbing dick with her hand and grabs and rubs it against her pussy lips. She stands up straight and turns around with my cock in her hand still she kneels down slowly kissing and touching bahis şirketleri down my chest until she gets to my big rock hard dick wraps her lips around it. She is so eager to please me. She takes in almost the whole thing. Sucking it really hard and good squeezing on my balls. Thinking about it all day has gotten them so full and im all ready to cum. She looks up at me and she can tell im close so she pulls it out and rubs its so fast toying with my head with her tongue flicking the bottom and around it I cum so hard shooting some in her mouth but mostly on her face and in her hair. She keeps rubbing and puts it back in her mouth making me almost fall from the pleasure as she sucks on my head like a blow pop. She stands up and we finish the shower. I throw on a towel and she put on a robe. Lets go have a smoke she says. We head out to the balcony and she sits down and lights up takes a few puffs and i take a few and hand it back to her. I get down on the floor in front of her and slide my hands up her legs slowly opening her robe she leans back and slides her pussy towards me. I dive right in i couldnt wait. Her pussy is so tight and wet and im eating it so good twirling my tongue deep inside her rubbing on her clit and sucking on it she grabs me by the head and pushes me in deeper as she wraps her legs around me and moans so loud. I fuck her pussy with my tongue so deep and fast making her scream so loud as she cums against my face pulling on my hair as she has orgasm after orgasm. I pick her up out of the chair and carry her upstairs where i lay her down and tell her to get on her stomach. I kiss on her big beautiful ass cheeks and i spread them open a lick all the way up making her moan so good. I begin eating her pussy again from behind. Toying with her tight little asshole with my thumb. I climb on top of her and push my big throbbing hard cock in her pussy so deep and begging pounding it so hard while i squeeze her thick cheeks. She is moaning so loud so grab her by the hair and kiss on her neck as I continue fucking her pussy so deep and hard. Fuck me harder, faster, cum in me im about to cum she tells me I lean back and grab her by the waist and push my cock in as far as i could fucking her faster she begins to scream Yes! Yes! Yes! as she cums hard against my cock making her entire body and ass shake i keep pumping my cock into her until my cock erupts inside her and fills her dripping wet pussy i squeeze her ass cheeks together as i continue to slowly fuck her making sure my balls are completely empty. I pull it out and so much cum is dripping down her lips. I crash beside her and she smiles at me. We kiss and we nod off together excited about what is next to come in our jungle adventure.

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