Just Good Friends? Pt. 01


This story is dedicated, of course, to my darling wife Jodie but it is also for Christa. She has provided the inspiration for this story.

As always thanks to Angel, Gari, Misty and Jen for providing feedback and encouragement and a huge thank you to Laura for keeping me sane.

Love you all!


Jodie and I sat at the breakfast bar in our kitchen sipping coffee and eating toast. We were dressed in our bathrobes, hers in black to contrast with her straight, just past shoulder length blonde hair and mine in pale green to go with my long, wavy red locks. They’re fairly short, only just covering our modesty when we’re standing.

“So, Posh, what time does Christa’s train get in again?” Jodie asked, using her pet name for me which I still adore even though it started out as a tease from her about ‘dating the posh bird.’

I smiled, “You’ve asked that a million times, Sparrow. You know we have to be at the station at one this afternoon. You seem quite excited about her visit. Something you want to confess to?”

She smiled back at me and placed a gentle kiss on my lips before saying, “You know if she fancies anyone it’s you. She makes those googly eyes at you all the time. I swear if she hadn’t had to relocate I’d have had to prise you two apart with a crowbar.”

I snorted into my coffee, “Babe, you know for a start that she’s completely, one hundred percent, straight right?”

Jodie looked at me with her pale blue eyes, winked and said, “Wanna bet?”

We first got to know Christa a couple of years ago when she moved to Sussex from the Pacific NorthWest of the US. About six months ago her company had put her on a temporary assignment in Cambridge, my old home town. She was due to return to Sussex after a year but she’d phoned the week before and told me that she missed the seaside and would it be okay for her to come and stay for a long weekend? Today was Friday and she was planning on staying until Monday. Of course, we were delighted to put her up. Jodie booked her whole weekend off from the salon so we could spend some quality time with her.

“You’re serious?” I said, “Christa had a boyfriend, remember? Okay, they split up, but she was always gushing about how good he was in bed. It was just the rest that didn’t work for her. She’s always been a little awkward around us if we are too affectionate, babe.”

She smiled back and said, “Well, I know the way she looks at you isn’t just platonic, Posh. I swear she fancies you.”

At this point she pushed her boobs together and up and said, “See, I certainly don’t compare in the tit department.”

Christa has very generous boobs, it has to be admitted, but I wasn’t going to let my wife feel she was anything but perfection.

“Babe, you know I love every single, gorgeous inch of your body. I’ve explored and kissed it everywhere.”

She got a mischievous look on her face and said, “Hmm. Not quite.”

I knew she was teasing but thought I’d play along. “Oh no! Where did I miss?”

She elegantly lifted her beautifully shaped left leg up and placed her foot on her right thigh. Her bathrobe opened so that I could see her slightly glistening lips. The sight sent a delicious jolt through me. She pointed to a spot just behind her ankle. “Here,” she said.

I giggled. “You’ve been keeping track?”

“Of course. I even made a spreadsheet.” This was such an obvious joke between us. Jodie just isn’t that technology minded and I do all the salon and household accounts.

I played along, “Oh, well. Can’t have my girl missing out.”

I stepped down off my stool and held out my hand, which she took with a giggle, unfolded herself, descended elegantly from the stool, and followed me into the bedroom

I pointed at the bed. “You’d better lie down so that Doctor Anna can check everywhere.”

She sat down, shuffled back and lay on our unmade bed, her robe falling open as she undid the tie.

I crawled onto the bed and perched between her open legs, the heat now filling me, the familiar tingles that are never far away when we’re together, coming closer to the fore.

“Now, where was this missing spot?”

“Left ankle, just behind,” she replied, staring up at me with her now wide, smouldering eyes. I knew all the signs. She was as turned on as I was by our little game.

I picked up her foot, gently massaging as I lifted it, something we both love having done, and lifted it to my mouth, leaning slightly forward to kiss where she’d pointed, lingering for a moment to kiss, lick and nibble as my hands gently squeezed, my fingers pressed into the ball of her beautiful foot.

I looked up at her and she sighed, “Yes. Yes. Just there. Thank you Doctor Anna. You’re very good. I might recommend you to some friends of mine.”

I looked down and saw how wet and puffy she was which sent more urgent waves through my own centre. I could feel my wetness, my readiness.

I swallowed and, in a slightly husky voice, asked, “Anywhere else, Miss Jodie? Somewhere izmit escort else I missed?”

She just nodded and pulled her robe aside, pointing to her upper left hip.

“Oh dear, Miss Jodie. I really thought I’d kissed everywhere. It is so remiss of me. What will you think?”

I crawled up, placing my hands on either side of her trim waist and placed a kiss where her finger was. She sighed and then drew her finger up to her stiff left nipple.

I looked up, a teasing eyebrow raised and said, “I seem to have missed things only on your left side but… I’m sure I’ve kissed there many times.”

I saw her swallow and say, “Oh, yes, you have Doctor Anna, but she’s feeling left out now.”

I crawled up further and took her nipple in my mouth, feeling her body tense as I sucked gently, circling it with my tongue.

“God, Doctor, god. Yes,” she whispered.

I stopped and said, “Anywhere else?”

She pointed at her mouth and just said, “Lips.”

I waggled my eyebrows and said, “Which ones?”


I went up and leaned down. We entered into a long, passionate kiss, our heat rising together. I was dripping wet by this point.

I broke the kiss and said, “I had better check your other lips, Miss Jodie. I don’t ever want them to feel unloved.”

I slid down between her legs and looked at the pussy I would never tire of seeing, touching and kissing. Her bald mound, her wet petals, her clit poking out of her hood. I placed a kiss on her upper right thigh followed by her left thigh. I caught her beautiful scent, so heady and erotic, so musky. I placed kisses on her left outer lip, then her right. She moaned and I felt her fingers in my hair, which sent shivers right down to my centre.

I ran my tongue up between her lips, spreading them, tasting her. She moaned and I felt her hands leave my hair. I looked up to see she had one hand on her breast, and the other up above her head.

I licked up around her clit and kissed her, tasting her fully, savouring her familiarity, telling me she was already close. I stopped my tongue movements for a while, building her up and she cried out, “Oh fuck. Fuck. Yes. Yes. God, I love you.”

I circled two fingers of my left hand at her entrance while I pressed on her mound, pulling it up, stretching her slightly, something I know she loves, as do I. I slid my fingers into her beautiful, wet pussy, feeling her clamping and releasing me I started my tongue movements, this time side to side.

She started shaking and calling out, “Oh god, Anna. God. Fuck. Yes. I’m going to…”

As she came her hips swung down and back up. Knowing my wife as well as I do I moved with her, my fingers still beckoning inside her, my mouth still clamped onto her, sucking and licking. I felt her hands go into my hair and tangle, pulling on me, a signal I knew well so I slowed down as she came down from her plateau. I felt the palm and back of my hand now dripping with her, a sign that this had been a particularly large one.

As her shaking subsided I felt her fingers release their tight grip and slowed my movements down to a complete stop, sliding my fingers out and releasing her. I slid up, laying down next to my perfect lover.

Her beautiful eyes flickered open and she smiled at me. “Hello you.”

I smiled and kissed her. “Good morning, my love.”

She lazily returned the kiss and said, “God, Anna. The things you do to me. Thank you, that was perfect.”

“Any spots I missed, love?”

She smiled back, “No, love. For now at least. Now…”

She pushed me back and I wanted her, but was also aware of the time.

“Sparrow, we really need to get moving if we’re going to shower, dress and pick Christa up in time.”

She got a wicked look in her eyes and grinned saying, “You must be right on edge, love.”

I just nodded. I was. I really wanted the release of an orgasm but knew we would end up making love for hours.

“Then I am going to keep you on edge all day. When you finally come tonight you are going to wake the dead.”

I collected my scattered thoughts and chuckled, “I won’t be able to. Christa will be in the spare bedroom. I’ll have to hold my tongue.”

She kissed me and said, “Which will make it that much more delicious.”

She reached behind me and smacked my bottom which sent a delicious extra thrill through me. “Come on then, lazy bones. Let’s go and shower, make the bed and pick up Christa. It’s going to be so lovely to see her.”

I laughed and rolled up with her to sit on the bed and kiss her before saying, “Me, lazy? You’re the one who’s just been lying around for ages while I did all the work.”

We slid off the bed, removed our bathrobes, hung them in their place on the back of the door, and headed to the bathroom hand in hand. Jodie said, “Oh, so I’m hard work now, am I?”

I giggled and smacked her bottom, “Of course, but it’s the sort of job where I completely enjoy my work, it gives me great satisfaction.”

She stopped and pulled me izmit anal yapan escort to her in the bathroom doorway, our arms automatically going around each other and kissed me gently. It was soft, romantic and filled with our love.

When we broke the kiss we headed in, showered, washed each other’s hair, and dried each other. All the time Jodie took every opportunity to tease me just enough to make my legs go weak and almost lost my resolve.

We made our bed and then went to pick out our outfits for the day. Jodie picked out a pale blue, halter neck mini dress for me. The weather was set to be very warm, so it was a perfect choice. For her I picked out a pale grey, long sleeved mini dress with a plunge neckline that emphasised her perfect, small breasts.

Before we dressed each other Jodie said, “If I’m going to be teasing you all day I think we need to obey house rules while we’re out, don’t you Posh?”

I was thrilled at the thought. Our house rules are if we’re staying at home and not planning on going out we don’t wear any underwear. Purely to save on laundry you understand. I couldn’t wear a bra with my dress anyway, and Jodie doesn’t need one. Her breasts are small and pert enough without the need for an annoying bra anyway. The only time she ever wears one is when we go on our weekly five kilometre run.

Once we were dressed we chose our shoes. Since I’d be driving I chose comfortable flat sandals in yellow to coordinate with my blue dress and Jodie chose her baby blue open three inch heels which made her almost as tall as me.

We fixed each others’ hair and makeup, nothing too much, just lipstick, mascara and, for Jodie, a subtle blue eyeshadow which she perfectly heightened with a slightly deeper blue just above her lashes.

Once we were ready we realised we had about twenty minutes before Christa’s train was due, which was plenty of time. We went out to Tess, our lovely car, and got in. As I drove Jodie spent the time stroking up my inner thigh, teasing me as she had promised she would. I was being driven wild by it but loved the feeling just the same.

We got to the station, paid for parking and got out of the car. We went into the ticket office and looked at the train times. Christa’s train from London was on time so we just waited at the ticket barriers. A few minutes later we heard her train being announced as having arrived.

We were holding hands, which got a few odd stares. Nothing too bad, but we’re used to that. The next thing we saw Christa on the other side of the barrier dragging her small, wheeled suitcase just behind her. She waved at us as she queued up to go through. We smiled and waved back.

I took a moment to take her in. She really is quite beautiful. She has latina heritage which means she is olive skinned. Her wavy, shoulder length black hair and dark eyes are entrancing. She was wearing a flared, white, pleated mini skirt and a white crop top that seemed to fasten at an angle between her very ample breasts. The fastening made little loops that exposed a little of that olive skin. The skirt emphasised her deliciously full hips. Over her shoulders she was wearing a cropped checked brown jacket, open at the front.

She finally got through and approached us, throwing her arms out to hug and kiss me, once on each cheek, and then swapped to Jodie. Jodie surprised both of us when she kissed Christa full on the lips, letting the kiss linger just a little longer than was strictly necessary.

When Jodie pulled back, Christa looked flustered. Jodie winked at me before saying, “Sorry Christa. I got so used to kissing Anna this morning I lost myself for a moment.”

Christa just said, “Jodie, it’s fine. Just the first time I’ve had that sort of kiss from a woman. Can’t say I’ve had any that sweet from many men, either,” she added, giggling. She turned to me, “Anna babe, I can see why you like kissing her so much. So lovely to see you! I’ve missed you both so much.”

Back when she lived in Sussex she had become a part of our little social clique, and then a key fixture in our lives. She was in her twenties, about ten years younger than Jodie which makes her considerably younger than me but that really didn’t seem to matter. Her vivacious energy and delight at the world around her was always infectious.

I took her case and we walked out to the car. I loaded it into the frunk – as it’s apparently known – and Christa climbed in the back passenger side while Jodie and I got in the front. We started off and I felt Jodie’s hand once again start stroking my inner thigh as we drove. From where Christa was sitting I knew that, if she was looking, she would be able to see what Jodie was doing. Jodie’s hand slid up a little and I had to repress a moan as her fingers brushed my lips under the hem of my dress. Christa wouldn’t have been able to see that detail, I knew, but the feeling of having something so intimate happening in her presence made the feeling all the more izmit yabancı escort delicious. I am, at heart, a little bit of an exhibitionist.

This went on for the whole trip home while we told Christa we’d arranged a light lunch at our place before heading out to The Pour House, a new pub that had become popular and we thought she’d like it, knowing her as we did.

She said, “Are we gonna go to the beach at some point? I want to paddle in the sea, eat fish ‘n’ chips and ice creams. It’s what I miss most now I’m in Cambridge. The sea is so far away.”

I was focussing on driving and trying not to be distracted by Jodie’s touch on my soaking, heat filled pussy, so Jodie answered, “Any time you like, babe. We can spend the whole day there tomorrow if you like. At that moment I felt her finger slide into me. I was so on edge I could feel my orgasm aching to be released but Jodie knows me well enough that she slid it out again after just stroking up inside me, on my spot. She is a true mistress who knows my body inside and out.

We got to the house and Jodie removed her hand as we all climbed out. I grabbed Christa’s case and we headed into the house. We led Christa through to her bedroom and told her she could unpack while we prepared the cheese salad. She already knew where the bathroom was from previous visits, this was just her first time staying over. She said she’d also like to freshen up a little.

She saw the enormous bed and whistled softly under her breath. “Wow, what a wonderful room. Thank you, you two. You’re so good putting me up at short notice like this.”

We went back to the kitchen and, as I got the salad out and started grating the mature cheddar, Jodie put out plates and forks on the table on the deck. We were going to eat al-fresco in the hot, summer sunshine.

Once it was all laid out Jodie took me in her arms on the deck and I folded into her neck, nuzzling her. She whispered, “So, my love, how are you feeling?”

I chuckled, “Deliciously ready to explode.”

She kissed me and said, “God, me too. This is keeping me on edge as well.”

We kissed deeply and were disturbed by a polite cough. We quickly broke apart and I said, “Oh, god. Sorry Christa. I know it’s a bit embarrassing to witness public displays of affection. We’ll try to keep it under control, promise.”

Jodie laughed and said, “I’m not promising anything.”

Christa coloured up a little on her cheeks and said, “No, no, Anna. It’s fine. This is your house and you have every right to be as affectionate as you like with your wife.”

The rest of the afternoon and evening passed pleasantly enough, with plenty of opportunities for Jodie to drive me to the edge numerous times. In The Pour House I went to the loo and Jodie followed me in claiming she needed to touch up her mascara.

When I’d finished peeing she pushed me gently back into the stall and whispered, “I want to make you come here, now.”

I wanted it too, but was too conscious of the fact we’d left Christa on her own at the bar.

I smiled, “Well, my love, you’re just going to have to be patient for once.”

She stroked her finger up between my pussy lips, circling my clit once before breaking away and saying, “Come on then, Posh Bird. Let’s go and join Christa.”

We ate a light meal at the pub, which had a delicious range of home cooked food, and eventually headed home around nine.

We sat in the garden with a glass of wine and Christa noticed, for the first time, the new addition.

“Oh gawd. How did I not see that before? You have a hot tub now?”

Jodie said, “We had it installed a few months ago. It’s wonderful, isn’t it darling?”

I nodded, “Oh yes. Amazing. The Jacuzzi jets can be… tickly… in the right way.”

Christa snorted, “Oh god, you two! Okay, after the beach tomorrow we are definitely trying it out. Deal?”

I didn’t mention that we typically didn’t wear anything when we used it. We could always use our bikinis if we had to.

Jodie said, “I think I need to take my wife to bed. She’s had a tiring day and deserves a little down time, don’t you, love?”

I looked at Christa and then at Jodie, “We can’t just abandon Christa, Jodie, that’s…”

Christa put her hands up, “No, no, Anna. It’s fine. I’m tired anyway. I’m looking forward to sleeping in that gigantic bed. I’ll see you two love birds in the morning. Sleep well.”

We all stood and she kissed Jodie who, once more, went for the full-on lip kiss. I went to kiss Christa on the cheek and she said, “Nuh uh. I want a proper kiss from you too, Anna.”

She kissed me full on and I could swear I felt her tongue stroke my upper lip. The wine was lowering her inhibitions, clearly.

We went through, locked up and said goodnight once more and retired to our room. The haste with which we removed what little clothing we had was intense. We switched the lights off, leaving the curtains open so that the full moon could shine in, providing a soft, ghostly light.

We lay on the bed and started kissing and stroking. I was practically at fever pitch by now and Jodie knew exactly what to do. She gently rolled me onto my back and started placing kisses on my lips, my chin, my neck, lingering on my nipples, sucking. I was aching for her touch.

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