Kassie’s Place Ch. 04


Sleep. So much sleep. No amount of sleep seemed to be enough sleep.

Evan’s heavy eyelids gradually began to pry themselves open, almost against their will. How much time had passed since … wait, what was the last thing that had happened again? In that sedated state, it was getting hard to keep track — not that it mattered anyway. Oh, that’s right, Kassie had woken him up with a tasty little oral treat. That was nice.

As the pleasant memory of Kassie’s “meal” slowly reconstituted itself in his mind, Evan’s eyes scanned the walls of the bedroom. He tried to guess the time of day based on the light coming through the window, which seemed to have shifted from where it had been before he’d last fallen asleep, but with the blinds closed, he honestly couldn’t tell if it was 5:00am or 5:00pm — which was probably for the best.

Eventually he turned to his left. There lay Kassie, sound asleep on her mattress, face-up, her nipples poking through the skull logo on her hole-littered black Misfits t-shirt. Something about her at that moment just looked so … yeahhh.

Evan leaned up and glanced around the room. Next to a pile of books, some unopened junk mail, and a couple of empty beer bottles, he noticed … was that what he thought it was? He crawled across the carpet to confirm, and indeed: it was a Hitachi Wand vibrator.

Picking up the device and cradling it in his hands, he began getting some ideas. She could wake him up with a little pleasure? Maybe he could wake her up with a little pleasure. Once again, it was time to return the favor.

Plugging the vibrator into a nearby socket, Evan crouched down next to Kassie’s bare legs, turned it on, and placed it over her panties. At first, she didn’t even appear to respond. She must have been really knocked out good. Whatever — he wasn’t in any particular rush.

After about three or four minutes, her head shifted slightly and her mouth formed a faint little smile. Yep, she was feeling it. Evan continued to hold the vibrator over the thin black cotton. At perhaps the ten-minute mark, Kassie let out a sigh and shifted her back to better position herself for the treat.

Evan then slowly let the vibrator travel down her thighs, around her belly, and then up over her t-shirt, making the tattered cloth flutter rapidly against her skin, a sensation Kassie apparently enjoyed, as she groaned ever-so-quietly.

He kept this pattern going for several minutes, taking his time, building her up. He brought the vibrator back down to her panties, but only briefly, before this time pushing it under her t-shirt, rolling it around her breasts and over her stiffening nipples, the t-shirt flapping awkwardly against the Wand. She seemed to really enjoy this, as her sighs grew heavier and her lips began to open and close involuntarily. Something about the interaction between the snugness of the t-shirt, the softness of her skin, and the unwavering stimulation of the vibrator was probably hitting the spot.

Evan lingered under her t-shirt for a while. Then he slowly let the vibrator make its way out from under her t-shirt, down her belly, and finally, under her panties, causing Kassie to involuntarily shift her hips and tilt her head back at the moment of contact. He kept it there and kept it there. Just like she’d done to him, Evan was putting her in a situation where she didn’t need to do a single thing other than to just relax and let her body react — not that she had the energy to help him out anyway.

Suddenly, with an impish little smirk on his face, he decided not to let her get off quite so easily.

Just as he sensed that she was finally on the way to coming, he pulled the vibrator out of her underwear and rolled it along her thighs and calves. Her moans diminished and she seemed to be annoyed with Evan’s little denial. Again, he rolled the Wand over her t-shirt, but Kassie wasn’t enjoying this as much as she’d enjoyed it earlier — she’d been ready to climax!

After a couple more minutes of t-shirt play, Evan let the vibrator travel back over her panties, and Kassie resumed her gasps and head rolls. Almost there, almost there … and then Evan pulled the vibrator back again. The bastard. He rolled the device along her thighs, her calves, and her feet … but she didn’t want it there, she wanted it on her panties, damn it.

But Evan, undeterred, took his time letting the vibrator travel back up her legs, along the outside of her thighs, before slowly bringing it back to her crotch. This time Kassie’s left hand gripped her mattress as the Wand pressed kadıköy escort against the cotton and over her clit. Her breasts began rising and falling under the tattered t-shirt. She was getting closer and closer … and then Evan rolled the vibrator up along her belly.

Fuck! This was really driving her out of her mind!

However, while most girls in this situation might have been begging and pleading for their lover to finally let them come, all Kassie could muster was a solitary, whispered, desperate “Evan…” He knew he was really getting to her, because for Kassie, that was the equivalent of a raging cry of frustration. But as Evan proceeded to massage her nipples and t-shirt with the vibrator, he understood: secretly, deep down, she was loving every minute of this.

Only a minute or so later, he let the vibrator move back along her stomach and over her underwear. Kassie was about ready to snap. He lifted the vibrator off her panties for a second, then placed it back on, then repeated the motion, almost like he was performing Morse code on her clit. After pressing, then removing, the vibrator against her panties about four or five times, he knew he’d teased her enough, and that she was finally ready.

He pressed the Wand against the fabric, and kept it there. Only a few seconds later, Kassie’s left hand gripped the mattress again, while her right hand flew back behind her head.

“Ah! Ah!”

Evan watched as her back contorted upward, causing the hole-littered t-shirt to slip across her breasts, the nipples being flicked by the gaps in the cloth.


Her thighs closed hard against the vibrator as her stomach trembled. Evan’s denial must have really done a number on her. So far, he’d only seen Kassie climax quiet as a mouse, but this time, she whimpered and panted with a force he hadn’t expected, her chest rising and falling with a strange unpredictability, as if someone had tied an invisible cord around her torso and was haphazardly yanking it toward the ceiling every few seconds.

Just when her back began drifting toward the mattress and Evan figured her orgasm was winding down, her chest flew up in the air all over again and another blissful wave of electrical pleasure coursed through her helpless body, her left arm trying to steady herself as Evan massaged her breasts through her t-shirt with his free hand. She’d been a good little girl to put up with all his teasing, and now it was time to let her enjoy her reward.

After at least two or three more deliciously back-bending spasms, Evan finally rolled the vibrator off her panties and back down her legs again, allowing Kassie to gently fall back onto the mattress, drained and lifeless.

It could have ended there. But Evan wasn’t quite through with her.

Like before, he let the Wand roam along her calves, her feet, then back up her legs, over her t-shirt, under her t-shirt, and down her arms a bit, Kassie sighing and shifting occasionally, but almost looking like she was about five seconds away from falling asleep again. He went on like this for roughly ten minutes, carefully avoiding her underwear.

Just when he was convinced that Kassie was drifting off for good, he lightly grazed her sensitive area, as if to say, “Oh no, you’re not out of the woods just yet.” Her hips squirmed a teeny bit in response. He grazed her again, and she squirmed again.

After teasing her clit through the cotton for another five minutes, he slid the vibrator under her panties, causing her to roll her head to the left as her lips opened a crack. Evan started hooking the fingers of his free hand under the holes of her t-shirt, letting the cloth snap back into place as the relentless vibrations did their work below.

What the fuck was the deal with her t-shirt anyway? It was barely even held together at this point. He wondered how long she’d had it, and why she didn’t just throw the damn thing away. If that t-shirt could’ve talked, the stories it could’ve told.

Suddenly, Evan got one final idea.

Kassie’s panties were practically keeping the vibrator in place whether he held it there or not. Nevertheless, as she began to edge closer to another climax, he grabbed her left hand and brought it to the Wand. Her mouth was contorting and shifting as her pleasure was quickly peaking again, almost without warning.

Evan placed both of his hands over her t-shirt. Just as the vibrator under her panties brought Kassie over the edge, and her chest jutted upward again, he ripped open maltepe escort the holes on her t-shirt, making one giant hole and exposing her gorgeous, perky little breasts to the air.

The sensation of being liberated both in her panties and in her chest made Kassie completely lose it, her left hand unconsciously gripping the mattress as she whined and whimpered and tossed her head in all directions at once. She understood exactly what Evan was doing and she was totally into it.

He tore her t-shirt a second time, really ripping it up for good, the remnants now falling at her side as he slid his palms over her nipples. Evan knew how to make her feel so sloppy and reckless, tearing her shirt apart right as she lost control, and he was just the best buddy ever.

He then grabbed the vibrator once again with one hand while he continued to massage her breasts with the other, allowing Kassie’s own hand to fall to her side, her hips thrusting and jerking back against the mattress, her tongue licking her lips as the spasms continued to engulf her.

After a few more seconds, her right hand tried to push the Wand away from her clit, as if to say, “Enough! Please! Stop!” He decided that he might as well grant her that particular wish, letting the vibrator roll down her thighs, her calves, and her feet, before finally shutting it off. Then he massaged her breasts, still heaving in the aftermath of her slowly dissipating orgasm, for about two or three minutes, before slumping against the mattress and nodding off again, Kassie soon joining him in slumber.


More time passed. Day? Night? Neither of them seemed to know, or care. Kassie slid out from under Evan, who did not notice and remained sound asleep.

She took off the piecemeal remains of her Misfits t-shirt and tossed them into a pile along with a bunch of her other worn out clothes. Then she picked up a maroon satin bustier top that covered most, but not all, of her stomach, and she pulled it over her breasts. She found a pair of white lace stockings and she pulled each one up over her legs. Then she put on a short plaid schoolgirl skirt (with the classic “green-and-yellow” hues) and checked herself out in the mirror.

Yeah. Evan was going to like this.

In contrast to her last outfit, these garments were all relatively new and clean. She pinned her hair up directly over her head, so that stray curls tumbled past her ears and cheeks. Then she went into the bathroom and applied some more make-up to her face. Eventually, she climbed back down next to Evan and dozed off again.


As soon as his eyes opened, Evan started thinking that it was time to leave. Right?? It wasn’t too late to get his shit back together. Kassie was just no good for him — as good of a fuck buddy as she was. And man, she was insatiable. But she was fucked up too, and this whole thing was fucked up, and not what he had ever wanted his life to turn into, so he needed to just get up off that mattress and get the fuck out of Dodge.

He sat up and looked around. Kassie’s arm slid off him, and she turned a bit. Maybe if she stayed asleep, he could just quietly walk to the door and she wouldn’t even know? Suddenly she started stirring. Now was his chance.

“Evan …” she cooed as she began stroking the appendage of his body that was quickly betraying him. “Stay next to me …” He took notice of her new outfit and knew it was hopeless, because she looked ridiculously hot in that bustier top/schoolgirl skirt/stockings combo. His biggest erection yet started poking up between her fingers, and he knew that his resolve had faded.

“You sleep OK?” She asked.


“Anything you need?”

“I’m hungry.”

“I’ve got some stuff in the kitchen, help yourself.”

Evan gently pushed Kassie’s hand away from his little Evan and inched his way toward the kitchen. He found a can of soup in a cupboard and grabbed a bowl. A few minutes later, Kassie wandered over to the couch and turned on the TV. After microwaving the soup, Evan sat down next to her. They watched bits of random shows and movies: Stranger Things, The Matrix, some obscure anime flicks. Occasionally Kassie surfed the web on her phone. Eventually she turned off the TV.

“How about some music?” she asked.

“Yeah, go for it.”

She put on a mix of Britpop songs that Evan had given her back in the days before she’d sucked him into her bottomless vortex, then she gave him a familiar look. Suede’s “Stay Together” began playing.

“You escort bayan want some more of my stuff?”

He nodded a cute, silent “Yes,” she smiled sneakily to herself, and they both slipped back into her bedroom.


Kassie lay on her mattress, with Evan sound asleep to her right. She started to wonder: had he been planning to leave? Why didn’t he then? Suddenly, she knew why: her outfit. Oh yeah. She saw the way he’d been looking at her. He obviously thought it was hot. She suddenly wanted to fuck him. He was asleep, but she didn’t want to wait.

“Evan?” She called his name several times before he responded.

“Whuut …”

“Let’s fuck again.”

“Kassie … I can barely move.”

“Did I give you too much stuff?”

“No, it feels really good, I just … can’t move right now.”

Kassie thought for a moment. “I’ll take care of it.”

She scooted over to Evan and began softly rubbing him, waiting for the blood to travel to where she knew it eventually would. When he was finally hard, she slid her panties off from under her skirt, rolled them past her feet, re-fastened her hair, lifted her skirt again, and got on top.

Evan tried to reach down and massage Kassie’s clit, but in his bleary-eyed condition, he couldn’t exactly muster the strength, or focus, to stimulate her very effectively. Kassie sympathetically and confidently pushed his hand away, and started massaging her clit herself. No worries.

Let’s see. They’d fucked twice already, but they hadn’t managed to have a simultaneous orgasm yet. Wouldn’t it be nice to try to pull it off? She knew Evan’s rhythms by now, so when she sensed that he was nearing climax, she slowed down her motion, and then sped right up again once she felt she had pulled him back from the brink.

Neither of them had turned off the Britpop mix that was still blasting in the other room; Blur’s “Beetlebum” suddenly came on. Although he didn’t have the energy to stroke her properly, Evan did manage to slide his hands under her bustier top and massage her breasts as she rode him, the satin garment slipping partially, but not entirely, off her chest.

When Kassie realized she was just about there, and that she’d reached the “point of no return,” and that an orgasm was about to render her sense of self-control utterly useless, she increased the pace of her thrusts, and right as her pussy muscles began contracting, Evan’s first load of ejaculate shot into her shuddering, emaciated body.


Kassie tossed her head back as her lips quivered and her breasts trembled under Evan’s palms.


In some distant, pre-conscious part of her brain, she found herself counting each of Evan’s squirts of semen as she grinded and grinded on top of his comatose body, her skirt tickling his belly as they gyrated.

Kassie’s back muscles trembled as she flicked her black hair (with its random blonde streaks) over her shoulder with her free hand, savoring her power over him, feeling like some evil gothic creature — like a sick junkie vampire sucking the lifeblood out of her hapless victim.

“Three! … Four! … Five!”

Each release of Evan’s cum was accompanied by a light, involuntary squeeze of Kassie’s breasts from his hands, one strap of her bustier top having slid to her elbow, with the other strap remaining over her shoulder. She and Evan were achieving the ultimate high of total, mutual sexual abandon — it was easily their best fuck yet.

When his penis let out one last, faint, pathetic squirm, she counted “Ten!” and then proceeded to catch her breath. Ten — a nice round number. She knew she’d drawn every last possible ounce of pleasure out of him. It was time to rest again. Evan’s arms slid out from under her maroon top and tumbled next to his hips. Kassie then collapsed against him on the mattress, and they both drifted off once more.


When Evan opened his eyes, for the first time in days, they opened swiftly and decisively. All right. Playtime was over.

The sound of Evan putting his pants and shoes on caused Kassie to stir.


“Look, Kassie … I’m gonna go.”

She took it in for a moment, and then nodded.

“I just … you know …” He was trying to find the right words.

“I know, I’m kind of fucked up.”

“Yeah. It’s OK. We’ve all got our problems.”

“I had fun …” The girl certainly had a gift for understatement.

“Me too. Look, I mean … I know where to find you.”



Although he was still wearing her white button-up shirt, he didn’t want to take the time to search her apartment for his own flannel shirt — better to make a quick exit while he still had the resolve. Just before he opened the front door to leave, he took one last glance into Kassie’s bedroom. Hah! Evan shook his head in disbelief: she had already fallen back asleep.

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