Kauai is for lovers- another couple


Kauai is for lovers- another coupleCindi and I had worked hard and saved and we jetted off to Kuai for 10 days of sun and doing nothing. The hotel is incredible and we both were in awe. After day two Cindi informed me she wanted to find a remote seciont of beach so we could “really relax.”We talked to one of the cleaners and she tole us how to find a real remote path the lead to a section of beach that was virtually unknown, except to a few locals. It was about a 45 minute drive first.The third day we organized some droinks and snacks and headed to our private locale for fun in the sun.The path was truly difficule to locate and follow but the efort was woth it. We found a beautiul little beach area and no one around.Cindi slid off her shorts and laid out the blanket as I organized the drinks, lotion and magazines.I was a little startled but pleased as Cindi slid off everything. She winked at me as she headed to the water. She’s 5’5″, real black hair and nice tits- actually boobs, they are close to large and still have great shapeI just watched her tiny ass as she ran to the waterI organized the snacks and joined her. This was true freedom, everything dangling as we pl.ayed in the water.I’m 6’2″ 185 and in shape alsoI headed back to the blanket while Cindi played in the waterCindi started walking back to the blanket to join me and I watched her great boobs bounceAll of the sudden she seemed angry and looked at something behind meOut of the jungle came another couple, younger than us and quite attractive. They were almost teensAs they approached our blanket I realized it was too late to cover up, especially for Cindi”Hi” the girl greeted us. “Hope you don’t mind us joining you?’Before we even responded they were next to our blanket as Cindi now didn’t know whether aksaray rus escort to keep coming closer or return to the water”I’m Jenni and this is Dan.” she introduced herslef and her boyfriend as she dumped their cooler near our blanket”Uh I’m Derek and this is Cindi”My mouth probably dropped as the two of them undressed- completel;yDan was about 5’10” and maybe 165 lbsJenni is about 5’6″, lean and blonde and an athletic build, Small firm tittiesI couldn’t help but take a good look at her cute body and even his. She is shaved, firm all over and long blonde hairDan has long blonde hair also and is also lean, not as athletic. His dick was surprisingly bigCind joined me on the blanket and I had to quit checking them out”Isn’t this a great place?” Jenni remarked”Yes, we like the remoteness, Cindi repliedThey offered us some wine coolers and we sipped our drinks for about20 minutes”Hey Cindi” Dan questioned,”want to play some frisbee? He stood and to my surprise, Cindi ran off with himAs they threw the frisbee at each other they slowly migrated down the beach, nealry out of sightI was surprised agan as Jenni joined me on our blanketI have to tell you Derek, your dick is really bigI felt like I should have pushed her away but she began examing my dickAs she took my dick in her hands she moved it around so she could see it form all angles. Of course I gew in her hand”Wow” she exclaimedI knew it was wrong but I coudl see Cindi still having fun with Dan as thsi little hottie was playing with my dick. Then she took me in her mouthI thought I was going to blow right away, this cutey sucking me as I watched my wife down the beachCindi and Dan dissapeared aroudn the beach as I shot a load in Jenni’s mouth. I thought I woudl never aksaray rus escort bayan stop pumping and she gulped me downFinally I had to push her away and I ccllapsed on the blankerJennis smiled as she drank some of the cooler”Your dick is incredible””Wow, thanks. So are you”Jennis smiledI couldn’t see Cindi any more as Jenni laid back on the blanket. As I looked at her young hot body I bean to grwo againI slid her legs apart and slid my face in between themI just examined her beautifull kitty first. I rembeber how beautiful young pussies are. Tehn I held her lips apart and blew on her. She moanedI licked her, sucked her and nibbled on her clitShe began moaning and holding my head as she began buckingShe finally came and almost screeamedShe lay back and panted. I watched her hot bodyI knew I had to have her. I moved in and slid my lenght into her moist kitty. She groaned and pulled me in herI was a bit dissappointed as I didn’t last long. She is just so prettyAs I long stroked her I looked down at her young face, firm titties and flat stomachI shot another load and my nuts were drainedAs I caught my breath I noticed Cindi and Dan returning. We acted like nothing had happened as Jenni returned to their blanketDan and Cindi joined us and we sipped our drinks againThere wasn’t any modesty left, we had seen every inch of every bodyI think we were all a little tipsy as we kept drinking, very relaxed”Cindi, I sucked your husband” Jenni blurtedI was in shock. I knew I was now headed for a divorce”No surprise” Cindi replied, “we fooled around also\Now I was in total shock. My wife had fooled around with this young boyThere wa a moment of silence and then Jennig joined us on our blanketI just stared as she slid next rus escort aksaray to Cindi and tehn they kissedI couldn’t believe Cindi was kissing her back as Jenni cupped her boobsThey took a break as Jenni kept playing with Cindi’s boobs”These are really nice” Jennir remarkedCindi groaned, leand back and let Jenni play wit herThe slowly laid down and moved into a 69Dan and I watched as they licked and explored each other’s kittyAs they got more and more excited so did Dan and IThey both came at the same time. I was fully erect as the lay back and pantedAs Jenni regained some strength she slid toward me and grabbed my dick”Cindi, you’re really lucky to have a big dick like this around all the time” as she played with my length”Yeah, I’m not complaining”Cindi didn’t flinch as Jenni played with my dick and started licking meShe pulled my member and had me stand as she blew me on her knees”Come here Dan, lok at his size”Dan came over and took me in his hands along with JenniThen Dan began sucking me, Cindi smiledJenni and Dan took turns and I emptied into Dan’s mouth as Jenni milked my nutsI fel to the ground”Hey I should get two at a time” Cindi yelledI couldnpt believe I heard that form herDan moved over so Cindi could take him in her mouth as \Jenni slid between her legs. I watched as she got great service from two young hottiesCindi moaned, screamed, bucked and finally heaved as she came. Dan pumped a load in her mouth and it ran down her chinWe posed for pictures for eah other and agreed to meet again the next dayThis was by far my favorite vacation. We exchanged emails and agreed to meet again the next yearCindi and I discussed our experience on the fligh thome”I didn;t realize you are into girls” I remarked”I don’t think I am” Cindi replied, “but she is just so pretty and young””I’ve never wantd to be with a girl””What aout you Derek?” you didn’t seem to mind when he was sucking you””Yeah I don’t know if I coihld give him pleasure, but havnig the two of them suck me was sure fun.””I might like to watch a big stud like you give him pleasure” Cindi remarkedWho know what the future holds

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