Subject: Last of the Line Chapter 27 Last of the Line by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 27 I’d made sure on Saturday morning that Dodo and Jack would be free in the afternoon. Jorrocks had been happy about this. “There’s precious little to done, Master Dab, and there’s not much to keep idle hands busy. Mind you, ’twill be different when the weather’s a bit warmer and the soil can be worked.” It had been a hard winter – this was becoming the norm, it seemed, with harsher winters and hotter summers. Some years we had very little rain, requiring water rationing for non-agricultural uses, while in some years the whole summer went by with hardly a dry two days strung together. It was worse, I knew, in other parts of the world where whole areas which had been fertile had been lost. It wasn’t just farming country either – two major cities in the Southern hemisphere had been largely wiped out as commercial centres by fire in the extreme heat a few years earlier. The night before, when all four of us were in bed, I’d told Jack and Dodo about Sebastian’s visit, so as 3 o’clock approached I had my hands full stopping Jack in particular from overdosing on excitement. “For the twentieth time, Jack, I’ve no idea whether he’ll fancy you, and even if he does there will likely be a queue.” “And you’re at the back of it,” pointed out Dodo unkindly. Jack, always a quick-witted lad, replied that in that case, if Sebastian had had to fuck three others before it was his turn, then his fuck, when Sebastian summoned up the energy, would last for ages. I’d given Sebastian instructions about where to park, and I was watching as he drove round to the back – the route from the servants’ door to the servants’ quarters where the sling was to live was much the shortest. He was met by four keen helpers. Before the sling was unloaded I introduced them all to Sebastian, adding that all four of us would be helping to carry it, and all four of us would be using it, and thus all four of us would need careful instruction in all its little ins and outs. Sebastian grinned. “I shall do my best, Sir.” The thing was in several pieces, but the five of us managed to get it all up the stairs and into the room, now known as the Sling Room, in one journey. Sebastian and I had carried the heaviest part, which turned out to be most of the frame. Billy and Dodo carried another awkward piece while Jack bore half a dozen or so smaller bits. Sebastian told us to put everything against the wall. “Where would you like it, Sir?” Forget the Sir, Sebastian, while we’re all workers together. My name is Dab.” “Dab it is. Where is it going?” The room was square with a bath and toilet along one wall, and a shower in another corner. There was a window with frosted glass and a blind. An extractor fan – fitted many years earlier from the look of it – would cater for any build-up of steam, so the window wouldn’t need to be opened. There wasn’t a great deal of choice about where the sling should go. “In the middle,” I said. Sebastian unwrapped the various pieces, and he and Billy fitted four of them together to make a sturdy A-frame with a bar across the top. Four chains dropped from four attachments on the bar; two of them had loops for stirrups while the other two had smaller loops nearer the bar. When all of that was fastened Sebastian gave the whole thing a good shake. “Yes, that’s nice and firm,” he said. He caught my eye and we both smiled. “Why not check if you like,” I said quietly. He beckoned to Jack. “You’re the lightest. Come and stand in the middle and take hold of the chains as high as you can.” Jack stepped forward, pleased to be the first, and reached up with both hands. Sebastian reached down to feel Jack’s cock. “Yes, he’s firm too.” Jack laughed. “So are Dodo and Billy. Dab too, I bet.” Jack lowered his hands. “It’s only fair to check on you, Sebastian,” he said, matching deed to word. Sebastian smiled as Jack’s hand felt 5 inches of hidden promise. “All in good time, Jack, this erection isn’t finished yet. Bring me the last package please.” The last package was the leather seat, quickly fixed to the four chains with strong clips. Sebastian stood back and gave the whole thing a quick inspection. “Dab, it’s your toy so you should be the first in it.. Stand under the bar pushing the seat back with your arse. Reach up and catch the chains and lift yourself off the ground. The seat should swing forward allowing you to sit in it. Before you try it might be best if you stripped.” I hadn’t expected him to be so quick in advancing us to where we all wanted to be, but I was only too happy to comply. “Only if the rest of you do as well,” I said, “you too, Sebastian.” “Very good, my Lord,” he said gravely. “Oh, shut up.” Three pairs of eyes looked keenly at the newest set of genitalia to be presented before them. The fourth pair of eyes had seen what Sebastian had before, but it was always nice to be reminded. kırklareli escort Sebastian’s cock was the smallest, and was at that stage the only one not fully hard. I wondered what tricks it might get up to in the next hour or two. I stood as Sebastian had directed and found that as I pulled myself up the leather seat did indeed move forward. I sat in it. “Now wriggle your arse forward, Dab. Use the two little straps at the back to help.” This was accomplished, and I found myself almost on my back. Sebastian move round behind me. “Billy, will you lift his right foot and help it through the front stirrup. Dodo, you do the left one.” After a bit of fiddling about I was finally installed, almost on my back with my legs wide apart and my arse gaping “like a fucking goldfish” as Jack put it. I hadn’t been aware that Jack had come across goldfish before. “Will the three of you come round to the front,” Sebastian said quietly. “Jack, you’re the smallest. Can you get your cock in Dab’s arse?” Jack stepped up to the plate, bat swinging. Well, you know what I mean. “No, it’s too high.” Sebastian cranked a handle at the side of one of the legs. “This lowers the bar. Try now.” “Almost … yes, I can get it in now.” “OK, Billy, you’re the tallest, I’ll wind him up as far as I can … is that enough?” Billy took his time, but I could feel the magic touch all right as his cock nudged up against my goldfish. “It can go about an inch higher, Dab, so if you fancy a tall guy desperate to fuck you don’t pick one more than two inches taller than Billy.” I was rather enjoying myself, but my hope of being fucked was soon dashed by Sebastian. “Come on out, Dab. The others need to know how to get in before the fun starts. Billy, you’re next.” Fifteen minutes later all four of us had mastered the manoeuvre necessary. Dodo had found it hardest while Jack had leapt in with all the grace and agility of a young deer – a very fuckable young deer, as became clear when his feet were in the stirrups and his arse was exposed. “If you thought I was a goldfish,” I said, somewhat in awe of the sight before me, “you’re like a fucking cod.” As soon as I’d said it and gales of laughter had burst forth I regretted my choice. Comparing an arse of such beauty and promise to the gape of a codfish was hardly appropriate. Still, the only other big fish I could think of was a shark, and Jack’s arse, whatever else it might have, was singularly free from nasty sharp teeth. In anticipation of the breaking out of a party mood I had that morning brought several cans of beer and some snacks up to the sling room. “Jack, go to the cupboard and bring out what’s in there,” I said. When he opened the door Jack whooped with pleasure. “Beer! And plenty of it!” A minute later all five of us had a can of beer well on its way to being finished. Three minutes after that each of us had two cans put away. I don’t know how I’d managed it, but none of the four of us had been anywhere near a loo since lunch, and Sebastian certainly hadn’t been since he arrived. It was therefore likely that the beer would begin to make its presence felt before too long. I turned to Sebastian. “Thank you for bringing it and erecting it. Will you stay while it’s launched?” Sebastian smiled that enigmatic smile which had so turned me on the first time. “Dab, it was pretty obvious that we were going to get it on today. What I didn’t know was that there were going to be so many beauties to instruct. I thought it only right to assume that you would expect a professional salesman to give good after-sales service, so I have no need to be anywhere particular until 8.30 on Monday when the shop opens.” Jack grinned. “Does that mean you’re staying here till then?” Sebastian turned to him. “Jack, I’m happy if you are. But Dab’s in charge. It’s up to him.” Three pairs of eyes bore into me: Sebastian didn’t bother for he knew full well that the decision was inevitable. “I think we might just about stretch to it,” I said after a moment’s thought, “though whether there’s enough food …” The third round of cans of beer were raised aloft in celebration of the fun to be had. They disappeared almost as fast as the first two. Inevitably it was Jack whose bladder first signalled that it was uncomfortable. “I’m going to have to piss soon,” he said quietly, “what do I do?” “You wait five minutes, Jack. Can you hold it that long?” I asked. He nodded, “hope so, Dab.” I turned to Sebastian. “As you are now our guest, you should have first choice, Sebastian. When you and I met before all we did was wank each other. What do you want to do here? We have a big bed, by the way.” “I’m a confirmed bottom, so if I get fucked by all of you I’ll be a happy bunny. It doesn’t take a huge brain to work out that you at least, Dab, are into things yellow, and as I sold you several yellow cock rings I can only guess that all of you are similarly inclined.” “If you mean are we all into piss, the answer’s yes,” said Dodo, “are you?” Sebastian smiled. “You are about to find out, Dodo. Jack, you need to hold on for another two minutes.” Jack smiled broadly, having put two and two together. His conviction was confirmed when Sebastian wound down the seat again before getting in. He needed no help in putting his feet in the stirrups and his hands high up behind his head. He smiled that smile again and slowly, erotically licked his lips. “Your time kırşehir escort has come, Jack, and with a cock that size I’m sure that when it comes I’ll know all about it. Come on in.” I knew that until then all three of them had pissed one me, but I’d only pissed on Billy, and although all but Jack had pissed in my mouth none of them had pissfucked anyone. Since this was what Sebastian expected I had to butt in before Jack pissed all over him. “Have any of you three done any pissing with each other while I’ve not been here?” Dodo and Jack nodded. “We piss on each other a lot. Why?” “Have any of you pissed up someone’s arse?” Blank faces; it was as I had thought. Knowing that Jack had only moments to spare I told them quickly about pissfucking, dwelling on how much fun it was for both participants. Sebastian was waiting patiently in the sling. “Come in, Jack. Now you know what you’re here for get those fine inches inside and let your bladder do what it wants to do.” Jack shrugged his shoulders and moved into place. He drew back his foreskin and rubbed his moist cock head round Sebastian’s arse hole. I had already seen that it was greased: Sebastian had come prepared. “In you go, Jack,” I whispered, and in he went – all the way. Sebastian sighed. “Mmm, that’s nice, Jack, nice and deep. Now let fly.” Sebastian was well aware that letting fly, for someone who had never pissfucked anyone before, was easier said than done, but at least while he waited he had the pleasure of many hard inches warming him up. I moved behind Sebastian’s head – I wanted to see Jack’s face as his brain finally unlocked his bladder. I whispered a question and Sebastian nodded. I beckoned Billy and Dodo and whispered that each of them should stand on either side of our guest and hose him down if he seemed in danger of overheating once Jack got going in earnest. Jack’s face was a picture as he struggled. He desperately needed to piss, but he couldn’t. I knew that it wouldn’t take many pissfucks for him to be able to unleash the flow as soon as his cock was in, even though it was hard, but until he’d learned the truck he would struggle. Then, after a good two minutes his eyes opened wide – “aaah!” he cried – and Sebastian groaned. “Fill me up, Jack, don’t stop,” he moaned. I love being pissfucked, but I’d never been so affected by the first hot gush as Sebastian seemed to be. It was going to be an interesting night. Whether it was because Jack was hard, or whether he managed to reduce the force of it, I don’t know – but what I do know is that he went on pissing for well over a minute. Sebastian, who had closed his eyes as the first surge went in, opened them and looked at Dodo. He nodded. Dodo stepped right up to him and rubbed his cock head on Sebastian’s side. “Hot, are you?” “Mmm.” Dodo looked at Billy and they both nodded. Simultaneously two cocks poured a golden rain onto Sebastian’s slim hairless belly. “Mmm. My cock’s hot too,” he murmured. Dodo aimed lower while Billy kept Sebastian’s chest from going on fire. I pointed out how helpless Sebastian was, with his arse wide open and his hands miles away from his cock. “That’s why the sling’s such a turn-on.” I signalled for Dodo and Billy to stop. “Keep some back, we may need it later.” Jack muttered that he’d finished pissing and please could he now fuck Sebastian properly. Sebastian’s smile really is something special. “Hold onto the chains, Jack, or I’ll bounce all over the place.” Jack grabbed the chains and went for it. It wasn’t the subtlest fuck I’d ever witnessed, but it was one of the most energetic. Piss squirted out each time Jack thrust in, but the sensation of his own piss being forced out onto his belly and running down his legs served only to lend greater energy to his fucking, and he lasted less than three minutes before ramming it in as hard as he could and calling upon his Saviour to witness his orgasm. After a few moments Sebastian smiled at him. “Thanks, Jack, that was special. I’ll clench my arse while you slip out. I think Dab should be next since he hasn’t pissed yet.” I cranked him up a bit and went to where I was needed. “I think I can hold on a few minutes, and I didn’t have the chance to get to know your arse when we first met, so if you’ll forgive me I’ll just do so now.” Do I need to tell you that Sebastian smiled? It was an arse which showed none of the tell-tale signs of belonging to a devout bottom. There was no puffiness: indeed the only sign that he had just been pissfucked by Jack’s many inches was a stream (`trickle’ would not have done it justice) of spunk running slowly and sexily down his crack. It didn’t stay long, and my tongue sought more at source. Billy, still standing at Sebastian’s head still on fire watch, murmured that I was the best warmer-upper on the premises, and that if I were to give Sebastian the works I would still be there in an hour’s time. “Lucky you, Billy.” Billy leaned forward and whispered. “Then you’re even luckier, Billy.” I knew what Billy must have said and it was my turn to smile. I caught his eye and blew him a kiss. “The one thing we haven’t sorted is how you want to come. If you want one of us to help you won’t hold back, will you?” “No, Dab. What I’d really like is for one of you to get his lips round my cock when the time comes.” It was Jack, recovered now, who assured him that such an outcome would certainly be provided. I imagined kızılay escort there might be competition. I’d examined Sebastian’s arse enough: it was time to make an entry. All the arses I’d fucked in my time had belonged to people who were versatile in their sexual choices, and I have to confess that – apart from Billy – I hadn’t paid any attention to their faces while I was getting it in. It was impossible not to notice that Sebastian’s smile (I think I may have mentioned it already) broke all records for the degree of gaiety it showed as I drove in. “Aaah! Dab, that’s so good … now piss.” A good host seeks ever to delight his guests, and it wasn’t long before Sebastian’s rectum was overflowing with my generosity. Jack was watching and remarked that the best bit for him had been the re-emergence of his own piss, and that it had been so unexpectedly arousing. “It really got me fucking going, Dodo,” he explained, “you wait till it’s your turn.” I had decided that when I’d finished pissing I was going to pull out and just let it go where it would. The next thing up Sebastian’s arse would be as many fingers as he could take, starting with three. His arse was wet with piss and wet with grease and as an experienced bottom he would surely take at least that many. Out I came; out came about a gallon of piss and some of Jack’s spunk; in went three fingers “Aaaah! Christ, Dab, that’s good”; scrabble scrabble went my middle finger while the other two stretched apart as far as I could; “I’m near, whoever is going to help”; Jack’s mouth had Sebastian’s cock in before anyone else could even move; scrabble scrabble; Sebastian’s eyes opened wide and – though none of us could see – he shot a massive quantity of spunk into Jack’s greedy mouth. Jack stayed quite still, not swallowing until Sebastian’s cock leaked its last; he stood up and showed us what he had gathered (and allowed us to admire both its quantity and his own selflessness in allowing it to remain in his mouth long enough to be admired); he beckoned to Dodo. It was touching to see how much those two enjoyed their prolonged kiss. Billy bent over Sebastian and gently kissed him. “I think we could get used to this,” he murmured. I withdrew my fingers and pushed my cock back in. “How do you want it, Sebastian?” I asked. “Slow. I’ve only just come so a long slow fuck will build up again nicely.” I don’t need to describe it in any detail. It took half an hour before I filled him, and he’d come again (on his belly this time) just before I got there. As Jack and Dodo had had a taste of Sebastian already Billy cleaned up the second time, and since he was beside Sebastian when I came he beat the other two to Sebastian’s arse when I slipped out. When I calmed down I saw that the floor was a mess: I hadn’t foreseen just how much piss fifteen cans of beer would become. Billy saw my worry. “Don’t worry, Dab, I’ll get stuff to clean it up – I know where it’s kept.” “There’s no hurry,” I said, “you haven’t come yet.” Sebastian was climbing out of the sling. “I heard that, Billy, and I know just the answer,” and he knelt at Billy’s feet and started to lick his cock. I say ‘started to lick’, but that doesn’t give a good picture of the amazing gusto with which every part of Sebastian’s mouth devoured Billy’s cock and balls; Sebastian’s fingers were up Billy’s arse (I had my arms under Billy’s armpits holding him steady); Jack and Dodo had noticed what was happening and ran across, one on each side, nuzzling on Billy’s nipples. Billy was somewhere beyond the orbit of Saturn, although we could still hear him moaning. Sebastian was evidently good at what he did, for when Billy came – a process which kept him busy for several seconds – he did so to the accompaniment of three-foot flames emerging from both ears and lightning playing round his finger-tips. It was at that moment that I decided to invite Sebastian to become a more frequent guest at our little parties. Five of us needed to shower, and I said we’d be much quicker if each of us did so on his own. I said Billy should go first, allowing him to go and collect the cleaning stuff while the rest of us were making ourselves presentable again. I was last as I wanted to dismantle the seat of the sling to be cleaned – the rest of it would stay up and just get a wipe. Half an hour later everything (and everyone) was as it had been at 2.59. Billy had stowed a mop, bucket and disinfectant in the bathroom cupboard (“I’ll get new stuff up here tomorrow when I take these back,” he said) and I locked up. “No-one knows the combination apart from Billy and me,” I said, “so we can leave the sling for next time.” I’d decided that it wouldn’t have been possible for the five of us to eat in the House that evening, so I’d asked Rivers to bring the Rolls round at 6 to drive us all to a restaurant in the town 10 miles away. I didn’t want Billy to be seen by anyone from the village – too many awkward questions might be asked. During the drive he asked how the installation had gone, and was pleased to be showered with so much detail. “You sound as though you all had a busy afternoon. What combinations have yet to be tried?” Sebastian pointed out that, as a bottom, he hadn’t fucked anyone, nor did he wish to. “But I’ve not been fucked by Billy or Dodo … or you, if that’s something I might mention. Dodo’s cock is worth waiting for though, and I’m hoping that it’ll make its way in before too long.” =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 28 as Sebastian gets his wish. Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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