Latex, High Heels, and Lust…Oh My!

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She opened the door to our apartment and tossed her purse on a chair. “I’ve got to get out of this baggy dress,” she said with the exhale of a dull day. As an elementary school teacher, she wears colorful but conservative clothing that does an excellent job of concealing her luscious, curvy body. She unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She undid the bun that held her hair up all day and shook her dark curls like a lion’s mane. Now, standing before me was an Egyptian goddess wearing only a flimsy top, stockings, and heels. I love it when she wears that tight tank-top with no bra underneath. The soft cotton fabric is thin and her fabulous nipples stand proud saying, “Come pinch, pull, fuck, and suck me.” I’ve certainly done the fucking and sucking bits, but until tonight had not ventured to pinching or pulling. It was going to be a landmark evening for both of us.

Lana has jet black curly hair down past her shoulders. Her Middle Eastern eyes are mesmerizing, always deeply looking through me – mysterious and very sexy. Somehow, she can see my deepest desires and needs. Under her daytime schoolmarm exterior lives a sexual vixen, ready for anything. She flashes me a smile and says,”Oh God, I’ve missed you.”

Her words sing throughout my body as I feel an urgency in my heart and my groin. “I’ve missed you too, and those nasty things you like to do.”

She glides across the room, wraps her arms around my neck, and kisses me deeply. I feel her ample breasts pressing on me and everything beats harder. It’s a warm day and am only wearing sweatpants. As her divine nipples rub against my bare chest, I slide my hands down to cup her round, full ass. “Mmmm, mommy likey,” she breathes.

“Well, that’s good because tonight I want to take us both to places we’ve never been.”

She pulls back a little and looks me in the eye. “Oh my, will I be able to handle it?”

“I hope not,” I reply. Her smile broadens.

“Are they still inside?” I ask.

We both love the smell, feel and sensation of rubber and latex. Before she left for work this morning, I had taken a pair of long, slick amber rubber gloves and fucked them inside her. I used my cock to slip one glove up her pussy and the other up her ass. Both gloves were in her holes so deep that only a bit of the rolled cuffs of each peaked out. She left for work with my cum leaking out of the glove in her cunt. I told her she was to keep them inside her all day.

“Were you able to figure out how to pee with that glove up your pussy?” I asked.

“M-hmm. Wanna see?” She slid her damp, white cotton panties off. They fell down her nylon covered legs and landed on her Mary Jane style 4″ tan heels. Lana kicked the panties across the floor, turned around and bent over; grabbing her ankles and displaying my handiwork from earlier in the day.

There, peeking out of each fuck hole were the puckered cuffs of the latex gloves I’d rammed into her before she’d gone to work. I thought of her being a proper teacher at work through the day with the staff, parents and students. All the while she had two elbow length rubber gloves deep inside her, wriggling around and dripping cum.

I fell to my haunches and took in the aromas of the latex mixed with all her body smells after a full day like this. I licked the latex sticking out kıbrıs escort of her pussy lips and tasted the unmistakeable tang of piss, cum and cunt juices.

My cock instantly strained in my sweatpants. “I see Mr. Happy has joined the party early,” she said. “Why don’t you yank off those sweats and give me a good look.”

As I stood to pull my pants off, she turned around and went to her knees. My thick cock bobbed inches from her face. Lana reached down to her pussy and slowly pulled one glove out. She slid her fingers in pulled it on all the way up to her elbow. Her hand and arm now glistened with her cunt juices. She grabbed my dick hard and stroked her wetness the whole length, down to my balls. “I’ve been looking forward to this all day,” The sultry words escaped her mouth just as she engulfed me; taking my whole dick all the way down her hot throat in one eager gulp.

I pulled her head toward me, wanting every last centimeter of my raging cock deep inside her. “Yes, take all of me,” I blurted as I started sliding in and out of her mouth. Oh, the sensation was…was…indescribable! I grasped her hair and shoved myself down her oral fuck hole. Her gloved hand began sliding up my butt crack closer and closer to my anal entrance. This exotic woman knows how to suck cock like no one I’ve ever known. She started circling my anus with her slick finger as saliva dripped out of her mouth, falling on her beautiful tits encased in that thin tank top.

Lana looked at me with smiling eyes as she throat fucked me to near climax. All the while playing with my ass. She slid one finger in and began to loosen me up…then two. “How do you feel about having a rubber glove up your ass now,” she asked, panting, as she pulled those luscious lips off me.

“I thought you’d never ask,’ I said, as she reached into a nearby cabinet and pulled out a rather large, fully erect strap on. She stood and affixed it to herself. It had a large cock pointing outward and a smaller one, curving toward her and slightly upward for her pussy pleasure. She shoved the curved end inside her wet cunt and tightened the strap around her waist. She grabbed the huge protruding dick and swirled it around. The smaller “friend” aroused the most sensitive places inside her, increasing her heat.

Taking the rubber glove off her hand, she slid it onto the giant strap on. “Bend over, honey. It’s going to be a bumpy ride,” she demanded. I went immediately to the couch, kneeling on the cushions with my ass facing her. She spit on my asshole and more on her hand as she covered the still wet glove with her saliva. I turned and watched as the sexiest woman I’d ever known, now with her diamond hard nipples poking through her half soaked tank top was aiming a rubber glove clad strap on at my vulnerable asshole.

I nearly passed out in anticipation. Then I felt her slowly tease it into my ass.

“Is it painful? Do you want me to stop,” she coyly asked.

“Give it all to me. Fuck me like I fucked you this morning.” There was a sloppy, slurping sound as the strap on rammed the glove home in my asshole. It was searing, divine, taboo, twisted, and nasty all at the same time.

“Oh yeah, take that rubber cock up your ass. Watch how your woman is screwing you like a dog.” She picked up her pace, kıbrıs escort bayan fucking me harder, deeper and faster. Soon the pain of the rubber monster up my ass turned to ecstasy. I turned my head back to see this pornographic scene of my fabulous woman, now with eyes closed, ramming me over and over. The sweat had made her look like she was in a wet t-shirt contest. Her big tits and dark nipples bouncing up and down with each stroke. She bit her lower lip and shoved that cock in all the way to the hilt. Christ, I swear I could feel it in my chest! “Oh Jesus, I’m going to cum!” I shouted.

“Oh, no you don’t. Not till I’m ready and not till you cum the way I you want to,” she responded. With her rubber glove clad penis lodged deep in me, Lana took off her tan heels and handed them to me. “I want you to shoot your load all over these. Understood?”

All I could muster was a groan as she renewed her efforts, fucking me harder and harder. I used one of her heels to wipe the large amount of precum off my dick and licked it clean before I laid both heels in front of my now throbbing cock.

Lana reached around and began twisting and pulling my nipples hard. Electricity bolted through my whole body and I started to tremble uncontrollably. “Oh shit! I can’t hold it back!” I yelled.

Now, with each deep thrust she said, “Okay (thrust) honey (thrust) cum (thrust) hard (thrust) NOW!”

Like Pavlov’s dog, I came that very moment. She grabbed my cock and aimed each gush into and all over her heels. Her body trembled along with mine as we climaxed together. Guttural groans of pleasure came from both of us. She squeezed every last drop of my creamy cum on to those sexy Mary Janes. Her whole body kept jerking with wave after wave of pleasure. Finally, we both collapsed, spooning and trembling on the couch.

Some time passed and our panting slowed. Through tears of love and passion, she held me tight, “I love you so much,” she whispered. Feeling her arms around me, our sweating bodies crushed together and that strap on still up my rectum – I felt both completely fulfilled and filled full.

After what might have been 15 minutes or maybe even 3 hours, we began to return to consciousness. The sunset shown through the tall apartment windows.

“You might be a little saddle-sore tomorrow, cowboy,” she laughed, as she pulled the strap on out of my ass, leaving the rubber glove firmly lodged deep inside me.

“You best be ready for a little hard riding yourself, school teacher. Remember, this is Friday. No school tomorrow. No need to hold back,” I said, as I could already feel my cock beginning to stir. She bent over slightly as she took off the strap on exposing the glove still in her ass. With a burst of energy, I picked her up and tossed her on the couch facing me. I took hold of both her ankles and splayed her legs open.

I must’ve seemed a bit maniacal as I looked deeply into her dark eyes.

“Oh, my,” she giggled.

“Reach next to you and pick up those cum covered heels,” I told her. As she did, I guided one toward her mouth and the other to her pussy. I spit on my hand to make my, now hard, dick nice and slippery. I did just as she had. I slowly pushed into the glove up her ass and coyly said, “Is it painful? Do you want me to stop?” escort kıbrıs Without waiting for her response I slammed my cock hard up her rubber sheathed asshole.

“Ah,” she said as she took me deep.

“Now lick one heel clean and insert the other in your cunt, toe first while I fuck your glorious ass.” I had never suggested something like this before and her eyes widened in surprise. Without a word, she started licking my cum off one shoe while rubbing the toe of the other against her pussy.

“Let me see you fuck yourself with your shoe while I ream your backside fuck-hole.”

I watched as she stroked the toe of her cum soaked shoe up and down her cunt lips arousing her clit. Her eyes slowly rolled up as she let out a soft grunt with each of my thrusts. My God, the feeling of sliding in and out of that smooth glove up her ass clamped tight around my cock brought out an animal side of me.

“Shove that shoe in and fuck yourself,” I said. After a few attempts, straining her pussy open more and more, it popped in with only the heel end showing. “Nice. Now get yourself off as I fuck you.”

As instructed, Lana urgently rammed her Mary Jane in and out of her soaking cunt. Her mouth fell open while tremors of orgasm wracked her body. She arched her back and her incredible tits strained at the fabric as she tossed them back and forth.

The sweat poured down both of us as we were lost in pain and pleasure. “I’m going to up the game a bit – hope you like it,” I said as I ripped open her sweat soaked cotton tank top, exposing those glorious tits. With a quick and unexpected motion, I slapped one and then the other.

“Oh shit! Don’t…don’t…don’t stop,” she squealed.

I’ve always wanted to feel the sensation of slapping and abusing her tits, but always kept my desire to myself. Now the secret was out and she liked it. I slapped her tits shamelessly and her nipples became rock hard.

She took the heel she had been licking and reached up to land it right in the center of one of my nipples. She pushed and twisted it, then torturing each nipple, in turn The pain was exquisite. I pulled out of her ass and yanked the glove out, immediately reinserting my cock up her ass. I used the glove, now to slap and whip her tits until they began to show red. I slid the glove on my hand and squeezed, twisted and pulled her nipples in between slaps.

“Oh shit! I’ve imagined this for so long. I love you,” I cried.

“I love you too, but DON’T STOP,” she blurted.

I could feel an explosion building deep in my loins as I felt her whole body begin to shudder. She let go of the hand holding the shoe she was fucking her pussy with and let my thrusts up her ass take over shoving the shoe in and out of her dripping cunt. I bent over and sucked one nipple into my mouth as I continued twisting and pulling the other. “Oh, fuck,” she yelled when I clamped my teeth down hard. She ground her heel more aggressively now into my nipples. I joined her in a chorus, “Oh, fuck yes!”

All at once we both stiffened in spasms as we came together again even more intensely than before. My cock throbbing with what seemed like gallons of cum up her ass. I felt like I just couldn’t stop as I filled her to overflowing. Then, with one last thrust, I was spent. So was she.

After panting our way back from near unconsciousness, she pulled her dripping shoe from her pussy. With a devilish smile she said, “Now you lick it clean.”

Since that fateful Friday evening, we’ve grown closer and ventured into sexual areas we had never before explored. God, I love this woman.

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