Leather Lusts Ch. 05


They both showered and dressed; and crossed the road for breakfast. Breezy, was surprised top find Pops helping out behind the counter. Donna was back cooking on the grill.

“Hey heard there was a bit of excitement last night.” Pops said.

“Yeah, some guy tried taking my head off with a bat, and Breeze kicked his ass.” Jack said. “She even broke his leg; if she hadn’t been there he might have killed me.”

“She took eight years of Judo classes, she should have been a ‘black belt’, but that stupid Sensei wouldn’t promote her unless she competed.” Pops growled. “She could have killed that asshole.”

“Would you guys stop talking about me as if I weren’t here?” Breeze complained. “I’m hungry, bacon OJ and coffee to drink.”

“I’ll have the ham & potato skillet, whole wheat toast and coffee black.” Jack sat on the next stool. “New job Arlo, giving up the bike business?”

“Just helping out like usual, always give Donna a hand when I’m up visiting.” He grinned. “Then she ain’t too tired for me when her shift is over.”

Donna turned and tossed a towel at him, “Geezer, I’ll show you who’s tired tonight.”

Pops went over to Donna and laid a big kiss on her lips and cupped both ass cheeks, pulling her close.

“Please you two, you’re just like a couple of kids, you’re in public.” Breezy lectured. “Save it for the bedroom.”

Donna brought their plates over and Pops brought the coffee. They ate and chatted about everything and nothing until breakfast was consumed. Breezy hugged them good bye and again the younger couple crossed the street to the motor home. Jack pulled the coach around, and headed west toward Glenrock. It was an hour of steady traffic before they reached the Montana border, high grassy plains rolled into scrub sagebrush hills. Before reaching Billings the States Capitol they turned south and drove through the small town of Raspberry Flats near the foothills of the Bitter Root Range. The mountain range rose sharply from the valley floor, sparsely covered with vegetation, until about half way up the summit. Then aspen groves sprouted in canyons, and pines covered outcroppings of rock, further up the rock was barren hard stone.

He slowed and pulled off onto a graded gravel & dirt road. Following the base of a cliff around to the mouth of a canyon, where aspen and cottonwood trees grew. There sat the Log Home, scratch that, Mansion, for it looked to be over twenty thousand square feet. Built from pine logs and local limestone it’s entrance had two log columns supporting a weather roof. Two huge doors carved with trees and a stream covered the door, the stream was inlayed water glass filled with natural bubbles.

“Oh Jack, it’s beautiful.” Breezy sighed.

“Want to check it out while I put the motor coach up?” Jack asked her.

“Yes, do you need me to help bring stuff in though?”

“I can get bring everything in through the garage.” He went forward to unlock the door and turn off the alarm. “Your castle awaits, my lady.”

She grinned from ear to ear and kissed him as she passed by. The hall floor was covered in natural slate, and sealed. Warm pine walls welcomed the visitor, although most of the walls were bare. To the left in the hall was a study. With a desk, computer, and a couple of built in shelves. To the right was a family room. Dark green leather couches, a pine coffee ankara masaj yapan escort table, and every electronic gizmo and gadget you could buy. Several built in shelves held movies.

At the end of the hallway was a walled divider, walking around it to the great room she gasped, two windows flanked a large stone fire place; framing the mountains in all their glory. Two fabric sofas in a Navaho print, sat across from each other in front of the fire. To the right she found another hall, a couple empty rooms, a small bathroom, and then the master suite. The four poster king pine bed was made with gnarled and natural woods. The bed was covered in tan suede like fiber comforter, with several shams. She lay back and stretched sensually across the bed. Pillow soft, and barely any bounce, the mattress must have been expensive. A door opened to a walk in closet with a bath at the other end, a garden tub with jets filled the corner, and double glass windows filled the corner for a view of the mountains. A glass walled shower in the other corner, with a waterfall feature and a wide shower head. Around the corner behind a false wall was the commode, and she used it.

Breezy made her way back to the other side of the house, where she found an open slate area for a dining table and the kitchen. Pine cabinets filled the wall space, leaving room for a built in refrigerator and freezer. In the center of the room were a cooking island, stovetop helping him to decorate and choose furnishings.

Breezy heard some noise and went through a mud room to the back door just in time to open the door. Jack had her bags, and some boxes from the motor home. She kissed him, pulling on the bag grips and took a few bags back to the bed room. He followed her, and dropping his load he hugged her from behind.

“Just like on MTV, this is where all the action happens, like the bed?” Jack nipped her neck.

“Already tried it out, love that pillow top back hugging feeling, we can christen it after you feed me.” And Breezy turned wrapping her arms around his waist.

“What are you hungry for, I think there’s some pizza and frozen stuff in the freezer. I didn’t have too much in the fridge; I thought it might spoil while I was out. But we do have some stuff in the boxes I brought in; I cleared out the motor home, fridge and perishables.”

“Okay, why don’t you lie down for a while, does your head hurt?” She asked. “I could start dinner; after I check out the freezer and begin our laundry, I saw a nice washer & dryer combo in the mud room.”

“Baby, my head feels fine, but I need to go check my e-mails, and phone messages. Then I might run down the road for the mail, since I didn’t stop on the way by.” Kissing her cheek, he said. “I’m good with anything you can find for dinner. I really don’t have much cooking crap; we have to do a major shop when we get back or you could order on the net and use my card.”

“I hope you don’t hate this, but I like to shop, and everything I buy I touch, or try.” She grimaced. “Maybe it’s a woman thing.”

While she dug in her bags and sorted laundry, he left to get online, in his study. She sorted all the new shirts, mostly black and would wash them separate, because of the dye. Happily she sang a song “Let me call you baby all the time”, she couldn’t remember where she’d mecidiyeköy escort heard it, but it fit her mood. She gathered the first load in her arms and toted it to the mud room, where she pushed it in the new front load washer, added soap and started it. In the kitchen she unpacked the box, milk, cheese, butter, bread, and a few veggies. She might be able to make up a salad. Opening the built in freezer she picked out a self rise crust pizza, and added more cheese to it before popping it into the oven.

She went over to an electronic wall unit and pushed on the tuner button, surprised to find it was an XM radio receiver. She picked an Alternative rock station, and danced around the kitchen. Dicing up the lettuce, tomato, and cucumber; she tossed a salad.

She walked back in the mud room to check the laundry and met Jack as he walked in from the garage. He had an arm full of mail. “Surprising what you can get in the mail in a little over a week.” Setting a pile of mail down on the counter, he reached for her, pulled her in close and kissed her nibbling at her lips, jaw and neck. After a few moments he swatted her behind picked up the mail and went to the study.

She moved the laundry over and began another load. Checked the pizza, it was done, and removed it from the oven to cool.

“Jack,” she yelled. “Dinner’s ready.”

He appeared in the doorway as she was cutting the crust. Sitting at the breakfast bar, they ate pizza and salad, and talked.

“Breeze, if we go into Billings next week we could go to some of the bigger furniture outlets, and pick out some things we need. Dining room set, and redo the living room, get furniture for the spare bedroom. How about keeping the room across from ours as the nursery?” “Jack Moran, I do believe you have me barefoot and pregnant already.”

“You could be, you could be carrying my child right now, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared, and if you’re not prego, we have more time to ourselves.” He grinned at her.

“I wonder if I should pick up a test, when we go into town, it might be premature to see a doctor.” She paused, “I haven’t even missed yet.”

They finished eating and loaded the dishwasher, she checked the laundry again and he turned on the TV. When she came to join him, he was watching a stock report; he smiled up at her then got a serious face and continued to watch. She snuggled into his side, and let him absorb the report. He grabbed a piece of paper noting some stocks. Without another word he went to the study, and got back on the computer. A few hours later after putting in the last load of laundry, Jack still had not emerged from the study. Breezy went past and ducked her head through the door; he was still at his desk top.

“Hey, coming to bed?” She asked.

“Yeah, soon Hun just got to check a few more things.”

Half an hour later she put on a leather bustier and black thong. She rimmed her eyes with liner and mascara, and put gloss on her lips. Tossed her hair and shook it. She paused at the study doorway, and when he didn’t look up she whistled. When he did look up he did a double take; his jaw dropped, and he shut the computer down. He ran both hands through his shoulder length hair, and stood.

“Breezy, I’m such a self absorbed ass, I don’t deserve you.” He walked to her slowly mersin escort looking her up and down. “Is ahh, that some of the leather we bought in Sturgis?”

“Mmmm Hmmmm.” She confirmed.

“Worth every penny, you look so hot, so sexy. Like my own little warrior princess.”

“Oh Conan, someday you need to be in just a loin breach, and nothing else.”

“Okay!” He smiled.

He looked at her and licked his lips; he was getting hard and hadn’t touched her yet. He stepped up and stroked the skin pushed up over the bustier. He lowered his head and kissed her cleavage, breathing in her scent. His hands slid down each side of her breasts and followed a seam down her waist. Resting both hands on her hips he pushed into her with his bulge. He buried his face in her neck and sucked at her pulse. Breezy lowered her hands to him and rubbed his ridged length with the back of her hand. Dizzy with lust she anchored her hands at his belt. He cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her up to him. His forehead met hers and he gazed into her eyes. Placing both arms around his neck, she hopped and wrapped her legs around his waist. Jack walked back to the bedroom and set her down.

He swallowed, “God Breezy, every time I look in your eyes, I see my future.”

“I love you Jack”

“I love you to Baby, so much.”

Jack unlaced the bustier, just far enough to get at her nipples. He suckled her pulling on her until her breast tightened her nipples to hard peaks. He rubbed his tongue over their rough texture, each in turn. She tugged on his nape, curling her hands in his hair. He backed her to the bed and sat her down. Toeing off his boots and pulling off socks first. He knelt on the floor in front of her. He stroked her legs up and down the outside of her thighs, and buried his face between her legs and kissed each leg in turn up the inside. Breezy pulled on the back of his T-shirt, tugging it up until it caught on his arms. Jack pulled back to give her the shirt and returned to his oral exploration. He grabbed two pillows and stood her to place them under her ass and lower back. Jack slung both legs up over his arms and licked her thong, wetting her though it. He suckled and nipped the thong over her mound. He pulled the thong aside and lapped at her center. She jerked and moaned under him. Her hands pulled and dragged at the bedspread.

“That’s such a pretty pussy, so pink and swollen.” He murmured.

He buried his mouth against her, sucking her nubbin, licking her entrance. She began to push off the bed and open for him; her breath panting and gasping. He slipped a finger inside her, and pushed forward wiggling it upward, pressing her “G” spot. Immediately she cried out and bucked, after several more seconds she screamed in her throat until she was hoarse. She dug her heals into his shoulder blades and flexed her toes. Jack pulled out from under her legs, and stood to remove his jeans and boxers. Jacks cock bobbed, standing straight out from his pelvis. The purple knob and long veined sex had a life of its own, and like a flower to the sun, it turned toward her soft lips. He grasped her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the mattress; he held both ankles up, and slid his cock through her clef. He stroked himself on the warm buttery flesh, and without hesitation slid inside. She sighed and he moaned in unionism. Lunging his hips into her the bed rocked and moved under them. She held his biceps and pulled herself up to kiss him, straining to capture his lips. Her thighs widened and stretched out to hold him; ankles locked behind his back. He hammered down into her, causing the magical friction she required. Her lip curled and she tucked her face in his neck and screamed her pleasure.

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