Subject: Leo Gives 12 Thank you for reading my stories. Questions and comments are always welcome at ail. This is a fictional story, any similarities are purely coincidence. The story does involve intimate relations between men over the age of 18. Nifty has been able to provide this service for us to read and share our stories. Please consider donating fty/donate.html Thanks! Levi Leo Gives Chapter 12 Leo could not believe that it was Friday already. The week had seem to fly by since he had scouted Ian and his teammates off with their coach. It was exciting to think that they would be here for the next five days for ski competitions. Leo had pulled in a bit of a favor to try and get the resort to honor the same rate the college team would have paid for the hotel rooms they would have had if it had not been for some busted pipes. The resort, or mainly the resort General Manager Nate Samuel, had already decided to do that and with the suggestion put the team in one of the newly converted townhouses with three bedrooms that was not yet available for rental. The GM had agreed to let them use that townhouse for the competitive season, quite a boon to the collegiate team who would have been scrambling otherwise to get accommodations. Leo had received a key to the guy’s townhouse the day before and he had gone in and set up a surprise for them. With Thomas’ help they had filled the refrigerator with sports drinks, water, healthy proteins and snacks. They had filled the cabinets with other snacks and quick fix meals. The bedrooms were all made up, but Leo and Thomas added full sized shower gels and shampoos in the three en suite bathrooms. Leo had spoken with Chef Paul and had arranged to have some fresh baked goods brought up. The townhouse was ready for the guys. Leo had thanked Thomas and had confirmed that he would be coming to Leo’s townhouse the following day for the welcome back party that Leo was hosting. Leo had a strong inkling that Thomas and the brothers Dan and Mike would hit it off well. They were close in age and from conversations that Leo had had with them, he knew they shared some interests. Leo liked the idea that they would have some closer in age companions while the team was here. That thought brought his idea to have Chef Paul come to the party as well. He sensed that Paul would have the same type of attraction with Coach Eads, two very attractive and masculine males – Leo had to rub his hard on a few times with visions of the two of them together. Pulling himself together, Leo headed the short distance to his townhouse. It was still early in the day so he decided to get his exercise in. He quickly went up and changed into his workout gear. Walking back downstairs, he grabbed a water bottle, his phone and keys, then walked down to the gym. Leo started his cardio and put in his earbuds. He was surprised to look up after a while and Nate the resort GM was getting on the treadmill next to him. Pulling his earbud out, he smiled. “Hey good to see you today. I usually do not see you working out here.” Leo greeted. “That is true. I usually get in very early in the morning before most guests are up. Today I had a few issues that kept me from getting in the normal time, so I decided to steal away some time to work out now.” Nate had explained. Leo nodded as they continued to work out. He was able to get a good look at Nate’s body that had always been clothed in tailored, professional outfits. He stood about 6 feet, his muscles were toned and defined – very nice for a guy in his mid-thirties. His short black hair was still keeping it’s style even though he was beginning to sweat. That sweat was dripping into his warm brown eyes. Leo knew that Nate was still an avid skier, you could tell by the compact leg muscles and the toned core. They finished the cardio, Leo went through his stretching warm up before he started his weights. Nate began working on the weights directly, starting in with squats. Leo was watching how muscular and hot Nate’s ass looked as he moved through his sets. He thought that he saw Nate adjust himself a few times as he had a bulge working in his shorts. Leo was sure he caught a few glances in his direction as he worked out from the GM as well. Felling bold, Leo decided that he would use the free weights for some bench presses. “Hey Nate, I usually use the machines for my chest workouts, but since you are here would you mind spotting me?” Leo asked. “Sure, no problem.” Nate replied. Leo set up his bar and sat down on the bench reclining back to get into position. Nate stepped up behind the weights end of the bench. Leo gripped the bar and lifted it off the rests to begin his first set. Leo completed the first set with little issue, but he took the opportunity to watch Nate’s body up close. He could smell the light musky scent of sweat from the GM’s body. Leo’s eyes darted to look up Nate’s gym shorts as Nate stepped up to help re-set the weight bar to the rests. “If you do not mind, I will get a set in as well.” Nate said. “Absolutely.” Leo said as he got up for them to switch places. Leo was now looking down over Nate’s supine form. The man was doing his reps with the weights and appeared to be oblivious of how much Leo was checking him out. As Leo was watching, Nate’s bulge seem to get bigger. This movement caused Leo’s cock to start to plump up as well. Leo helped Nate rest the bar again and they switched spots. Leo went to grab the bar and Nate had kocaeli escort stepped closer to assist the lift off. Leo’s eyes were locked on the swiftly hardening member in Nate’s shorts, from the glance up Leo could tell that Nate was starting to strain his jockstrap. This caused his cock to pulse and he heard a chuckle from above. “Looks like someone is getting a bit excited.” Nate said in a soft low voice. Leo looked up to see Nate nod towards Leo’s hard cock. “It appears to have company.” Leo replied with a smirk and a glance towards Nate’s full shorts. They both laughed. Nate finished his set and put the bar up with Nate’s help. At this point both men were sporting full blown hard-ons. Leo could tell that he was starting to leak pre-cum and it would not be long until that started showing. As he stood up, he locked eyes with Nate and Leo flushed. “I think we need to take care of some things.” Nate said smiling, guiding Leo towards the locker area, “We will have much more privacy in here.” Nate lead the way to an unmarked door that was between the gym area and the locker area. He swiped his key card and the door unlocked, he held the door open for Leo to step in before closing the door behind them. Leo looked and they were in a hallway, a short distance away it opened into a private locker area including an area for a massage table and then a large tiled shower area. He turned to Nate with an eyebrow cocked. “It is the Executive private locker room.” Nate answered the unasked question, “It is one of the perks of management at this resort. And at this moment we are the only two that will be in it.” Leo smiled and took a step towards the dark haired GM. They pulled each other in as their lips touched and soon parted to dart tongues back and forth. Leo’s hand initially gripped Nate’s muscular back, but then they slide down and landed on the hard, tight ass. Leo’s grip on his ass caused Nate to moan into Leo’s mouth and made his hips push forward to grind his cock into Leo’s. Nate’s hands reached down and grabbed Leo’s workout shirt hem, lifting it up and pulling it over Leo’s head. Pausing their kissing only to allow the sweaty shirt to come over, they resumed exploring each other. In a short time, Nate reached down and pulled his own workout shirt up and over his head, as Leo was still working his ass muscles and they were grinding together. Nate took the opportunity to move his face down Leo’s body when he removed his workout shirt. His mouth kissed down the smooth chest until he got to one of Leo’s nipples. Nate sucked it in and gave it a light grind. Leo moaned as he continued to grind their still clothed cocks together. Nate switched to Leo’s other nipple and licked and kissed it while his fingers were toying with the first one. Leo continued to moan under the combined assault of fingers and teeth. Nate walked them over to the over-sized massage table. When they go there, he dropped to his knees and hooked his thumbs in Leo’s waist bands. As his hands pulled down the workout shorts and jockstrap, Leo’s hard cock sprung out and bobbed next to Nate’s face. Nate pressed his face forward and inhaled to heady, manly scent in Leo’s trimmed pubes, Leo’s cock pressed against his cheek. Nate worked the clothes the rest of the way down on Leo’s legs and Leo kicked out of shoes, stepping out of his workout shorts and jock strap. Leo stepped his legs apart and Nate sat up on his knees. Nate began to nuzzle around Leo’s hard, jutting cock and balls. Nate kissed all around Leo’s groin before licking Leo’s shaft out to the leaking cock head. Leo emitted a moan as Nate’s lips sealed around his cock head and began to sink down his shaft. Nate pushed his face completely against Leo’s pelvis, shoving the cock deep in his throat, before he lifted his face up and began to bob on Leo’s cock. Nate continued to service Leo’s cock and balls, fingers were exploring the former model’s body. Leo could feel Nate’s tongue swirl around his cock head on the up stroke of the bobbing, with the finger tweaks of his balls and lately on his nipples, he knew it would not be long before he shot his load. Nate watched Leo’s legs tighten and saw the balls close to his face rise swiftly. He knew that he would be swallowing the hot man’s jizz in a matter of seconds. Nate tightened his lips up on the next bob down and applied strong suction as he lifted his mouth up. From there Nate kept just below the cock head in his mouth, his tongue swiping along the tender places and his hand moved up to jack Leo’s shaft. It was only a few strokes and Nate felt Leo’s dick pulse and begin to unload ropes of hot cum in his mouth. Nate savored the salty treat as he began to swallow to try and keep up with the amount of cum that Leo was shooting. Leo had felt his toes curl up as he continued to pump his seed into Nate’s willing mouth. Five solid volleys of cum had blasted from his cock and Nate hoovered them up like a champ. As Leo’s climax was subsiding, Nate kept his mouth still to avoid any pain from the overly sensitive feelings just after cumming. Leo caught his breath and reached down to lift Nate’s head and shoulders up. Nate was surprised when he stood upright that Leo turned him over onto the massage table. Leo bent down and began to kiss Nate’s mouth, tasting some of his residual cum still there. Leo’s hands were roving down and slipped under Nate’s workout shorts, a few tugs and with Nate lifting up, Leo pulled the shorts and jock strap down. kocaeli escort bayan Nate kicked his shoes off as Leo pulled the clothes off of him. Leo broke the kiss and moved his mouth down Nate’s toned body, tasting and teasing the man’s nipples and belly button as he went down. Leo’s lips touched Nate’s hard, dripping cock. Nate sighed and moaned as Leo took the hard member in his lips and swallowed it down to the base. Leo’s hands were rubbing and feeling under Nate’s balls, he used them to open Nate’s legs wider. As Leo began to bob up and down on Nate’s cock, his hands began to trace around Nate’s slightly hairy hole. When Leo’s fingers flicked across Nate’s pucker, he was rewarded with a dollop of pre-cum on his tongue. Leo worked the GM’s pole, changing his rhythm and pressures of sucking, his fingers were still playing with Nate’s ass lips. Leo lifted his mouth off Nate’s cock and lifted Nate’s legs up as he licked down. Nate grunted when Leo’s tongue swiped across his pucker. Leo spread Nate’s cheeks further apart and began to lash his tongue all over Nate’s hole wetting down the hair as he went. Leo circled his tongue around the rim of Nate’s pucker before placing his lips down and started to push his tongue in Nate’s hole. Nate let out a loud moan as Leo’s tongue began pushing back and forth in his hole. Leo reached a hand up to Nate’s face, he placed two fingers at Nate’s lips. Nate opened his mouth and began to suck and slobber on Leo’s fingers. Leo brought the slicked fingers back down to Nate’s pucker, he lifted his mouth away and plunged both fingers in the wet hole. Nate sucked in his breath as he felt the wet fingers push past his ass rings, it turned to a moan when the fingers found his prostrate gland. Leo rubbed the gland from a moment before he pulled the fingers back and began finger fucking the hot GM. Leo’s plunging fingers kept pushing deeper and stretching as they worked in and out. Leo stood up and pulled his fingers out of Nate’s hot hole. He took his wet hand and started to stroke his cock. Spitting on his cock to get it more wet and then he spit on Nate’s hole. Leo lined up his cock to Nate’s pucker, leaning forward he pushed slowly and he felt his cock head push pass Nate’s ass rings. Nate loudly moaned again as Leo’s cock brushed his prostrate and slid deeper in. Leo kept slowly pushing in as he gripped Nate’s hips and pulled the man closer to him. With a final push Leo felt his balls brush Nate’s ass. He leaned forward and Nate met his with a kiss. As the pair kissed, with Leo’s cock sunk deep in Nate’s chute, Nate began to rock his hips after having become use to the completely full feeling. Leo started to slide his cock in and out, going a bit further out with each stroke. Leo leaned his body back, breaking their kiss as his cock head was almost pulling out before sliding back in. The former model began to long dick the resort manager. Leo switched his grip to hold Nate’s shoulders and was slamming his body quickly in with each stroke, pulling Nate down to match the strokes. Leo flushed as he felt his pending climax, sweat was splattering off the pair as they slapped together. Holding Nate tight, Leo picked up his pace and was jackhammering his cock in and out. Leo yelped as he felt his balls pull tight to his body in a flash, shortly after it turned to a moan as his cum was pulsing out of his balls and breeding Nate. Leo’s pumping continued for a few more strokes before he gave a final push deep, spraying his cum deeper still. Nate was resting on the massage table with Leo’s cock still buried in his ass, his cock was hard but he had not shot yet. He moved to bring his hand around his hard member, but Leo brushed it away. Leo pulled out of Nate’s ass, using his hand to catch some of his leaking cum. Leo reached his hand back and used his cum to lube up his own ass. Leo pushed Nate further back on the massage table and climbed up to join him. As Nate moved back, Leo straddled his hips and began to line up his cum slicked hole with Nate’s hard, leaking cock. Leo pushed back and his ass began to engulf Nate’s turgid dick. Leo dropped and Nate’s dick was fully in him. Leo began to raise and lower his body, sliding his tight ass up and down on Nate’s member. Leo reached down and grabbed both of Nate’s nipples as he was pulsing on the man’s cock. Nate yelled out as his nipples were hard points being ground between Leo’s fingers and as his rigid cock was being serviced by Leo’s velvet like ass. Nate was so close to his climax that his body began to tremble. Nate grabbed Leo by the waist and began to pound up into the man at a feverish pace. Leo ground his hips down and manipulated his hands on Nate’s tender nipple points. Nate let out a series of grunts and moans as his seed was speeding out of his cock and into Leo’s hot ass. Leo felt the warm, wet sensation spread up his chute as Nate’s cum blasted in him. Nate shuddered as Leo continued to grind his hips even after the massive climax, Nate’s body was twitching. “Damn, that was hot.” Nate said breathlessly. “Absolutely, you are one hot stud.” Leo said, “I have been looking forward to this for a while, if I can confess.” Nate showing some color in his face, “Me, too. If truth be told.” He confessed, “I had talked with Thomas and pried it out of him what you and he had done together.” “I hope you are not upset or disappointed with Thomas.” Leo quickly said, “I can be very persuasive yahya kaptan escort when I am focused on someone.” “No, not at all. Thomas and I share some similar interests – men being one of them. I know that Thomas is professional and very discrete when it comes to fun activities.” Nate shared. “We like to share those activities sometimes as well.” “Wow, that is a hot image in my mind.” Leo said as he wiggled his hips some with Nate’s cock still lodged up it. He chuckled. “Not fair!” Nate said in fun as he shook his hips a bit as well. They both laughed. Leo felt Nate’s cock soften and finally pop out of his ass. He relaxed his body down to lay next to Nate on the over-sized massage table. They still embraced as they laid with the afterglow of their sex. It was a quiet, comfortable feeling. “I wish I had the whole day. I really like this” Nate said as gave Leo a kiss and a tight squeeze. “I have a meeting in about 20 minutes and I have to get ready.” “It is nice. We will have to work something out.” Leo said with a smile. “I know that the ski team is due in tomorrow. I wanted to set some stuff up for them. Also I will be throwing a welcome back party tomorrow night at my townhouse.” “That is great. I can help out. Thomas has the keys for the ski team already together.” Nate said, “The team will be able to use that townhouse for the whole season, the resort has not completed the updated to allow for it to be rented. The team using it will be able to generate some income for it, so it is a win-win for the resort and the team.” “Very nice. It is a great way to help them out for sure.” Leo said. “They are all sexy and great guys. You should come by tomorrow.” “That is the best invitation that I have had. Well, almost.” Nate said with a laugh and a tweak of Leo’s nipple. “I wish I could, but I have to go to one of our sister properties tomorrow night and cover for the management team there. I will not be back until Sunday evening.” “The invitation will always stand with me.” Leo laughed. They were sitting up and dis-entangling as they were getting up. Nate pulled Leo in for a nice long kiss. “I like that. A lot.” Nate said. “OK, now I really have to shower. There is space for both of us.” “Sure.” Leo responded as Nate led them over to the shower. Soon they were soaping and shampooing each other. Due to the time, they were not lingering in their shower. They quickly washed and rinsed. Getting out they dried with fluffy white spa towels. Nate stepped over to the open locker with his clothes, he began to get dressed. Leo threw the towel around his waist and sat and watched the General Manager dress with a sated smile. “Here take this key. It is a master that will get you in and out of here, as well give you entry to the ski team’s townhouse. You can access them at any time.” Nate told Leo as he handed a gray card key. “Thanks! I will be able to get them team set up now.” Leo said. Nate came over and gave Leo another lingering kiss before he stood up, “Oh, I have to go. But I plan to see you soon. Take your time and I will see you later.” Nate said as he exited through the other door towards the executive offices. Leo walked around and gathered his soiled workout clothes. He pulled on his workout shorts and shirt, but pocketed his jock strap. Collecting his other items he went down the short hall to the workout facility exit. He stepped out of the unmarked door and then headed to the exit. He continued past his townhouse and headed towards the concierge desk. He was a little surprised to see Thomas was manning the desk as he arrived. “I see they have you back up in ‘Big Country’ again.” Leo said as he stepped up. “They must have liked me filling in over here. Mr. Samuel has transferred me to the private concierge permanently.” Thomas said excitedly, “Not only a bump in salary, but some additional perks and better hours.” “That is wonderful, I am happy for you.” Leo said “Only thing is it will cut my availability for most of my massage clients.” Thomas started, “I can only keep a few, you being one I kept. As long as that is OK with you.” “Even better!” Leo said with a smile. “Nate said good things about you, I mean Mr. Samuel.” Thomas had a smirk cross his face, “Thanks, Nate and I do see eye to eye on some things.” “Yes, it appears that you do.” Leo said after Thomas looked Leo up and down. Leo chuckled, “You need to come and celebrate then tomorrow night. I am planning on throwing a welcome back party for the ski team guys.” “That would be excellent!” Thomas exclaimed, “I now have it off. That and I really liked the ski team guys, they were so nice. Well, and hot.” “I thought you might enjoy getting to meet them. I know two of the team are brothers and they I believe have some of same schooling interests that you have.” Leo said, with a knowing smile,”And they are super hot.” “Great, I will plan to be there. What time?” Thomas asked. “I think they get in around 6, so at my townhouse about 7:30. I will have some food and drinks. You can stay the night if you need.” Leo again smiled widely. “Oh man, I cannot wait.” Thomas said. “Wait, was there something else you needed?” “Yes, I want to stock the ski team’s townhouse with some drinks, snacks and supplies. I just wanted to give the concierge team a heads up that I would be sending a list over in a while, to be charged to my account for it.” Leo said. “Great, just shoot me an email and I will have it taken care of, Leo.” Thomas said. “Thanks, Thomas! I will see you tomorrow.” Leo said with a wave as he turned to go. Leo looked back to see Thomas smile as he headed back to the townhouse. It was looking to be a very fun evening when Ian and his team got back.

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